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Chapter 22: Killing on the Streets

From the start, Bai Yi knew that there would definitely be casualties on the team. However, he never had any hesitation or regret, as he knew that if they gave in, then the outcome would’ve been even worse than this.

This was the cruel world that they were faced with now!

Those people who naively expected a perfect outcome without having to give anything up were the ones who would lose everything in the end!

Even though he already had the resolution, Bai Yi still hoped that more people would survive and live on.

Out of the 6 gangsters that were holding guns, 3 of them were killed by Bai Yi, Yu Han and Hong Qi Hua at the start. However, there were still 3 left, and without any hesitation Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua dashed towards their next opponents.

Yu Han’s actions were even faster than that of the two others. Since the responsibility of this incident had already been pushed to Bai Yi, what was left now was to demonstrate his strength and establish the image of him ‘saving people’. After that, he could slowly expand his influence within the group, eventually overtaking Bai Yi to become the leader.

Yu Han swung his sword again, slashing apart the opponent’s stomach. He then tilted his body down slightly and shot out like a bullet. Apparently, the genes he’d fused with were not just from a snake and an ant.

At this moment Qin Kai Rui saw his life flash past as a machete closed on him, but in the nick of time Yu Han appeared from the side and swung his katana horizontally.

Of the two swords, one of them cut down vertically from the sky, and Qin Kai Rui’s face froze in fear as he watched it drop. At this moment, Yu Han’s cold and determined face appeared in his line of sight. His katana tilted at an angle, almost brushing past Qin Kai Rui’s face and clashed with the machete, stopping it in its tracks.

‘Clang!’ the sound of impact rang violently!

Qin Kai Rui seemed to be woken from his despair by the sound of the impact. He saw Yu Han twist his body and exert even more strength. With a ‘kacha’, the katana sliced through the machete and continued on with its momentum, slicing the gangster’s head off as well.

Yu Han’s cold and resolute expression etched itself into Qin Kai Rui’s mind.

Hmph, Qin Kai Rui’s girlfriend Jiang Lin Lin had already fallen due to the gunshot, what expression would he have later when he looked at Bai Yi, the culprit behind everything?

After finishing off this opponent, Yu Han once again rushed towards another area where Ning Xue was in danger. Actually the gangsters did not really attack the beautiful girls on the team, but Yu Han knew that being a knight in shining armour is one of the best ways to capture a girl’s heart.

Bai Yi and Hong Qi Hua took advantage of the confusion and pounced towards their second gun-wielding opponent, but there was still one remaining. This remaining guy should’ve been Yu Han’s opponent but now he was free to wreak havoc.

Woolf saw this and was extremely anxious. He wanted to ram the car into that last gun-wielding gangster, but a car couldn’t possibly be as nimble as a human. Woolf tried his best to change the direction of the car but he still couldn’t make it in time. The gangster pointed his gun at Bai Yi.


Momo saw the remaining gangster point his gun at her daddy and immediately pointed and shouted anxiously.

Sharpei barked twice and then jumped out of the rapidly moving car. It rolled a few rounds on the floor and then sprinted towards the guy pointing the gun at Bai Yi. Bai Yi was running around quickly from the start and the gangster had not fired yet as he was afraid of hitting his own people. Sharpei at this moment pounced onto him from the side and bit down on his neck. The gangster instantly howled in pain as fresh blood spewed out from the wound.

He panicked and flailed around for a while before recalling that he was holding a gun. Without caring where he was aiming at, he pointed at Sharpei and fired.

After a loud ‘bang!’, Sharpei’s body stiffened but then its eyes revealed an even more vicious and brutal light. It mercilessly increased the force it was using and with strong jaw strength Sharpei closed its teeth and bit through the guy’s neck. Sharpei landed on the floor and appeared to be exceedingly brutal. However, all of a sudden its body swayed and started to fall.

“Sharpei!” Momo saw Sharpei getting attacked and immediately shouted worriedly.

By now, the situation was a complete mess, and when Woolf realised there were no individual gangsters that he could ram anymore, he immediately stopped and jumped out of the car with his machete. At the same moment, Momo also jumped out of the car and ran towards Sharpei.

The gangsters who were already consumed by the fighting didn’t care that Momo was just a 4 year old girl, and immediately one of them raised his machete.

Bai Yi had been taking notice of Momo all along, as nobody was more important than her in Bai Yi’s heart. The instant he saw that Momo was in danger, ruthlessness rose in his heart and he threw the chopper with all his strength.

‘Kacha!” The chopper embedded itself into the skull of Momo’s attacker, and he fell onto the floor. However, without his chopper to protect him another gangster came and brought his machete down onto Bai Yi. He tilted his head at the last moment as the machete brushed past his face and landed heavily into his shoulder.

