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Chapter 19: Ruthless

Bai Yi and the rest of them finally reached Te Awatumu when it was close to noon on the 26th. However, even before entering the city they could see columns of smoke rising from the city centre. This isn’t just any smoke but smoke produced from a number of great fires. Billowing clouds of smoke rose high up into the sky all over the city, the blaring sounds of car horns and human screams merged together as they rang throughout the city.

“Monsters shouldn’t have reached here yet, right?” Khina couldn’t accept it when she saw her hometown turning into this state.

“No, it’s not monsters, just humans!” Bai Yi suddenly thought of something.

“Hong Qi Hua, can your computer still go online? Post the reason for the changes of New Zealand online but keep the matter of the drug in the research facility hidden.” Bai Yi told Hong Qi Hua and then explained to Khina.

“By chance, we happened to meet Martin and got to know of the reason behind the changes. Hence, we didn’t fall into a panic but it isn’t the same for other people. They do not know the real reason behind everything and I’m afraid by now people have been randomly speculating and probably thought that it is the end of world or something like that. Fear is an infectious emotion, combined with their transformation into monsters many people have broken down and started to behave destructively.” Bai Yi hit the nail on the head with his explanation.

“I can still connect to the internet, do I post on all the major forums in New Zealand?”

“En, I’m not sure how many people will see it but we can just do our best.”

“Why aren’t we telling them about the drug in the research facility?” Khina asked again.

“Listen well, there are experiments locked up in that research facility, you have seen for yourself how powerful they are. If they enter the research facility without understanding this then it is very likely they might accidentally let these monsters out. New Zealand is already chaotic enough now, if those experiments manage to get out then we are really doomed. Moreover, you can consider it as my selfishness but we do not know how many of those drugs that can regain human form are there. Before acquiring those drugs, I do not want there to be other people ahead of us.” Bai Yi’s tone was calm and cold.

Khina wanted to retort at the start, but as the words reached her mouth she couldn’t say it out.

Is this Uncle Bai?

Although he liked to help people, he wasn’t naively kind. At times like this he still maintained his own bottom line and rationality. Bai Yi’s words seemed to be selfish but this is just human nature. Moreover, looking at the expressions of other people in the group it did not seem like they wanted to tell more people about the drug as well, but can they be blamed for being selfish?

“I’m done posting, not sure how many people will see it!” Very quickly, Hong Qi Hua posted the reason behind everything online.

“Let’s go then, into the city! Be careful!” Bai Yi told everybody.

Every city had a centre, and from the centre it gradually developed and expanded outwards. Te Awamutu wasn’t an exception but the total population of New Zealand was only around 5 million people so there weren’t many people living in the suburbs.

Entering the city centre, the buildings around them suddenly increased and numerous signs of destruction covered them. Some fires have yet to be extinguished and it slowly released black smoke into the sky, creating a hot environment. Without driving much further, they came to a cross junction where a pile of cars from an accident blocked off the entire road.

Bai Yi pulled Momo off the car and the rest of them also followed. Looking at the heap of ruined cars in front, they waited for Bai Yi’s instructions.

“Do we need to clear the way?” Woolf asked Bai Yi.

“There’s no need to, it’s even more chaotic in the city so there’s bound to be even more accident scenes in front blocking our paths. Our best option is to continue by foot and then find new cars again at the southern edge of the city.” Yu Han analysed after hearing Woolf’s question.

Although that seemed to be the best option, everyone still looked at Bai Yi.

“That’s right, as Yu Han says we should abandon our cars and continue on foot. We will find cars again when we reach the southern edge of the city.” Bai Yi nodded.

After Bai Yi’s words, everyone started to move and brought out the seven-tailed snake vulture meat from the car. After starving yesterday, they would never forget about the importance of food again. Standing on one side, Yu Han turned his head to look at the rest and then looked at Bai Yi. It was him that brought up their most optimal plan of action, yet in the end they chose to wait for Bai Yi’s approval before moving.

“Where did all the people in city go to?”

“Everybody knows that monsters appeared in Northern Hamilton so they definitely ran away. As for those who didn’t run…” Bai Yi said as he looked at those houses that were more undamaged. There were apparently people still inside those houses but they seem to be very frightened. The most they would do is to discretely scout the situation from the corner of their windows.

“It’s very dangerous for them to stay here, those monsters would probably reach here very soon.” Khina said worriedly.

