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Chapter 79: 2.31%

“The first batch of experimental subjects that can communicate?” Mavis grabbed hold of an important point in Yeye’s words.

“Human experimental subjects that fused with genes from other lifeforms. A portion of them did not lose their rationality completely at the Brutal Phase, and after entering the LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage they gave the researchers very important information – confirmation of the existence of the soul.” Yeye said calmly and coldly.

The group of them who were initially excited over the prospect of hearing a secret felt like they had been splashed with cold water.

This information was gathered from countless experimental subjects. Only heaven knew just how much darkness was hidden behind all this. Everyone suddenly felt like they understood the meaning behind the Progenitor’s serial number, No. 31000137.

“Let’s continue then.” Yeye saw the atmosphere going cold and she decided to move things along. At this time, none of them had that excitement and curiosity anymore, but carried a level of heaviness and other feelings as they listened to Yeye explain.

“In the LV1-2 Brutal Stage, the incongruence between the body and soul will cause the lifeform to act brutally. Every time it erupts, the symptoms were just like you guys before, losing your rationality, and only knowing how to kill on instinct. The first few times are easier to wake up from, but if you guys cannot suppress it, it is very easy to lose your mind completely and become a true wild beast. Among all the experimental subjects, the human experimental subjects that can enter LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage and still retain their rationality, is not more than 1 out of 10. As for the rest…” Yeye said and gave a statistic.

Everyone’s faces became very solemn. If they entered that mindless state multiple times, it would result in them becoming completely mindless monsters huh?

“Isn’t there any solution?” Heloise asked nervously.

“Didn’t I say it just now? Three solutions. You guys are already not suitable for the first, the second and third solution can suppress the symptoms of brutality to a certain extent. However, you guys must know, these two solutions were also only discovered recently, so it has no decisive effect.” Yeye purposely looked Woolf, Warner, Sharpei and Momo seriously.

The four of them stared at Yeye dumbly, not completely understanding the seriousness of the issue.

Woolf had a simple brain, while Warner and Momo were both little kids. As for Sharpei, do you really expect him to be as intelligent as humans? Seeing that the few of them didn’t even have the slightest look of fear on their faces, Yeye gave a ‘hmph’ in displeasure. Damn I didn’t get to scare the bunch of you. Heloise saw how Yeye was acting like a little girl and couldn’t help but chuckle. She was clearly an artificial intelligence, but this personality was even cuter than a real person’s.

“Continuing on!” Yeye, on the contrary, felt shy at Heloise’s laughter.

“The reason behind the brutality is the incongruence between the body and soul. The body changed too fast while the soul didn’t have many changes. Life is a complete whole, however, so after the body changes, the soul will gradually change as well to become compatible with the new body. This process similarly happens at the Brutal Phase. However, the soul is a completely new concept to all of us, unable to be touched or felt. Hence, even within the research facility, there was only one solution found to help the soul adjust to the new body.” Yeye continued explaining.

“What’s the solution?” Everyone couldn’t help but ask.



“That’s right, sleep. Sleep for a living thing is actually a very magical state. While sleeping, everyone’s body will automatically repair and adjust itself. While sleeping, the growth of the soul will also be faster and more stable than usual. Correspondingly, the LV1-2 Brutal Stage will also shorten. The better the quality of sleep, the better the growth of the soul, and this is also a rule found from the Hypersomnia Stage.” Yeye explained.

LV1-3: Hypersomnia Stage – Number of gene fusions has already reached its limit, the physical body starts to stabilize, and the soul also grows to become compatible with the body. At this stage, the evolved lifeform will want to sleep a lot, entering the Hypersomnia Stage.

“I had already said it before, but the confirmation of the existence of the soul was done in LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage. In reality, at this stage, evolved lifeforms will sense the existence of the soul by nature, and at the same know what they should do next – let the body and soul harmonize again. To harmonize the body and soul again requires continuous balancing, and the effectiveness of balancing is best while sleeping, especially a deep level of sleep, being in a womb-like condition, or a deep level of meditation.”

“This wasn’t discovered by anybody, but what people instinctively knew to do when they reached that stage.”

“It’s like how we sleep when we feel tired!”

“Yes, it’s as simple as sleeping when you feel tired; this is the basic instinct of living things. In the Hypersomnia Phase, the lifeform will instinctually sense the soul, want to sleep, and balance the body and soul.” Yeye nodded.

“Hypersomnia Stage lifeforms, other than eating, basically spend all their time in deep sleep, and there isn’t much risk in this stage, but…!” Yeye suddenly raised her voice.

“Although they want to sleep a lot, the condition of the sleep isn’t too good, and it’s difficult for them to enter a deep level of sleep as well. They are easily woken or have nightmares. Overall, it’s the consequence of the imbalance between body and soul. So, Hypersomnia Stage lifeforms will feel… intense anger towards those who wake them up from their sleep.” Yeye explained.

