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Chapter 78: LV1-2 Brutal Phase

“Yeye isn’t a coolie!”

Initially Yeye was still listening to Bai Yi’s requests happily, but after hearing more and more requests, Yeye couldn’t help but to explode and shout in anger. On the computer screen, Yeye suddenly jumped and used her small fist to smash the table, just like a little loli blowing her top.

Bai Yi faced the computer, stood up, and seriously bowed.

“I’m relying on you!”

Just one simple sentence. Yeye had still wanted to say something, but looking at Bai Yi’s simple but incomparably serious and genuine request, she suddenly lost her words. This man… should be bearing with a lot of pain now right. So much struggling, so much desperate struggling, he not only lost his sight but also the person he loved. Even if it was Yeye, she could still feel the heavy and painful feeling coming from Bai Yi now. That kind of heaviness caused her to be unable to reject him.

“Hmph… since you are asking so sincerely, then I’ll force myself to agree then.” Yeye said softly, her eyes moving around and avoiding looking at Bai Yi. She almost felt like she was going overboard by making Bai Yi beg her like this.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you.” At this time, the rest of them also felt Bai Yi’s seriousness and also thanks Yeye together.

“En…, then what do you guys want to know first?”

“What do you guys think?” Bai Yi asked the rest.

“The origin of all these research, and also what this research facility was researching.” Mavis glanced at Heloise for a while and said. “We are more curious about these fundamental things. As for planning the route out, I think it’s better to wait for Bai Yi’s eyes to recover to some extent so that he can participate in the planning.”

“En.” Bai Yi did not object.

“Let’s start then, the cause of everything and the nature of the research in this facility.” Yeye started.

The things that Yeye talked about wasn’t too different from what Martin told them, just that it was more detailed. Names, locations, every date and time were clearly stated. This was the benefit of being a computer. Every bit of information was recorded clearly, and not vague like a person’s memories.

Year 2003, Carma Dovich started the research towards longevity, and in the following years the same emotion enveloped the entire world, drawing the attention and participation of all the powerful people.

14th January 2009, the Devil Algae was found in an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

7th July 2014, this was an important date, because the long period of research on activated cells finally resulted in a lucky perfect assimilation by a human body. The Asian woman NO. 31000137 perfectly assimilated with the cells from the mutated Devil Algae cells, and displayed the power of this perfect assimilation. Very quickly, the researchers referred to these mutated Devil Algae cells transplanted onto NO. 31000137 as – activated cells. At the same time, they also named NO. 31000137 as the Progenitor!

Activated cells have powerful assimilating capability, activated capability, and gene fusion capability. All the lifeforms that assimilated with activated cells started to undergo great changes.


LV0: Nascent Stage – normal humans, animals, or plants are successfully infected with the activated cells.


Activated cells are normally in a dormant state, so they need to be awakened. Awakening isn’t difficult, as long as the host body has sufficient nutrition to provide the activated cells with, they will awaken.

LV1-1: Binging Stage – After the activated cells awaken, they will start to assimilate the other normal cells in the host body, and at the same time start to frenziedly produce special energy. At this stage, various nutrition in the host body will be depleted greatly, and the host body will feel incredible hunger, requiring large amounts of food. Evolved lifeforms at this stage will look around everywhere for food, eating anything and everything, entering the Binging Phase.

So far it was similar to what Martin had told them, just that it was in more detail. Everyone already more or less knew all of this, but following were the things that they did not know about.

LV1-2: Brutal Stage – In the Binging Phase, gene fusion in addition to binge eating will cause the physical forms of evolved lifeforms to change greatly. When this change reaches a certain stage, they will become impulsive and brutal, entering the Brutal Phase.

Brutal Phase: The physical body changes rapidly due to the activated cells and gene fusion, but the soul was only suited to the previous body. This was a stable physical form of life that was developed and evolved over countless years. The incongruence between the body and soul caused these evolved lifeforms to become extremely impulsive and brutal, entering a killing frenzy without any reason, and was thus known as the Brutal phase.

Humans and other animals were different, because humans were rational, they could endure the impulsiveness and frustration brought about by the incongruence to a certain extent. However, this didn’t mean that humans wouldn’t go through the Brutal Phase, just that humans were able to control themselves. Of course, even for humans, only 1 out of 10 could manage to control themselves, and the majority of people would go berserk.

“Humans really have souls?” Even though it wasn’t the first time hearing it, they were still very surprised.

“Not just humans, but other lifeforms have souls as well, just that nobody was able to prove it before. In truth, when the research first started, nobody knew why these experimental subjects were becoming savage and brutal for no reason at all. Only after these experimental subjects entered LV1-3, and described how they felt back then, did Doctor Wang and the other ascertain the existence of the soul for the first time.” Yeye wore a pair of glasses now, looking like a learned professor.

