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Zheng Clan.

After a month of waiting, the elders of Zheng Clan became very anxious.

The jade buddha was the Zheng Clan’s family heirloom and the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was the Zheng Clan’s secret technique for future generations to inherit. Thus, it was not an item that was affordable to go missing. If Li Fuchen were to fail, they really wouldn’t know what to do.

"I wonder if young hero Li has found the three Wang brothers yet?"

In a seven storied pavilion in the Zheng's residence, the Patriarch and veteran of the Zheng Clan looked into the distant lands, hoping to see the figure of Li Fuchen.


After staring for some time, the veteran shook his head and prepared to go down.

"Second uncle, look, isn't that young hero Li?"

The patriarch got excited as he pointed.

"Let me see."

The veteran hurried back.

"It is young hero Li! Haha! Let us go welcome him!" The veteran of the Zheng Clan laughed heartily.

Outside the gates of the Zheng Clan’s residence, the elders of the Zheng Clan stood in two rows ready for a welcome.

"Young hero Li, about the jade buddha…" Patriarch Zheng asked with care.

Li Fuchen walked right in and laughed, "Luckily I didn’t shame myself."

Finishing his words, he took out the jade buddha from his belongings.

"Many thanks young hero Li, many thanks!" The patriarch was extremely excited and grateful in receiving the jade buddha from Li Fuchen.


In order for him to cultivate the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, the jade buddha was required. Thus, Li Fuchen had to temporarily stay at the Zheng Clan.

He intended to attain the third rank of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique before returning to the sect.

It would save himself an extra trip.

"Young hero Li, your lunch."

Outside of the courtyard, two maids carried the food in.

"Place it at the stone table outside, I will eat it later." Li Fuchen’s voice echoed from within the house.

"Young hero Li sure is assiduous. He hasn’t left the house for a whole week and has worked hard in improving his martial arts. No wonder he has this level of ability."

"Ai… It would be nice if young hero Li is my husband."

"Stop dreaming! Even our young lady Zheng isn’t good enough for young hero Li. You better put that dream to rest!"

"I’m just dreaming."

Putting down the dishes, the two maids left while giggling.

Li Fuchen gave a bitter laugh and shook his head.

The third rank of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique was extremely hard to cultivate. Half a month had passed and Li Fuchen still hasn’t found the crucial point to breakthrough. He estimated that he would still require another one or two months before he could master it.

Today, Li Fuchen carried on with his cultivation.

Several miles away, a batch of riders on demonic blood horses were galloping towards the Zheng Clan.

"Young master Qingyang, this Patriarch Zheng wants to be be forced than to take up our offer. It is their blessing for our young master Qingyang to marry the Zheng's young lady, Zheng Wei. Yet they dared to refuse?"

"That’s right, the Lü Clan’s young lady initially dared to not comply, but still ended up as young master Qingyang’s mistress."

Leading the group with a class 2 demonic blood horse was a man at the age of 30. He had a long face and garlic shaped nose. He wasn’t considered ugly but gave off an uncomfortable vibe.

The two men at his side didn’t stop bootlicking him.

The man was named Ma Qingyang, he then said with a ruthless tone, "Young lady Lü disobeyed me and was tortured for a month by me. This young lady Zheng dares disobey me too. After I bring her back, I will torture her for a good three months."

His Ma Clan was one of the 3 major clans of Near Fiend City. His clan has three Earth Realm martial artists and quite a number of Ma clansmen were in the Azure Water Sect. In the all of Near Fiend City, no one else dared to offend the Ma Clan except the other two major clans.

"Young master Qingyang. We are arriving at the Zheng residence."

"Barge in!"

Ma Qingyang didn’t reduce his speed and brought his clansmen to rush into the Zheng residence.

With so many riders rushing in, the Zheng clansmen were frightened.

The Zheng Patriarch managed to force a smile and walked in front of Ma Qingyang as he bowed with a wrapped fist, "I wonder why young master Qingyang is here?"

