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Chapter 157: Chairman

In the end, Bai Yi became the Chairman of the Recovery Center for Berserk Evolved Humans. Of course, his team followed along as well. Maybe some people had the intention to split up Bai Yi’s team, but at this time, even an idiot knew that it wasn’t possible to bring this up now. Bai Yi did not reject it either but accepted the position with a smiling face.

Chairman of the Recovery Center… Bai Yi gave a small laugh in his heart, heh.

The few ministers very quickly announced this news to the public, seemingly afraid that Bai Yi would go back on his words. Afterward, somebody brought Bai Yi to the Recovery Center. The place was originally a large hospital in Christchurch, and it was still usable after tidying it up. Other than that, they brought Bai Yi to a large-scale prison, and inside the prison, they saw hundreds of berserk evolved humans.

“Team Leader Bai Yi, these are all the berserk evolved humans,” Lucretia said.

Since Lucretia was the Minister of the Ministry of Medicine, she had also studied how to let these berserk humans regain their minds. In the end, she was the one to bring Bai Yi around and introduce him to the place. Seemingly, Lucretia also wanted to know herself just how different the rumored mysterious pair of eyes were. They sounded like they had special abilities that came right out of an anime.

“Only more than a hundred?” Bai Yi asked in doubt.

“En, only a hundred-odd people, but these are the people that got brought back here and imprisoned after going berserk. Many people who went berserk either got killed or integrated with the natural world, becoming one of the evolved animals. It’s difficult to tell who is an evolved human and who is an evolved animal nowadays.” Lucretia’s voice had a trace of sadness to it.

“I understand.” Bai Yi nodded.

Putting aside the issue of whether they could bring back those people who went berserk, but the way to deal with them after bringing them back was a big problem as well. Luckily, they found a large-scale prison on the outskirts of Christchurch and they could have a place to imprison these people. Other than that, Bai Yi also realized that the evolved humans imprisoned here weren’t too strong. Thinking about it, that made sense as well. If it was somebody on Woolf’s level of strength, a prison like this wouldn’t be able to hold them.

“Then let’s start.” Bai Yi nodded, as he prepared to open the door to one of the prison cells.

“Wait!” Lucretia immediately stopped Bai YI.

“What is it?”

“Is it ok opening it just like this? They are Brutal Phase lifeforms after all. It’s easy for something to go wrong,” Lucretia said.

“It’s fine,” Bai Yi replied and opened the prison cell door. A guy like this, there wouldn’t be a problem even if there were dozens of them. Within the evolved humans, the differences in fused genes also came with an incredibly huge gap in personal strength.

After Bai Yi opened the door, the guy inside stared at Bai Yi like a wild beast and immediately pounced toward Bai Yi. Lucretia’s eyes immediately opened wide and her entire body tensed. Although Lucretia was quite worried, she didn’t retreat. This was a basic inner quality that she had. Any evolved human that could live until now knew the maxim that the more scared of death you were, the quicker you would die. However, what Lucretia saw now was…

Bai Yi’s left hand moved unhurriedly and easily slapped aside the claw of the guy that pounced out. His right leg swung right and left, and he interrupted that guy’s movements again. Finally, Bai Yi rammed his shoulder into the berserk fellow and followed up with an elbow strike. Lucretia could only feel that his movements flowed like water, and an immense force sent this Brutal Phase lifeform flying backward. Then, Bai Yi trapped him against the cell wall by holding his neck.

Tai Ji Fist! Lucretia immediately thought of the thing that Bai Yi had released to the world.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi’s eyes immediately started to spin, and the hypnosis effect gradually increased. Lucretia behind him couldn’t see his eyes and immediately became anxious. The whole reason why she took on this mission to bring him here was to see what was so special about Bai Yi’s eyes! She couldn’t have imagined that Bai Yi’s treatment would be so violent and simple. All she could see now was his back view, what was the use of that?

After more than 10 seconds, Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes powered up to the maximum and the figure that still struggled slowly stopped and fell asleep where he stood.

After Bai Yi turned his body around, his eyes had already returned to normal. Lucretia stared at Bai Yi’s eyes with a face full of disappointment. It ended just like that? But I haven’t seen anything yet!

“Minister Lucretia, do you guys have any potions that can nourish the soul?” Bai Yi asked.

“Are you referring to Clearyheart?” Lucretia immediately replied. She was a minister after all, so she could control her emotions very quickly.


“This is a medicine that we developed over this period of time. The main ingredients are the Calming Wormwood and the Joyful Devil’s Snare. We used these 2 along with more than 10 other supplementary plant and animal essences to create this medicine. It can calm the heart and mind, and also let somebody go into a deeper level of sleep. It’s the most popular medicine in New Christchurch City now,” Lucretia said proudly to Bai Yi.

“Can you let me see the formula for this medicine?” Nancy asked directly.

“This…ok!” Lucretia hesitated for a while before nodding.

The formulas of a Medicinal Maker had always been a secret, but it was never that big a secret. This was completely due to the strange and unique plants and animals in New Zealand now. Even the plants that mutated from the same original plant would only be about 90% similar, and the remaining 10% would still result in great differences in the outcome of the final product.

Such as Clearyheart. The main components were definitely the Calming Wormwood and Joyful Devil’s Snare. But in reality, every stalk of Calming Wormwood and every stalk of Joyful Devil’s Snare had significant differences. This was the special nature of New Zealand now. It was due to this difference that it wasn’t possible to produce these medicines like in modern factories, even if they knew the formula. It was utterly pointless even if somebody managed the precision of the mass of the compounds to a milligram because every stalk of every plant was different.

