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Chapter 29: Giant Alligator Crab

Everyone set out for Otorohanga with heavy hearts, especially Bai Yi. It was Bai Yi who’d told Sara to wait for him at Otorohanga. Who knew that monsters would appear there now? If something happened to Sara, then Bai Yi would never be able to forgive himself.

“Our number one goal is to cross the city. We must avoid contact with any monsters, and if possible not get into any battles. Do not clash head on if there are too many monsters, we still have the choice to come back and make the long detour.” Bai Yi said through the communicator.

This was something Yu Han’s group found from the house yesterday. It was slightly better than walkie talkies, but still wasn’t considered to be too high-tech. It didn’t rely on satellite signals for communications, and within a short range it was much more convenient than a phone. In the future when satellite signals stopped working, the value of the communicator will be amplified many times.

“Got it.” Yu Han said tonelessly.

Bai Yi and Woolf’s cars positioned themselves at the front of the convoy, since the others weren’t willing to take the risk.

Along the way, there was an uncountable number of car accidents on the road. Woolf drove the car carefully, avoiding the collided cars. The morning mist felt cool while the sky wasn’t completely bright yet, making the entire city appear incomparably quiet and dark. The fires from the chaos last night had already went out, and the ruined city seemed like a giant beast in hibernation, giving off a dangerous atmosphere.

Although they didn’t encounter any monsters, everyone was extremely tense. The various weak and loud screams that they heard occasionally made their hearts almost pop out of their chests.

“Bai Yi, where do we go?” Woolf asked.

“Turn left at the next junction, then go straight until you reach Wyeth Supermarket. The last time I was on the phone with Sara, she said she was staying at a friend’s house nearby.” At this time, Bai Yi took out his phone, and on it was the electronic map of New Zealand that Bai Yi had downloaded. By now the phones had already become unable to make calls, but the various functions of the phone were still usable. However, it probably wouldn’t be able to last long either, since the battery was almost drained.

The people following saw Bai Yi’s car change direction and Yu Han creased his eyebrows.

Bai Yi this fellow must be intending to find Sara. Although Yu Han wasn’t happy with it in his heart, he didn’t raise any objections at this point as it was fine as long as they could cross Otorohanga. Yu Han looked outside cautiously, holding the katana in his hand. The car door on Yu Han’s side was always open. He was afraid that he wouldn’t even have the chance to run away if they really met some monster.

“Wyeth Supermarket is right in front of us.” Woolf said.

“En.” Bai Yi nodded, anticipating and hoping to find Sara.

When Bai Yi’s car just drove past a small cross junction, he and Woolf instantly turned their heads and looked to the right, their hearts going all the way to their throats. In the alleyway on the right side of the road was an alligator-like monster lying on the floor. It was chewing on half a human corpse in its jaws. Seeing the car drive past, its head immediately turned to follow the car.


Almost immediately, Woolf turned the steering wheel and floored the accelerator. Sure enough, in the next moment the monster had fiercely pounced over and snapped its jaws. The sound of its giant teeth closing was like metal crashing together. Without waiting for Bai Yi and Woolf to feel happy about escaping that crisis, and before the car could stabilise from the sharp turn, a 2 meter plus giant pincer appeared suddenly and grabbed onto the center of the car.

With a ‘kuang!’, the car shook and was lifted up by the giant pincer. The ends of the car could be seen folding in towards the center.

The people in the cars following behind, shocked by the sudden change, immediately braked and skidded to a stop. It was so quiet just a few moments ago, who the hell knew that a monster would suddenly pop up?! In a flash, Bai Yi’s car was stuck in the giant pincer’s grip.

“Jump out of the car!” Bai Yi shouted and immediately grabbed Momo and jumped off. Woolf’s movements weren’t slow either, kicking the car door open and rolling out. Just as the three of them got out, the giant pincer clamped down, breaking the car into two halves with a ‘kacha!’.

“Sharpei!” Bai Yi shouted in fear and worry.

Sharpei’s injuries weren’t fully healed yet and it’d been laying on the back seat all along. At that moment Bai Yi grabbed Momo and jumped down, but Sharpei was slower by a step. With a ‘kacha!’ the giant crab-like pincers violently crushed the car, breaking it into halves.

Bai Yi and Momo were instantly stunned for a moment, but Bai Yi’s reacted very quickly. He immediately grabbed Momo, and ran towards the house at the side. With their strength now, facing this kind of monster directly was just asking for death.

At this moment, with a sway of its body, the monster broke through the wall and rushed out from the alleyway, revealing its appearance to the people present.

Its body was like that of an alligator, reaching a length of 7-8 meters, but its whole body was covered with layers of a hard bone-like outer shell. Numerous black sharp bone spikes extended out at the edges of the shell. On the sides of its body were two giant pincers, and on its back grew shiny-black, bone-armoured wings like a beetle’s.

Giant Crab Alligator!

