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Chapter 72: Cry of Awakening

Bentham got pulled inside, and landed heavily on the floor as his mind was still in shock over the scene of Yu Han’s betrayal. The surrounding monsters devoured the flesh on the floor, and none of them actually immediately attacked Bentham when they saw his large figure.

Woolf saw Yu Han ruthlessly tearing his own arm off to escape the hook gun, and couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Looking at the door close completely, Woolf started to relax inside and looked at the monster still biting on his left shoulder. With this kind of frenzied biting, more than half the flesh on Woolf’s shoulder got ripped off, almost becoming a delicious meal in the mouth of the monster.

“It’s very tasty…right?”

Woolf said sinisterly, and turned his head, the giant alligator mouth clamping down viciously.

The alligator was one of the top predators in the food chain of the natural world, and what it relied on to prey on its prey was that powerful jaw strength. With this bite, Woolf viciously clamped down on the monster’s neck. Sharp teeth more than 10 centimeters long stabbed itself into the neck of the monster, and Woolf and the monster struggled with each other on the floor, bright-red blood flowing out from where Woolf’s teeth were.

Painful cries continuously escaped from the monster’s mouth, but Woolf would never release his jaw no matter what.

At this time, Mavis, who was initially lying on the floor, slowly got up, and saw Woolf wrestling with that monster. She immediately rushed forward, taking out two scalpels, and forcefully stabbed them into the monster. The monster felt two razor-sharp scalpels pierce into its skull, and immediately flailed about as it felt itself near death, losing all signs of life soon after.

“You damned kid, release your mouth, bastard, fucker!” Moses crazily hammered down on Warner’s head, but at this moment Warner laid on the floor, stubbornly biting onto his calf. No matter how Moses beat him, he just wouldn’t release his mouth. Surrounding the two of them, countless bullets and blood splattered all around them, and Warner’s knife had long flown away to some unknown place.

I will not let you go, absolutely not let you go!

Looking at the thick metal door close completely, Warner finally released his mouth full of blood, and two of his teeth even fell onto the floor. However, Warner felt a great pleasure in his heart… Hahaha, you damned bad guy, you can’t escape now as well. As for Moses, he stared at the shut door in despair, his eyes became incomparably dim as he laid on the floor dumbly with a blank look on his face.

At this moment, the pet pig Pupu, who was struck down, slowly staggered up swaying, and abruptly started to dash towards this direction… Charge!

Moses had completely lost all awareness of his surroundings now, and Pupu’s giant body rammed into his head violently. The powerful impact instantly bent Moses’ neck at an abnormal angle, and his body flew out forcefully. His body impacted an experimenting platform, and slid down limply, blood slowly flowing out from his mouth.

Moses’ mouth relaxed, revealing a smile at the end.

Dead… Everyone is going to die here, and become food for the monsters.


The lower half of Sara’s body was in the jaws of the monster, as she used all her strength to block the door to the prison cell. Right in front of Sara was Momo, who fell backwards onto her butt. Blood flowed profusely from Sara’s body as the monster tore at her, and it slowly dripped onto Momo’s face. Momo stared dumbly at Sara, the person who had always visited her for as long as she could remember, the person who was as close as a real sister.


Beside the monster, Sharpei viciously clamped his jaws down on the guy’s stomach, and every time Sharpei moved copious amounts of blood would spray out from his wound. Sharpei tore at the monster frenziedly, crazily. It pulled out a stretch of intestines from the monster, and even dug its head all the way inside the monster’s tummy.

However, the monster behaved like it was retarded, as if it couldn’t feel any pain at all. It was clearly going to die soon, but it still steadily did its own thing at its own pace. Its giant mouth closed gradually and abruptly snapped shut, a ‘kacha!’ came from Sara’s waist and her body broke into two.

A mouthful of blood poured out from Sara’s mouth and landed into Momo’s staring eyes. Momo’s body trembled, and slowly drew from behind her the short sword that her daddy had picked for her.


The young Momo screamed sharply, and hacked away at the monster in front of her in madness. She recklessly hacked at the monster, every feeler, every piece of flesh, eyes, mouth…and at the end Momo jumped high into the air, her small body making use of gravity to punch the short sword into the monster’s eye. Even so, the monster still seemed to not feel anything as it slowly chewed and swallowed Sara’s corpse down, until… it completely stopped moving.

Momo hacked at it just like that non-stop, continuously hacking, until ‘ding!’, the short sword suddenly broke and half the blade flew into air. Only then did she finally stop and sit on the head of the monster blankly.

