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Boom boom boom…

After a series of collision sounds, the Ma clansmen that rushed at Li Fuchen were all sent flying with either broken bones or a charred chest.

"You are a dead man. Even the heavens will abandon you for killing my Ma clansmen. Kneel and beg for forgiveness while you have the chance. Once I seize you, I will let you experience hell." Ma Qingyang expression turned stern.

"Even the sect doesn’t dare say such words. You pitiful Ma Clan dare use the name of the heavens?"

Li Fuchen didn’t bother about a Ma Clan or whoever. With his current status and ability, clans from this class of cities didn't even enter his eyes. Even their supporting Earth Realm expert would at most be slightly effective against Li Fuchen.

"Since you court death. Let this veteran beat some sense into you."

One of the Ma Clan’s veteran who was at the ninth of the level Origin Realm, drew his sword and executed a sharp looking sword style at Li Fuchen.


The veteran came and went quickly. He got sent flying immediately by a single palm strike from Li Fuchen.

"The three of you go! Do not show any mercy." Ma Qingyang ordered with a sinister tone.

In front of all his men, Ma Qingyang couldn’t bear this humiliation.


Three formidable ninth level Origin Realm martial artists worked together to attack Li Fuchen.

Ninth level Origin Realm martial artists were rare in the Ma Clan. They had at most a dozen of them and Ma Qingyang brought four of them for any unforeseen circumstances.

The one who attacked first was the weakest among them.

"Overestimating yourself."

Li Fuchen didn’t make any move but revolved his Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique. A layer blazing red qi appear from the body and formed a qi armor.

The three of them were stopped in mid-air, all of their long swords couldn’t pierce through Li Fuchen’s qi armor.

"This is impossible?" One of the three couldn’t believe his own eyes.

"Are you an Azure Water Sect inner sect disciple?" Another one of them suddenly realized and spoke with fear.

Only Azure Water Sect’s inner sect disciples could be so overwhelmingly strong, using just qi armor to withstand all three of their attacks. If it were any other sixth level Origin Realm martial artist, he would already be dead.


Li Fuchen shouted just one word and released a qi burst. The blazing and violent scarlet fire qi created a shockwave that repelled all three of them, causing them to vomit blood.

"Such power!"

The Zheng clansmen were shaken by the scene and all stared with their mouths agape.

At the same time, their hearts were filled with admiration.

Had they been so strong, would the Ma Clan dare to humiliate them?

"You, you…"

Ma Qingyang pointed at Li Fuchen but couldn’t speak a single word.

"Shut your ‘you' and get down from your horse!"

With a wave, Li Fuchen caused Ma Qingyang to tumble off the demonic blood horse in a pathetic manner.

He abhorred arrogant and unreasonable people like Ma Qingyang. Back at Cloud Mist City, everyone from the Shen Tu, Yang, and Guan Clan were the same. But this Ma Qingyang was much worse than them.

(TL note: Yunwu City = Cloud Mist City)

"You dare hit me? Do you know my grandfather is the founder of the Ma Clan and is at the second level of the Earth Realm. My cousin brother is an Azure Water Sect’s inner sect deacon apprentice and my uncle is an inner sect deacon. You are dead for sure."

Ma Qingyang was used to being all high and mighty. When did he ever have to suffer like this? He got so mad that his mind became chaotic and his eyes were bloodshot.


Li Fuchen sent a kick into Ma Qingyang’s abdomen and caused him to fly into the air. A gush of scarlet fire qi invaded and destroyed Ma Qingyang’s lower body meridians.

Without any miracle drugs or an expert to cure him, he would live the rest of his life without any libido nor any interest for woman.

"If you do not leave, I shall take your head next." Li Fuchen said with a cold tone.

"Young master Qingyang, let’s go."

The ninth level Origin Realm martial artist who was injured by Li Fuchen earlier, helped Ma Qingyang up and said in a panicked voice.

A man should fight with an advantage. With their current abilities, it was impossible to deal with Li Fuchen.

