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Chapter 91: Forest

Not long after the beginning of the change in New Zealand, they met Martin and got to know of the original form drug, and it had been their goal to go to Tongariro National Park after that. Along the way, many things happened, and things got even more bloody and desperate in the research facility. They lost precious friends, and finally managed to get the Prototy drug in the end. Even while they were recuperating inside the research facility, planning how to escape, they had never thought about what they were going to do after that.

Because, there was no point!

If they couldn’t even get out, then what was the point in thinking about things afterwards? However, everyone had to start to carefully plan what they were going to do from now on. Actually, they should have started discussing about this earlier, but because everyone wanted to seriously experience what would happen after they consumed the Progenitor’s meat and the changes in their bodies, they didn’t have the heart to discuss this.

After Bai Yi finished speaking, he looked at everyone and smiled.

“Let’s discuss this tomorrow, and rest for tonight.” After escaping from the research facility, they immediately started to find a place that they could rest temporarily, so everyone was already very tired.

After hearing Bai Yi’s words, all of them immediately relaxed and leaned against the rocks behind them lazily. Momo came to Bai Yi’s side and looked at him, while Bai Yi smiled to Momo and stretched out his hands. After getting Bai Yi’s approval, she immediately jumped into Bai Yi’s arms happily. Momo laid inside Bai Yi’s arms, breathing softly and slowly fell into a deep sleep. Sharpei walked over as well at this time, quietly lying on the ground beside Bai Yi.

In this open rocky outcrop, everyone gazed at the bright and clear moon, feeling tranquil and full of hope.

During the night, more than 10 evolved lifeforms came to this area over this time. These were all animals attracted over here by the smell of the Progenitor’s flesh. These lifeforms weren’t too big, but were all extremely weirdly shaped. When the first lifeform approached them, Bai Yi had already opened his eyes. All of their senses now were incredibly sharp as compared to before.

Just when Sharpei wanted to pounce on it, Bai Yi placed his left hand on Sharpei’s head and looked over there with his eyes.

Mimicry Eyes – Intimidation!

The lifeform that had wanted to continue approaching immediately jumped in fright, and after jumping backwards cautiously it realized that the group of them hadn’t actually moved at all. Looking at them carefully for a while, it then slowly backed away cautiously. After this unwelcome guest left, Bai Yi closed his eyes again.

On the second day, everyone woke up very early.

“I suddenly miss the times inside the research facility a bit now.” Heloise massaged her stiff body and said. She wasn’t actually wrong, although they were trapped inside the research facility, the place still had water and electricity, and overall it was quite tidy as well. It wasn’t like the wild, the wild wasn’t just messy, but many unwelcome guests came to visit over the night. Although they were scared off by Bai Yi every time, but everyone else had sensed it too actually.

“There’s really nothing much to miss over there. Anyway, let’s discuss what to do next.” Bai Yi said.

“From the start, all we thought about was getting the original form drug, so we headed towards this research facility. Now that we’ve accomplished our goals, it’s time to think about what do we do next.”

Bai Yi continued. “We need to understand the situation in New Zealand now, as well as the entire world. Only after understanding the entire situation in detail can we set our future path, whether we continue staying in New Zealand or head to some other place.”

“Why would we stay in New Zealand?”

“Because we can’t be sure if the drug we received would be effective. If it’s ineffective, what kind of treatment do you think we will get with our appearances now in human society? If we aren’t able to turn back into humans, and the rest of the human world is still more peaceful, then it isn’t possible for us to go to other countries. If that were the case, we still have to look for the solution to turn back into humans in New Zealand. Of course, I don’t hope to become somebody else’s research materials as well.” Bai Yi slowly said. Apparently, Bai Yi had already done some planning in his heart.

“Other than that, the things that we understood from Yeye like the LV1-2 Brutal Phase, if we aren’t able to manage it well we might become completely mindless monsters. Based on what Yeye told us, normal drugs won’t have any effects on lifeforms like us. If we want to find a solution, then we have to use animals or plants that similarly assimilated with activated cells.”

“In conclusion, we have to find other living humans first and understand the overall situation, then we can make our decision.”

“Then, where do we go now?”

“Let’s continue heading south back to the urban area, first towards Wanganui, the port city.”

