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Chapter 180: Comparing Tables

One month after Bai Yi and the other LV2s awakened, Betsy and the remaining people entered the Hypersomnia Stage as well, but their states were much worse than Bai Yi and company’s. They wanted to sleep a lot, but they just couldn’t fall asleep. If not for Bai Yi’s help, they would have probably developed some sort of anxiety disorder from this. People like Nancy and Alodia from the second batch that had gone into the Hypersomnia Stage woke up once in a while as well, and returned to sleep after interacting and exchanging some information with each other.

Bai Yi recorded all this information about the changes in their states and conditions.

Before long, Nancy, Alodia, and Melvin had fallen into a lengthy period of deep level sleep as well, and if nothing unexpected happened they were probably undergoing metamorphosis. After another three months, the three of them woke up, and Bai Yi hurriedly questioned them about the outcome. Melvin had entered LV2, but Nancy and Alodia shook their heads.

Bai Yi asked, “What happened? It doesn’t seem like you guys failed in metamorphosis either.” Based on Yeye’s data, the probability of having an incomplete metamorphosis and becoming a defective product was 62.8%. Although these defective products also had power close to that of a LV2, their minds weren’t really awake.

“How do I describe this... little sister Alodia, how do you feel?” Nancy smiled and asked Alodia.

“Me? I felt that something was missing during the metamorphosis and subconsciously stopped myself,” Alodia said.

Nancy smiled again and nodded. “Same for me.”

Melvin’s initially happy expression gradually turned quiet as he heard what they said. “Something was missing? I felt that too, like an unnatural feeling, but I thought that once I broke through it wouldn’t matter anymore, so I naturally let my body continue changing. Am I lacking something now?”

“Relax, you already entered LV2 and didn’t lose your mind either, so what would you be lacking?” Bai Yi reassured him.

“Then what about you guys, how do you feel? Can you control the state of your body?” Bai Yi asked the two girls again. In Yeye’s data, metamorphosis happened passively—it wasn’t something that could be controlled.

“I feel OK; there’s a feeling like I’m about to break through to something else, but it seems like this can be suppressed if I control it subconsciously,” Nancy answered, and Alodia nodded as well.

“Is that so? We’ll write it down then,” Bai Yi said as he took out a notebook.

“I’ll do it, Uncle Bai,” Alodia said to Bai Yi. Nancy laughed and looked at him too. “Why is it you doing this kind of thing? What about the others?”

Bai Yi smiled and explained, “Hahaha, I do want to hand this over to other people, but they're all not suitable. The only five that entered the LV2 Metamorphose Stage are me, Momo, Woolf, Sharpei, and Pupu. Who do you think I should pass this job to? Betsy? Although it is possible, I think that they wouldn’t be able to record things well without experiencing the LV2 stage for themselves, so in the end I decided to do it myself.”

“But since you already said it: Alodia, come and help me to organize the records.” Bai Yi passed the notebook to her. When they were in New Christchurch, Alodia had acted as Bai Yi’s secretary for a long period of time as well, helping him to organize and plan some things.

Alodia nodded. “Sure!”

Although Betsy and the few others had entered the Hypersomnia Stage too, their sleeping states weren’t too deep. Very quickly, the whole team—which hadn’t gathered in one place for a long time—came together. When Betsy and the few others going through the Hypersomnia Phase heard that Nancy and Alodia had temporarily given up and delayed the metamorphosis when they felt like something was missing, they seriously took note of it in their hearts as well. Their situations were even worse than those two's, as even in the Hypersomnia Stage they needed Bai Yi’s help to get a good night's sleep.

Very quickly, Melvin, who had entered LV2, started to try and get a grasp on the changes in his body too. Of course, since there had already been some results documented by the other LV2s, Melvin started by looking through the information they had gathered.

After doing some tests and comparisons, everyone could immediately tell the difference.

Although they had all entered LV2, the amount of energy that Melvin could control at once was a lot lower than that of the other LV2s, and his fine control over the energy wasn’t too good either. To make things even clearer for the sake of comparison, Alodia made a table of all their statuses now, and all of all them realized what was wrong through a simple comparison.

Bai Yi:

Total quantity of special energy: 10,000; rate of flow of special energy at the same time: 100; maximum rate of flow: 500. With 100 as his rate of energy consumption, Bai Yi would get tired when roughly 2,000 units of special energy had been consumed, and at the same time his rate of flow would start to decrease. Bai Yi’s limit was at consuming roughly 8,000 units of of special energy; at that point in time his mind wouldn’t be able to use even the tiniest amount of special energy anymore. Bai Yi’s mind would be thoroughly fatigued in that state.

Of course, Alodia’s table was relatively simple, and she used Bai Yi as the benchmark for the status of everyone else.

Bai Yi: total energy 10,000; rate of flow 100; maximum rate of flow 500; normal state consumption 2,000; maximum consumption 8,000; awareness 100.

Momo: total energy 7,000; rate of flow 130; maximum rate of flow 700; normal state consumption 2,400; maximum consumption 7,000; awareness 130.

