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Chapter 196: Judgment of Danger

Momo had a very strong sense of danger because when New Zealand had suddenly changed, she was only four years old, and this was the time when a child’s personality started to form. Momo really had not had the intent to kill just now; she only wanted to stall this group of people here. Even when she had to face off against four LV2s and fell into a disadvantageous position, Momo still thought the same way. However, after getting poisoned, the chord that called ‘danger’ inside her heart was strummed.

She was poisoned, and although the antidote that Nancy had concocted was useful against many poisons, it was also similarly ineffective against many others. Momo immediately judged that she had to win in a short period of time, otherwise she would really be in danger.

If it continues like this, I will very likely die!

After making such a judgment inside, Momo immediately revealed her little canines.

Momo’s energy had inclinations toward the soul, and it had the ability to exterminate spiritual beings. In reality, on Bai Yi’s team, the one with the most fatal attacks was actually Momo. It was just that Momo had always been protected very well, and very rarely revealed herself in front of other people. The four opponents battling with Momo immediately felt the air around her change, and the little girl dashed toward them instantly, pointing her black sword towards Agnes.

Scattering Butterfly Dance!

The black sword flashed past, and a large patch of afterimages appeared in the air. Agnes couldn't imagine that not only would the poison not affect Momo but on the contrary, it made her attacks even sharper. After hurriedly avoiding the blade, before Agnes could feel the slightest sense of relief, four beautiful butterflies spread their wings from the afterimages of the blade and slowly flew up, magnificently gorgeous. Unfortunately, Momo only had four Spirit Devouring Butterflies left on her, otherwise, the scene would have been even more beautiful and even more deadly.

What is this?

Before Agnes could figure things out, the four Spirit Devouring Butterflies suddenly landed on her body. A pain hundreds of times more intense than a wasp’s sting spread through her body, and Agnes immediately screamed pitifully, her hands furiously scratching her body in a panic, trying to stop the pain. This was real damage to the soul; the kind of pain that arose from the soul was absolutely incomparable to the kind felt by the body.

While Agnes was screaming miserably, Momo retracted her black sword for a moment and rapidly thrust forward. This was the true Wasp Sting, a variation on the thrust in her sword techniques.

‘Ding!’, it was Kawada that could react in time, and he hurriedly crossed two of his swords to block in front of Agnes. Actually, even though the four of them were working together with Alcott, they didn’t really have a close relationship with each other. Or rather, they even hoped to see each other make fools of themselves or get injured. However, at this time, Kawada judged at that moment that if he still intended on watching the show, Agnes may not get off with just an injury, but truly die.

‘Ding!’, Kawada instantly felt a tremor work through his body all the way into his bones, and a powerful, piercing force immediately came from the black sword opposite him.

‘Kacha!’, the two swords blocking Momo’s black sword immediately broke from their centers and fell to the ground.

Wasp Sting: developed from the basic thrust in sword techniques, the piercing and attacking power of it at a single point made it the strongest sword skill in the arsenal of Bai Yi’s team now.

Kawada and Momo both grunted at the same time. Kawada looked at the blood gradually leaking out of a small point on his chest and sucked in a breath of cold air. If not for the two swords blocking for him, he probably wouldn’t have gotten off with such a small injury. As for Momo, she felt her breathing becoming obstructed at that moment. Sure enough, Nancy’s antidote didn’t have much effect against the special kind of poison that Agnes had.

“Damned brat! I’m going to torture you to death today!” Agnes finally caught her breath and said sinisterly. Veins popped out and twitched on her face, and Agnes was apparently in a lot of pain. However, at this time, she trembled as she stretched out her right hand, and the colored patches on her slowly brightened. Air bubbles slowly rose out from them, looking like they were going to explode at any moment. Even her three companions were stunned when they saw this and immediately retreated backward.

They could still resist the kind of poison she'd used previously, but they had to avoid this kind of poison.

Agnes actually didn’t die; was the number of Spirit Devouring Butterflies too few? Momo had to deal the final blow herself, but... She suppressed the discomfort in her heart and brought out her ruthlessness.

Spirit Devour!

The Spirit Devouring Butterflies grew by consuming souls in the first place, but a single butterfly’s spirit devouring ability wasn’t very strong. The Spirit Devouring Butterflies could survive in Wellington because of their large numbers. However, at this time, the four Spirit Devouring Butterflies received Momo’s orders and immediately started to devour Agnes’s soul in a frenzy.

Agnes, who was still cursing initially, instantly clutched her head in pain and fell to the ground, panting heavily, but she couldn’t even manage to scream now. Looking at Agnes’s miserable appearance, the rest of them felt a lingering fear inside as well. At this time, Momo considered Agnes with an incomparably icy look on her face.

In a few short seconds, Agnes slowly stopped twitching as her hands continued to clutch at her head.

At this time, the four Spirit Devouring Butterflies slowly flew up from Agnes’s body. The four butterflies now seemed like they had eaten too much, and appeared to be a little plump. Although the plump butterflies still looked quite pretty, Momo knew that she won’t be able to use them temporarily.