Ma Qingyang didn’t say anything, the man beside him spoke out instead, "Bring your daughter out. My clan's young master Qingyang is bringing her back to the Ma Clan. In addition, prepare another 100,000 gold coins as a bethronal gift, if not you will face the consequences."

Patriarch Zheng held back his anger and spoke in a soft voice, "It is great that young master Qingyang likes my daughter. Logically, it should be my daughter’s blessing. But my daughter already has someone of her choice. So…."

"How dare you! Do you know that our young master Qingyang is the Ma Clan’s founder only grandson? Stop your nonsense before we exterminated your Zheng Clan!" The other man drew his sword and shouted furiously.

The patriarch was afterall the leader of the clan, since when did he need to suffer such treatment. He replied with a firm tone, "Does the city lord know that your Ma Clan is creating a nuisance here?"

The no.1 clan of Near Fiend City was definitely the city lord's clan, the Xu Clan.

Hearing the question, Ma Qingyang had a menacing look in his eyes, "You dare use the city lord's name to suppress me? Are you seeking death?"

"I dare not, but do not force me either."

The Patriarch Zheng didn’t believe that the Ma Clan dared to exterminate his Zheng Clan. The Azure Water Sect was a righteous sect and there was always peace in their region. If a major clan wished to exterminate a minor clan, they would need to do it in the dark and not let anyone know. If the city lord knew about it, he would definitely interfere. If such acts were to be carried within his city, his reputation as a city lord would definitely be affected.

"Hehe, how would I be so silly enough to exterminate your clan? But I do have the authority to bring you back for an interrogation. I heard that Patriarch Zheng is planning to murder one of my Ma clansmen. I now have the evidence, being him back for interrogation. Anyone who disobeys shall be crippled!"

Ma Qingyang waved his hand and declared.

"How dare you!"

The Zheng’s veteran walked out from the hall, infuriated.

"Why do I not? My Ma Clan is the sky of Near Fiend City. If you dare go against us, you better plan for the worst."

With an order from Ma Qingyang, four guards who were at the ninth level of the Origin Realm, got down from their horses and surrounded the Zheng’s patriarch and veteran.

The Zheng Patriarch’s face ashened. Too arrogant, such lawless people.


Right at this moment, a delicate and elegant maiden hurried out.

"Wei'er, why are you out here? Go back in quickly."

(TL notes: Parents sometimes address their children with a ‘er. In this case, Zheng Wei is called Wei'er)

Patriarch Zheng’s expression changed immediately.

"Since you have come, why bother going back in? Zheng Wei, you father committed a serious offense and has to come with me back to the Ma Clan. You better come along too. Maybe your father can suffer less. If you serve me well, I can even consider letting your father go." Ma Qingyang gave a perverted smirk.

"I will go with you, but you have to let my father go." Zheng Wei admitted her fate.

"Wei’er, no!" Patriarch Zheng panicked.

"You father ran his mouth without thinking and offended me. But I could give him a chance if he kneels down and begs me." Ma Qingyang didn’t got down the horse and spoke like a high and mighty being.

"D**n you." Patriarch Zheng was about to give his life and fight it out.

"Such arrogance. What gave you the dog guts to display your puny prowess here?"

A figure walked into the front yard of the Zheng residence.

"Little b*****d, are you seeking death? You dare say young master Qingyang is a dog?" A man drew his sword and cleaved at Li Fuchen.

A chilling light flashed in the eyes of Li Fuchen as he executed a palm strike.

With a blinding bright light, the man was immediately incinerated.

Seeing this scene, the Ma clansmen were dumbstruck.

Someone actually dared kill someone from their Ma Clan. This man has committed a huge offense and no one could save him anymore. Even if the city lord was here, they would have their excuses.

"Where did this b*****d come from? Kill him!" Ma Qingyang roared.

"Kill!" A majority of the Ma clansmen rush at Li Fuchen.

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