This guy… Although they knew these monsters were made from fusing genes of various lifeforms, they were still in shock when they saw the monster.

Hong Qi Hua immediately jumped out of the car and fired the shotgun in her hands towards the monster.

The shotgun fired with a loud ‘bang!’, but this weapon that was lethal to humans proved completely ineffective against the monster. It wasn’t damaged in the slightest. However, Hong Qi Hua’s actions weren’t completely useless and it at least drew the attention of the giant crab alligator over. At this time, Heloise who was also sitting in the car also jumped out and hurriedly ran for a place to hide.

Although it had a huge body, its speed was frightening. Hong Qi Hua could only see the body of the monster tense up before it suddenly burst forward like a bullet.

Hong Qi Hua immediately jumped to the side, and with a ‘kacha!’, the giant mouth closed down on the car. With sounds of metal being crushed, more than half the head of the car was bitten off, but all of a sudden, the monster let out a miserable shriek.

What happened?

Hong Qi Hua very quickly stood up again and found that some unknown part of the car was stabbed into the mouth of the monster, releasing bright red blood from the wound continuously. So it was like this! Although this guy was strong, apparently it wasn’t at the level of the Great Devil Snake. It could bite off a car, but it wasn’t without harm to itself.

Hong Qi Hua and Yu Han already stopped the car, but Qin Kai Rui was frightened out of his wits. He completely ignored Yu Han’s shouts, and drove the car off in the other direction.

“What a joke! Lunatics, a bunch of lunatics! I told them to take the detour, but nobody wanted to listen and they still came up with so many reasons!” Qin Kai Rui breathed heavily and his irises expanded. Apparently, he was very anxious. Meilin, who was also sitting inside the car, held her chest with a terrified expression on her face. Although they didn’t go up against the monster directly, they had even greater pressure on their hearts than Bai Yi.

Seemingly thinking that the car had harmed it, the giant crab alligator became furious, and both its pincers clamped down and tore the car apart continuously. Within 10 seconds, the car turned into a pile of scrap metal.

“Daddy, Sharpei!” Momo’s voice trembled.

Bai Yi saw that the attention of the monster was on the car, and wanted to grab Momo and run immediately. However, Momo grabbed on tightly to Bai Yi’s right hand and wanted to go to their car. Sharpei really was more than a pet to Momo. Bai Yi wanted to tell Momo that Sharpei was done for, but he suddenly heard a barking sound.

Bai Yi looked over in the direction of the sound, and saw Sharpei’s paw stretching out from a hole in the car. Sharpei was seemingly trying to get out, but trapped by the crushed metal.

Sharpei is okay!

Bai Yi’s face instantly lit up delight from delight. Sharpei had been laying in the back seat, and when the giant crab alligator crushed the car into two halves, it just happened to miss Sharpei.

Though he wanted to run away initially, Sharpei’s survival meant that other plans had to be made. Bai Yi immediately used the handgun that he’d stolen from the scum in Te Awamutu and fired off two shots. The bullets from the gun struck the hard carapace of the monster, not even leaving a mark on the shell. However, these two shots got the attention of the giant crab alligator. It turned around and prepared to pounce at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi abruptly pushed Momo and she instantly fell and rolled towards the wall by the side. At this moment Bai Yi didn’t have the luxury of caring if Momo got hurt, she would only slow down his movements if he brought her along with him. If it came down to that, both of them won’t be able to escape and would become food for this giant crab alligator.

After he pushed away Momo, Bai Yi grabbed the gun tightly, becoming incredibly composed in his heart.

‘Bang bang bang bang!’

Four gun shots happened at almost the same time, Bai Yi lifted his arm slightly then immediately jumped to the side. The giant crab alligator crouched as it landed and then released an ear-piercing cry. Bai Yi’s four shots were aimed at the eyes of this creature. The two eyes that were as big as basketballs instantly burst in splatters of blood.

Bai Yi jumped and rolled on the floor, throwing away the gun that did not have any bullets left. Along the way he grabbed Momo and ran towards the side.

With a loud crash, the tail of the giant crab alligator swept over just as Bai Yi ran out. The tail hit the wall, and with a ‘boom!’ a giant hole appeared in the wall, rubble flying all around. Bai Yi hugged Momo tightly, and a piece of rubble struck him in his back. He only felt a sudden impact and pain on his body before he flew out and rolled on the floor.

“Bai Yi!” Woolf shouted, immediately wanting to run over to stop the giant crab alligator.

“Don’t come over!” Bai Yi grabbed Momo and climbed up, a trail of blood leaking from his mouth.

“AOOO!! AOOO!!” The giant crab alligator that had both eyes blinded howled crazily, turning around on the spot, its tail and pincers continuously wrecking havoc on the surroundings. Giant holes appeared very quickly on the walls around it.

Looking at how the giant crab alligator was, the rest of them could already guess what had happened. The shots that Bai Yi fired just now had actually blinded the monster!

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