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Chapter 20: Different Upbringing


The people opposite couldn’t help but curse, it’s true that they killed people but that only happened when they fought for food. At most they used their machete to hack on the body or arms, or smash heads with their baseball bats. What the heck is this, going for the kill and chopping off the head right from the start!

Though they looked vicious, they were still normal people just a few days ago. When they saw the scene of the head flying, it was really too shocking for them and the rest of the group immediately stopped their charge.


Bai Yi suddenly roared fiercely at the group opposite with fresh blood dripping from his face, looking like the Devil.

The other group was already frightened by Bai Yi’s beheading, combined with his roar some of the them instantly turned around and ran away. When there’s a first then there will be a second, the people remaining almost peed themselves from fear and within 10 seconds not a single trace of them could be seen. At this time, the rest of Bai Yi’s group were still stunned from what just happened.

“Bai Yi, you killed somebody!” Qin Kai Rui suddenly said in fear, his body trembling.

Bai Yi turned around and looked over, the blood that splashed onto him made him look incomparably vicious and malevolent. Qin Kai Rui, Dai Yu Yao, Khina and Ning Xue…the few of them instantly took a step backwards, seemingly frightened by Bai Yi’s appearance. Only Hong Qi Hua, Woolf, Martin were still calm and their face unchanging. Probably only the few of them here could understand the reason why Bai Yi was being so ruthless.

“Woolf, catch!” Bai Yi threw the machete that he got from the person he killed to Woolf.

“All of you grab hold of a weapon, then bring the food along to the southern edge of the city.” Bai Yi instructed.

After hearing Bai Yi’s words, Hong Qi Hua and the other calm ones started moving, Woolf gave the machete in his hand a few practice swings and grinned a big grin with his dog mouth. Yu Han also cleaned the blood off his katana on the corpse on the floor and kept it in its sheath. As for the others, they were still in a daze. They couldn’t adapt to Bai Yi’s sudden ruthlessness and change.

“You guys killed people! People you know!!” Dai Yu Yao almost went crazy and shouted.

Bai Yi looked at them after hearing her words and the few of them started trembling, seemingly afraid of him. Momo was being protected by Hong Qi Hua behind her and she covered Momo’s eyes. Sharpei continued to follow dumbly beside Momo and when he saw Bai Yi looking over it immediately started to shake its tail.

“No need to block, let Momo see.” Bai Yi told Hong Qi Hua.

Hong Qi Hua looked at Bai Yi shocked; Qin Kai Rui and a few others were even more stupefied. They couldn’t believe their ears, what is he thinking of doing? Momo is just 4 years old, no normal parent would let a girl this young come in contact with such a bloody scene! However, Hong Qi Hua only paused for a moment and then released her hand. In the end, Momo is still Bai Yi’s daughter.

Momo immediately saw the two corpses on the floor after Hong Qi Hua released her hands. One of them had his tummy cut open with his intestines and blood poured out all over the floor. The other corpse was even worse, his head was chopped off by Bai Yi and a headless corpse laid on the floor.

Seeing this scene, Momo started to tremble slightly and then she looked at Bai Yi.

“Did you see it?”

“I saw it!” Momo’s eyes were filled with innocence and puzzlement.

“Remember in your heart, this world is already different from the one we knew. If you want to survive, then you need to become more resilient.” Bai Yi said seriously half kneeling in front of Momo, looking into her eyes from the same height. In reality, Momo had already encountered many such tragedies along the way, just that she never saw it in such a direct manner before.

Honestly speaking, after encountering the Great Devil Snake, Seven-tailed Snake Vulture and such monsters, Bai Yi didn’t have the confidence that he could always be by Momo’s side. If, just if he accidentally died, Bai Yi hoped that Momo could be strong and continue living on without him.

Momo looked at Bai Yi’s eyes, almost seeing her reflection in it. Although she couldn’t understand Bai Yi’s words too well, but since her daddy said so then she must remember it well in her heart. Momo innocently and seriously nodded her head.

Bai Yi stroked Momo’s head, revealing a smile on his face.

“Quickly pack up our things, grab hold of a weapon and then head towards the south side of the city.” Bai Yi stood up and told the rest. Bai Yi’s words just now seemed to be for Momo, but Momo was just a little girl, how could she understand so much? Most importantly, those words were meant to remind those students whose mindsets were still stuck in peaceful times.

“Preparations are done!” Hong Qi Hua followed.

