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Exposing his sword intent, no one else dared to challenge Xiao Libie.

Challenging Xiao Libie who comprehended sword intent was like making a joke out of yourself.

In this world, only after comprehending sword intent, could one be a true swordsman. If not, you were unworthy of the swordsman title and could only called a sword user.

"Xiao Libie, let me try your skills."

Liu Wuhuang's figure flashed as he landed on stage 1.

Xiao Libie looked at Liu Wuhuang and felt weird, "Liu shidi, there is no meaning for the two of us to fight."

So long as you ranked in the top ten, you could enter the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, there wasn’t a need for a fight to the death.

Liu Wuhuang replied, "I think there is a meaning. As the saying goes, there isn't a no.1 in literal arts but there is always a no.1 for martial arts. I have longed for a fight with you, to see who is the true inner sect's no.1."

"I see, then let’s fight!"

Xiao Libie wasn’t afraid of a fight, he just didn’t like meaningless fights.

"Xiao Libie shixiong and Dominion Sword shixiong are going to fight."

"I wonder who holds the upper hand?"

"Shesh, stop talking. Observe this fight seriously."

Everyone's attention was instantly attracted to stage 1. There wasn’t a single blink of an eye.

"This Liu Wuhuang sure craved the word 'domineering' into his bones."

Li Fuchen had some admiration for Liu Wuhuang. He was different from the others.  Liu Wuhuang's domineering attitude wasn't just for show, it was in his nature. No matter who he faced, he would look down upon them. Even though no one can tolerate it, this was his sword dao.

But this kind of sword dao was hard to control. Just like what he said, 'there isn't a no.1 in literal arts but there was always a no.1 for martial arts', you may have your own sword dao, but so does others. When your sword dao offended another's sword dao, there would inevitably be a backlash.

The domineering sword dao is one where it cannot lose and must always succeed.


On stage 1, the swords of Xiao Libie and Liu Wuhuang clashed with each other.

Xiao Libie's sword style, indistinct and severe, like the violent winds coming from the nine heavens, unrestrained and exquisite.

Liu Wuhuang's sword style, total dominance, like the majestic sea of clouds that oppressed from above, conquering everything in its way.

The fight between the two of them was a fight between two swordsmen and also a fight between sword intents.

The results will be soon revealed and determine whose sword intent is the superior one.

"Li Fuchen, who do you think will win?" Zhao Mingyue asked.

Li Fuchen replied, "I'm afraid its Liu Wuhuang."

"That may not be the case! Xiao Libie’s sword intent is quite formidable too." Chen Fanghua raised an objection.

Li Fuchen explained, "Comprehending sword intent isn't quite related to one’s willpower. But after understanding sword intent, it would gradually blend with one’s willpower attribute. Liu Wuhuang has a dominating willpower which is of the same attribute as his Soaring Cloud sword intent. With both man and sword alike, it helps bring out its full potential."

Just as Li Fuchen predicted, Xiao Libie fell into a disadvantage after 100 moves.

"Xiao Libie, take my Soaring Cloud Flash!"

The black iron sword in Liu Wuhuang's hand turned into lightning that could break open clouds. It carried an indescribable dominance as it cleaved at Xiao Libie.

"Such a dominant blade." Xiao Libie tried his best to withstand it.


Xiao Libie got blasted away and nearly fell off the stage.

Not trying to counterattack, Xiao Libie said, "Liu shidi, you have won. I concede."

His Soaring Sky sword intent was ultimately inferior to Liu Wuhuang's Soaring Cloud sword intent.

Liu Wuhuang didn't reply and turned his gaze at the crowd, looking at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen said, "You just finished a fight. If I challenge you now, it wouldn't be proper."

"My blood is still warm, come fight me! Unless you are scared."

"If you want a fight, so be it!"

Using his movement maneuver, Li Fuchen leapt onto stage 1.

"100 moves." Liu Wuhuang raised one finger.

"1000 moves and you still cannot do it." Li Fuchen shook his head.

