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Chapter 75: Have You Despaired!

Bai Yi’s eyes magnified the effects of a butterfly’s ‘warning coloration’ and ‘protection coloration’ to the utmost.

If a normal person saw a brightly patterned snake, 99% of their hearts would skip a beat and jump in fright. This was the information transmitted to us through the snake’s form and coloration… Warning! However, the warning signal transmitted through eye contact with Bai Yi was even more intense, transforming into an ‘intimidating’ effect.

If an example really had to be given, it was similar to what people called ‘frightened dumb’.

Other than that, Bai Yi’s eyes still had the ‘confusion’ effect from the protection coloration, just like how a person would sometimes overlook some things in certain situations.

However, no matter if it was mimicry, warning, or protective coloration, they were all passive effects. Other lifeforms had to look at them first to create an effect. In normal situations it wouldn’t be able to display its greatest potential.

Bai Yi’s eyes weren’t actually too special. He just combined the mimicry, warning coloration, and protective coloration together through the power of the activated cells and manifested it in his eyes. However, just this slight transformation triggered a crucial qualitative change, causing him to be able to transmit such information to other lifeforms actively, creating the greatest ‘intimidation and confusion’ effect!

This was Bai Yi’s eyes now… They weren’t some mystical god or demon eyes, but just an evolution of the biological form.

Hypnosis: Using sound, actions, colors, etc. to transmit unique stimulus through the five senses to the brain, using this to befuddle the hypnotised person’s self-awareness and judgement, and at the same time causing their senses and awareness to distort or disappear.

Bai Yi thought about the simple information he knew about hypnosis. From the looks of it, it really seemed like the two had great similarities like what Yeye said. However, Bai Yi still did not know what he should do exactly. To speak of it, Bai Yi only obtained the ability the to intimidate and befuddle his opponents a few minutes ago, how could he know what he should do?

However, some things must be done, and Bai Yi would never want his friends to die in this place because of his mistakes.

Bai Yi and Yeye’s conversation was broadcasted through the speakers in the circular walkway, so all of them heard everything clearly.

Heloise was forced to retreat from Woolf’s attack again, and looked at Bai Yi expectantly. Mavis hugged Momo tightly, stopping her frenzied struggling, and forcefully kept her head still in one direction. They watched Bai Yi’s back together, the back that carried the hopes of everyone here. The young man that appeared in a hurry carrying a baby girl at hospital back then had already grown up to this stage.

Bai Yi slowly walked towards Woolf with his eyes closed.

Bai Yi’s body was now stained with blood, and his breathing was painfully heavy, but he still gave off a firm and strong feeling. Not just the people in the circular walkway, but Yeye and the Progenitor watched every moment here.

Bai Yi raised his head and sucked in a deep breath.


A sudden shout, and the hoarse voice echoed in the ears of everyone in the circular walkway. Even those monsters who were in the middle of devouring food involuntarily turned their heads and looked towards Bai Yi. Woolf’s crazy actions also paused after his name getting shouted and he looked over in that direction as well.

Bai Yi’s eyes opened!

Bai Yi opened his eyes at the moment Woolf turned his head. It was really difficult to describe the change in Bai Yi’s eyes in that instant. His eyes were just like multi-colored black holes, seemingly sucking everyone’s minds inside of them. All the soft fur on his body swayed by itself, the color on it seemingly slowly gathering into his eyes.

Calm down!

Bai Yi stretched out his right hand and held it up in mid-air, just like he was gently pacifying Woolf. The two of them clearly had a distance of at least 7-8 meters between them, but the madness in Woolf’s eyes really started to calm down, and the malevolent expression on his face receded as well. Moreover, his expression became more and more relaxed, and with a few ‘pits’ and ‘pats’ Woolf and the few monsters around him fell onto the floor, falling into a deep sleep.

Momo looked in the direction of Bai Yi as well, looking at the back view of her daddy, similarly becoming more at ease, and stopped struggling.

Bai Yi panted heavily with deep breaths, his chest feeling unimaginably heavy. It felt just like a bellows with a hole in it, no matter how hard he tried to breath there didn’t seem to be enough air. However, even so Bai Yi slowly turned around and headed towards Sharpei. At this time, Sharpei’s attention was also attracted by the shout previously and happened to look at Bai Yi.

“Shar… Pei!” Bai Yi’s voice this time was incredibly weak, as if every syllable he spoke took all the strength in his body.

Bai Yi opened his eyes again, and stared at Sharpei silently. He stretched out his right hand and waited quietly. After a while, Sharpei with a malevolent expression on his face and body full of blood walked towards Bai Yi. ‘Da, da, da’, the steady footstep sound seemingly in sync with everyone’s heartbeats, causing all of their hearts to tense.

