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Chapter 137: Understanding Each Other

Vala and Alodia waited for Bai Yi's decision after their self-introductions. After all, teachers weren't valued at all in New Zealand now. On the contrary, survival skills and battle power were the most important now. This was precisely the reason why the 2 of them had never been able to find a suitable team, since no team would want to bring along 2 burdens with them.

"It's fine even if you aren't good in combat, as you can just learn from scratch. Normally speaking, we won't need you to clash against powerful enemies. But you still must have the ability to protect yourselves. You guys don't have to worry about not being able to catch up with us, everyone had to fumble around at the start. It can't be that you guys will be worse than Momo anyway." Bai Yi smiled and pointed at Momo.

"This is Momo, my daughter, 5 years old this year. She's good with the sword, can see souls but just dislikes studying."

"Soul!" Alodia and Melvin immediately looked at Momo in shock.

"I will teach Miss Momo well, and I also believe that I can keep up with the battle ability of young Miss." Vala, on the contrary, didn't seem to be very shocked. As for how Bai Yi said that Momo was good with the sword, the 2 of them didn't seem to fully understand this either. However, if they couldn't even win against a 5 year old girl, then they should just bury their heads in shame.

By now, everybody understood why Bai Yi would choose a teacher. It was obviously for his own daughter's development. Although it was tough and difficult to live in New Zealand now, Bai Yi still didn't wish for his daughter to become an Amazon Warrior in this environment. After Momo heard Bai Yi's words, she immediately whined and hugged onto Bai Yi's arm. Her face was full of grievance and complaints. She just didn't like to study, what could she do about it?

After Vala and Alodia introduced themselves, it was Melvin's turn to do so.

"Ahem!" Melvin tried faking a cough, but immediately felt dejected when he realized that nobody was paying attention to him.

"My name is Melvin. I used to be part of a team but we unluckily encountered a powerful evolved lifeform. My old team basically got wiped out, and only me and Bonnie survived. After that, the 2 of us didn't want to join any teams and fight with monsters anymore. For the sake of living a better life, the 2 of us started researching and studying to become a Weapon Armor Maker and a Medicinal Maker. At that time, both jobs were very new and very popular. However, I didn't seem to have much talent, and without a team to support me, my research and development went very slowly as well. In truth, I still don't understand why Bai Yi team leader would want me to join the team," Melvin said. He finished his introduction in one shot and waited for Bai Yi's reply.

"Melvin, don't tell me you don't realise your own talent?"


"Talent when it comes to crafting!"

"The so-called Weapon Armor Makers in New Zealand now aren't like those artificers or blacksmiths in games or movies. They are just people who processes the materials externally. They turn the teeth, bones, or skin of evolved lifeforms into usable weapons or armors through some form of processing. If we really want to expose this, then it actually isn't that mysterious or complex. Many of the so-called Weapon Armor Makers just have slightly better processing skills, but I haven't met one that could fully utilise the materials yet," Bai Yi said and pulled out his fang sword.

"Fang sword, grinded from the fang of an evolved lifeform. Due to being overly hard back then, acid from the Corrosion Fluid Beast was used to corrode and soften this to make it easier to process. Although suitable chemicals were used to neutralize this acid afterward, the material quality of the fang sword has already been compromised. Both the hardness and the toughness were lowered by multiple times. Moreover, a large portion of the material was wasted in the process of grinding it." Bai Yi took out his fang sword and explained to the few of them.

Everybody looked at Bai Yi's fang sword. This was really a very exquisite long sword, but just like Bai Yi said, the sword didn't seem to be sleek but rather quite rough. Moreover, small cracks and holes had started to appear on the edge of the blade.

"You must know, biological materials are different from metals. Metals have ductability so they are very easy to process. However, most biological materials can only be grinded down, and it would break immediately if somebody tried to change its shape. This type of material is also unable to be joined back together once broken, resulting in a huge wastage of material. But, Melvin you!" Bai Yi looked at Melvin solemnly.

"The few weapons you've made were apparently created from fusing these biological materials together through some special method. You are already ahead of all Weapon Armor Makers; don't tell me you don't know this?"

Melvin was stunned, so it was like this!

"But, I take very long to process materials."

"Why does that matter? Weapons are valuable for its quality and not quantity. If the weapon is good enough, then only one would be needed." Bai Yi sheathed his fang sword again and looked at Melvin encouragingly.

"I will work hard." Melvin nodded seriously.

