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Chapter 23: Blame and Hate

“Tend to your wounds, tidy up our supplies, and then we will…” Bai Yi started saying.

“Fuck your tend to wounds! Jiang Lin Lin is dead, my girlfriend is dead! Do you know that!” Qin Kai Rui interrupted Bai Yi and started shouting crazily. Qin Kai Rui was now in an extremely miserable state, he looked incomparably pitiful as blood flowed profusely from his wounds.

Other than the girls, nobody got off uninjured in the battle just now. Even Yu Han suffered some small injuries. After all, he only got stronger physically and wasn’t some martial arts expert.

“Why didn’t you just give them the food? You lunatic, people died because you wanted to resist! People died, do you understand? Ever since you entered the city you have been acting abnormally! Are you actually some cold-blooded psychopath?” Qin Kai Rui lashed out severely.

Just as Yu Han expected, Qin Kai Rui blamed Bai Yi entirely for the death of his girlfriend. Although Yu Han made his move too, but with his shout he made it seem like he had no choice but to retaliate after seeing Bai Yi’s actions. Moreover, Yu Han even saved Qin Kai Rui’s life just now so he wouldn’t think of blaming his life-saver.

“Tang Ping and Randt also died!” Dai Yu Yao said as if her soul has left her, face full of sorrow.

There weren’t many guys in the team from the start, there were only Bai Yi, Yu Han, Woolf, Martin, Tang Ping and Randt. The gangsters just now wanted to keep the girls so they avoided them, Bai Yi and Yu Han were too vicious, and Woolf wasn’t an easy target either. Hence, the gangsters targeted Tang Ping and Randt, surrounding and killing them. As for Martin, he was definitely a quick-witted guy, seeing how he’d managed to escape from the research facility alone.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault!” Bai Yi apologised seriously.

“I’m sorry? Hahahahaha, you caused the death of so many people. What’s the use of saying sorry!” Qin Kai Rui shouted with a hint of madness on his face.

“I don’t care how much you guys hate me right now, but the most important thing for us to do now is to tend to our wounds, tidy up our supplies and leave this city.” Bai Yi looked at Qin Kai Rui and said calmly.

“BAI YI!!!” Qin Kai Rui gritted his teeth malevolently.

“Do you really think that we would have gotten away safely if we gave in?” Hong Qi Hua suddenly said in a composed tone. Initially the rest of them didn’t hear it clearly and so Hong Qi Hua repeated her words again. The group who was looking at Bai Yi furiously then turned to look at Hong Qi Hua with hostility.

“What are you trying to say?” Qin Kai Rui asked as if he were trying to pick a fight.

“Exactly what my words meant. If we gave in and handed our food over, would we really be able to get off so simply? Aren’t you too naïve? Or should I say that even up till now you are still stuck in the mindset that you had in peaceful times?” Hong Qi Hua’s eyes were calm but within that calmness contempt and disdain could be seen.

“You…!” Qin Kai Rui had wanted to retort, but at this moment, two heavy trucks dashed out from the corner of the street and headed outside the city. They immediately saw that the people driving the heavy trucks were the bunch of scum from the underground gangs, and inside the truck were a few naked struggling women.

“Hmph, let’s go take a look. Those scum were robbing supplies at the exit, so their gathering point should be close by.” Hong Qi Hua said.

Hong Qi Hua did not care about the others after speaking, but just directly headed into the street that the heavy trucks came out from. The rest of them didn’t hesitate for long, and also followed behind her. Before long, they came to a simple warehouse where there was a heavy truck remaining there.

Hong Qi Hua slowly opened the door to the warehouse and cautiously walked in. After seeing what was inside the warehouse, she was shocked for a moment and then turned her head away. However, after a moment she turned her head back again and looked inside without any avoidance.

“See for yourself.” Hong Qi Hua said with a mocking tone of in her voice.

By this time, the rest of them reached the warehouse as well, and found 4 beautiful women tied up inside. However, the beautiful women were completely naked with numerous marks of rape on their bodies and the stench of semen pervaded the entire warehouse.

Seeing somebody walk in, this bunch of women didn’t react as they were already numb as to what was happening to them. However, upon seeing that they weren’t the bunch of gangsters their faces instantly lit up, but then a wave of dejectedness and despair swept over them right after. There were finally people here to save them, but why couldn’t they have been just a bit faster? If they were just a little faster, then they would not have had to go through such abuse and humiliation.

“Do you think that they would let us off if we just simply gave in and handed over our food? Weren’t you always proud of being pretty? Did you think they wouldn’t have wanted you as well?” Hong Qi Hua said to Dai Yu Yao. At this time, Dai Yu Yao was in a complete daze.

