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Chapter 74: LV1-2 Brutal Stage

As Bentham died, Bai Yi lowered his head slightly and sighed.

An overwhelming sense of fatigue filled his body, making him go weak all over. If he could, he really wanted to find a place and fall asleep, even if it meant that he might not wake up again. However, now wasn’t the time to sleep. Bai Yi panted heavily and painfully, bearing with the discomfort coming from all over his body.

Looking at his companions fighting in front of him, Bai Yi took a deep breath.

Bai Yi’s simple words before stirred up everyone’s fighting spirit, and they were all fighting frenziedly with those monsters. Woolf, especially, was the most agitated out of all of them, and even Momo and Sharpei seemed quite maniacal as well. Although Bai Yi’s goal was to fill them with the will to fight again, he did not want them to duke it out with those monsters just based on zeal and hot-bloodedness.

“Use one of the prison cells as our base and gang on up any monsters nearby. We will take turns to undergo treatment and recover our strength.”

If only Hong Qi Hua were here, she would’ve definitely brought them to do this long ago. However, Bai Yi was stunned after he shouted his instructions at them. Only Mavis, Heloise, and Pupu slowly stopped, but the rest of them didn’t seem to hear his instructions and continued clashing with the monsters. Not only this, but from Woolf’s actions it seemed like his only goal was to kill as many monsters as possible, without any regard for his own safety or life.


Suddenly, Woolf rushed into the middle of three monsters, a swing from his blade instantly chopped off one the monster’s head. When the other monster behind tried to bite him, he actually opened his own mouth wide and ‘kacha!’, Woolf and that monster both clamped their jaws down on each other, both of them refusing to let go. The two of them shook their jaws vigorously, flesh and blood spraying everywhere. Heloise beside him wanted to pull Woolf back, but was swept away by Woolf’s tail. In that direction, Momo saw Heloise flying over to her and she actually raised a short sword, preparing to hack it into Heloise.

If not for Heloise dodging fast enough, she probably would have died from Momo’s blade. At this time, Heloise and Mavis also felt that something wasn’t right.

LV1-2 Brutal Stage!

A thought immediately surfaced in Bai Yi’s head.

Bai Yi did not know how it happened, but the mindless state that they were in now obviously suggested the symptoms of the LV1-2 Brutal Stage. Damn it, we can’t go on like this! We definitely can’t go on like this, we can’t battle mindlessly or else we would all die from each other’s hands in the end!

Bai Yi gritted his teeth, summoning all the remaining energy in his body and moved forward.

“Yeye, are you there? You can definitely see everything that is going on here, so open the door!” Bai Yi ran and shouted to the air.

“I’m sorry, I can’t open the door, that is my duty!” Yeye said calmly. Although the independent consciousness that she just formed was extremely astounded by Bai Yi’s group just now, she still had to stand by the duties that were set for her. After all, she still wasn’t a totally independent entity.

After hearing what Yeye said, Bai Yi raised his head and gritted his teeth tightly again.


Bai Yi sucked in a deep breath. Putting the matter of how to go out aside for now, as long as we’re alive, we’ll find a way. The important thing now is, how do I stop their mindless and savage states now?

Bai Yi rushed over, and Momo attacked even Bai Yi. Bai Yi smashed Momo’s short sword away and hugged Momo tightly, but Momo actually used her teeth to bite Bai Yi’s shoulder viciously. That savage and crazy look was worlds apart from the usual adorable and sweet Momo. Bai Yi bore with the pain and carried her to a prison cell by the side, throwing her all the way inside.

“Mavis, help me guard Momo, be careful of getting attacked by her.” Bai Yi said to Mavis.

“En…!” Mavis nodded with her bloodshot eyes. Apparently Mavis was also now quite agitated, just that she could still control herself.

Seeing Mavis nod her head, Heloise also rushed towards Woolf and Bai Yi dashed towards Warner. After Warner killed one his opponents and roared towards the sky, Bai Yi rammed into him and sent his fat and round body flying into another prison cell at the side. Pupu at this time also very intelligently rammed the door shut, and used his fat body to block the door.

Bai Yi was taken aback for a moment, this lazy and fat pig was actually smarter than he thought.

Bai Yi immediately rushed towards Woolf next, and at this moment Heloise was being unimaginably anxious nearby. Woolf’s expression now was both savage and excited, tearing monsters apart with his greatsword and being seemingly invincible. That heavy greatsword in addition with Woolf’s immense strength could split anything in half with just a touch.

On the other side, Sharpei too didn’t possess any trace of its usual intelligence, and clashed with another monster, biting at each other. The level of savagery and brutality made people turn their eyes away.