“WUAHHH…… WUUUUUU!!” Momo started wailing miserably, her tender voice containing unimaginable pain.

From this moment, the young Momo seemed to come to understand many more things!

Bai Yi’s blurry consciousness jolted and immediately came into focus after hearing Momo’s cry. He then suddenly opened his eyes and saw the floor that had been dyed red.

Just now…?

Bai Yi climbed up gradually, and at the same time his head started to clear. The scenes just now flashed across Bai Yi’s brain rapidly, and he couldn’t help but to stare at the direction of the door. The door was already completely closed, and in front of the door he could see that Bentham had seemingly received some mental shock, looking very listless.

Bai Yi looked again at another direction… Heloise stood silently beside Noel’s corpse, not knowing what she was thinking about. Woolf sat beside a corpse of a monster, a giant shredded wound on his shoulder. Beside him, was also a swaying and staggering Mavis, frantically trying to stop his bleeding. Little Warner sat on the floor, his face swelling to the point of being a real pig head, and one of his eyes wasn’t even able to open anymore. Pupu laid down beside Warner, becoming a backrest for him. In Momo’s original direction, was the corpse of another monster and the upper half of Sara’s body lying on the floor, while Momo wailed on top of the monster’s head. As for Sharpei, it stood silently at the side, a giant wound so deep on his left side that its organs could almost be seen.

At this moment, everyone else also looked at Bai Yi silently, waiting, expecting, or rather… hoping for something!

In this corner of the circular walkway, there were still more than 10 monsters, and in the distance more monsters were gathering, seemingly treating this like a dinner banquet. These monsters cautiously waited, plotting to devour them once their prey lost all their will and fighting power.

Bai Yi raised his head, his eyes gazing at the simulated sky on top of him.

The simulated sky seemed clear and pure, and there was even a northern goshawk flying high up in the sky, but did they really have the chance to see a real sky again?

Bai Yi closed both his eyes, and a bright red fluid flowed down from the corner of his eyes, sliding along the contours of his cheeks.


“KILL THEM ALL!” Bai Yi forced open his eyes, and roared with extraordinary malevolence. He smashed his broadsword violently onto the floor, and a huge ‘DANG!’ sounded, as if pounding on everyone’s hearts.

Woolf, Heloise, Mavis, Warner, Momo, Sharpei and Pupu instantly felt their hearts jolt after hearing that sorrowful and malevolent roar of Bai Yi. A wave of strength bubbled up from within the depths of despair. Everyone picked up their weapons again, and turned to face the monsters in the circular walkway.

Walking towards those monsters, Heloise actually started to laugh, that light laughter came so suddenly, but very quickly it infected everyone else. These people who were just in unimaginable despair started to laugh involuntarily, laughing incomparably carefreely.

We won’t admit defeat so easily!

On our shoulders, we are still bearing the weight of the hopes of others!

Yeye saw everything through the surveillance cameras, but to be honest her simple consciousness couldn’t understand what they were thinking… At this time, how could they laugh? As for the other audience, the Progenitor was utterly astounded, and her heart shook to the point of being speechless.

The Progenitor knew that everything was due to the wrath in her heart, a random crazy decision had caused everything to start. Initially, the Progenitor thought that all humans should die, but now that she saw Bai Yi’s group still struggling in that level of despair, still persevering in front of that despair, she couldn’t help but feel great shock in her heart.

Humans, can actually be so strong!

Even though those researchers referred to me as the Progenitor, I am just a normal woman, I’m completely unable to be as strong as you guys. I’m the one that caused this disaster, but I really have no confidence that I can end what I started. But you guys… should be able to do it!

As for Bai Yi, he faced Bentham who was pulled back by the hook gun.

Seemingly, the rest of them believed that Bai Yi could defeat Bentham. Bai Yi was clearly only a LV1-1, and the genes he fused with was only that of a butterfly, but still, all of them believed that Bai Yi could do it.

Bentham also shook from Bai Yi’s sorrowful and malevolent roar just now. At this time, when he saw Bai Yi walking over towards him a trace of fear rose involuntarily in his heart, and he took a step backwards. After taking a step back, Bentham abruptly came back to his senses and realized that the person in front of him was just somebody who assimilated activated cells not long ago, and the genes he fused with was just the weak butterfly. What was there to be afraid of?

However, was he really not afraid?

Bai Yi gripped the broadsword that was only a meter long now in his hands, slowly strolling towards Bentham. The blood-stained floor and all the monster corpses littered around them set the background for their battle.


TN: Shit, not just Martin but Sara too? I hope that’s the last...

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