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Chapter 197: The Cruel Bai Yi

Bai Yi stood on top of the sword hilt stabbed vertically into the ground, his gaze sweeping through everyone there. All of them subconsciously swallowed a gulp of saliva. Even those who had been screaming in pain before from their injuries in the battle all shut their mouths now, fearing to attract Bai Yi’s attention with any sound. Unknowingly, the feeling of intimidation that Bai Yi brought about grew stronger and stronger, not just because of his status, but also due to the gap in strength among those present.

“Bai Yi...!”

‘Pa ta!’, there was the soft sound of something hitting the forest floor, and Bai Yi immediately turned his head toward Momo. He had been too far away just now, so he thought that she had only suffered some mild injuries, but he immediately grew alarmed when she collapsed. In a flash, Bai Yi immediately appeared next to Momo and supported her body. However, the first thing that drew the attention of his eyes were Momo’s discolored lips.


Now’s the time!

“RUN!” Kawada suddenly roared, but he himself did not make any movements.

Hearing Kawada’s shout, the group of people who had initially been stifled by Bai Yi’s pressure immediately reacted. Before, there had only been Momo, who rarely showed herself, and even then she managed to push them to this extent. With the addition of Bai Yi now, they clearly didn’t even have to wonder about the battle’s outcome; it would only end in their complete defeat. If Bai Yi managed to keep them here, they would probably all be finished.

The majority of people here were too jumpy from being suffocated by Bai Yi’s pressure and lost their own individual thoughts about things. They didn’t even think about the consequences and their bodies started to move automatically after hearing Kawada’s ‘run’. Sure enough, at the moment the remaining people started running, Bai Yi picked up Red Kiss and swung towards the guy that ran the fastest.

At this time, Kawada shouted again, “Alcott, keep the Tranquil Grass safe and we’ll meet up later!”

Bai Yi naturally looked into the crowd to search for Alcott’s figure. Meanwhile, Kawada instantly ran toward the direction of a slope without caring about the injuries on his body. However, even at a time like this, Kawada’s speed wasn’t the fastest but mixed himself in among the chaotic crowd.

Bai Yi looked at the chaotic crowd and coldly and severely said, “Stop now!”


Bai Yi’s mood was already terrible enough, and now he completely lost all his patience for being courteous. Seeing that nobody listened to his words, he immediately grabbed both Red Kiss and Black Underworld. Momo was just beside him, so Bai Yi didn’t try to chase after them. He only retracted both swords for a moment and then instantly swung them both outward in a cross.

Double Edge!

With a buzzing sound, two crescent-shaped strikes instantly shot out, spreading outward like a ripple. This circular ripple instantly flew more than a hundred meters. The people who were still trying to run away immediately cried  out miserably. Bai Yi’s attack wasn’t just a warning; he sent the strike flying very close along the ground, parallel to it. Other than a few of them who were in lucky positions and managed to dodge Bai Yi’s sword qi, the rest of them had their legs split in half horizontally.

In an instant, wretched screams filled the air, and everyone writhed on the ground, holding their dismembered legs and wailing in pain.

“Shut up,” Bai Yi shouted coldly again.

However, the kind of pain inflicted by having one's legs cut off wasn’t something that could be tolerated just because one wanted to; even with Bai Yi’s shout, many of them were still screaming in agony. At this time, Bai Yi headed straight for one of the guys screaming the loudest, grabbing this guy by the neck with his left hand and plunged Red Kiss slowly into his heart with the right.

“I told you guys to shut up.” A malevolent look appeared on Bai Yi’s face.

With Red Kiss slowly plunging into his heart, a look of terror appeared on this guy’s face, and he squirmed around uncontrollably from the pain, but not a single sound escaped from his mouth due to the overwhelming fear. The rest of them looked at his miserable state and covered their mouths tightly, fearing to attract Bai Yi over toward them if they made the slightest noise.

Too cruel!

A mysterious sense of terror rose in all those who were still alive. In the eyes of the outside world, Bai Yi was actually an extremely good-natured person, and he very rarely got angry either. However, at this time, all of them suddenly felt indescribably shocked at the cruelty and apathy that Bai Yi showed.

Nobody would ever stay unchanging; perhaps Bai Yi really had been very good-natured before, but now, within that good-naturedness was a concealed, cold resoluteness. Moreover, Bai Yi was really in a horrible mood now. Woolf and the squad had been infected by parasites, the development of the Tranquil Grass potion had shown no progress, and Momo fell unconscious after getting poisoned. Regardless of which issue it was, the result was that Bai Yi was unable to calm down. The fact that he didn’t take the lives of all these thieves with his first strike was already him retaining enough of his rationality.

“Very obedient!” Bai Yi said softly, and stopped Red Kiss’s progress.

‘Puchi!’, Bai Yi pulled Red Kiss out from the guy’s chest. Although bright red blood flowed profusely from the hole in his chest, the guy—who Bai Yi released—breathed deeply and heavily, feeling like he had just barely escaped death.