“I remember you saying before that there weren’t many people in the city, because of the production problem or something like that, right?” Woolf suddenly said.

“It’s the producers and consumers. During the Binging Phase, all lifeforms need a large amount of food, and there were usually only consumers inside a city. The food inside could only last everyone for only around a week to a month, and it was only because of the constant replenishment and flow of goods that it didn’t seem like things were lacking.” Heloise added. They could still remember what Bai Yi explained to them before.

“That’s right, but that was just at the start. At this point in time, I think almost everyone should’ve adapted to the environment by now. Have you guys realized, although at the start when we assimilated with the activated cells we had a huge appetite, by now the appetite is slowly stabilising. Also, think about our own experiences, while we were camping outside and yesterday, we weren’t uncomfortable at all. After being able to find sufficient food, those who were originally humans would definitely want a quiet place to rest. What other environment would better for resting than the city?” Bai Yi explained.

“Moreover, if we want to obtain information about the outside world, it’s still better to do so in the city. The modern facilities like telecommunications are still more easily found in cities.”

“Let’s go!” Bai Yi decided at the end.

Everyone else nodded as well, but they also knew the other reason for staying in New Zealand that Bai Yi did not say… Yu Han. Now everyone wanted to find Yu Han and murder him, cruelly and viciously!

Nobody else had any objections, and they started to head towards Wanganui.

Along the way, everyone finally understood how hard it was to walk. If they were to say that during the initial stages of the change they could drive a car, by now they couldn’t even see the road at all. They could still find cars occasionally, but most of them were already irreparably damaged. Moreover, along the way they could see other lifeforms both big and small frequently through the forest, making the place seem full of life.

“I thought that the food chain in New Zealand would completely break apart.” Mavis said in surprise, looking at a 30 plus centimeters long six-winged centipede lying on the tree root and sucking its sap.

“I thought so at first too, but from the looks of it now the adaptability of living things is really too powerful. Under conditions of extreme hunger, there wasn’t much that they wouldn’t eat, and plants were also the most widely available food. The rapidly growing vegetation also happened to support the new food chain in New Zealand, allowing all these lifeforms to survive.” Bai Yi said, stretching out his right hand.

The six-winged centipede had changed to be able to live on sucking tree sap, but it still had not forgotten its carnivorous nature. After seeing the group of them, it immediately pounced towards Bai Yi, who didn’t dare to underestimate this thing. Now they weren’t too afraid of large sized evolved lifeforms anymore, but it was these small insects that they were more wary of.

A short and small willow leaf knife appeared in Bai Yi’s hand, and he used the back of the knife to knock on the exoskeleton of this six-winged centipede.

‘Dang!’, Bai Yi instantly felt a large force coming from his hand. Apparently after assimilating with activated cells, they couldn’t underestimate any lifeforms that were still alive. Unfortunately for the centipede, the difference in their size was still too big. This was just like how an ant could carry something hundreds of times heavier than their weight, but it would still get squashed by a single finger when facing humans.

The six-winged centipede flew backwards, bouncing a few times on the floor, and rapidly ran back towards the bush with a hiss and disappeared inside.

Seeing the centipede disappear, they continued on their journey again.

When going through the forest, they actually found a house, and looking from the style of the house it seemed just like the kind of private houses commonly seen in New Zealand. However, looking at this house now it was hard to imagine that just two months ago there was somebody living in this place. Bai Yi carefully pushed himself through the branches covering the house and entered it, hoping to find something useful. As for the others, they didn’t join in the fun as this house really wasn’t suited for many people to be in it now.

After a long while, Bai Yi came back with a dusty face but carrying a smile.

“What did you find?”

“Compass!” Bai Yi said.

Everyone’s eyes lit up, as this was really a good thing. None of them expected that New Zealand now would become so difficult to cross, it was just like a primordial forest. They had been walking for a few days and had long lost their way. Now that they had this at least they wouldn’t walk in the wrong direction.

Bai Yi fiddled with it for a while, and then smiled helplessly. The direction that they had been walking in just now was actually the southeast direction, that is to say, they were walking in nearly the complete opposite direction from Wanganui in the southwest. As for where they were now, really only a genius would know.

After looking at the compass, all of them stared at each other again.

“So, anyway, let’s find a place with people first and ask them about the general situation in New Zealand.” Bai Yi said.

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