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Chapter 64: Crazy Hatred

‘Aren’t you going to introduce us?” Bentham saw Yu Han and Bai Yi talking for a while and interrupted.

“This is the guy I’ve mentioned to you before, Bai Yi, the team leader, and this is…” Yu Han slowly stepped back and introduced them, but he did not add anything extra in the introductions. In truth, through this period of time he realized that Bentham wasn’t stupid. A real idiot probably wouldn’t have been able to rise above the other experimental monsters and survive to return to the outside world.

“And this man is the researcher from Northern Hamilton Research Facility… Mr Martin Anderson!” Yu Han pointed at Martin and introduced grandly.

Bai Yi had already put up his guard when Yu Han introduced them in such a way, why did he put the center of attention on Martin? As expected, the four-limbed gorilla whose expression was initially quite normal suddenly froze and revealed a cruel smile after knowing who Martin was.

“Oh~ So he’s a researcher from Northern Hamilton Research Facility, I wonder if you know me?” This four-limbed gorilla slowly walked down.

“You are?”

“I am Bentham.”

Martin looked at the four-limbed gorilla in puzzlement, trying to recall who was he. At this time, Bentham had already walked down from the observation deck and was only 20 meters from Bai Yi’s group. Bai Yi tilted his body slightly and put his hand on the hilt of his broadsword. Bentham looked at Bai Yi’s actions and revealed a mocking smile.

“If you don’t recall that name, then what about No. 0124-2!” Bentham glared at Martin viciously.

Martin was still thinking about who was he, but when he heard that number he immediately stepped back in shock.

“No. 0124-2, you are the experimental subject that entered LV2 in Northern Hamilton Research Facility!” Martin said in shock.

“En, that’s right. Back then in the research facility, I was really tortured miserably by you inhumane researchers. I never thought that you would have this day too, but…” Bentham said slowly in a seemingly calm voice.

“This is not enough!”

“This is far from enough!”

Suddenly, Bentham roared viciously, and his expression turned sinister in an instant. Powerful sound waves crashed into them and disorientated them. At the same time, Bentham shot out like a bullet towards Martin.

Bai Yi felt that something was not right from the start, and after knowing Bentham was an experimental monster from the research facility he had raised his guard to 120%. Bai Yi didn’t know what the experimental subjects had gone through in the research facility, but he guessed that it probably wasn’t anything pleasant. However, no matter what Martin was his teammate now.

Bai Yi immediately moved, and his broadsword swung towards Bentham mercilessly.

‘Ding!’, Bentham’s giant right claw caught the blade, his five fingers pinched onto the body of the blade tightly. There was just a small distance to his palm, but the blade was completely immobile. At this moment, Bentham showed a cruel smile to Bai Yi and clenched his other fist.

Bai Yi hurriedly crossed his left arm in front of his chest, but it was easily pushed back and landed heavily on his chest.

In an instant, Bai Yi could hear his ribs fracturing in his chest. His heart instantly stopped beating from the immense impact. After that his body flew out like a ragdoll and slammed heavily into a wall behind him, finally slowly sliding down from the wall.

Everything happened in an instant. Bentham’s rush, Bai Yi trying to block him and flying out, and after that Bentham was grabbing onto Martin by his neck.

This was… LV2 Metamorphose Stage!

Everyone looked at Bentham in shock. Only Hong Qi Hua rushed out following behind Bai Yi. Her two short knives sliced across Bentham’s back from the left and right. Due to the height difference, Hong Qi Hua could only manage to reach this spot. ‘Puchi!’, just like toy swords cutting cow skin, Hong Qi Hua’s short knives felt unimaginable resistance the moment it touched Bentham’s body. At this time, Bentham’s two other hands came grabbing fiercely, Hong Qi Hua instantly forced a direction change and shot out backwards.

Only now did the others react and aim their guns towards Bentham.

“What are you planning to do?” Hong Qi Hua rolled on the floor, and asked Bentham half kneeling.

“What do I plan to do? That’s a good question. What am I planning to do? The moment I heard that this guy was a researcher from the research facility I just burst out in anger, but what should I do exactly?” Bentham clutched onto Martin’s neck, his hand slowly using more and more force. Martin struggled vigorously but it was to no avail.

“I suddenly thought of a good idea!” Bentham suddenly said in delight, but Bai Yi’s group felt their hearts dip.

“Didn’t you guys make various experimental subjects fight each other in the center to gauge their changes and battle strength? Why not you try it as well?” Bentham pulled in close to Martin and said. Martin started struggling even more when he heard Bentham’s words, he seemed to be very afraid of the thing that Bentham talked about.