“Cough cough, please do not interrupt me, just listen to me seriously.” Yeye knocked on the blackboard behind her.

“The reason behind the brutality comes from the incongruence between the soul and the body, and this kind of incongruence is due to the fusion of genes from other lifeforms. During this phase, there’s a few ways of dealing with it.” Yeye looked at them seriously listening to her again and continued explaining.

Assimilate with the activated cells but do not fuse with any other genes from other lifeforms.

Activated cells had a limited active phase, they were not able to continuously fuse with genes from other lifeforms. As long as no genes were fused in this active phase, they wouldn’t be able to fuse with other genes after that even if there were still gene fusion slots left. This way, even if the host body assimilated with activated cells, the physical form wouldn’t have great changes.

Experimental subjects like this usually had more stable emotions, apparently it was due to the small incongruence between the soul and body. However, that is not to say that there weren’t any differences. From the moment that they were infected with activated cells, all experimental subjects had to say goodbye to their ‘humanity’ and ‘species’.

Drugs that have calming effects

The normal calming drugs you see in stores doesn’t have much of a use anymore, only drugs made from evolved animals or plants will be effective.

ClearyHeart (TN: The author used ClearyHeart in English in the raws, so yeah it’s not a typo) – A drug to calm the heart, compounded through extracts from various evolved plants. However, research on this is still at a preliminary stage. In truth, none of those evolved plants are even named. Even a very common blade of grass before can mutate to have an unknown effect now.

??? – nourish and harmonise the soul!

“Wait wait, Yeye, what does this ??? mean? And nourishing the soul?” Heloise raised her right hand and asked seriously, just like a real student.

“That is a very good question.” Yeye had a look that said, ‘this student is worth teaching’.

“Based on Doctor Wang’s theory, the world is a complementary whole. Since the reason behind the brutality is due to the incongruence between body and soul, then there definitely must be some animal or plant that can nourish and harmonise the soul. However, something like this hasn’t been discovered yet.” Yeye said seriously.

Everybody was taken aback, they can be so sure of something that hadn’t been discovered?

However, all of them still noted it down seriously. From the previous information they had gotten, that Doctor Wang was really a lunatic and monstrous genius, so the theories he proposed should still have some basis to it. Moreover, the world is complementary whole? Even if it was them, they couldn’t help but feel that it sounded right.

3) Soul Nourishing Physical Arts

Physical Arts that can calm the heart and nourish the soul when cultivated.

“So-soul Nourishing Physical Arts?” Woolf stuttered and said. A new phrase, a new idea, Woolf’s head instantly became bloated. Even Bai Yi felt that the more he listened the more mystical it became.

“That’s right, Soul Nourishing Physical Arts. I already said before, all living things have a soul, just that at our current stage, no matter animals or humans we are all unable to sense it. Since we are unable to sense the existence of the soul at this stage, we can only rely on cultivating the physical body to passively bring about the cultivation of the soul. This is the experiences and data gathered from the LV1-3 and LV2 Stage experimental subjects, I’m not lying to you guys.” Yeye explained.

“So, what exactly is this Soul Nourishing Physical Arts?”

“Tai Ji Fist!” Yeye immediately gave an answer that shocked everyone dumb. (TN: Tai Ji Fist is a famous Chinese martial art that existed for a long time, but there are many versions of it now. The most common usage of it now is just a slow set of movements that elderly go through to get some exercise though, so it isn’t anything really impressive or mystical. That’s why they are all shocked.)

“Tai Ji Fist is the best physical art to bring about passive cultivation of the soul that we’ve found so far. Of course, I’m talking about the real and uncut version of the Tai Ji Fist. Actually, after we discovered that training the physical body could bring about the development of the soul as well, research had never ceased in this area. However, up until now we haven’t found a better Soul Nourishing Physical Art. You guys must know, the existence of the soul was only confirmed in 2017, when the first batch of experimental subjects that could communicate with us entered the LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage. Until now, only three years has passed, and in this three years many other areas had to be researched as well.” Yeye explained.

“There’s many people who practiced Tai Ji Fist in the past, why didn’t anybody realize that it could bring about the cultivation of the soul?” Woolf asked dumbly.

Yeye revealed a disdainful expression, and…

“Are you an idiot?! How many times must I say this? Not to mention normal people, even evolved lifeforms at this current stage are unable to sense the existence of the soul. Even if people practiced Tai Ji Fist in the past and brought about a slight change in the soul, they wouldn’t be able to sense it anyway!” Yeye’s head looked like it was about to burst out of the computer screamed and shouted at Woolf.

Woolf immediately fell onto his butt in fright.

Yeye was apparently very pleased with herself, the feeling of lecturing people really felt very different, HAHAHAHA.

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