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Chapter 92: To Brook No Delay

After the group of them found the house, they used the environment and landmarks around them to find the general direction of the path they were on before. They tried to walk along the direction with lesser vegetation, and sure enough after a while, they found the original road. Although they couldn’t tell that it was a road from far away, after they came closer it wasn’t possible for them to be mistaken. After all, the signs of human activity couldn’t be completely covered up so easily.

They walked along the road for a full week and finally found a ‘city’. Honestly speaking, they all felt quite shocked that the place where humans initially stayed at could completely be labelled as a ‘ruin’ after only two months. Countless weeds grew all over the cracks, vines climbed all over the walls and only the floors higher up escaped this. Moreover, some large trees even emerged from inside the buildings.

“Wow~, this is really some rare scene, just like a city that had been abandoned for more than 10 years.” Heloise said.

“Rare, is it? We would probably see this often in the future though.” Bai Yi said, and he suddenly looked towards the left side of the city.

“What is it?”

“No, nothing.” Bai Yi shook his head. In that direction was a three-story house, from the second level of it a sharp head poked out from it, and it looked just like a rat. After seeing Bai Yi’s group, it immediately ran back inside quickly. Bai Yi did not keep this on his mind, it was probably the rats that were in this city before. After the humans left they became even more active.

The group of them walked towards the center of the city. At the center, there were lesser and lesser signs of the forest and it finally looked somewhat more like a city. At this time, everyone including Momo held the weapons in their hands tightly. Everyone could feel that at this moment, they had been surrounded. Some living things were hiding in the shadows of the buildings around them.

Bai Yi stopped and held his kitchen knife. His broadsword had been lost inside the lift, and he only had his kitchen knife left. As a chef, Bai Yi would of course never leave this behind.

After a while, those things hiding in the shadows finally started to reveal themselves.

It was really the rats!

When everyone saw these organisms, this thought suddenly flashed through their minds. Although they could tell roughly from all the lifeforms standing in front of them now that their origins were of rats, there were no two lifeforms that looked the same now. Their appearances differed randomly, and the smallest one of them were at least half a meter tall, while there were actually two that were the same size as Woolf. Most importantly, there were at least 80 – 100 of these lifeforms.

“I seem to remember that rats are the most abundant mammals on Earth?”

“Oh, is it? I thought it was humans!” Heloise said lightly.

“However, in the New Zealand now, I think it’s right to say that the most abundant mammal are the rats.” Mavis smiled and looked at the ‘rats’ surround them.

“Not really, do you think they’re still rats?” Heloise said cheekily.

Apparently, when humans abandoned their initial homes, these rats took the chance to completely occupy this city. Under the strengthening of the activated cells, ordinary animals like rats had gained decent intelligence and strength, completely treating the humans remaining in the city as their prey. These bunch of rats probably treated Bai Yi’s group too as preys that wandered into their nest.

“Chi chi!” Suddenly, a sound came from within the mass of rats, and in the next moment all of them immediately charged at Bai Yi’s group.

When these strangely shaped rats charged towards them, Bai Yi’s group also smiled immediately.


That was an arrogant laugh, after facing all the powerful monsters that fused with activated cells inside the research facility earlier, these rats really didn’t seem like much. They evolved at the same time as all the humans, and their fusion choices were random and up to chance, so they wouldn’t even treat them seriously. Even Momo didn’t have the timidity or weakness that a small child would normally have, but took out her own short sword and stood on the front lines.

Over there, everyone’s hearts and spirits had become strong!

Nearly 100 monster rats pounced at Bai Yi’s group, but they did not dodge but even took the initiative to bring the battle to them. Once the two sides contacted, in almost a split-second there were more than 10 rats killed. One must know, Bai Yi’s group chose their genes to fuse with purposefully. No matter in strength or agility, they had the absolute advantage now among the other lifeforms that randomly evolved in New Zealand.

Even the usually lazy Pupu seemed very fierce and courageous now, but anyway there was probably nothing that could pierce that thick skin of it. It just had to run around and charge at things randomly. Sharpei was even more fierce, its figure moved and jumped around rapidly, while its large jaw and sharp claws took away the life of a rat with every strike.

In a short time which only took dozens of seconds, these 100 rats died by almost a third, and at this time from high up in the sky came a cry. Bai Yi turned around and made eye contact with a rat monster, his kitchen knife instantly chopping off the head of this guy and looked at the two rat monsters in the sky.

How should one describe them?

One of those rat monsters seemed to have fused with something that could fly, while the other one stood on the back of that monster. The one standing was more than 1 meter tall, and actually wore human clothes on him and held a walking stick. If they said that the rats before were just monsters that only randomly fused with any other animal genes, this rat was a true ‘ratman’. That’s right, not too different from the ratmen they saw in the movies, and didn’t have bad intelligence as well.