“Worrying so much about others, why not worry about yourself?” Yu Han said, grabbing tightly onto the katana in his hands.

Suddenly, sounds of fighting came from the building opposite them. A group of ‘people’ with crazy expressions came out from there and the moment they saw each other both sides were surprised for a moment. Upon seeing Bai Yi’s group, the group of people opposite them looked at them excitedly. Food…these people have food in their hands and even women!

Bai Yi and his group looked at them shocked, seeing the blood stains on their weapons and recalling the screams coming from the building earlier. Almost instantly, everybody knew what this group of people wanted to do. They were going to rob them of their food and maybe even more than that.

“Guys step in front, protect the girls.” Bai Yi said calmly.

It had already been 3 days, due to the frightening hunger and appetite most of the food in the city had been consumed. At this point in time, there was probably not much food left. As for the emergency war rations released by the government, not even a shadow of it could be seen. Maybe even the army had given in to panic and chaos. At this time, the majority of people had already started showing characteristics of other animals, beginning the transformation into monsters.

The unease and fear in the hearts combined with the unbearable hunger turned a portion of the people hysterical. This emotion was apparently spreading and infecting the city at a rapid pace.

“Hand over all your food and women!”

The so-called rationality and morals of humans is actually something that breaks down very easily. After a part of it had already crumbled, there was not much point in upholding the rest of it. It wasn’t too hard to go from stealing food to stealing belongings to stealing women, eventually reaching the point where they would destroy things just to vent themselves. This was the reason why the city seemed to be so chaotic.

There weren’t many people in the other group, only 8 of them. Their numbers were a bit lesser than theirs but all of them were carrying weapons and had expressions full of madness on their faces. Their eyes burned with desire upon seeing the food in their hands and the women in their group.

Bai Yi lifted up his chopper and Yu Han also held his katana but the others were empty handed, there wasn’t even a decent weapon in their hands. Bai Yi had more than 10 kitchen knives with him but he didn’t have the time to distribute it to the rest now.

Qin Kai Rui and the rest were quite nervous. In the end, they were just some students who grew up in a peaceful environment, maybe they were good in some areas but when it came to street fights…

“Scram!” Bai Yi stepped forward and said coldly.

Bai Yi’s actions made a part of the group feel extremely shocked. However, Yu Han and Hong Qi Hua understood that at this time they cannot show even a hint of weakness or compromise. Apparently, the moral values of these people have collapsed and if they show any weakness now these people in front would only make use of it, causing everybody to get into big trouble.

“We only want food, hand over your food and we won’t touch your women!” The leader of the group had the head of a cow and his right arm looked like the sickle of a praying mantis.

“I told you to scram!” Bai Yi didn’t compromise in the slightest and held the chopper tightly in his hands.

“Fuck, a crippled dare to be so arrogant!” The leader didn’t expect Bai Yi’s attitude to be so tough, he was just somebody whose left arm was in a sling.

“Kill them all, steal their food and women! AOOO!” The group in front instantly let out mad cries. Looking at the fresh blood on their weapons, you could tell that they have already killed people. In addition to becoming monsters, the fear in their hearts overcame their rationality and they showed signs of madness.

“Charge!” The leader waved his machete and the group of them instantly rushed over.

“Kill them!” Bai Yi’s voice became incomparably cold, this was not the time to be kind. If they still had those thoughts in their heads then it will definitely bring about their deaths.

Before the others could get a hold of what was going on, Bai Yi and Yu Han already met with the first two people from the other group.

Just kill them!

Yu Han remembered Bai Yi’s words and his heart became ruthless. Seemingly, he was very suited to these chaotic times. Dodging the baseball bat from his opponent, he spun around and with a whirl from the katana it cut into his opponent’s waist. With a violent jerk, fresh blood and intestines instantly spewed out from his abdomen. The guy didn’t think that Yu Han would be so ruthless, even more ruthless than him!

On Bai Yi’s side it was even more decisive, with a tilt of his body he dodged the attack and the chopper sliced across the opponent’s neck. Crossing each other, the opponent could see incomparable coldness and decisiveness from Bai Yi’s eyes. This isn’t the eyes that a normal human should have, somebody from peaceful times can’t possibly have this kind of murderous eyes!

You guys are even less than food ingredients!

‘Kacha!’ A big head flew off and fresh blood sprayed all over Bai Yi.

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