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Chapter 191: Unwritten Rules

The crowd gradually roused up in support of Bai Yi; but similarly, he found that a lot of people below remained calm and weren't incited by his previous words. These people were all relatively more rational, and simple incitement wouldn’t have much effect on them. He needed to have a thorough plan and method of distribution that could convince them first before gaining their approval.

Bai Yi smiled. Luckily, he had never intended to gain power for his personal interests. This plan could absolutely be said to be for the sake of everyone.

Bai Yi slowly started to talk about the plan that he had considered carefully before. “My plan is to gather all the people who are proficient in either swimming or in underwater battle to form a squad. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t many of them; as long as they have the absolute ability to protect themselves underwater, they can continuously harvest Tranquil Grass. With regard to the distribution method, Tranquil Grass would, of course, firstly go to every member of this squad.”

“Based on our understanding, the size of Tranquil Grass isn’t too different. At the start, when Tranquil Grass was easier to pick, some testing was done on it, and it was found that using up to three stalks of this grass was the most effective application. So, we will satisfy the needs of every member of this first squad and give each of them three stalks.”

“As for the distribution afterward, there would be no priorities and no special privileges; it would be distributed based on the amount of Tranquil Grass we have. If the numbers are sufficient, then everyone else will get three stalks as well, without undergoing any danger. If the difference in the quantity of Tranquil Grass is too big, it wouldn’t be fair to give it to only some people, so I hope to pass this grass to the Medicinal Makers to handle. Don’t forget, we have a new profession in the Devil Isles called Medicinal Maker, and they are the ones who can bring out the effects of medicinal ingredients to the utmost,” Bai Yi said seriously, and looked downwards.

Alcott still looked at Bai Yi with plans already in his mind. In his heart, Bai Yi was just saying all this. In the end he would still ensure that his own people got the benefits, right? But...

“I’ll repeat this again: other than the squad that risks their lives to collect Tranquil Grass, nobody else has any priorities or special privileges. Nobody,” Bai Yi said, and his gaze gradually swept across everyone. Those who still had some schemes in their minds looked at Bai Yi’s expression and felt their hearts skip a beat. It can’t be, this Bai Yi is really going to be so fair and impartial?

“I welcome everyone to inspect this operation at any time. If you really find people who abused their power for personal gains,” Bai Yi paused for a moment, placing his left hand slowly on his scabbard. With a ‘zheng!’, the blade came out of the sheath by a bit. All of them shivered in their hearts. This Bai Yi had practically never battled back in New Christchurch, but the sharpness he revealed just now felt incomparably pressuring. Especially those LV2s, perhaps it was due to their five senses being more acute, but they sensed it even more deeply than the others.

Bai Yi acted very casual, and said, “Relax. Even if we find people like this, I wouldn’t kill them either. After all, there’s really not many evolved humans left. We would only temporarily expel them from the group, and they would have nothing to do with the operation for a time. It’s very easy. I believe the remaining people would know how they should treat this kind of people in the future.”

Easy? Easy your ass! If this kind of people didn’t get killed after being caught, they would probably be completely ostracized in the future!

An intimidation tactic to make everyone feel a clear pressure, and relaxing his stance afterwards. This made all their hearts beat rapidly, but nobody dared to stand out and object to this. As long as the person was a human, one would never do something as stupid as that. Standing out now to object would be to place themselves directly in opposition to everyone else’s interest.

“This is my plan for distribution. Do you guys still have any objections to it?”

“Of course there is one objection. This distribution method seems logical, but what if we waste the Tranquil Grass in the end and are not able to concoct a potion from it? What if the potion so concocted doesn’t have as good of an effect as we expected, and there's not enough to distribute to everyone? How are we going to solve this?” The group of people who were more rational before finally spoke up. Apparently, Bai Yi’s plan and distribution method really made them get serious.

“As for this, do you guys have any good solutions?” Bai Yi smiled and asked. Actually, in Bai Yi’s heart, he didn’t think that there were any good solutions to this. After all, this plan was taking a risk in and of itself; it wasn’t possible to only have benefits. However, if somebody else really had a good distribution method or they could get everybody to be more active, that would be a good thing as well. Afterward, the crowd started to noisily discuss the plan this time.

1. Picking suitable people to enter the lake; 2. collecting and consolidating the information about the aquatic evolved lifeforms they have encountered in the lake so far; 3. drawing a simple map and indicating the areas where they had found Tranquil Grass previously; 4. gathering all the Medicinal Makers from all the teams so they could start discussing how to develop the formula for the Tranquil Grass potion; 5. preparing a medical team, as the people entering the lake would definitely get injured, so a complete medical team was necessary; 6. finding a suitable place for metamorphosis.

Bai Yi didn’t want to pass on his responsibilities, and so he became the leader of this operation, coordinating all of the movements. However, after passing all of the instructions down, he suddenly realized that he had some time with nothing to do. During this free period of time, Alcott came to look for him.

“Bai Yi, isn’t this too much?” Alcott asked.