Agnes’s team members looked at the battlefield from afar, and shouted in fear, “Boss, hey boss, what happened to you!?” These people wanted to approach but were scared of getting attacked, so they were very hesitant.

“Just what kind of ability is this?” Basses and the two others looked at Momo in shock.

“Probably something like a parasite.” Julian thought of the things that Woolf and the others had encountered.

“Who cares what ability it is! Let’s move quickly, we've already delayed for a very long time. Anyway, she’s poisoned too; the faster we settle this, the faster we can leave.” Kawada felt a sense of danger at this time as well.

However, before the few of them could act, Momo’s actions grew even faster. Sensing the changes in her body, Momo knew that the poison was even more powerful than she had initially thought; the longer this dragged on, the more of a disadvantage she would be at. The black sword went back into its sheath and Momo breathed deeply. The kind of heavy atmosphere around her caused everybody to subconsciously feel oppressed.

Kawada saw Momo’s movements and immediately grew alarmed. Shit! Kawada instantly shot out, drew his two remaining swords, and took a defensive pose.

“Dodge!” Kawada roared loudly, and his four swords tilted toward the same direction.

Four Sword Style: Hurricane!

Break: Great Shockwave!

‘Zheng!’, three shockwaves immediately collided with a huge hurricane made out of sword qi. The intense air flow and cutting attacks instantly wreaked havoc on the surroundings. Huge gashes appeared in the vegetation around them, and the land within a 100 meter radius looked just like a giant mixer. After dozens of seconds, the chaos calmed down, and everyone realized that in a 100 meter plus radius around them, various large trees looked like they had gone through a blender, and laid messily all around in broken pieces.

At this time, ‘kacha!’ sounds suddenly came from the four swords in Kawada’s hands, and all of them broke. On his body, three gigantic wounds split open, and blood flowed out profusely from them. Looking at the little girl forcing herself to stand up opposite him, a trace of unwillingness flashed through his eyes.

I lost!

But Kawada was very unresigned with his loss; this time it was completely because of his weapons being far too inferior.

However, the thinking of the little girl opposite him was really risky. Under normal circumstances, if somebody got poisoned, then they would temporarily retreat; but Momo’s attack just now had actually been planned to exterminate everyone before the threat to her life erupted. Kawada used swords as well, and he could sense that Momo had been targeting everyone here with her strike just now.

At this time, Basses and Julian climbed up miserably and swallowed their saliva. Looking at the chaotic battlefield, they were really speechless with shock. Although they had barely managed to block the attack just now, they could only feel ashamed of themselves when they thought of their own strength. Both of them looked at Momo and Kawada subconsciously; there had been a time when they still snorted disdainfully at Kawada for practicing his sword skills tirelessly and diligently every day, but a sense of realization suddenly rose in their hearts now.

They were already completely different from normal humans and stood at a higher stage of life, but they were still restricting their own potential with their old ways of thinking.

Basses looked at his right hand, and high-temperature steam rose continuously from it. Initially, he was still very gleeful about his own ability, but from the looks of it now, his usage of his power was still at a very crude and rudimentary level.

Julian looked at Momo holding onto her black sword unmovingly, and asked, “What happened to her?”

“The poison has spread very deeply now; everybody knows that you should be quiet and calm down after getting poisoned. This kind of intense attack caused her blood circulation to rise rapidly, and spread the poison through her body even more quickly.” Kawada panted with large breaths.

“What do we do now, do we act?” Basses asked. At this time he actually became hesitant.

“Peter! Hey, Peter, what happened to you!?” A guy looked at the face of his companion, covered in blood, and shouted at him after climbing out from beneath a broken tree. When he didn't get a reply from his companion after a long time, he immediately screamed malevolently and dashed towards Momo. “Kill you, I’m gonna kill you!”

Seeing Agnes’s subordinate rush over, the three LV2s didn’t know why, but they didn’t stop him or try to get ahead of him. At the same time, a sense of wariness of Momo rose in the three of them.

However, before this guy could reach Momo, a dark red light suddenly shot down from the sky. This ray of light pierced this guy instantly and heavily staked him into the ground. Kawada looked at the half of the blade revealed on the outside and subconsciously sucked in a breath of cold air.

Red Kiss!

Bai Yi’s treasured sword, there was probably nobody among the evolved humans that did not know this by now.

Alcott was incomparably familiar with this sword; no matter what, his level of familiarity with Bai Yi far exceeded that of anybody else here. After seeing this sword, a sense of despair rose instantly in Alcott’s heart. I’m finished. Bai Yi caught up with us in just the short while of getting stalled here.

However, where was Bai Yi?

Just when everybody thought of this, a gust of wind suddenly blew down from the sky, and all of them couldn’t help but close their eyes. When they opened their eyes again, they found Bai Yi standing on top of Red Kiss’s hilt, and a dark, crystal-like pair of wings behind his back slowly folded in onto themselves. In his pair of eyes was a soul-shivering iciness.

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