Heloise and a few others had initially thought that this was just Bai Yi’s words evoking everyone’s fighting spirit, but thinking about it again it was just them going crazy.

Although Woolf and Sharpei looked very brave and fierce now, Bai Yi wasn’t optimistic at all. The blood from their bodies had never stopped flowing, and even now they were just probably burning through all their last bits of energy to explode with strength. However, with the state that Sharpei and Woolf was in now it really was not easy to approach them. If they were just a little careless they could end up losing their own lives.

“Yeye, what state are Woolf and the rest in now? You know this, right?”

“…!” Yeye apparently hesitated with Bai Yi’s question, seemingly thinking about whether she should tell him or not. After processing everything meticulously, Yeye suddenly realised that there was actually no restriction to keep things secret. Sure enough, when Sunlight was taken away, various loopholes appeared in Yeye’s duties as an artificial intelligence.

“The LV1-2 Brutal Stage doesn’t actually have a clear boundary with the Binging Stage.”

“Due to gene fusion and binge eating, the lifeform will undergo huge changes in their physical shape, but their soul is only suitable for their original form. The body that they have is a stable form of life born from countless years of natural selection. This incongruence between the physical body and the soul will make these evolved lifeforms abnormally frustrated and brutal, causing them to often kill and destroy for no reason at all. This is the reason behind their brutality. However, based on the period of time that you guys had assimilated with the activated cells for, it definitely shouldn’t be at that stage yet. This should be due to the stimulation of multiple continuous battles which caused you guys to enter this brutal state early.” Yeye immediately explained.

Woolf, Warner, Sharpei and Momo… seemingly they were the ones that had the most brutal battles and suffered the greatest shock just now. That was why they descended into that state.

“Soul?” However, Bai Yi was stunned at another piece of information in Yeye’s words.

“You think that humans don’t have have souls?”

“No, but haven’t we always been unable to prove this?”

“Doctor Wang always said this: Don’t deny the existence of something just because you don’t know about it. Perhaps it is just that you haven’t reached the requirements to know of it yet. One of the sins of human beings is how they use their own shallow wisdom to look at the enormous and limitless world… Treating everything that they don’t understand or not know as a definite non-existence…” Yeye wanted to continue her lecture but Bai Yi interrupted her.

“Ok ok, I admit that you are right, but how do we recover them from this state?”

“Enter LV2 Metamorphose Stage.”

“Are you joking with me!” Bai Yi couldn’t help but rage, how were they able to enter LV2 Metamorphosis Stage at this time?!

“I’m not joking, the reason for the brutality is due to the incongruence between the body and soul. If you successfully go through metamorphosis and enter the LV2 Metamorphose Stage, a new balance will be reached and awaken your absolute lifefield at the same time, entering a whole new level.” Yeye described in detail. Just like she said, she didn’t patronize Bai Yi but seriously answered his question, and she even provided a solution that would solve the problem at its roots.

“Then why am I ok?”

“The transformation in your body is very complex. I haven’t done any detailed tests on you so I’m not really sure. However, there are still some similar precedents from before and my guesses. Are you sure you want to hear me explain?” Yeye said calmly. Bai Yi was just asking in frustration, he didn’t think that his body was really different from everybody’s else. This really surprised Bai Yi but it wasn’t the time to ask about this in detail now.

“Then how do I stop them now!” Bai Yi did not know how to respond to Yeye.

“1. Make them lose consciousness, but this is an inferior method. With their brutal state now, a normal amount of force can never make them lose consciousness, but if you use too much power then you might kill your teammate accidentally. 2. Hypnotize them to become quiet or fall asleep.”

“How do I hypnotise them?”

“Your eyes!”

“My… eyes?”

“Hypnosis: Using actions, colors or many other external conditions to give suggestions to a hypnotised subject, weakening their ability to judge and self-awareness, or distorting and causing them to lose their senses. Don’t you think that the confusion mimicry of your eyes is very similar to this?” Yeye explained.

“I got it. I’ll try but I hope that after everything ends, you can explain to me in detail about everything that’s going on.” Bai Yi said. At this time, Woolf and Sharpei’s situations were getting worse and worse. Bai Yi didn’t dare to waste any time, even if he had zero prior experience he had to try that ‘hypnosis’ thing.

“The detailed information is all with my sister, so I only know some surface information and not the core data.” Yeye said lazily.

“That’s fine too, we’ll talk about it later.” Bai Yi said, lowering his head and covering his eyes with his hands.

Hypnosis…how the hell do I do this?

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