Bai Yi’s opened his mouth and barely held his scream in. Luckily the machete had missed his head, or else he would’ve been dead by now. Raising his right foot, Bai Yi viciously kicked the gangster in his groin and instantly the man bent down holding his lower part. At this time Bai Yi ignored the machete in his shoulder and rushed forward, putting all his force behind his knee and mercilessly smashed it into the gangster’s face.

With a dull thud, even Bai Yi felt that his knee was in pain. The guy that got hit was definitely not any better off, and he was knocked out cold onto the floor.

Bai Yi felt his body stagger, but he immediately stilled himself, grabbed ahold of the machete stuck in his shoulder, and pulled. With a jerk, the machete was pulled out by Bai Yi, and it instantly made him grit his teeth in pain. However, he had no time to care about his injury and immediately swung the machete he just took out to block an incoming attack.

‘Clang!’ A machete from another gangster was blocked right in front of him.

Cruel, decisive and ruthless!

When the uncultured hooligan and Bai Yi stared at each other, words suddenly appeared in the hooligan’s mind. He probably didn’t know why would he think of these things, but he could clearly see them from Bai Yi’s eyes. In Bai Yi’s eyes now arose something that could never be seen in peaceful times. He was just like a vicious wild beast!

Bai Yi now looked like a fiend, in his eyes these people were just ingredients for him to practice his culinary skills on.

Using his strength, Bai Yi’s right arm tensed, his veins could be seen on it and the blood on his shoulder flowed down non-stop. Bai Yi viciously pushed away the other machete and then swung his right hand.

A few lines of light flashed and the hooligan opposite could only feel pain coming from multiple parts of his body as the life faded away from his body. At that moment, Bai Yi slowly kept his machete. This guy, what did he just do? The hooligan thought the last question in his head, and fell onto the floor, blood steadily pooling around his body.

For a chef…the most important thing they needed to have was knife skills!

When a chef treated his opponent like an ingredient to be handled, only then could the opponent experience the exquisite knife skills that he possessed. However, this wasn’t anything that his opponent should’ve been looking forward to.

“Woolf, help me take care of Momo.” Bai Yi suddenly said loudly.

Woolf wanted to say something, but he watched as Bai Yi held his machete and headed towards the battlefield on the other side. Woolf didn’t know why, but he was unable to reject him. The aura coming from Bai Yi was just something that wasn’t there in normal times. This presence caused him to subconsciously follow Bai Yi’s instructions.

On Yu Han’s side, he couldn’t help but to observe Bai Yi as well. In Yu Han’s heart, Bai Yi was the only one out of everybody here that could threaten him. It wasn’t a threat of survival but the threat of leadership. When Bai Yi was facing danger, he could think about things calmly and rationally. This coupled with his strong individual strength made everyone have immense confidence in him.

Those people holding guns were all dead, and those remaining were all those who were holding weapons like machetes or baseball bats.

Bai Yi took a deep breath, accelerated, and dashed into the battlefield.

These hooligan scum apparently thought that Bai Yi was the leader of this group. After seeing Bai Yi run over, Two guys immediately abandoned Martin and the girls, and ran towards Bai Yi as well. Although Bai Yi faced 2 opponents, he did not avoid them but faced them directly, lifting up the machete in his right hand.

“Uncle Bai!” Hong Qi Hua saw Bai Yi’s actions and wanted to warn him to be careful, but in the end she only saw Bai Yi twist his body and the machete in his hand left a few afterimages in the air. The two gangsters that rushed towards Bai Yi couldn’t even see what he did and instantly fell onto the floor.

“Fuck, so chefs are this awesome!” Woolf said dumbly. Of course, chefs weren’t that strong, it was just that the area that Bai Yi was most skilled in was his knife skills.

On the other side, Yu Han, with his great strength, was also like a tiger charging into a herd of sheep, wrecking havoc among the group as he wished. Any gangster that came into contact with Yu Han felt like they received a heavy impact and were forcefully thrown out with force. Anybody that got cut by Yu Han’s sword was instantly split into half. At this moment, Yu Han started to understand just how strong he was.

One had an exquisite knife skill and the other had brute strength!

Not long after, even these bloodthirsty hooligans from underground gangs started to become terrified. This group of people was so brutal! The guy with the broken arm and the guy holding the katana were especially inhuman. Even in the battles between gangs, there weren’t people as vicious as them.

Initially it was just one, then two, then with somebody leading the remaining few gangsters, all of them followed and ran away as well. In a short while, other than the 10 odd corpses left on the road, the battle came to an end.

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