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Chapter 179: Consolidation Of Findings

Author’s Notes:

There’s some changes to the content of chapter 178.

I only intended to have a full summary of the evolution system so far to make it look more complete, and to also use it as a conclusion for this part. Actually, I already simplified the content, but it still seems to be unbearably long.

My system, after all, isn’t the same as the system in other novels; the setting isn’t as simple as just giving things a level and a name. Every level has a corresponding change to the biological state, and I try my best to use a relatively logical method to explain the reasoning and cause behind their powers. I initially wanted to reserve some of the settings for LV2, and I ended up releasing all of it here, but so be it then.


Although all of them could feel their strength increase greatly after entering LV2, at the same time they could also feel that they had become unfamiliar with the power inside their bodies. After gaining the ability to control special energy, it was just like there was something additional in their bodies now. If they were careless, they would subconsciously move this special energy around inside their bodies, and cause even normal, ordinary actions of theirs to have terrifying effects.

Hence, from the start, all of them carefully tried to familiarize themselves with actively using special energy. Based on the limited information that Yeye had about LV2, they started feeling out their own bodies and consolidating their findings.

Yeye only had two pieces of information in her database—1. an absolute life field would appear in the body after entering the Metamorphose Stage; and 2. the body, energy, and other aspects of the lifeform would be in a state of continuous change. That was also the reason behind the name of the Metamorphose Stage—it was definitely not the ‘perversion’ that these words normally meant1.

They didn’t know how the people at that research facility had found out about these two points to begin with, but they continued to study their states from there.

The absolute life field, this was the direct reason why they could manipulate the special energy in their bodies. Through Bai Yi’s quiet sensing of his body, he could feel that the special energy within him moved based on his will through the influence of the absolute life field.

But how should he put this? Bai Yi felt that although the flow of the special energy generally moved through the meridians in his body, this wasn’t because the special energy could only flow through these paths; rather, it was just due to the composition of his body. In reality, every cell in his body had already become activated, and special energy existed in every single cell. When Bai Yi tried to control the special energy with his mind, the energy started to gather slowly from the individual cells themselves, so of course it shouldn’t just be restricted to flowing along the meridians. In reality, didn’t the cells that made up the so-called ‘meridians’ themselves contain special energy?

Bai Yi held onto Red Kiss and stood by the lake, continuously repeating the same movement—the sword draw stance of Great Shockwave.

This was basically the strongest sword skill that Bai Yi had now, but he was just constantly repeating the pose of the sword draw, and didn’t actually draw the sword even once.

Bellamy and Chinchilla hid behind Bai Yi and watched from afar. The sword skill Great Shockwave was something that all of them had started learning long ago, but none of them had truly been able to grasp it. Bellamy was actually very excited to have the opportunity to see Bai Yi use it personally. However, her initially overflowing excitement gradually turned into dozing off. Bellamy couldn’t help but grumble in her heart: hasn’t it been more than an hour? What is this uncle doing?!

What was Bai Yi doing? He was, of course, seriously sensing the flow of special energy within his body. Although people couldn't see any abnormalities on the surface, Bai Yi himself could sense the surges of special energy in his body.


With a slow and melodious ringing of the sword, Bai Yi’s Red Kiss came out of the sheath by ten plus centimeters, and his body bent slightly as well. To the side, Bellamy and Chinchilla immediately stared with wide-open eyes, but at this point, Bai Yi suddenly stopped again and even released the sword hilt. Bai Yi looked at his right hand as drops of blood dripped down from the tip of his finger. He hadn’t even truly drawn the sword! The surge of special energy within his body had immediately burst through his pores and pushed the blood out.

As expected, it was one thing being able to control special energy, but how to control it was yet another issue.

Bai Yi sheathed Red Kiss again and prepared to go back to rest for a while. Within such a short time, he already actually felt a slight sense of mental fatigue. Seemingly, manipulating special energy was quite draining on his mind. Actually, a normal person would feel mentally tired as well if they worked on something for a long period of time, but Bai Yi still prepared to note this matter down. In all aspects, he wanted to seriously record and consolidate the changes from the Metamorphose Stage.

Bai Yi turned around and discovered Bellamy and Chinchilla lazily laying on top of a rock.

“What’s going on?” Bai Yi asked.

“What’s going on? We wanted to see for ourselves what the Great Shockwave truly looked like, but in the end, we only saw you posing over there!” Bellamy said idly. Chinchilla meowed as well, swinging its long tail.

“Making poses, huh?” Bai Yi looked at his right hand.

“You’re injured?” Bellamy was immediately surprised. Bai Yi hadn’t moved at all while he was standing over there just now?

“Small injury. I didn’t control the special energy well enough and it burst through my skin. Didn’t you want to see the Great Shockwave? I’ll only demonstrate this once, so look at it carefully,” Bai Yi said to Bellamy, and once more turned around toward the lake. Bai Yi placed his right hand on the hilt again and pulled the blade out in a flash. The little bit of understanding he had gained just now of the way to manipulate special energy erupted ferociously.