Sharpei: total energy 19,000; rate of flow 95; maximum rate of flow 550; normal state consumption 2,200; maximum consumption 6,500; awareness 95.

Pupu: Total energy 15,000; rate of flow 100; maximum rate of flow 450; normal state consumption 2,000; maximum consumption 6,500; awareness 95.

Woolf: total energy 20,000; rate of flow 90; maximum rate of flow 520; normal state consumption 1,900; maximum consumption 5,800; awareness 70.

Melvin: total energy 6,800; rate of flow 70; maximum rate of flow 320; normal state consumption 1,400; maximum consumption 4,000; awareness 70.

All of the numbers were something that Alodia had derived after she spent a large amount of time organizing and surveying everyone’s various situations and conditions. Perhaps this table wasn’t precise, but the general situation wouldn’t differ by much. With this table, everyone could see the differences between the LV2s with a look, and Melvin immediately knew what he was lacking in.

It was the total amount of special energy and the level of awareness he had!

If Bai Yi and the four others had entered LV2 easily and without difficulty, then Melvin’s actions had been a bit riskier, and his metamorphosis had been forced through.

Awareness was a new form of measurement that Bai Yi had created at this time, used to measure the quantity of special energy capable of being used by the body as well as its rate of flow. They obviously couldn’t define awareness so finely at this point in time, but the difference between the six of them could be seen with a glance. Compared to the five of them, Melvin was worse by a whole level.

At this time, Alodia gave her own theory regarding this situation.

Perfect Metamorphosis: ever since the start of assimilation with the activated cells, the lifeform continuously underwent rebalancing of the body and soul. When the time for metamorphosis came, the conditions were already right, and success followed naturally. This kind of metamorphosis could enhance awareness and the special energy contained in the body to individual perfection.

Individual perfection needed to be specified because everyone was different from each other. For example, Momo had a small body, so the amount of special energy that she could contain within her was smaller. On the other hand, Woolf had a big body, but everyone knew that he had a simple brain. Although he had three times the special energy that Momo had, he was a lot worse when it came to awareness.

Forced Metamorphosis: The degree of harmonization between the body and soul couldn't be considered too great, but the metamorphosis was successfully completed through force. The total quantity of special energy, awareness, and other attributes were all imperfect, leaving behind flaws.

Failed Metamorphosis (Alive): LV2.1 Defective Metamorphose Stage, they would definitely have much greater strength than the LV1 form before, but would not have a clear mind.

Failed Metamorphosis (Dead): Since they were already dead, there was nothing much to say about them.

The five of them had been together since the start of their assimilation with activated cells, or rather, what was more crucial was that they had been together since Bai Yi had awakened his Reverse Flower Eyes. At that time, they were still in the Binging Stage, but they had already been receiving Bai Yi’s hypnosis to fall into deep level sleep and undergo rebalancing.

As for Nancy, Melvin, and Alodia, they only joined the team after Bai Yi had entered the snow valley. After that, Bai Yi went into his cocooned state and slept for half a year. Through such a comparison, where the difference had come from became very obvious.

To undergo Perfect Metamorphosis, they probably had to continuously rebalance the body and soul from the very start. If they didn’t do anything at all, they would probably match the statistics obtained from the research facility, reaching a failure rate of 62.8%.

“Unless... Perfect Metamorphosis can only be achieved if we started rebalancing the body and soul from the very beginning?” Betsy questioned. Now that their differences were so obvious, they would definitely want to undergo Perfect Metamorphosis if possible.

“This... I don’t know, but I don’t think that it would be that difficult. The experimental subjects in the research facility couldn’t even suppress the changes in the own bodies, and could only passively undergo metamorphosis. But Nancy and Alodia could already suppress the changes in their bodies, delaying their metamorphosis. Maybe there would be some way to make up for this,” Bai Yi said.

“What way?” Romain and Ulisses couldn’t help but ask eagerly. As men, they were of course more concerned about something like this; this very clearly impacted their future strength.

Bai Yi shrugged. “I’m sorry but I don’t know.”

Romain and Ulisses couldn’t help but feel very disappointed when they heard his words, but Bai Yi reassured them at this time, “I’ll try my best to help you guys harmonize the incongruence between your bodies and souls. Even if you guys can’t get to Perfect Metamorphosis, you must at least reach the level of Melvin or Nancy. This way, you guys will be able to control the metamorphosis of your own bodies and keep yourself at the boundary point.”

“What use is that?”

“That’s of course to let you stay at the boundary of LV1-3 Hypersomnia Stage and look for a way to make up for the deficiency in the future. Since we have discovered some things, other people must have discovered some things as well. There might already be a few ways to make up for this in the outside world,” Bai Yi said, and looked into the distance.

The activated cells had broken out at the same time, and the rate of evolution of this first batch of evolved humans and lifeforms wasn’t actually too distributed. It had already been more than a year since they had entered Mount Arrowsmith. Since they had already entered the Hypersomnia Stage, the people in the outside world wouldn’t be too different either.

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