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"This situation is bad. It is actually an Iron Back Gorilla." Li Fuchen furrowed his brows.

The Iron Back Gorilla was a class 2 high-tier power type demonic beast. Its physical strength was around 20,000 kg and coupled with its wild demonic qi, allowed it to easily tear apart the high leveled Origin Realm fighter.

The reason why Li Fuchen was being targeted was simple. Humans required the materials from demonic beasts, and vice versa, demonic beasts required the flesh of humans.

Li Fuchen's physical strength was at 15,000 kg. In the eyes of the Iron Back Gorilla, Li Fuchen was like a moving supplement for itself.

After a dozen steps or so, the Iron Back Gorilla was now in front of Li Fuchen. With a height of 4 meters, its jar sized fist shot at Li Fuchen.

The ferocious punch force which was enough to dig 3 inches into the ground caused Li Fuchen's hair to get all blown up.


A large pit appeared as mud sprayed everywhere.

The Iron Back Gorilla withdrew its fist and looked at the the pit confused.

Could its fist have disintegrated the enemy, leaving no corpse behind?

"Watch my blade!"

Behind the Iron Back Gorilla, Li Fuchen was in mid air as he slashed at the gorilla.

This blade was blinding like a shooting star racing across the sky. The light and speed was enough to cause the heart and mind to shake in fear.


The demonic qi of the Iron Back Gorilla was no different than paper mache when facing against this blade. Its demonic qi was neutralised and exposed by the blade.

In the next moment, blood violently sprayed outwards as a blood wound opened up on the back of the Iron Back Gorilla's head.

But Li Fuchen shook his head. Based on the response from the black iron sword, he knew that this blade didn't manage to pierce the skull of the Iron Back Gorilla.

Stepping on the back of the Iron Back Gorilla, Li Fuchen leapt backwards to dodge the fist of the gorilla as it did a turn around punch.

The wounded Iron Back Gorilla turned aggressive and chased Li Fuchen in a frenzy.

But the Iron Back Gorilla was precisely weak in its speed attribute. It could only madly shout at Li Fuchen while never being able to catch up.

"Myriad Blossom Sword Style!"

Countless sword lights exploded, unknowingly, Li Fuchen and the Iron Back Gorilla entered the battle zone of Chen Fanghua. Shooting a glance at Li Fuchen, Chen Fanghua brazenly made her move.

In the blink of the eye, the Iron Back Gorilla turned into a honeycomb with puncture wounds all over its body.

Chen Fanghua got shocked when the Iron Back Gorilla with strong defenses didn't drop dead.


Using another sword art, Chen Fanghua pierce a hole through the Iron Back Gorilla's throat.

"Many thanks." Li Fuchen expressed his gratitude.

Chen Fanghua gave a smile that didn't look like a smile, "Your light body technique is quite good. Even the Iron Back Gorilla can't keep up with you."

The Iron Back Gorilla doesn't specialize in speed, but that was when compared to high leveled Origin Realm martial artist.

Li Fuchen who is just at the fourth level of the Origin Realm, was able to easily escape the pursuit of the Iron Back Gorilla. It showed how established his light body technique was.

"Let's form a team with the three of us!" Zhao Mingyue who was at the side gave a suggestion.

She was rather curious about Li Fuchen. Maybe by forming a team, she could reveal some of his secret.

"Sure, I don't mind." Chen Fanghua nodded.

"I don't mind either." Li Fuchen nodded after giving it a thought.

No matter what, Chen Fanghua did help him to dissolve a trouble. He didn't want to disregard the favour he owed to Chen Fanghua.

Once the three man team was formed, their efficiency was increased by quite a margin.

With Chen Fanghua leading in the front and Li Fuchen and Zhao Mingyue by the sides. Their slaying efficiency wasn't inferior to Liao Hailong's 9 man team.

But the only thing that bothered Li Fuchen was that Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue would occasionally check Li Fuchen out.

He knew the both of them weren't interested in him but wanted to discover his secret.

'If a secret is so easy to reveal, would it still be called a secret?' Li Fuchen thought.

What Li Fuchen didn't know was that both Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue were in shock.

They observed Li Fuchen's skills and found them abnormally sharp. With a flash of a sword light, it was fast like a spark and every sword force was with immense power that exceeded even a fifth or sixth level Origin Realm inner sect disciple.

