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Chapter 190: Is This Incitement?

“LV2 Metamorphose Stage!” Lucretia said softly.

“En, aren’t you the same?” Bai Yi smiled and didn’t say any more.

“Speaking of this, we really have to thank you. All the people who managed to entered LV2 recently were basically those who had received good treatment at your place previously. The Tranquil Grass does have the effect of increasing the success rate of metamorphosis, but everyone knows what the most crucial thing is. If not for the information you released at the start, and the Hypnotist class you created back in New Christchurch, there would probably be a lot fewer LV2s now.” Lucretia and Edgar stood up and thanked Bai Yi seriously.

“It was just for the sake of evolved humans as a whole, there's no need to be so serious.” Bai Yi wanted to get up as well but was lightly pressed down by Lucretia, who made him accept their gratitude.

“We still ought to.”

Edgar started to speak as well. “I think you should also know that it is precisely because of your reputation among evolved humans that Alcott would come and find you. Actually, he had this idea long ago, but not many people cared about him. Do you know why?”

“Because of his selfishness and the breakdown of societal structure, right?”

“That’s right. The breakdown of the societal structure caused the title of Minister of Public Security of New Christchurch to become worthless. Furthermore, when other people had entered LV2 and he had not, the difference in strength gradually became more obvious, and many people would not give him their attention.” Edgar could be considered to have agreed to Bai Yi’s distribution plan already, and this was why he started to seriously discuss the feasibility of this plan.

“Thus, the people we should pay attention to now are those 50 plus people who entered LV2?”

Lucretia supplemented him with the details. “53 people, based on the numbers we have now. Some of the people among them are relatively famous like the leaders of various teams. Other than that, there’s also some of the lower profile people who journeyed to this far off place and were the first to discover the Tranquil Grass. You would have to convince all these people.” Just like Bai Yi said, this was actually a good thing, if not for the bunch of scum in high positions. It wasn’t like nobody had thought about doing this before, it was just that they didn’t have the fame and reputation to, and most people didn’t trust them.

Bai Yi nodded. “I’ll convince them, I guarantee it.”

“Since you have so much confidence, we’ll just wait for the results then.” Lucretia nodded as well.

Even though there were only slightly more than 2,000 people, they still had to spend three days to fully gather everybody. All of them came to a temporary gathering place and waited, wanting to see what Bai Yi had to say. These people all gathered here basically because of Bai Yi’s previous reputation and fame, and as for Alcott, nobody actually cared about him.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, Bai Yi walked up on stage.

He looked at everyone below him and started speaking after a period of silence. “Everyone, I am Bai Yi. I believe that all of you should know me.” Bai Yi didn’t use any loudspeakers, but his voice was incomparably clear, ringing in everybody’s ears. Bai Yi’s absolute life field granted him simple control over air, and the simplest thing he could do with it now was causing vibrations in the air to produce sound.

Just as Bai Yi spoke, the crowd broke into whispers as well, and there was a slight commotion. This was just human nature; unless they were some kind of trained soldiers, when people gathered they would always be boisterous and noisy like in a market.

“2,113 people; this is the number that we just counted yesterday, and also all the evolved humans here.” Bai Yi didn’t try to forcefully suppress the commotion but slowly continued with a faint smile on his face. “Very lively, right? Look at all of you squeezing together and chatting so noisily. I almost have the illusion that everyone is doing very well, and that there isn’t much pressure on us.”

“Perhaps some of you might say, 'That’s right, we are indeed doing very well'. Entering LV2, increasing in strength, expanding the team; you guys can ensure your own safety now even if you meet any evolved lifeforms.”

“But is that really the case!?” In an instant, Bai Yi’s tone abruptly turned, and his face became incomparably solemn.

“Everyone, I am actually very sorrowful—really very sorrowful. Once upon a time, there were a few million people in New Zealand but after a few years, there’s only this group of us left. 2,113 people, what a big number, what a lively place, huh? I really can’t imagine how you guys can have such a relaxed attitude as to be chatting here so idly.” Bai Yi’s tone became heavier as the whispering below gradually quietened, and the place became incredibly quiet.

“I think all of you should already know why I and a few friends gathered all of you here today. To unite together, and form teams with all the people who are more proficient in water combat to harvest Tranquil Grass together. After getting the Tranquil Grass, we will distribute it to everyone based on their contributions. Other than that...” Bai Yi saw that the crowd had finally quietened down and continued to speak.

“Hmph, it sounds nice, but it’s just for your own sake in the end.” This kind of opposition character would never be lacking at any time. Moreover, there would definitely not just be one of this kind of character; it was just that most of them were shrewder, and wouldn’t jump out so hurriedly.

Bai Yi looked at the guy who spoke. “That’s right, I am doing this for myself.”