After this ratman cried out again, those rat monsters that were fighting vigorously started to retreat backwards. While leaving, these guys didn’t forget to bring parts of their comrades’ corpses with them.

When they realized that they could not beat Bai Yi’s group, this ratman immediately gave the order to retreat.

“Ahahaha, a bunch of rats want to do something to me, this is more like looking for death!” Woolf held up his greatsword excitedly. The 1.5 meters long greatsword in Woolf’s hand seemed more like a short sword, and the dense and heavy greatsword swung around nimbly. With just a few clashes, one of them rat monsters that was as tall as Woolf got hacked into half with one strike. That brashness and bloodiness was just completely indescribable.

Just when these rats retreated, Woolf immediately chased after them, and even an abandoned car blocking in front of him got flung away with a kick of his, squashing another few rat monsters.

“Woolf, don’t chase them!” Bai Yi said.

However, Woolf ignored Bai Yi’s voice immediately, and became even more impulsive and excited. Bai Yi frowned again. Woolf, this guy is entering the berserk state more and more easily, if he still can’t find a way soon then eventually we would not be able to pull him back, and he would completely lose his rationality. However, not only Woolf but Sharpei chased after them as well. When Sharpei ran past Momo, she grabbed onto Sharpei’s tail and with a delicate flip she landed on the back of Sharpei who was rapidly running.

These three guys!

These were the same few people who lost control in the research facility. Apparently, Yeye’s words before weren’t a joke. Once they fell into the berserk state for the first time, it would become easier and easier into that state afterwards. Once they fell into that state too many times, they would truly lose their rationality, only knowing to fight and eat… truly becoming wild beasts.

Bai Yi saw the few of them chasing and couldn’t help but abruptly increase his own speed, running towards the direction that the rat monsters escaped in. The rest of them of course followed after Bai YI immediately.

They didn’t run too far before Woolf stopped, because after killing another rat monster he found that there were suddenly no more enemies. These rat monsters were apparently very familiar with this messy city, after a few turns they completely disappeared within this place. Sharpei and Momo’s situation weren’t too different, and they very quickly lost their opponents.

After losing their opponents, Woolf and Sharpei looked at each other and madness flowed from their eyes. Woolf tightened his grip on the greatsword in his hands and slowly walked towards Sharpei. Sharpei wasn’t willing to show any weakness too and walked towards Woolf as well. Even Momo gripped her short sword and revealed her sharp little canines viciously.

“All of you quieten down!” Bai Yi suddenly dropped down in between two of them, and the patterns in his eyes immediately appeared.

They were all just somewhat excited, and weren’t considered having lost their rationality completely yet. After hearing Bai Yi’s voice and getting influenced by his mimicry eyes, Woolf, Sharpei and Momo gradually started to quieten down, and suddenly realised in horror what they were about to do. They actually almost fought with their own companions! One must know that with their level of ability now, even if they didn’t kill each other, it would still result in heavy injuries once a battle broke out.

At this time, all of them understood the seriousness of the matter.

Based on Yeye’s information, an ordinary experimental subject would experience the onset of its Brutal Phase after four months to half a year of assimilating with the activated cells. This Brutal Phase would last for at least three years usually. Inside the research facility, the one with the shortest Brutal Phase was a human, an old man that was well-versed in the Chinese Tai Ji fist. His Brutal Phase only lasted for three years plus, and he very rarely lost his rationality completely as well. The result that Tai Ji Fist could passively bring about the cultivation of the soul was also proved from him.

In truth, it had only been two plus months since Bai Yi’s group assimilated the activated cells. Unexpectedly, Woolf and Sharpei had already started to lose control. This was apparently due to that desperate battles inside the research facility stimulating them too much.

Seeing what Woolf, Sharpei and Momo were like, the rest of them suddenly felt the seriousness of the matter. For now, other things had to be set aside, and they had to prioritize controlling and managing their conditions, or else it might really be too late.

Not fusing with any genes from other lifeformsDrugs to calm and soothe the mind (Normal drugs in the world were useless, so only drugs made from plants or animals that assimilated with activated cells as well). However, only God knew what these initially ordinary plants would change into. Even if they wanted to test all the plants one by one they didn’t have the luxury of time now.Soul Nourishing Physical Arts, passively bringing about the cultivation of the soul through training the body.

The group of them were rushing along in their journey all the time, and did not really practice the Tai Ji Fist. However, from the looks of it now this thing really couldn’t be put off anymore.

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