Zhao Mingyue couldn't help but ask, "Li Fuchen, what rank is your Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique at?"

(TL note: I changed Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique to Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique)

Her cultivation level was the same as Li Fuchen's, her Bright Jade Mystic Technique was at the tenth rank. So she estimated Li Fuchen's Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique to be at the eleventh rank.

Chen Fanghua couldn't help but look towards Li Fuchen too.

Since she became an inner sect disciple six years ago, and she could only cultivate the Green Primary Mystic Technique to the twelfth rank.

Li Fuchen didn't think he had to hide anything, "Thirteenth rank."

"Thirteenth rank, uh? Not bad, what……"

Zhao Mingyue nodded her head subconsciously but very quickly realised that something was wrong. Her luscious red lipped mouth went wide.

"Thirteenth rank……" Chen Fanghua took a deep breath.

Cultivation techniques were naturally harder to advance than martial arts. The difficulty of a mystic class, mid-tier technique wass on par with a mystic class high-tier martial arts.

Even though cultivation techniques had lesser restrictions on the martial artists. Origin Realm practitioners were able to cultivate a mystic class mid-tier technique; as for mystic class high-tier martial arts, without reaching the Earth Realm, one would never be able to grasp the essence.

But regardless, it was still a mystic class, mid-tier technique. To breakthrough one rank in a year, was already considered an exceptional prodigy. Breaking through two ranks in a year was something even 5 star bone frames could not achieve. Li Fuchen advanced from the seventh rank to thirteenth rank, which was six whole ranks.

"When I was at the outer sect, my Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique was already at the ninth rank. Two ranks per year is fine right?" Li Fuchen replied.

Zhao Mingyue rolled her eyes, "Don't you know that the higher the technique rank, the harder it is to breakthrough? No, wait… Did you say that you were at the ninth rank of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique during the outer sect times? How can that be possible?"

During the Qi Realm, to raise one's rank for a mystic class mid-tier technique to the eighth rank was considered a heaven defying class, something that only 5 star bone frames could achieve.

In order for those below the 5 star bone frame to achieve the same feat, that required the consumption of a technique pill.

Li Fuchen actually rised two ranks during his Qi Realm time!

Chen Fanghua tried to hold back her emotions, "You perception… I think in all of the Cang Lan sect, only Sword Maniac shixiong can be compared with you."

She didn't compare Li Fuchen to Sword Maniac, but the other way round. In her heart, she thinks Sword Maniac's perception was only at a certain level.

"The only thing I can utilize is my perception." Li Fuchen said as he slayed another class 2 low-tier demonic beast.

Zhao Mingyue said, "How nice would it be to have your perception."

Finishing her statement, Zhao Mingyue's expression was full of envy. If she who had 4 star bone frame, could have the same level of perception as Li Fuchen; a 5 star bone frame would be far inferior to her.

"Is your bone frame really a normal bone frame?" Zhao Mingyue couldn't help but ask again.

Li Fuchen replied, "If I have a star grade bone frame, do you think I would remain at the fourth level of the Origin Realm?"

"That's true." Zhao Mingyue nodded, "Yu Wen Tian doesn't have your perception but he is already at the fifth level of the Origin Realm."

A higher quality in bone frame, meant a high level in all attributes. A high perception is only one attribute.

As time gradually passed, the pressure on everyone was increasingly intense

It started off with one class 2 demonic beast among a hundred class 1 beasts. But now, every ten class 1 demonic beasts would have one class 2 demonic beast mixed in.


On the battlefield, an inner sect disciple crushed the help talisman, what followed closely was colourful fireworks bursting in the sky.

On the walls, an outer sect elder flashed over and grabbed the inner sect disciple, he then executed a single palm strike to kill three class 2 demonic beasts that surrounded him.

As she consumed a qi replenishing pill, Zhao Mingyue said, "There are more class 2 demonic beasts now. We have to work together with other groups."

Chen Fanghua wasn't under a lot of pressure yet but she agreed with Zhao Mingyue's opinion.

Just as the three of them were preparing to shift, dozens of horrifying qi presences exploded from a distance. Countless class 1 and 2 beasts got stimulated and went into a frenzy, suddenly becoming fearless of death.

"Class 3 demonic beast." Li Fuchen's pupils shranked.

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