“If it wasn’t for Uncle Bai’s timely actions, I’m afraid that the few of us would become the same as them, just a bunch of playthings. As for Uncle Bai and the rest, to put it bluntly, they would’ve probably been killed as well. Of course, if it came down to that we could always resist, but do you think the number of people dead would be less than now?” Hong Qi Hua laid out the truth.

Bai Yi saw Dai Yu Yao becoming more and more ashamed as Hong Qi Hua spoke and patted Hong Qi Hua’s shoulder to stop her from saying any more. Things that didn’t happen couldn’t be used as justification. No matter what, Jiang Lin Lin and the few others had died due to his decision. Although it was clear that Bai Yi’s decision was the right one, it wasn’t something that everyone could accept.

“Where are your clothes? Put them on first. Martin and Woolf, drive the car over, and the rest of you tend to your wounds.” Bai Yi said. Only now did Dai Yu Yao realise that Bai Yi had a giant wound on his shoulder, and his left arm hung limply from his shoulder.

Woolf and Martin drove the car to the warehouse while Hong Qi Hua helped Bai Yi to bandage his wounds.

“I’m sorry Uncle Bai, I only know some simple first aid.” Hong Qi Hua said helplessly after helping him bandage his shoulder wound. Even for Hong Qi Hua, who wasn’t familiar with treating wounds, she could see that his left arm was almost hacked off. His bones and nerves were definitely damaged, and if this wasn’t handled well his arm might be crippled forever.

“I am a doctor, although still an intern.” At this time one of the women who were captured finished wearing her clothes. The women saw Hong Qi Hua bandaging Bai Yi’s wounds, and couldn’t help but speak. Modern society wasn’t like ancient times when chastity was extremely important. Although they were quite affected emotionally, they were still considered stable.

“Your name is?”

“My name is Bella.”

“Then Bella, sorry for troubling you.” Hong Qi Hua wanted to let Bella help Bai Yi treat his wound.

At this time however, Bai Yi suddenly said, “Bella, do you know surgery? Surgery to extract bullets?”

“I have learned surgery before, but I have never actually operated on anybody.” Bella said nervously.

“We don’t really have a choice now. Even if you have no actual experience, it’s still better than people like us who know nothing. Please.” Bai Yi said looking at Sharpei curled up on the floor. Blood was flowing out continuously from Sharpei’s chest, and Momo cried sadly squatting beside Sharpei. To Momo, Sharpei wasn’t just a pet.

“I can do it, but I don’t have a scalpel right now.” Bella said at a loss.

“Will this do?” Hong Qi Hua took out her willow leaf knife. The willow leaf-shaped knife was meant for disassembling meat in the first place, and with its sharp blade, it was in no way worse than a scalpel.

“I’ll try.” Bella nodded.

“Who is the casualty?”

“It’s Sharpei.” Bai Yi said, bringing Bella to Sharpei. Bella finally understood that the casualty was this fat shar-pei dog. When she saw that it wasn’t a human that she had to operate on, unknowingly the nervousness in her heart was released. Even if the surgery failed, she wouldn’t be blamed much right?

“I need disinfectant. If there isn’t any here, then we can use high alcohol content spirits. We also need some IV drips to replenish its energy…” Bella told Bai Yi.

“There should be such items collected by them in the heavy truck.” Bella saw Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua’s blank looks and explained to them.

Bai Yi immediately ran towards the heavy truck after hearing what she said, and both Martin and Woolf came to help as well. With the situation as dangerous as it was now, having a doctor on their team would undoubtedly increase their chances of survival.

The conditions inside the big warehouse they were in were exceedingly simple, so after a few simple preparations, Bella began her operation on Sharpei.

“There’s no anaesthesia, will the dog struggle?” Bella asked before starting.

“Sharpei, don’t move. This Miss Bella is here to help you.” Bai Yi said. After hearing what Bai Yi said, Momo also went up to Sharpei’s ear and whispered a few things.

Bai Yi looked at Woolf and said, “Woolf, help to hold down Sharpei later and don’t let it move around.”

“En, I understand.” Woolf immediately used his hands to lightly press on Sharpei’s belly. Once it struggled, he would hold Sharpei down.

After seeing that everybody had finished making their preparations, Bella took a deep breath and lifted up the willow leaf knife that she’d disinfected beforehand. This was her first time performing an operation. Although the patient was a dog, there was still some nervousness inside. The rest of the team couldn’t help but pay attention to the operation as well, curious to find out if the skills of this doctor were any good.

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