“Alcott!” Bai Yi looked at Alcott crawling on the ground in the distance.

“How did Momo get poisoned? Where’s the antidote?” Bai Yi asked.

“You must promise not to kill me...”

“Try and negotiate with me and you can just die right now!” Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes abruptly glared down at him. The intense intimidation instantly caused the words that Alcott wanted to say to become jammed inside his throat. Bai Yi wasn’t joking around; from his actions just now, it was obvious that he was really in a very foul mood. Bai Yi would probably kill him with a swing of his sword if he tried anything else.

“It’s Agnes’s poison, her subordinates should have the antidote,” Alcott immediately answered.

Bai Yi looked around among the ones still alive, and one of them immediately rolled over and shouted loudly, “I have it with me! Team leader’s poison is very powerful; we are quite afraid of getting poisoned accidentally too, so we carry the basic antidotes on us.” This guy crawled on the ground while slowly taking out a packet of medicinal powder.

“Is it effective?” Bai Yi took a few steps and appeared in front of this guy in a flash.

“Yes, yes! Team leader didn’t use her most powerful poison just now, only her basic poison gas.” This guy nodded hurriedly, deeply afraid that Bai Yi would slaughter them all if anything happened to Momo now. Bai Yi received the medicinal powder and sniffed it, before looking at this guy—Reverse Flower Eyes!

“Is this really the antidote?” Bai Yi asked.

“Yes, it’s the antidote.”

“How do you use this?”

“Just pour the powder into the mouth and consume it with blood; the effect is better than consuming it with water.”

It isn’t meant to taken with water? Bai Yi was slightly taken aback. After confirming that it was the antidote, Bai Yi immediately made a cut on his arm with Red Kiss and poured the antidote into Momo’s mouth, preparing to feed her. However, Momo had already fallen unconscious at this time; the moment Bai Yi’s blood fell into her mouth, she almost gagged from the smell of it. Bai Yi didn’t try to avoid arousing suspicion at this time and directly fed Momo the antidote mouth to mouth.

At this time, the guy who had taken out the antidote suddenly snapped out of his daze, almost like he just abruptly woke up.

Reverse Flower Eyes, Bai Yi used his Reverse Flower Eyes just now! Thinking back on Bai Yi’s question, this guy couldn’t help but secretly feel relieved that he hadn't intended to lie just now, otherwise he would probably already be dead.

“You guys can tend to your wounds, but nobody is allowed to leave,” Bai Yi said, and he started to treat Momo’s wounds by himself. Momo didn’t just get poisoned in the previous battle; while clashing with Kawada, she also sustained many wounds to her body. The rest of them heard Bai Yi’s words and started to quietly treat their wounds. There were some muted grunts from time to time, but nobody dared to actually scream out loud.

At this time, almost none of them managed to escape except for one person. This was the guy who had shouted for them to run at the start, and called for Alcott to take the Tranquil Grass to attract Bai Yi’s attention—Kawada Machida. Right now, this guy slowly rolled down along a slope off to one side, heading toward a creek that was about two meters across. Although it was small, in the eyes of this guy it was his chance to flee.

Bai Yi was occupied and worried about Momo’s injuries, and didn’t even ask about the Tranquil Grass, so he didn’t notice Kawada’s little plot either. When Bai Yi finally came to his senses, that guy had already disappeared without a trace. Soon after that, Momo finally opened her eyes, and Bai Yi let out a big sigh of relief.

“Thank heavens!”

Bai Yi hugged Momo gently, letting himself feel a deep fear now that everything was over. Although Alodia had said that Momo was the one most suitable for the shadowing mission, Bai Yi had still been very worried all along. Especially when he had seen Momo collapse; his heart had almost stopped beating, and that was why his methods were so cruel then.


When she woke up, Momo immediately and anxiously said, “Tranquil Grass!”

“It’s fine, everything’s fine now,” Bai Yi said softly. Hearing his words, Momo also slowly relaxed. Although she had only been poisoned for a while, the poison had invaded her body very deeply due to her risky decision earlier. Even if she took the antidote, she probably had to rest for a period of time now.

“Alcott, the Tranquil Grass is with you, right?” Bai Yi asked.

“En, it’s with me.” Alcott didn’t make any other movements and just appeared to be very listless. Bai Yi looked at Alcott and slowly shook his head; he didn’t denounce him, but rather just glanced at the bag behind Alcott. A sigh—that encapsulated the entirety of Bai Yi’s mood now.

Alcott initially thought that Bai Yi would say something, but in the end, he only received a sigh, and somehow that made him feel even more dispirited.

Not long after, the rest of them reached this place as well and saw the numerous injured people lying all over, along with Bai Yi sitting quietly beside Momo. All of them finally relaxed after seeing this. The medical team and the rest of them went through all the survivors methodically, and after doing a headcount they realized that there was one guy that managed to escape.

“That so?” Bai Yi was unexpectedly calm and only said these simple two words after hearing this news.

Another bonus chapter for the month! I guess it's true what they say - nice people are the scariest when angry ._.

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