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Chapter 201: On The Sea

“Not back yet!” Alodia said to Bai Yi.

“En!” Bai Yi nodded.

Due to the information that Augustine had given him about humans in the outside world not bearing goodwill toward evolved humans, Bai Yi and the rest sent a few evolved humans over to check out the situation first. They could forget about getting an airplane; it was impossible to find something like that in New Zealand now, not even a broken one. Fortunately, there were still quite a few evolved humans that could fly like Bai Yi, and the distance of 2,000 plus kilometers wasn’t really a problem for them.

Of course, Bai Yi wouldn’t go scout himself; no matter what, they couldn’t let their leader go execute this kind of reconnaissance mission.

They had already sent eight people out one after another on scouting missions, but not a single one had returned. It was impossible that it was because the elapsed time was too short, and the only possible reason was that they were unable to come back from that place. Over this period of time, Bai Yi and the rest had found two military naval vessels and three heavy cargo ships, and prepared them. At this time, heading to Australia had already become inevitable—even Bai Yi couldn’t stop it now.

Bai Yi and Alodia walked out. Outside were five huge ships and the rest of all the evolved humans, who had finished their preparations long ago. Looking at their eager eyes, full of anticipation and excitement, Bai Yi knew that it was impossible to stop them from heading to Australia now. Although he was their leader in name, he couldn’t be like a military commander and really order the other evolved humans around.

If he was hesitant when he had to make a decision, what awaited would only be a disaster!

Bai Yi looked at everyone and said loudly, “Set off!”

“OOHHHH!” The evolved humans below immediately cheered loudly and started to board the ships with great enthusiasm.

Alodia looked at the excited faces of everyone boarding the ships and couldn’t help but to crease her eyebrows. She had stayed by Bai Yi’s side all the while and knew that he was actually very worried about this expedition to Australia, especially since none of the scouts had managed to return. However, Alodia also understood that probably not even Bai Yi could stop this bunch of people now. After metamorphosis, going back to the human world had become their drive and purpose.

Two military ships and three heavy cargo ships, everyone boarded them accordingly and stared at the Devil Isles as the ships left. Various savage flying evolved lifeforms danced in the sky, feeling extremely curious about this group of evolved humans, and there was no lack of LV2s among them. However, these guys were still quite smart, they didn’t dive down to attack the ships as they knew that doing so was equal to rushing to their deaths.

The main warship started up, and the five ships started to slowly leave the Devil Isles. Even when they had travelled a long distance away, there were still many vicious sea birds circling in the sky, waiting for a chance. These flying birds or beasts were all of a huge size, and they normally preyed on sea creatures for food as well.

Since they had already set off, it was too late to worry about the decision that had been made. Bai Yi stood silently at the head of the ship, waiting for the unknown future to arrive.

At this time, this scene shocked all the countries, especially the Australian military. A fleet! There was actually a fleet of five ships leaving the Devil Isles. After comparing it with the data they had, they realized that two of the ships were actually warships that had originally belonged to New Zealand. Satellites managed to capture images of evolved humans on the warships, coming in all sorts of weird forms and shapes. The higher echelons of various countries immediately gathered to discuss how to deal with this fleet of evolved humans; a portion of them supported establishing contact with them first before doing anything else, while the other portion felt that they were all monsters and should be exterminated.

In the end, the side that gained the advantage was still the one that supported establishing contact first, but very quickly these people were stumped by the new information reported by their subordinates.

In the electronic conference room, various leaders appeared as holograms. “Australia, where’s the helicopter you guys sent out?”

The wireless connections on Bai Yi’s fleet of ships had all spoiled long ago; to establish contact with them, they first had to meet them face to face, and using helicopters was the best way. But...

“We aren't sending out a helicopter, it’s completely meaningless to do so.” The Australian military representative rejected the idea without any emotion on his face.

An old man immediately scolded loudly, “Are you joking?! If we do not make contact with them directly now, it will be too late when they reach the coastline!”

“Mind your tone, Medun, you are not my superior,” the Australian military representative said coldly.

“Can I ask the reason behind Australia’s refusal to send out a helicopter?” China’s representative asked with a smile.

“Your country is very far from the Devil Isles, so you don’t feel the pressure. But Australia is the closest continent to the Devil Isles, and we know just how dangerous they are. We haven’t used any helicopters since over a year ago because doing so is just a completely meaningless sacrifice,” Australia’s military representative said.

One year ago was when the evolved lifeforms had started to enter LV2, and based on the Devil Isles’ environment, helicopters wouldn’t be able to fly near at all. Any random flying evolved lifeform that had a bit of strength could easily smash a helicopter with a swing of its claws. Precisely because of this reason, Australia had rejected using their helicopters.