He knew what Liu Wuhuang meant.

His opponent wants to defeat him within 100 moves.

"You overestimate yourself. Within 100 moves, I will get you off the stage."

Liu Wuhuang drew his blade and exposed a grandiose dominance. It looked to be unstoppable and was very fast too, it didn't give off any hint of it being slow and clumsy.

"Since Xiao shixiong couldn’t neutralise your Soaring Cloud sword intent, let me have the honours!"

With the black iron sword out of its sheath, Li Fuchen thrusted in mid air, a resplendent sword light like a shooting star shone bright.

Cling, clink, cling, clink…

Both of their swords were of extreme speed. In just a short moment, they had exchanged numerous blows and got everyone staring dumbstruck.

"Such quick blades would bring me down in just half a move."

"Dominion Sword, Liu Wuhuang. Sword Demon, Li Fuchen.  This is a true battle between two peaks. My heart is beating so hard from the excitement."

Everyone held their breath, not wanting to miss any detail.

The Sword Demon title for Li Fuchen was made up by the inner sect disciples.

Grasping sword intent at the seventh level of the Origin Realm was equivalent to Sword Maniac. To use demon as a description wasn't exaggerating at all. Since the Sword Demon title came to be known, many people nodded in agreement.

Of course, there were people that disagreed too.

A title is earned and not given by anyone.

If Li Fuchen wanted to obtain the Sword Demon title, he needed to show that he had the ability of a demon. If he cannot defeat Dominion Sword Liu Wuhuang, he would at least have to withstand a few hundred exchanges.

"There is always a higher mountain and there is always a stronger foe. Compared to them, I, Chen Fanghua is just a nobody." Chen Fanghua laughed bitterly.

She saw how Li Fuchen grew from phase to phase.

When repelling the beast wave at Beast Blood Town, Li Fuchen's ability was still unable to fight against a class 2 high-tier demonic beast, the Iron Back Gorilla. After this period of time, Li Fuchen has completely surpassed her.

(TL note: Shouxue Town = Beast Blood Town)

This fact made her feel surreal.

Zhao Mingyue said, "Chen shijie, my grandfather once said, this world has countless prodigies. There are some prodigies you will never be able to compare with and wish that you had their ability. When he was young, he too experienced all this, but he gradually got over it. So you shouldn't be discouraged."

Chen Fanghua laughed, "Why would I get discouraged. Zhao shimei, you think too much, I am just sighing because of my minute existence. Our Azure Water Sect has so many prodigies, but when comparing against the world, our Azure Water Sect is just an average one. If one wants to go to the peak of the martial world, he would need to compete against countless prodigies. I cannot take this kind of pressure, so let Li shidi take the pressure instead!"

As the two of them were in a conversation, the battle at stage 1 has entered the most intense phase.

Liu Wuhuang's ability is indeed formidable.

If Li Fuchen doesn't utilize the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, it wouldn't be that easy to defeat his opponent.

Afterall, Liu Wuhuang was two cultivation levels higher than him.

"Li Fuchen if you only have so little strength, then you shall be defeated! Hazy Battle Energy!"

Liu Wuhuang's body turned blurry for a moment, his qi vibrated and a terrifying qi presence bursted into the sky. Liu Wuhuang then suddenly slash at Li Fuchen with a shocking speed. The sword light blended, as though ten blades were congealed into one.

"This is the 2 star secret technique, Hazy Battle Energy."

"In the inner sect, only 5 star bone frames can redeem secret techniques in advance, Li Fuchen is in danger."

Among the inner sect disciples, many of them knew of the Hazy Battle Energy. They knew about how fearsome this secret technique was. It could allow one's qi to vibrate at a high speed and increase one’s prowess drastically.

"Li shidi is going to face defeat." Xiao Libie shook his head.

"Liu Wuhuang, you thought that only you know of a secret technique? I know one too."

With the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen’s qi presence bursted into the sky too. A formidable qi presence instantly oppressed Liu Wuhuang’s qi presence.

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