Suddenly, Sharpei opened its huge jaw and everyone’s hearts raised to their throats.

However, Sharpei just stretched out its tongue and licked Bai Yi’s hands, and slowly laid down in front of him.

Everyone released a breath they had been subconsciously holding in… However at this moment, Bai Yi suddenly felt the world go black around him, his heart pumped once violently and suddenly stopped. Bai Yi stood still like that quietly, as blood slowly flowed out profusely from his shut eyes, sliding along the contours of his face.

Seeing Woolf and Sharpei calm down, Heloise and Mavis finally relaxed and ran over, intending to find a prison cell to guard as their base like Bai Yi instructed. One must know, these prison cells were used to lock up these monsters, once they closed the door, those monsters would definitely not be able to come in.

After bringing Woolf and Sharpei into the prison cell, Mavis suddenly realised in shock that Bai Yi hadn’t moved at all from his initial position.

Mavis instantly thought of something and sprinted to Bai Yi’s side, discovering Bai Yi with his eyes closed and blood flowing down from his eyes. Mavis checked for his breathing…none! She then placed her fingers on his neck, there was still a pulse but after two beats, she could tell that it was rapidly weakening.

“Heloise, come and help me!” Mavis instantly shouted.

Heloise heard Mavis’ voice and looking at her panicked expression, she knew that something was wrong. She immediately threw Woolf aside and ran towards her. The two of them laid Bai Yi onto the floor and carried him into the prison cell, immediately closing the door to the cell right after.

Mavis opened the first aid kit, took out an adrenaline shot and quickly administered it to Bai Yi. She then immediately began her CPR on him. Although Heloise couldn’t be of much help, she still learned some basic treatment from Mavis and Sara during this period of time, and she similarly started to do emergency treatment on Woolf and Sharpei.

Pupu, Warner and Momo locked the door, and stood guard very seriously at the door. In the whole team now, the only people who still had the ability to move was the three weakest members of the team.

On the outside, too many monsters died, and a thick stench of blood filled the air, driving the remaining monsters even crazier. More than half of the monsters had died and were consumed by the other monsters, but this kind of savage battle still had no signs of stopping, almost as if it would never stop until only one remained.

Everyone stared at Mavis trying to resuscitate Bai Yi, silently hoping, praying…

After half an hour of emergency treatment, Bai Yi’s signs of life slowly became weaker and weaker. Mavis laid on the floor in the end, almost giving up hope. At this moment, everyone stopped everything that they were doing, and Momo bit on her lips, an expression of wanting to cry but stubbornly refusing to, quietly standing beside Bai Yi… Daddy!

Don’t tell me that Bai Yi won’t make it as well…

At this time, outside the giant door, Yu Han’s golden python winded itself around Hong Qi Hua’s left arm and body. Yu Han left’s arm grabbed onto her right hand, gradually pushing it backwards. On Hong Qi Hua’s hand was a sharp willow leaf knife, the same willow leaf knife that she had gotten from Bai Yi at the start.

“I’m sorry.” Yu Han said coldly, and his left hand slowly increased its force. Yu Han pressed her hand which was holding the willow leaf knife slowly towards her heart, slowly but forcefully stabbing it in bit by bit. At this moment, Ning Xue and Khina was actually not beside them.

Hong Qi Hua’s body twitched slightly, and blood gushed out continuously from the wound. A trace of regret and disappointment flashed across her eyes. I’m sorry, Uncle Bai. Bai Yi and Momo’s faces flashed across her mind at the end, and she slowly closed her eyes.

At this moment, the right eye of the Progenitor who was silently watching everyone flashed, and blood flowed down from it.

Yu Han bound Hong Qi Hua with his snake and still held onto her hand, not discovering anything abnormal. After a long while, Yu Han finally ascertained that Hong Qi Hua had died, truly died without signs of life left.

After a long while, Yu Han finally stood up again, silently staring at Hong Qi Hua’s corpse.

Actually, Yu Han did like Hong Qi Hua. She was neither servile nor overbearing, proud and independent, not relying on anything, not accommodating to anybody, just like a proud plum blossom in winter, attracting Yu Han deeply. Part of it was definitely because she was a beautiful girl, but it was also a part of the attraction. However, he still killed her in the end, because he clearly knew that he would never be able to have her.

Yu Han slowly turned around, walking along the passageway out… At this moment, Yu Han truly changed, from the young man some capability and schemes back in the school to a truly ruthless and ambitious character… Forbearing, resolute, and heartless!

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