“Just use them! It’s just a few helicopters.”

The Australian representative immediately became dissatisfied. “’Just a few helicopters; you really put it nicely.”

The bunch of them started to wrangle with each other; everybody could tell that the Australian side really just wanted to use this incident to gain some benefit for themselves. Humans had always struggled and fought endlessly for the sake of benefits. It didn't matter that now everybody was split into individual countries; even if some world government was formed, there would probably still be infighting and power struggles between each department.

In the end, the Australian military finally agreed to send two helicopters to make contact with the fleet. All of them closely monitored the helicopters through the satellite feed as they flew toward the fleet. Starting from Australia, there still weren’t many flying evolved lifeforms at first, but the closer they approached the Devil Isles, the higher the chances were of meeting large-sized flying evolved lifeforms. Just when they watched the two helicopters almost approach Bai Yi’s location, suddenly a gigantic, black-winged bird appeared and smashed the helicopters into pieces with a swipe of its claws.

The group of world representatives stared at the scene shown on their screens. The giant black bird held the two helicopters in its mouth, but it seemed to despise the taste and spit them out.

“What a big black bird, it’s really strong.” After a while, the people on the ships saw the giant black bird in the sky as well, and couldn’t help but exclaim in shock. However, only a small portion of them could still remain relaxed; most of them were more on guard, in case this black bird wanted to turn them into its food too.

“A bunch of idiots.” Bai Yi smiled and walked two steps forward.

Bai Yi immediately released the aura from his body, and said to the black bird circling in the sky, “Please leave, we are only passing by.” Evolved lifeforms had assimilated with activated cells and had had their intelligence enhanced. After entering LV2, many evolved lifeforms could even learn human languages, such as Sharpei and Pupu. That was why Bai Yi would stand out and directly talk to the black bird.

This black bird circled around two times in the sky before cawing twice and then dived into the sea with a flap of its wings. In the next moment, it surfaced again, clutching a strange fish a few meters in length.

This black bird threw the strange fish from the sky and sent it flying toward Bai Yi. Bai Yi stretched out his right hand and used the Supporting Heaven Form of Tai Ji Fist to easily disperse the impact, then put the strange fish to one side.

Bai Yi ignored the strange fish vigorously struggling by his side and said loudly, “Thanks!”

The black bird didn’t continue to circle them, and after nodding at Bai Yi, it flapped its wings again and left this place rapidly, heading back toward the Devil Isles. This black bird didn’t know human speech—not because its intelligence wasn’t high enough, but because it hadn’t managed to have much contact with human language. Seeing how Bai Yi casually resolved the impact from the strange fish, the black bird knew that it shouldn’t try to continue to look for an opportunity anymore. Moreover, the auras of all these strange people weren’t weak at all, and the black bird didn’t dare to be careless either.

“Betsy, come and take a look! Is this fish edible?” Momo jogged over and said, pointing excitedly at the strange fish, which was more than four meters long.

Bai Yi completely burst out laughing. Momo really had many sides to her personality now. When she was quiet, she would give off a reserved and serene air, noble and elegant like a princess; when battling, the air around her body would change to that of callous slaughter, just like a cold executioner; and when there was nothing to do normally, she would truly be a like a little kid, not liking to study but loving to play, and she was also a super huge glutton.

Bai Yi knew that this was because the education and experiences that Momo had had were all quite extreme, causing her to have such a strange personality. Only after they managed to acquire a safe and secure life would Momo’s personality finally settle down.

Betsy observed for a while before confirming, “I’ve never seen this kind of fish before, but it should be edible. Let me think about how to cook this,” when Momo called her over.

“YAY!” Momo jumped up happily.

Another guy jogged over and said loudly, “Betsy, older sister Betsy, can we try as well?”

Betsy clutched her forehead. “This bunch of gluttons! If you want to eat fish, then go fish a few more up!” Perhaps it was a continuation of their habits from the Binging Stage, but Momo wasn’t the only glutton here. If not for entering LV2 and the fact that her energy and stamina were both incomparable to before, she would probably die from exhaustion just from cooking.

“Sure, I’ll go fishing now!” This guy immediately ran off somewhere else to fish with a few other gluttons after getting Betsy’s approval. Momo followed them as well and looked at them curiously, while Sharpei still remained by her side as always. As for Chinchilla, he was even more excited than the rest and jumped about excitedly.

Bai Yi looked at the bunch of them fooling around and an unconstrained and natural smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

However, at this time, the bunch of people observing the situation from the satellite feed became very uneasy. Bai Yi could actually speak with the black bird, and moreover, it had given a strange fish to him!

Could it be that this black bird was actually taking orders from them?

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