They were afraid Ma Qingyang would aggravate things and cause Li Fuchen to kill them.

As long as they were live, they would have the chance for revenge. Returning back to the Ma Clan was their priority.

"You wait right here."

Ma Qingyang could only feel pain in his lower body and gave a stern warning. He then rode his horse and left hurriedly.

Without a moment’s effort, the Ma clansmen all left, leaving behind a charred body.

"Many thanks for young hero Li's help."

Zheng Clan’s patriarch and veteran bowed with gratitude. The Zheng Clan’s young lady, Zheng Wei also bowed. Her beautiful face was filled with both curiosity and admiration.

Beauty loving a hero.

This was an unchanged fact since the ancient times.
In the world where the strong ruled supreme, who wouldn’t want their husband to be an unrivalled hero, who could protect herself for life.

Li Fuchen shook his hand, "I will still stay for a period of time. Just giving me some good wine and food will do."

Finishing his statement, he turned and returned to his courtyard.


"The acupoint route of the third rank Mystical Dragon Secret Technique is obviously the shape of a dragon. Could it contain the mystics of the dragon?"

Looking at the several hundreds of acupoints lit up within the jade buddha, Li Fuchen slipped into a deep thought.

The dragon. It was the most formidable demonic beast under the heavens. It can call upon the winds and summon the rain. It could assume any form and traverse anywhere. It ruled over a large dominion, and was able enter the underworld and communicate with gods and demons. It was near almighty.

Calling a dragon a demonic beast is actually short changing the dragon. It should be known as a divine beast.

But, no one has ever seen a real dragon before. It was unknown whether a dragon even existed. It has always existed as a legend or as a myth.

Li Fuchen had a hard time trying to link up the relations between the 3 star Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and the dragon itself.

After all, these two subjects were drastically different. Such concepts for a 9 star secret technique was more appropriate.

Three days later, Li Fuchen still hadn’t comprehend the third rank of the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique.

Meanwhile, Ma Qingyang and his men had finally arrived back at Ma Clan.

"Grandfather, you have to help me."

Ma Qingyang knelt and cried in front of a veteran who was dressed in grandiose clothes.

The veteran helped Ma Qingyang up and said, "How audacious! So what if he is an Azure Water inner sect disciple? My Ma Clan has many ties within the Azure Water Sect too."

This veteran was the Ma Clan's founder, Ma Taichong, a second level of the Earth Realm martial artist.

"Grandfather, I got kicked by him. My lower body is feeling numb and swollen." Ma Qingyang recalled about it and told Ma Taichong.

"Let me see." Ma Taichong reached out and pressed onto Ma Qingyang’s abdomen.

After a moment, Ma Taichong had a murderous intent in his eyes, "What a vicious b*****d! He actually dares to wreck my only grandson's fertility and cut off my lineage of descendants! If I do not get my revenge, I am no longer a man!"

Using his qi to sense what was wrong within Ma Qingyang's body, Ma Taichong could feel that his grandson’s abdominal meridians have all been charred and withered. The blazing qi presence damaged the organs within. It wouldn’t be easy to achieve a full recovery, as the lower body was already frail by itself.

"Grandfather, have I lost my basic functions as a man?"

Hearing his grandfather’s statement, Ma Qingyang's mind wentblank.

"Don’t panic, there is still hope for recovery. Follow me to the Zheng Clan, I want to settle the score with that little b*****d." Ma Taichong clenched his teeth. The most important thing for a clan was the ability to carry on the blood lineage. If this generation wasn’t good enough, there was always the next generation. But once the lineage was broken, it would mean that the clan was broken. This feud was as good as taking revenge for one’s murderer of their parents.


Three days later…


Zheng residence’s main door was crushed as Ma Taichong led his men in. A dozen men entered the Zheng residence, "Where is that little b*****d? Get out here now!"

With a voice like thunder that echoed throughout the entire Zheng Clan, the voice travelled to Li Fuchen's courtyard.

"Why are there so many brainless people in this world?" Li Fuchen slowly strolled out of the house.

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