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Chapter 65: LV2 Metamorphose Stage

The bullet actually got bounced back!

Astonishment flashed through Hong Qi Hua’s eyes. One must know that the place she aimed for just now was the head! In the end, just like Bai Yi said, as the physical body gets stronger, these originally lethal weapons to living things on Earth would become more and more ineffective. However, this didn’t seem to be something that normal lifeforms could achieve, at least, Hong Qi Hua knew that there wasn’t anybody in her team that could repel a bullet.

However, even though the bullets got repelled by Bentham, Bai Yi’s strike couldn’t be underestimated. With the help of the rotational force, the sword sliced into Bentham’s calf, eliciting an ear-piercing cry from him. The sharp broadsword along with Bai Yi’s current strength could cause greater damage than a normal bullet.

“AOWWWWWW!” Bentham roared in pain, and two of his arms reached towards Bai Yi.

Bai Yi immediately flipped backwards, and the broadsword sliced across Bentham’s palm again. This time, Bai Yi’s broadsword vibrated continuously, not letting Bentham catch his sword easily again. Heloise hid in a corner with her sniper rifle the moment the battle started. She hadn’t fired recklessly since the start of the battle, but she squeezed the trigger without any hesitation now.

Bentham had his mouth wide open from the scream!

The high-speed bullet spun quickly and headed for Bentham’s mouth, but at this moment he suddenly glanced in Heloise’s direction. His mouth that was already wide open opened even wider.

Looking for death?

Heloise suddenly had this thought flash across her mind, but in the next moment an intense soundwave exploded from Bentham’s mouth. Everyone could see that the air shook to the point that invisible ripples appeared, and the sniper bullet started to slow down visibly, stop, and shot out backwards.

With a loud buzz, everyone could feel an explosion in their heads, making them feel dizzy and disorientated.

After a few seconds, the powerful soundwave attack stopped. There wasn’t anybody near Bentham anymore. Everyone had run and hid somewhere in that moment.

Bai Yi hid behind the platform and touched his nose, discovering a trail of blood coming from it. Just now the immense impact to his chest already injured his heart, and the genes that Bai Yi fused with was only a butterfly. His body constitution was actually a level worse than the others, so after suffering the shock wave, his nose started to bleed. This wasn’t a good sign. It only meant that Bai Yi’s internal organs were starting to crumble.

At this time, Martin and Heloise weren’t better off. Martin was caught in Bentham’s hands, so he was the closest to the soundwave and Heloise just happened to be in the direction of Bentham’s soundwave attack. Blood not only came out from their noses but also seeped out slowly from their eyes and ears.

This was definitely not something an ordinary soundwave could do!

LV2 – Metamorphose Stage! The production of an absolute lifefield and the ability to control the body’s special energy!

No wonder even somebody like Yu Han was willing to become a lackey. At a time like this, it was an overwhelming strength.

In addition to being stunned by the soundwave, Bentham’s battle power far exceeded everyone’s expectations, thoroughly shocking everyone. This caused all of them to immediately stop their initially chaotic battle.

Everyone in Bai Yi’s team hid in some corner, and Bai Yi breathed heavily in his hiding spot. How can we deal with a guy like this? At this moment, sparks suddenly burst out from the control panel which was damaged from the gunshots. It then exploded with a soft ‘bang!’, producing a cloud of black smoke. This kind of a small explosion didn’t cause harm to any of them, so nobody really minded it.

Only Yeye suddenly looked alarmed, and revealed a smile.

Hehehehe, this is interesting. That control panel controls all the prison cells in the first level of the circular walkways, its role was to make it more convenient for the researchers to release the monsters to conduct experiments. Now that it got destroyed, all the locks of the prison cells in the first floor lost its functionality.

The doors of the prison cells hadn’t been opened yet, but in reality, it had already lost its function.

Bentham saw the dying look of Martin in his hands, and revealed a mocking smile. He then grabbed Martin and returned to the observation deck.

Bentham said that he wanted to make Martin go to the platform to fight with the gene-fused monsters, but in reality, he didn’t know how to operate the controls. In the end, he was just an experimental subject. However, there didn’t seem to be a need for it now. After the experimental monsters fused with the activated cells, their intelligence was not bad at all. After the first one discovered that the prison door wasn’t locked anymore, many others followed and gradually walked out from their prison cells.