Hearing Hong Qi Hua, the rest of them discovered that she had packed a big piece of meat into a shirt she found from somewhere and tied in into a bundle, carrying it on her back. On her hand, was the still bloody baseball bat that the other corpse used.

This way, carrying food was convenient and it wouldn’t affect her movements or battle.

“We’ll carry the food like this for now, if we find a suitable container later then we’ll each carry some food.” Bai Yi looked at the preparations Hong Qi Hua made and nodded approvingly. Luckily in this team, not everybody was at a loss such as Yu Han, Hong Qi Hua and Martin. They were all clever people, knowing that the world has already changed from before.

Although some of them were still in a daze, everyone eventually followed the team and gradually headed towards the south. As for the two people killed just now, nobody came to find trouble with them over it. There were no nosy passers-by and obviously no police came to arrest Bai Yi and Yu Han.

The shops they passed by along the way were all in a mess, any edible items were already taken and any other things that could be used as weapons were also gone. However, the group of them did find a backpack shop, there were various types of backpacks inside all over the floor with footprints on them.

“Come in, all of you pick a backpack for yourself. Don’t choose one that is too big or it will become a burden, all of us just have to carry a bit of food each and our movements won’t be affected.” Bai Yi said.

“Why do we have to do that?” Dai Yu Yao couldn’t help but ask.

Naive like an idiot. Bai Yi sighed inside his heart.

“It’s more convenient to carry food this way and it won’t obstruct our movements as well. Quickly, don’t waste time here.” Bai Yi repeated his instructions again and didn’t bother about her again.

At this time, Bai Yi and the other guys put down the meat that they were carrying and Bai Yi started handling the meat in the bag shop. Although his left arm was injured, his actions were still fast and split the meat into pieces weighing roughly 1 pound each. Hong Qi Hua noticing what Bai Yi was doing hurriedly came over to help.

Now, other than the dim-witted Dai Yu Yao the rest of them started moving.

Very quickly, all of them choose a bag each. Woolf and Martin understood well that the bags they choose should be simple, sturdy and shouldn’t obstruct their movements. However, the bags Dai Yu Yao and Ning Xue chose were two nicer looking ones and as for Tang Ping, he chose a big hiking backpack.

“Pack the meat into your bags.” Bai Yi said.

Due to Tang Ping choosing such a big bag, the amount of meat that he packed was the most. Seemingly after knowing what they would face in the future, Tang Ping had a few more considerations in his heart. No matter what, having food in your own hands is still the safest.

Bai Yi didn’t say anything seeing Tang Ping like this but just picked a bag for Momo and put in 2 pieces of meat. As for Bai Yi himself, he picked a flat bag that just exactly covered his back. After filling it with meat, Bai Yi pulled the straps on the bag, securing it to his body.

After everybody came out, Yu Han was already sitting inside a car.

“Not bad.” Bai Yi praised.

Yu Han smiled but didn’t give him a reply. Although he was praising him, but in Yu Han’s ears he didn’t feel too comfortable with it. To be exact, he disliked Bai Yi speaking to him like he was his superior. Not everybody would willingly accept being just a member, and unfortunately Yu Han was very interested in position of leader. However, Yu Han’s status before was too normal and he wasn’t outstanding in school, so nobody ever thought of letting him be the leader.

As for Bai Yi, perhaps it is because of his age or because the others address him as Uncle Bai, so he unknowingly became the leader of this team.

The few girls got onto the car while some of the guys carried the backpack and jogged behind the car towards the city south. Although they abandoned the car just now, that was just because of the car accidents blocking the road. Now the road was open and clear, if they could find a car now then obviously there was no need to wait until reaching the city south.

My physical strength really increased!

The group of them jogged along the way and thought silently in their hearts. Although Martin said that activated cells could produce special energy, nobody could feel it because they haven’t reached the LV2 stage yet. Just as how normal humans knew that they had biological energy but are unable to sense it, normal humans could also use physical strength but they are unable to control parts of their strength or move it around. However, their physical strength did increase, the special energy in their bodies was apparently at work.

The more they headed towards the south, the more chaotic the city became. People escaping, fighting for food, those who lost their minds from turning into monsters, those who had evil intentions in their hearts and committed evil, and the animals that started to prey on humans due to their extreme hunger…various lifeforms in the city acted in a play of Armageddon. At this time, Qin Kai Rui and Dai Yu Yao finally understood that the world had truly changed, no wonder Bai Yi and Yu Han dared to kill people.

There were quite a lot of people in their group, more than 10 of them. Although some people had already lost their reason, none of them were blind enough to cause trouble with such a large group.

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