“Is it? What is too much?” Bai Yi looked at Alcott. There were no other people in Bai Yi’s room now; even Alcott’s two guards had stopped outside. Although Bai Yi didn’t have a title anymore, in reality he was the leader of everyone—at least for now.

Alcott lowered his voice and said, “Bai Yi, you really have no selfish motives? I believe that everyone would understand; even if you really took some Tranquil Grass for yourself, the others wouldn’t say anything.” If Bai Yi got some, he would of course have the chance to as well.

“These are the unwritten rules, aren't they?” Bai Yi’s smile didn’t reach his eyes.

Alcott nodded. “That’s right, these are the unwritten rules!” During peaceful times there were innumerable unwritten rules around. Although they hadn’t been expressed explicitly, they did exist. Many people felt that all these unwritten rules were unbelievably disgusting, but most of the time these people became the supporters of these unwritten rules themselves.

“I’m sorry, there aren’t any unwritten rules this time.” Bai Yi raised his right hand, showing Alcott the way out, and added a few words. “I’m serious!”

Alcott stared at Bai Yi seriously for a long while, before leaving the place with a difficult to describe expression. After Alcott left, Alodia came up to Bai Yi. “Uncle Bai, we need to monitor his and some other people’s actions closely, otherwise they really might sabotage us,” Alodia said while making a cup of green tea for Bai Yi.

“Then who do you think is suitable for this mission?”

Alodia heard Bai Yi’s question and thought for a while before opening her mouth. “Young Lady Momo!”


“Yes. Young Lady Momo is only nine years old; everybody knows this. Due to her young age, people would be more likely to relax their guard around her. Other than that, Young Lady Momo has already entered LV2, after all; she’s very strong. Finally, Young Lady Momo has the Spirit Devouring Butterflies with her as well. There are only five of them left now, yet in many situations, they would be more useful than eavesdropping personally. But...” Alodia slowly said, although she didn’t continue after that ‘but’.

But... would Bai Yi be willing to let Momo do a shadowing and surveillance mission like this?

“What if Sharpei and Momo go together?” Bai Yi asked, and started laughing to himself. What use was that? Even if he was powerful, with Sharpei’s huge size it would be impossible for them to conceal themselves. Sure enough, when it came to Momo he really wasn’t too rational about things.

Bai Yi sipped the green tea and said faintly, “Let Momo go then.”

Bai Yi was actually clearer than Alodia on Momo’s growth. After all, Momo would never hide any changes in herself from him. Although she was only nine years old, Momo was already incomparably mature in some regards from the long years spent growing up on the Devil Isles. However, in Bai Yi’s heart, Momo was still the little baby girl looking for protection he had found crying in the pouring rain. When Alodia recommended Momo for this mission, it made Bai Yi suddenly realize that Momo had started to grow up as well.

Very quickly, they called Momo over. Bai Yi gave his careful instructions, Momo listened to everything seriously, and finally, all of his feelings condensed into two words: “Be careful.” Bai Yi kissed Momo on her forehead.

Momo nodded. “En, daddy, I will be careful.” Bai Yi and Momo stared at each other before suddenly bursting out into laughter, the two small dimples on Momo’s cheeks making her look incomparably adorable.

To ensure the safety of the personnel, the first stage of selection of people for the underwater squad was very strict. With the requirements for good swimming ability and outstanding underwater combat ability, a large portion of the possible applicants was eliminated. Actually, a lot of them had very decent strength, but they became incomparably helpless when placed underwater. Even a lot of the evolved humans that fused with genes from aquatic animals didn’t necessarily do well in the water. Even if they fused with genes from aquatic animals, they had spent all their time on land over the past few years, so they weren’t familiar at all with being underwater.

As the one in charge, Bai Yi would of course check on the selection of members of the squad. When Bai Yi arrived, many people were undergoing their tests in the water. This was an even bigger body of water close to the lake, and the deepest part was roughly 20 meters deep. There were already some aquatic evolved lifeforms in this place, it was just that they were temporarily scared off by the number of people here.

“How’s the test going?” Bai Yi came up beside Housman and asked. Although Housman had embarrassed himself somewhat in the previous gathering, no matter what, he still had very outstanding underwater combat abilities; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to bring back a stalk of Tranquil Grass every few days. Hence, for the selection of the squad, this guy was actually the one in charge overall.

“It won’t do. It completely won’t do. There’s barely even a few that can keep up. Honestly speaking, for those that haven’t entered LV2 yet, even if they fused with some genes from aquatic animals, they would still just be serving themselves up on a dish with those unfamiliar movements when they go down.” Housman didn’t bother to be courteous at all.

“How many are there? We don’t need a big squad, but a squad that can definitely protect themselves. The numbers aren’t important.” Bai Yi ignored Housman’s complaining.

“Five—no, only four, actually!”

“How many people haven’t taken the test yet?” Bai Yi creased his eyebrows; the numbers were too small. No wonder it was so hard to obtain Tranquil Grass.

“The team leaders I guess. They don’t seem to be willing to take the risk; for example, you.” Housman looked at Bai Yi jokingly.

Bai Yi was stunned for a moment after hearing his words, and said, “Me?... Get everyone to come for the test, nobody can escape this.”

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