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Chapter 30: Not Just Ambitious

The Giant Crab Alligator became even more vicious after losing its sight. Its giant body spun around and struggled continuously, pincers tearing things apart and destroying everything in the monster’s vicinity. Suddenly, the Giant Crab Alligator’s powerful tail brutally swept towards the car that Bai Yi was sitting in before, instantly sending the car flying. Sharpei who was inside immediately gave a few alarmed barks as the car flew.

The Giant Crab Alligator who was blindly spinning suddenly stopped and its head gradually turned towards the direction of the car.

“Sharpei, no barking!” Bai Yi immediately commanded nervously. Sharpei was more intelligent and it could understand some of the simpler commands. Once Bai Yi commanded it, Sharpei really immediately stopped barking. However, Bai Yi’s voice apparently also attracted the Giant Crab Alligator’s attention, and it instantly turned its head over.

Woolf, seeing how the monster behaved immediately understood as well. He immediately lifted up a piece of rubble and smashed it against a window beside him.

With a ‘clang!’ the glass window shattered and fell onto the floor.

Saliva with a repulsive stench drooled out from the giant crab alligator’s mouth as it suddenly stopped and then pounced fiercely towards the sound. This time, the carapace wings on its back opened slightly and its body actually glided in the air for a short while, increasing its speed to shocking levels. Woolf had no time to react at all and was pounced upon in an instant, crashing into the wall and then through it, falling inside the building.

“Woolf!” Bai Yi shouted in shock and worry.

“Get out of the way!” At this moment Yu Han’s loud voice rang and from behind the whistle of a truck could be heard. Bai Yi turned his head and found that Yu Han was in the truck and accelerating it over towards them.

“NO!!!” Bai Yi shouted loudly but Yu Han ignored him and increased the speed even more. On the surface, Yu Han appeared to be resolute in ramming the giant crab alligator to death but Bai Yi suddenly felt that Yu Han had an ulterior motive…to kill Woolf!

When the truck was about to smash into the monster, Yu Han’s eyes squinted and jumped off from the driver’s seat. The heavy truck then brutally rammed onto the tail of the giant crab alligator and then smashed into the wall. Like a mini earthquake, the heavy truck pushed the monster through the entire building and out through the back and only stopped when it got stuck on something, the wheels of the truck still spinning furiously.

Bai Yi gritted his teeth and looked at Yu Han viciously.

Bai Yi knew what Yu Han was trying to do recently and initially he thought that Yu Han was just being ambitious. People in peaceful times were like that too. Once they had an opportunity, they would make full use of it to climb up. It couldn’t be considered as doing something wrong, and if he disliked it then he could always choose not to interact with him in the future. Overall, Bai Yi did not treat Yu Han like an enemy but he never expected that he would actually try to kill Woolf!

Ever since the change, Woolf could be considered the right-hand man of Bai Yi.

“Woolf already got pounced onto by the monster, do you think he will still be alive? Only by ramming into the monster like this can we cause the greatest damage to it.” Yu Han saw Bai Yi’s eyes and explain unhurriedly.

“Ah, you are right!” Bai Yi said icily.

The others could also tell that the atmosphere was wrong between Bai Yi and Yu Han. To think of it, they were still good friends just a few days ago. Even though they had split into two teams now, it didn’t mean that they became strangers. Seeing the two of them like this, Ning Xue, Dai Yu Yao, Khina and the rest didn’t know what to say.

However, without waiting for them to speak creaking sounds suddenly came from the truck and then with a ‘bang!’ it fell onto the floor. What came after that was a long earth-shattering roar filled with pain, fury and madness.

Everybody stared wide-eyed at the giant crab alligator flipping the truck over and slowly getting up, swaying about. The monster wanted to crawl but then its tail seemed to be stuck in the axle of the truck, unable to move a single step no matter how hard it tried.


The Giant Crab Alligator raised its head and slammed its upper body heavily onto the floor, with a loud ‘boom!’ a mini earthquake seemed to occur in its surrounding. The creature roared crazily and the intense sound waves crashed into everyone’s ears. Continuously receiving damage, getting blinded and then bound to a spot, it was overflowing with fury.

At this moment, Bai Yi and the rest were even more shocked. This guy was still alive!

Everybody understood now that apparently, this Giant Crab Alligator was of a different type than the Seven-tailed Snake Vulture. The inky black body armour had greater defence than they had imagined. Unless they managed to hit its vitals, killing this creature from other areas would be extremely difficult.

However, it wasn’t that there was no effect. Now the Giant Crab Alligator had lost its threat. As long as they didn’t approach it, they wouldn’t be in any danger.

Everyone’s eyes were on the head of the giant crab alligator. Woolf’s body was impaled by a spike on the head of the monster, swinging about when the monster moved its head and twitching from time to time. The giant crab alligator tried to swing its head and grab at Woolf with its pincers a few times but both its mouth and the pincers were unable to reach Woolf due to the angle.