Bai Yi was undergoing emergency resuscitation by Mavis, and she finally managed to get his heart beating again. Bai Yi slowly got up, the immense impact just now had even caused his heart to stop. He’d almost died just like that. This let Bai Yi deeply understand that his strength compared to a LV2 was like heaven and earth.

Seeing that Bai Yi was revived, Yu Han couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed inside. However, in the next instant he regained his calmness. With Bai Yi’s personality, he would never abandon his teammates. If that was the case, then a clash with Bentham was unavoidable. I’m afraid that you guys don’t even know the true power of a LV2. It’d be best if you guys just died like this… No, the best would be if it ended in mutual destruction.

“Put Martin down!” Bai Yi walked back slowly, his broadsword facing downwards.

“It’s just a teammate, are you really going to become enemies with me over an inhumane researcher? You must realise that there’s no conflict between you and me.” Bentham looked down at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi gestured lightly and everyone in the team focused their attention and prepared for battle. Opposite him, Bentham smiled sinisterly and raised his three other arms, while behind him Yu Han and a few others grabbed their own weapons.

Ning Xue was still hesitating, while Khina did not make any movements.

Are we really going to battle?

Bai Yi closed his eyes for a moment, nobody knew what he was thinking about.

“I don’t want to judge Martin’s past in the research facility. You can talk about how immoral and inhumane he was, because all of us can probably guess what had happened in there. However…That was the Martin before, the Martin now is my teammate.” Bai Yi opened his eyes suddenly. Inside those eyes eyes contained not even a trace of hesitation or doubt.

“Ha!” Yu Han sneered at him. Teammates and friendship, is it?

In practically an instant, Bai Yi and Yu Han both pressed the trigger, the target wasn’t Bentham in the middle, but each other. Their actions were like a signal for the others, causing everyone to descend into a chaotic battle. Gunshots rang continuously, everyone dodged rapidly while trying to shoot their opponents.

“Hehehehe, they started fighting!” Yeye looked at the situation through the surveillance camera and giggled. At this time, Yeye sat on a small chair and snacked on some tidbits. It felt like seeing the battle between the two teams was just like watching a movie to her.

“I can’t judge the situation for now, so I’ll just watch the show… oh, I meant observe, observe!” Yeye muttered to herself, observing everything that was happening through the cameras spread throughout the entire facility.

Everybody had shockingly fast movements, jumping, rolling, and dodging in an environment where bullets flew everywhere. Other than the few who had large body sizes or were slower, the rest of them managed to find cover in a short period of time. Even for those that got shot, this kind of ‘minor’ injury wasn’t something they would be worried about.

Bai Yi never thought he would be able to kill Yu Han just like that, so in the moment when Yu Han was dodging he rushed towards Bentham at the center. Behind Bai Yi, Hong Qi Hua sheathed her knives and took out two high caliber revolvers, aiming them at Bentham’s eyes.

‘BANG BANG!’, Hong Qi Hua raised her guns slightly. The two bullets instantly flew across the tip of Bai Yi’s head and towards Bentham’s eyes. At this moment, Bai Yi lowered his body with his broadsword pointing down, his speed almost catching up with the bullets and flashing past Bentham’s body.

Bentham grinned and raised his hand to intercept the bullets, but suddenly Martin, who was in hands, opened his mouth wide.

‘Pu!’, Martin spewed out a milky-white fluid from his mouth, the fluid expanded rapidly in the air and covered half of Bentham’s body in a split second. At this time, Martin finally seemed to recover from his initial panic. Bai Yi was right, everyone could guess that the work he did in the research facility was… inhumane and immoral! However, since Bai Yi did not give up on him, he must not disappoint his teammate. He had to fight back as well!

Spider silk fluid!

Bentham felt his arm tighten and suddenly stopped, at this moment the two bullets and Bai Yi on the ground had already reached him.

Rotate, cut!

Bai Yi’s body started to rotate fiercely. Borrowing the force of the rotation, he brutally hacked into Bentham’s calf. At this moment, though Bentham tried his best to tilt his head, the two bullets still impacted his head. Hong Qi Hua’s eyes followed the bullets all along, and saw the rotating impact of the bullet. The air pressure from the bullets split apart Bentham’s fur on his face, and the bullets pushed itself into his skin, heading towards his brain.


All of a sudden, Bentham’s body shook and the two bullets that were halfway into his flesh instantly got repelled by a powerful force.

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