What was necessary now was the Medicinal Maker’s grasp of the medicinal properties of every stalk of plant, and the intuition and talent in their bones. This was why Medicinal Makers like this were extremely rare and hard to come by in New Zealand now.

“The main components are Calming Wormwood, Joyful Devil’s Snare, the supplementary components are…” Lucretia could tell that Nancy was definitely the Medicinal Maker in Bai Yi’s team, and that was why she wanted to know about this. As for Lucretia herself, she seemed to have the intention of bragging as well. This was something the bunch of them had developed together at the Ministry of Medicine, so Nancy shouldn’t know all this.

However, contrary to Lucretia’s expectations, Nancy asked about the medicinal properties of a few other types of natural plants before she shook her head.

“Why?” Lucretia’s tone turned a bit unhappy. Anybody would probably feel the same way if somebody else shook their heads at something one felt extremely proud of.

“This kind of medicine is indeed not bad, it can calm the heart and quiet the mind, but it isn’t what we need.” Nancy had stayed by herself in Wellington for quite a long time, so she probably wasn’t the kind used to being tactful in front of people.

“The biggest cause of the Brutal Phase is the incongruence with the soul. Clearyheart’s effect is actually to let people fall asleep so as to re-calibrate this incongruence. But this is just a basic requirement for such a type of medicine. Unfortunately, I don’t think that there’s any calming medicine that can compare to Bai Yi’s Reverse Flower Eyes. The most important thing for Brutal Stage lifeforms now is to speed up the growth and repair of the damage to the soul, and that was why Bai Yi asked you if you have had any medicines to nourish the soul,” Nancy explained.

“Nourish the soul? Who knows if the soul really exists, nobody can sense it!” Lucretia got angry at this time. In reality, she believed in the existence of the soul, but indeed nobody could sense it at this point in time. Moreover, Nancy’s attitude infuriated her. Those in power never liked to see those they thought of as below them oppose their words.

“The soul does exist; don’t tell me you’ve never even heard of the Ghost City Wellington?” Nancy immediately retorted.

“Ok, that’s enough. Don’t argue about this so much. Minister Lucretia, if you want to wake these people who fell into the berserk state up, soul-nourishing medicines are an absolute necessity. Otherwise, you would have to wait for a long time,” Bai Yi said.

“Then do you guys have it?”

“Yes!” Nancy replied straightforwardly.

“Fostsoul – Soul Nourishing Dew. A potion that I concocted from the Dead Soul Flower, it can use the flower’s medicinal properties more efficiently and foster the growth of the soul. Other than that, this potion can also be used to heal damage to the soul normally,” Nancy said, as she looked at Lucretia without giving an inch.

Bai Yi immediately felt speechless at this scene. Although Bai Yi did not intend to hide something like this, they should have still waited for a more opportune situation to reveal this potion so as to achieve a better result. Anyway, forget about it. Since Nancy had already revealed this medicine that they had, they shall just go along with it.

“Dead Soul Flower?”

“That’s right, a flower that grows through absorbing human souls. So far, this flower only grows in the ex-capital of New Zealand, Ghost City Wellington. We still have some here, but it isn’t many either. It’s difficult to say how many people we can save this way,” Nancy nodded.

In the end, they decided to use 5 people as experiments. One of them was the guy that Bai Yi chose at the start, while the remaining 4 were also chosen by Bai Yi’s team. Based on their judgment, the severity of the berserk state of these people was quite similar. Among the 5 people, 2 of them consumed Fostsoul (Soul Nourishing Dew), 2 of them used Clearyheart (Clearing Heart Dew)1, and the last person was only hypnotized to sleep without consuming anything as a control.

“Why only 5 people? We still have a lot of medicine!” Lucretia asked.

“Because of this!” Bai Yi pointed at his own eyes.

“I already said before, my eyes can’t be used limitlessly. Since you heard about the special characteristics of my eyes, you should have heard about the limitations of it as well,” Bai Yi said.

“Yes, I heard of it, but it can only be used 5 times?” Lucretia asked.

“I can still use it, but it would be forcing myself and it would cause great harm to my eyes. Under normal circumstances, I can use my eyes between 3 – 8 times depending on the degree of usage.” Bai Yi’s ability to use the Reverse Flower Eyes was of course not limited to just 5 times. However, he wanted to hold some things back as well. In the end, the kind of person that gave his everything for the sake of others didn’t exist. Moreover, Bai Yi still wanted to leave more time for himself to grasp the changes in his body.

Looking at Bai Yi’s tired expression, Lucretia nodded her head…3 – 8 times huh?

Bai Yi sighed in his heart. They would probably try to sound him out in the near future. Scheming and plotting was really something so disgusting yet unavoidable.

Translator Notes

The author actually gave the English version of the name of the medicine, so Fostsoul and Clearyheart are the English names that the author gave, while Soul Nourishing Dew and Clearing Heart Dew are the translations of the Chinese name of the medicine. I’ll use Fostsoul and Clearyheart in general unless there’s some reason to use the Chinese version of it in the future.

Just to clarify a few things and standardize a few terms as well from now on:

The author uses two different versions to describe the LVs, so, for example, I have translated them as Brutal Stage and Brutal Phase. I’ll use this two terms interchangeably since it refers to the same thing.Wellington will be officially known as Ghost City Wellington.I’ll use Team Leader _____ from now on, realized it was quite weird to use Bai Yi team leader in English.I realized I haven’t really been consistent with numbers, like to leave it as five or 5, sometimes one feels more suitable than the other but I guess I should standardize it now. So numbers 20 and below will be written out in words, while numbers above 20 will be left as a number from now on (except in special circumstances).I’ll also be leaving TNs in the form of footnotes so as to not disrupt the flow of reading the story.
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