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Chapter 158: I’m Very Busy

Sleep has actually always been a very magical state; even in normal societies, sleep was differentiated into shallow sleep, deep sleep, and dreamless deep sleep. In some Taoist theories, there were also several different states like meditation, womb sleep, One With Heaven1, and a few others. In reality, those states were also a form of sleep, it was just that normal humans weren’t able to reach them. To do so required a long period of cultivation and also a certain degree of fate. Hence, even in the ancient records, these states were described as a kind of extremely lucky encounter. Those so-called Instant Enlightenment2 was one of the key factors to breaking through into those mysterious states.

The state that Bai Yi let these five people enter was dreamless deep sleep. It could be said that this was the best state of sleep that normal humans could reach. Based on scientific research, just one hour of dreamless deep sleep was enough rest for the entire day. Moreover, based on the quality of sleep, it was far superior to even more than ten hours of normal sleep a day.

Under Bai Yi’s hypnosis, the bodies and souls of these five people rapidly rebalanced and automatically readjusted themselves. This was a higher level of adjustment than the homeostasis process that the body usually undergoes. Bai Yi simply gave them a suitable environment, but it was precisely this environment that was the hardest for people to reach.

On the first day, the evolved human that received only the hypnosis treatment slept for nine hours, the two that received Clearyheart slept for ten hours, and the two that used Fostsoul slept for a full seventeen hours. After they woke up, all of them became calmer, and at the same time required plenty of food to replenish their energy.

“Why is the difference so big?”

“I already said it before, your Clearyheart is only capable of letting people enter a peaceful sleep. There really isn’t any drug or medicine that can compare to Bai Yi’s hypnosis, so even if they consumed that medicine, it would only be adding flowers to a brocade3. You are a doctor, you definitely know that the body will automatically readjust itself during sleep. Fostsoul is the medicine that these people need the most in their state of sleep now.” Nancy said plainly.

“But other than the Dead Soul Flower, so far nobody has found any other plant that can nourish the soul.” At this time, Lucretia also had to admit to the truth.

“Then that is your problem. Register this as a mission: the team that discovers a new soul nourishing plant can choose five members to undergo free treatment by me for a month.” Bai Yi said.

“They didn’t even fall into the berserk state, what treatment would they need from you?!” A man behind Lucretia suddenly said.

“Ask your boss to tell you what Body Maintenance is!” Bai Yi waved his hand and ignored this man’s hostility.

“Body Maintenance refers to daily activities that nurture the body in various ways so as to enhance its constitution. By doing so, it could extend our longevity. It isn’t that we only have to care for our bodies after we are sick; Body Maintenance during normal times is extremely important as well. In reality, all of us are currently in the Brutal Stage and the body and soul are constantly in a state of rebalancing themselves. The fact that we aren’t in the berserk state does not mean that our bodies are in a perfect balance. On the contrary, all of us are carrying a huge concealed threat to ourselves, and receiving treatment from Bai Yi is the best way to remove this threat.” Lucretia quietly explained and glanced at the man behind her. He wouldn’t reveal such rash hostility usually, as expected...!

For five days straight, Bai Yi used the Reverse Flower Eyes on these five people. In reality, what Bai Yi did was just let these five people enter dreamless deep sleep to rebalance their bodies and souls themselves.

After five days, the two Brutal Stage lifeforms that consumed Fostsoul managed to have a rational conversation for the first time, although their states weren’t very stable yet.

After eight days, Bai Yi announced that the two of them could now completely control their actions, and weren’t any different from normal evolved humans. Actually, after Bai Yi’s treatment, their states were better than many other evolved humans. As long as they did not receive excessive amounts of shock or stimulation, it wouldn’t be easy for them to go berserk anymore.

Just when Bai Yi prepared to rest for two days, however, he suddenly received an invitation from Minister of Defence Freud.

Bai Yi thought about it for a while and decided to accept Freud’s invitation in the end. After exchanging pleasantries with each other, Freud finally revealed his request to Bai Yi... to treat his people. Locked up in the Ministry of Defence were Freud’s original companions, who had gone berserk. These weren’t normal evolved humans like those detained in the prison of Christchurch, but truly strong evolved humans. With just a look, Bai Yi could tell that these guys were definitely not weak.

“Chairman Bai Yi, please help to treat these two people,” Freud said.

“I’ll give you my response after thinking about it.” Bai Yi smiled and said.

The other ministers didn’t move as fast, but they knew of Bai Yi’s reply as well and started to plan for the future.

However, somehow the general public learned of the two people who managed to recover from the berserk state before Bai Yi had given his response. Although it was only two people, it proved that Bai Yi’s treatment was useful, and that gave them a glimmer of hope. As the central figure in this development, Bai Yi became insanely popular among the general public. In New Zealand now, there was nothing more worrying that falling into the berserk state.

Given the agitation and excitement of the public, the ministers had no choice but to organize a news conference for Bai Yi.

However, Bai Yi actually announced not-so-good news to them at the news conference: the speed of recovery was simply far too slow if they relied solely on his treatment. If they wanted quick and effective treatment, then they needed soul nourishing medicine. Unfortunately, Nancy already had fewer than 100 Fostsouls. The two evolved humans that recovered had each used two Fostsouls during their eight days of treatment.

“Just what is soul-nourishing medicine?” A representative asked. The use of representatives wasn’t discrimination, it was just that the meeting location would never be able to hold every single person. It was common to have news conferences like this in the normal world, and everyone definitely understood this as people who had originally come from the normal world.