‘Zheng!’ a melodious sound rang out from the sword. A faint and transparent red shockwave immediately flew from Bai Yi’s sword and traveled along the surface of the lake.

“So this is the Great Shockwave? But it doesn’t seem like much.” Bellamy wasn’t impressed at all.

Bai Yi laughed loudly. “Hahahaha, does it? Bellamy you can develop a more powerful sword skill then, I’ll wait for it.”

When the two of them had walked more than ten meters back toward the cave, the sounds of things breaking abruptly came from the opposite side of the shore. A circle of giant trees on the other side of the lake shore suddenly started to slowly fall, and with a loud ‘boom!’ they crashed onto the ground. Bellamy immediately jumped around in shock and discovered the situation on the other side. Seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but stare with her eyes wide open.

WOAHHHH! So she'd only seen the start just now, and not the ending. This little lake was oval in shape, and it was roughly 170 meters from this point to the other end of the lake. Bai Yi’s strike could actually reach so far! To think that she'd had the cheek to say that it didn’t seem like much just now.

At this time, Bai Yi looked at Bellamy teasingly, and the cat-lady immediately exploded.

“Just you wait! I will definitely develop a stronger sword skill than Great Shockwave!” Bellamy said loudly, seemingly not willing to admit defeat.

Bai Yi nodded. “En, I’ll be waiting.” He actually wanted to agitate Bellamy a bit, since all she did nowadays was fool around with Chinchilla. Seeing Bai Yi’s serious look, Bellamy didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Did she really have to develop a sword skill stronger than Great Shockwave now?

After the two of them left, the surface of the lake bubbled, and a crab more than one meter in diameter that looked just like a big table slowly rose out of the lake. Looking in the direction that they'd left in and moving its big pincers, it swung one pincer forward with a ‘swish!’.

The big movement pushed the water in front of it, causing an unstable piece of rock more than ten meters away to roll toward the bottom.

However, this crab still thought that it had managed to learn Bai Yi’s previous attack, and its eyes squinted in glee as it waved its pincers about.

Not long after Bai Yi’s group returned to the cave, Woolf and the others returned as well. Woolf and Pupu were together, while Momo had gone with Sharpei. They were all trying to familiarize themselves with the use of special energy. After they came back, all of them gathered together and listened to the findings that each of them had made about the special energy inside their bodies.

Bai Yi organized all the findings that they had and recorded them. It didn’t matter if it was all accurate or not, as these things could be gradually edited in the future.

1. The absolute life field didn’t cause special energy to flow like how they imagined it would; it was more like a magnetic field that exerted a propulsive force on the special energy in their bodies. However, the absolute life field was different from a magnetic field: it didn’t have a fixed direction of movement and could be controlled freely.

2. The amount of special energy contained within each lifeform’s body was different, and so far, Woolf and Sharpei had the most. After all, this was a kind of energy that was contained within cells, and so far it seemed to be more abundant the larger the size of the body in question was.

3. Although Woolf had the most special energy in his body, based on his own words he couldn’t even use 10% of it before feeling fatigued and having a sense of mental tiredness. Cross-checking this with the experiences of Bai Yi and the others, it seemed like controlling special energy would place a great burden on the mind. Hence, it wasn’t sufficient just to have a lot of special energy contained within the body; the mind must be able to keep up as well in order to make use of the quantity of special energy.

In the end, Bai Yi termed the measurement of their mental energy as... awareness!

4. The same special energy could result in completely different effects based on the method of its usage. All of them had this experience. Randomly using the special energy in their bodies would sometimes not increase the power of their attacks, and even turn into a burden. However, with these primitive conditions that they had, they couldn’t simulate how the special energy in their bodies moved every time, and could only rely on their own memory to remember it.

5. ...

“Bai Yi, did your tastes change?” Betsy suddenly asked while eating.


“Ever since you guys went through metamorphosis, your preferences for food started to gradually change. If at the start you guys weren’t picky or liked to eat everything, then now you guys have an obvious preference for certain foods,” Betsy said, pointing at what everyone was eating now. Betsy was a chef, and she had been responsible for everyone’s food all along, so she was very clear about this observation.

Bai Yi looked at the food in front of everybody in puzzlement, and suddenly said, “The natural needs of the body!”

8. Everyone’s bodies were changing during the Metamorphose Stage, and the type of nutrients, substances, and elements that each person needed were all different now. Knowing how to determine what type of nutrients or substances a person needed, and preparing suitable food for each person, were fundamental requirements for a true chef in the future.

They recorded every nuance and every discovery. Activated cells and special energy were something foreign to everyone's experience, and they didn’t have the luxury of a systematic way of learning about all this.

Translator's Notes:

Somehow, 'metamorphosis' could also mean 'perversion' in Chinese. The words meant ‘a change in state’, where the change could also be interpreted as ‘twisted’, so being a pervert means having a twisted state of mind/being in Chinese.
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