The two groups were still standing off against each other, but suddenly all of them had to be on guard against a third party. A bone-thin tiger with saliva dripping from its mouth walked out from the prison cell. In the distance, many other experimental monsters continuously walked out from the prison cells.

Yeye was probably the only who knew how many monsters were trapped in this research facility, but in this layer alone there were probably at least hundreds.

The most important thing was that the experimental monsters had been starving for more than a month!

“ROARRRR!!” One of the gene-fused monsters roared loudly, and immediately as if it were a signal, all the monsters rushed at each other. At this time, there was only a single thought in their heads… Tear apart all other living things and consume them! Hunger was one of the basic drives of all living things, and these monsters had starved for so long.

“Get out!” Bai Yi shouted to everyone.

However, the initially wide-open door suddenly closed shut again, and it felt even more sturdy. Yeye at this time grinned like a sly fox… Hehe I’m sorry, but while you guys were battling Yeye had already regained control of the entrance, and Yeye’s job is to prevent any experimental monsters from escaping.

At this moment, the two teams that were still standing off against each other suddenly looked at the closed doors, instantly becaming anxious. This is really… disastrous!

Bai Yi saw the doors closed on themselves, and immediately thought of Yeye. This must’ve been her doing! However, Bai Yi couldn’t afford to think about this now, as the sinister-looking tiger that was 2-3 times larger than a normal tiger had locked onto him as its prey.

When the monster pounced at him, Bai Yi dodged on instinct and simultaneously swung his broadsword viciously towards its neck.

‘Dang!’, the two thin tails of the giant tiger swept out in an instant and Bai Yi’s broadsword almost got knocked out of his hand. These gene-fused monsters, with the exception of a small minority, had all assimilated the activated cells longer than anybody else here!

Bai Yi borrowed the force knocking his sword away and dived in that direction, barely slipping past the giant tiger’s attack. When the giant tiger pounced over Bai Yi’s head, his eyes focused and viciously sliced across the giant tiger’s tummy with his sword. A ‘puchi!’ sound instantly came from the soft tummy, and the ferocious tiger’s tummy was almost split into half by Bai Yi’s sword.

Vast amounts of blood and organs immediately sprayed out from its abdomen, completely drenching Bai Yi in blood.

With the death of the first monster, the intense smell of blood quickly filled the entire sealed underground space, instantly agitating the other monsters and exciting their bloodlust. At this time, even Bentham who was the strongest here couldn’t keep his calm anymore. Only he himself knew that among all the experimental monsters, his strength wasn’t actually among the top few. If those few monsters really escaped, then it could only result in death for him as well.

“Noel, open the door!” Bentham shouted at Noel.

“Open the door… yes!” Noel immediately replied loudly, and the whole group of them sprinted towards the big entrance. Apparently, as long as the person wasn’t stupid, he would know that whether they could escape or not depended on Noel. Even Bai Yi’s group involuntarily stopped their attacks, fearing to injure Noel by accident.

“Return Martin to us, and we will help to block the monsters. Or else we will choose to kill Noel!” Bai Yi suddenly came out and said to Bentham’s group.

Bentham’s group looked at Bai Yi in fury. This guy, is he threatening us?

“Hmph!” Bentham gave a cold snort and tossed Martin over. Apparently, even though he was furious, he wasn’t somebody that was controlled by his emotions. Killing Martin would just vent his grudge, but if Bai Yi’s group were really willing to risk their lives to kill Noel then they all had to stay here.

Although he tossed Martin over, he used a huge amount of strength and the direction of his toss was towards three blood-thirsty monsters running over here now.

This bastard!

Bai Yi swore in his heart but still dashed out with Hong Qi Hua to intercept Martin.

“Team leader, are we going to stop them later?” Yu Han asked. This was a golden opportunity. If he made use of this well, he could trap Bai Yi’s group here once and for all. Out of everybody here, Bentham was the only who had the power to do such a thing.

“Noel, can you set the door to rapidly close after opening later?” Bentham wasn’t some kind soul either.

“I…can try!” Noel said hesitantly. Do we really need to do this? We were all strangers just a while ago, is there a need to be so ruthless?

“You must do it!” Bentham said to Noel viciously, and jumped at a monster rushing towards them.

Their discussion wasn’t a secret to Bai Yi’s group. In reality, as long they weren’t some naïve and innocent amateur they should have guessed this as well. Woolf gritted his teeth while Heloise and Mavis appeared incomparably calm. Later when the door opened, that was when the true battle would begin!

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