“Fostsoul! A potion concocted from the Dead Soul Flower growing in Ghost City Wellington. We also refer to it as Soul Nourishing Dew, and it possesses the effects of nourishing as well as healing damage to the soul.” Bai Yi explained.

“Dead Soul Flower, a plant that only grows in Ghost City Wellington, and which is rumored to grow from absorbing souls—I can tell you simply now that the rumors are true,” Bai Yi continued. “Hence, soul-nourishing plants may very possibly not grow in normal environments, so everyone will need to put in more effort to search for them.”

“What do you mean by 'put in more effort to search'?”

“The team that finds a new soul nourishing plant may choose five people who shall receive free treatment from me for a month.” Bai Yi raised his index finger.

“You said it’s free. Does that imply that there are normally some conditions to receive treatment at the Recovery Center For Berserk Evolved Humans?”

“That’s a given, otherwise I won’t be able to manage it if everyone came at once. As for the detailed conditions,” Bai Yi began and paused.

“I’ll treat those whom already fell into the berserk state first, but the order of treatment is up to me. Of course, due to the contributions of the five ministers to New Christchurch City, they will be given three nominations each for whom to send to my place for treatment. I’ll help these fifteen people undergo treatment first. As for evolved humans that did not fall into the berserk state, don’t you guys have a points system for rebuilding New Christchurch City? Everyone can use a certain number of points to exchange for one treatment session with me. Everyone needs to queue up, no matter who you are and there’s also a limited number of treatment slots every day.” Bai Yi said plainly.

“If you make all the decisions yourself, Chairman Bai Yi, then isn’t all the power in your hands?”

Was this representative stupid? He obviously knew that only Bai Yi had the Reverse Flower Eyes but still asked such a question anyway. Even in the normal world, there wasn’t anything absolutely fair. Bai Yi looked at this guy and paused for a moment before revealing a bewitching smile.

“That’s right, all the power is in my hands.” Exceeding everyone’s expectations, Bai Yi actually nodded. “I’ll choose who to treat among the berserk evolved humans, while normal evolved humans will have to expend their points and queue up to get their turn. You have a problem with it?” Bai Yi said, looking down on all of them from the stage with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

“You're monopolizing treatment!”

“You just lost your qualifications for it.” Bai Yi said coldly.

“You…!” This representative instantly went speechless. “I don’t believe that we won’t be able to continue living without your treatment!” This representative said furiously, while secretly throwing glances toward the five ministers. As I expected, he was ordered by somebody to do so? There was somebody who wanted to use this to diminish Bai Yi’s reputation.

“That doesn’t matter, I’ll have it easier if there are fewer people.” Bai Yi waved his hand indifferently before turning around and exposing his carefree back view to the audience.

Bai Yi’s actions really made the few ministers more and more puzzled. Did Bai Yi really not care about reputation at all? Did he not want to become the true ruler of New Christchurch City through the support of the majority of the people?

At this time, Bai Yi chuckled to himself in his heart. Although he said he would make the choices himself, he believed that he would still choose in a fair manner most of the time. Of course, if there were patients that were friends of his, then he would give them some priority; this was just human nature. Absolute fairness didn’t exist in the world in the first place.

But it really felt disgusting—although he knew long ago that he would face obstruction and difficulties from various powers, seeing all this scheming and plotting really made him feel uncomfortable.

At this time, Bai Yi felt really fortunate that he didn’t come to New Christchurch to fight for power.

New Christchurch’s newspaper very quickly reported what Bai Yi said during the news conference, and that pitiful representative served as a bright contrast to him. One really had to admit that the majority of people in this world just dumbly followed the masses. Very quickly, Bai Yi’s reputation crashed, and many people even loudly declared that they would rather stay like this forever than go to Bai Yi’s treatment center.

Little buddy, have you given up on treatment?!4

“Why did you do that? You clearly had a better way to deal with this.” Vala asked Bai Yi after everything was over.

“Do you know how much time I spend studying biology, how much time I spend familiarizing myself with my body’s changes, how much time I spend practicing combat techniques every day? My time is very tight, and I don’t have the time to care about those people. As long as they haven’t fallen into the berserk state, the fewer people that come the better—I’m very busy!” Bai Yi said.

Was it like that?

Vala looked at Bai Yi’s back as he left. That’s right, didn’t Yeye already analyze it before? Give up on the power bestowed by the masses and focus on increasing our personal strength.

Many people thought that Bai Yi’s reputation would continue to fall like this. However, that was only until the first batch of people received treatment from Bai Yi of their own accord and understood him...

Translator Notes

One With Heaven is quite a common idea, it literally means the state of becoming one with heaven. Meditation is quite a self-explanatory state, while womb sleep refers to the kind of sleep a fetus has in the mother’s womb, which is supposedly extremely good and effective for development.Instant Enlightenment: you know how sometimes you have an epiphany and everything becomes clear and you suddenly understand everything? Yep, that’s it.Adding flowers to a brocade: It means to add something to another thing that’s already perfect. (It’s a Chinese idiom, so that’s why I’m explaining it.)I think this is a reference to something but I don’t get it either.

Yesssss i'm finally free of debt! 2 extra chapters this time, 1 to make up for yesterday's missed chapter and 1 for my debt. So yes, the release rate will go back to 1 per day, but i'll try my best my best to translate more and patreon would realistically only be up by mid-feb! 

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