Housman Clive: one of the lucky ones to enter LV2 not long ago. Due to his burst in strength recently, he had pulled some of the evolved humans without a team together and had a decent reputation. Most importantly, this guy fused with the genes of an octopus and could move freely underwater. He would find one or two stalks of Tranquil Grass from time to time, and there were already three LV2s under him right now, so he was more arrogant.

“Hahaha, Bai Yi, you really are honest, admitting that it's for yourself just like this! Aren’t you guys planning to use the pretense of ‘for everybody’s sake’ to turn all of us into your slaves, while you sit there and wait to enjoy the Tranquil Grass?” Houseman waved two of his tentacles while the multiple eyes on his face blinked.

“I think you guys don’t have to participate in gatherings like this anymore. Why not just follow me? I can actually get a few Tranquil Grass from time to time! Although I can’t guarantee that all of you will get any, at least the probability would be larger.” Housman immediately stood up and walked to the stage, openly trying to recruit people to his team.

Sounds of clapping rang out, and Bai Yi actually started to clap. Just when everyone felt confused, Bai Yi spoke again.

“Then?” Bai Yi didn’t mind Housman’s disruption, and his face still remained gentle.

Housman looked at Bai Yi. “Then what?”

“I’m asking you what happens after that. After everyone follows you, what do you plan to do?” Bai Yi guided him patiently and systematically.

“Of course I will... how would there be a ‘then’ now? It’s already very good to enter LV2!” Housman wanted to talk about what would happen afterwards, but he had indeed never thought about this problem before.

“Why not listen to my suggestion then?” Bai Yi’s tone still remained very gentle; however, on the contrary, Housman felt a kind of pressure coming from Bai Yi’s body, causing him to subconsciously give way.

“OK then, let me hear what good ideas you have.”

Bai Yi smiled and returned to the front stage. Comparing Bai Yi and Housman, Housman’s actions seemed just like those of a clown. Seeing how Bai Yi looked like now, Housman felt extremely pissed off inside. But at this time, Bai Yi didn’t care so much, and once more opened his mouth. As he started speaking again, everyone couldn’t help but want to continue listening to his words.

“I already mentioned before that the purpose of doing this is for myself. However, it’s definitely not like what the majority of you think, using the privilege of my position to stuff my pockets with Tranquil Grass,” Bai Yi said in a bitingly cold tone, viciously cutting across the air with his right hand. Everyone couldn’t help but focus their attention, wanting to hear Bai Yi’s explanation.

“I said this before as well, that I feel very sorrowful. Sorrowful that of the millions of people in New Zealand back then, there’s only slightly more than 2,000 of us remaining that we can gather. This is after just a few years; what would happen in a few more years? How many of you here would still be remaining then? Even for those who entered the LV2 Metamorphose Stage, can you guys guarantee that you will definitely be able to survive? Even if you manage to survive, are you willing to continue on like this, living on the edge every day in the Devil Isles?”

“I’m not willing!” Bai Yi pointed to himself and shook his head heavily.

“I know my own limitations. I’m stronger now after entering LV2, but without a big enough group, any individual would just fall to the fate of being a henchman or an experimental subject for the countries outside. The ‘for the sake of myself’ I said earlier, is to fight for everyone here to enter LV2 and leave this place together, to return to the safe human world outside!” Bai Yi raised his right hand and pointed to the west.

All of the evolved humans subconsciously turned to look at that direction. In that direction was Australia; the closest landmass to New Zealand with normal humans on it.

“Binging Stage: we were too busy looking for food, and we were also in the midst of confusion and panic, so we didn’t plan on going back to the human world.”

“Brutal Stage: our bodies’ changes started to stabilize, but look at all of us! We all look like monsters. Most importantly, we can’t control our own berserk states. If we went out in this state, undoubtedly the normal humans would just see us as berserk monsters, so we didn’t think of going back to the human world at this stage either.”

“Hypersomnia Stage: most of us are at this stage now. This stage will be over with some sleep, but the pressure over the success of metamorphosis always hung in our hearts, so probably nobody chose to return to the human world at this time as well.”

“Hence, my plan is to, as much as possible, let everyone here get past metamorphosis and enter the LV2 Metamorphose Stage. We would gain a certain level of power, be able to completely control our minds and not do anything that goes against our wills. At that point in time, all of us can return to the human world together, and fight for a safe place to stay in.”

“What about you guys?” Bai Yi asked seriously at the end.

“I want to return to the human world.”

“I want to go back as well. I came to New Zealand on exchange, my parents are still waiting for me. It has already been more than four years... I don’t even know how they are now.” One of them started to cry while talking.

“I want to go back as well, but actually I just want to show off to the normal humans there,” One of them was apparently more of a joker.

“Me too...”

Bai Yi looked at everyone’s expressions and started to smile warmly. The dust had settled!

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