“What would happen if you wake a Hypersomnia Stage lifeform up?” Momo asked tenderly.

“Momo you can go and try!” Yeye paused for a moment and smiled at Momo.

Warner looked at the exquisite virtual image of Yeye, and suddenly for a moment he thought that small devil horns grew from her head. Momo blanked for a moment and ran behind Bai Yi, holding onto his sleeve and cautiously stretching out her little head to look at Yeye. The rest of them immediately burst out into laughter, but they could roughly guess the consequences. It was already hard to fall asleep, so if somebody woke them up… It would probably end up with something like ‘wake me up from my sleep, and I’ll murder your entire family!”

Yeye also blanked for a moment. She was just teasing Momo, and didn’t expect that her intuition to be so sharp.

Hmph, too bad I can’t come out, or else I would definitely grab those chubby cheeks of yours and rub them so hard. Yeye raised her little fist behind the scenes.

“Then let me continue on the next stage – Metamorphosis.”

“Wait wait, Hypersomnia Stage, isn’t there things to do like calming drugs or Soul Nourishing Physical Arts like in the Brutal Stage?” Mavis asked.

“There might be, but we haven’t discovered any with the current research. On the 7th of July 2014, the Progenitor was born, and in reality, the first batch of experimental subjects only entered Hypersomnia Stage in 2017. It’s only 29th April 2020 today. This research facility only came into contact with activated cells a few years earlier than you guys. How could they research everything so thoroughly?” Yeye explained shortly and to the point like a real computer would.

Everyone immediately understood, and Mavis sat down again. What the researchers had seemingly discovered with their research was still very preliminary. Even if they obtained all the information from Yeye, they still wouldn’t know how they would change in the future. This required every person to go and find out for themselves.

“This is the process of change of evolved lifeforms. The researchers split it into a few stages, LV1-1 Binging Stage, LV1-2 Brutal Stage, LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage, but in reality, the changes of a lifeform are a continuous process, so the three stages do not have clear boundaries. You guys understand?” Yeye looked at everyone.

“Since you guys understand, let me tell you the next stage – Metamorphosis!” Yeye continued after seeing them nod.


Metamorphosis – This is after the body and soul had harmonized to a certain point, and reached a new state of balance.

After evolved lifeforms enter the Hypersomnia Stage, they will sense the existence of the soul for the first time, and at the same time automatically go about balancing themselves. After the Hypersomnia Stage has gone on for a period of time, the lifeform will passively undergo Metamorphosis.

“And then?” Everyone saw that Yeye only gave a vague explanation and couldn’t help but ask.

“What ‘and then’? It’s just Metamorphosis.”

“Do you really expect me to tell you how to undergo Metamorphosis? I already said that the researchers haven’t finished researching this yet either. Sigh…Let me think, Doctor Wang did say that it’s probably similar to the Foundation Building Stage in cultivation novels. We still don’t understand the process now. Anyway, if the process is successful, then the body and soul will reach a new balance and enter a whole new realm.” Yeye said.

Everyone didn’t know whether to laugh or cry hearing Yeye’s explanation.

“After Metamorphosis, the lifeform will enter the LV2 Metamorphose Stage. With the understanding of the Metamorphose Stage now, there’s only two important points. 1. The lifeform will generate an absolute lifefield inside its body, and become able to actively manipulate the special energy inside its body. 2. At this stage, the body, soul, and special energy are continuously changing.” Yeye said very seriously, but after attracting all their attention she had nothing more to say.

Everyone waited for a long while, and finally realized that that was the end, The data from the research probably only reached up till this point.

However, even if they only had this information, it was enough for them to digest for a long while. Moreover, Yeye only simply summarized the information they had. The true detailed information couldn’t be just this little.

“Yeye, prepare a set of detailed information to let them read and remember it.” Bai Yi said to Yeye.

“Hi~. No problem.” Yeye nodded.

“Last question, under normal conditions, what is the portion of evolved lifeforms that can enter LV2 Metamorphose Stage?” Bai Yi suddenly seemed to recall something and asked another question. Everyone involuntarily paid attention again after hearing this question.

“Tongariro National Park Research Facility had a total of 143211 experimental subjects over six years of research. A total of 36547 experimental subjects died fighting each other, and there is a total of 104232 experimental subjects remaining in the research facility now. The remaining 234 died from gene fusion mutation…” Yeye reported a long chain of numbers, making them dizzy and finally concluded.

“The probability of entering LV2 is only 2.31%. The death rate is 14.17%, 80.28% of them have incomplete Metamorphosis and became defective products, and the rest… died through various accidents.”

At this moment, there was only one number in their heads… 2.31%!

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