“What do we do now? Escape while this guy is still unable to move?” Martin asked.

“KILL IT!” Bai Yi wiped away the blood by the side of his mouth and said exceptionally viciously.

Martin instantly jumped in fright, ever since meeting Bai Yi he knew Bai Yi to be very mild, his tone was never too heavy or light, even when he was criticised and blamed by the rest at Te Awamutu he didn’t use a heavy tone with them. This kind of vicious and decisive tone was the first that Martin had heard from Bai Yi.

“We don’t have enough cars so we can’t leave for now anyway. Kill this guy first and then think of a way.” Yu Han stepped out to ease the atmosphere.

Dai Yu Yao and a few others who got frightened by Bai Yi’s tone immediately scolded him inside and at the same time their trust in Yu Han increased even more. Although it was the same decision, the tones they used were different and the atmosphere they created were different as well. However, Bai Yi just looked at the rest of them with great indifference, not caring about them in the slightest.

The Giant Crab Alligator’s movements became incomparably frenzied after getting its tail stuck in the truck and being blinded. It was struggling and flailing about inside the collapsed building, the giant pincers acted like a mixer crushing and destroying everything around it while it let out painful cries from time to time. However, there was nobody who would take pity on this guy.

“Woof Woof!” All of a sudden, a dog’s barking could be heard.

Bai Yi turned his head and saw Sharpei running over, Hong Qi Hua and Heloise were following closely behind. It seemed like in the period of time just now, the two of them went to rescue Sharpei from the broken car.

“Sharpei!” Momo immediately shouted happily, running towards Sharpei and hugging it.

Sharpei didn’t dodge but after getting hugged by Momo, it very quickly got out of her embrace and slowly walked to Bai Yi’s side. It stood on the floor with four powerful legs and revealed its sharp teeth facing the giant crab alligator, releasing a growl.

Bai Yi was slightly surprised but understood that Sharpei wanted to protect them.

Dogs had always been known as man’s most loyal friends, and the value of a dog now was definitely not simply that of a pet but of a…comrade-in-arms!

The sides of Bai Yi’s mouth raised slightly and revealed a very slight smile. His heart that had turned icy from Yu Han’s actions warmed slightly.

“How do we kill this guy? Even getting rammed by the heavy truck wasn’t enough to kill it.” Martin asked.

“The eyes!” Hong Qi Hua walked over and said. “Uncle Bai used the handgun to blind it, proving that the defences of the eyes weren’t high, but the bullets were too small. To such a big monster, it wouldn’t be fatal. However, if we used some other weapon, then we could directly stab it into its brain from the eyes.”

Everybody immediately started looking at each other after hearing what she said, and the line of sight eventually stayed on Yu Han and Hong Qi Hua.

Yu Han’s katana was about 1.2metres. In the dimness of dawn, it released a faint, cold light. Although they didn’t know where Yu Han had managed to get such a weapon, it was obviously a premium product made from modern technology. The thing on Hong Qi Hua’s hand was much more inferior. It was a 1.5 meter long steel pile, those kind of steel piles that could be commonly found in construction sites used for building a base. This was something that Woolf found and kept, since it could be used as a weapon.

Everybody turned and looked at the still flailing Giant Crab Alligator. Although it was true that once the katana pierced through its brain it would die for sure, with the guy flailing about blindly and clamping down with its pincers from time to time destroying the building around it, who would dare to approach?

All of them were hesitant, and very few people would dare to do this kind of dangerous thing. This wasn’t just any normal risk,if they got caught by the pincers, then the only outcome would be death.

“I think we should forget about it. Anyway, it’s already blind so even if we don’t kill it, it won’t be a threat to us anymore.” Martin said. If it was before, then nobody would agree with Martin’s words, but now everyone hesitated.

However, at this moment Bai Yi was suddenly shocked. Woolf, who was hanging on the side of the head of the giant crab alligator, suddenly raised his head and stretched out his right hand towards Bai Yi, giving a sad smile.

Still alive!

Bai Yi was instantly surprised and glad, but it immediately became a struggle. With how Woolf was like now, even if he was still alive it wasn’t much different from being dead. No, this isn’t right, I can’t give up like this. Bai Yi closed his eyes and then suddenly opened them again, his multi-coloured irises contained a hard to describe splendour.

“Woolf, listen well. The place you are at right now just happens to be a dead angle to the Giant Crab Alligator. In a while I will throw a weapon to you. After you catch it, use it to stab into the monster’s eye. This is the only way we can save you!” Bai Yi shouted loudly.

When the giant crab alligator heard Bai Yi’s voice, it suddenly paused and then slowly turned his head. At this moment, Bai Yi had already grabbed the steel bar in Hong Qi Hua’s hand.

“I’ll do it Uncle Bai, your left arm is injured.” Hong Qi Hua said.

“Ok!” Bai Yi nodded. His left arm was slung over his chest all along and the intense battle just now had caused his wound to tear again. At this rate, he had no idea when the wound would recover.

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