"As for this last person, I think that you guys won't be unfamiliar with him. Berserker Raymond." Bai Yi said as he pointed to Raymond, who was asleep in bed.

"Aren't you worried that he will fall into the berserk state? Many teams gave up on him for this reason," Vala said.

"No need to worry! This is the welfare from joining this team. As long as you are in this team, you basically don't have to worry about falling into the berserk state anymore. Of course, this is unless something special and unexpected happens," Heloise smiled and said.

At this time, Bai Yi pointed to his eyes. When the 3 of them looked into his eyes, it suddenly changed from a normal pupil. Slowly, it started to revolve like a flower blooming in reverse. The 3 of them immediately felt themselves going into a slight daze and immediately turned their heads away warily.

"Reverse Flower Eyes, my ability. It has a powerful intimidation and hypnosis effect. Normally speaking, unless the mind has been agitated to the extreme, my eyes has always been able to hypnotise someone to fall into deep-level sleep so far. The information I released mentioned that the most important thing at this stage is to rebalance the body and soul, and there's no better way of balancing better than deep-level sleep. Those plants that people are searching for that can calm the mind are also just another way to let a person sleep peacefully," Bai Yi explained.

"Oh right, I wasn't intentionally hiding this information, but just that it was useless even if I released it. The changes in my eyes came from the evolution in gene fusion, so it's a kind of mutation and coincidence that cannot be replicated," Bai Yi elaborated. Although it doesn't really matter even if he didn't explain, it was just in case somebody thought that Bai Yi intentionally hid a solution from other people.

"Of course, my eyes can't be used limitlessly either. So basically, only my team members can enjoy this benefit. In truth, my eyes lost their vision for over a month due to overusage before," Bai Yi continued.

Vala and the other 2 were all smart people, and immediately understood Bai Yi's words. This ability was only possessed by Bai Yi, and it was impossible for other people to learn this ability either. Bai Yi couldn't possibly help all the evolved humans for nothing, so if he told everyone, it would just make everyone else jealous of him for no reason.

"However, I still must tell everyone generally this time," Bai Yi said softly.

Bai Yi had discussed this with Gary. They would first gather and unite all the surviving evolved humans. They would find useful resources, talents, and look for a way to regain their human forms. At the very least, they had to find a way to live in New Zealand securely. And the person that could hold everyone together could only be Bai Yi, because only he had that reputation. Of course, Yu Han could do this as well, but nobody knew where he was right now.

As somebody who would draw everyone together, the risk of Bai Yi exposing himself would definitely increase substantially. Hence, Bai Yi decided to announce his basic abilities first. Taking the initiative to do so was more acceptable to the masses than letting them find out themselves.

Moreover, Bai Yi's ability had a connotation of 'savior' behind it. To the evolved humans of New Zealand who were incomparably afraid of their brutal urges, and were afraid of falling into the berserk state and permanently becoming mindless monsters, what was more attractive and hopeful than Bai Yi's eyes? It could be said that even though Bai Yi couldn't possibly help everyone, he could give everyone hope. Hope that even if they fell into the berserk state, it was still possible to recover from it.

"Then, this is Woolf, he's a carefree idiot." After Bai Yi spoke softly, he started to introduce the newcomers to the rest of the team.

"Hello! I am Woolf." Woolf smiled boorishly and introduced himself.

Woolf, Heloise, Momo, Sharpei, Pupu, Chinchilla, Vala, Alodia, and Melvin. Very quickly, all of them got to know each other, and from now on, they were already considered teammates. Of course, there would definitely be some unfamiliarity at first, but Bai Yi believed that they would definitely get along in the future. As for the sleeping Raymond, he wouldn't be able to run away either.

"Oh right Melvin, where's the Bonnie you mentioned?" Bai Yi asked in puzzlement. Melvin had said just now that there was another girl that survived with him, who tried to study to be a Medicinal Maker. If her personality was not bad too, then he could pull her into the team as well.

Melvin went silent for a moment and said in a low tone, "Dead! Once, while she was testing out the medicinal effects of some plants, a combination of a few normal plants actually turned out to be a deadly poison. When I went to find her on the second day, I realized that she had died in her own room. In reality, she was the true genius. The solution that I used to fuse biological materials were all developed by her, what a pity…"

Bai Yi heard and patted Melvin on the shoulder and consoled him.

New Zealand now was just this cruel, any accident could be fatal, especially for a job like Medicinal Maker. Trying to develop a useful potion from countless mutated plants without any experience that they could borrow from others was ridiculously hard. What they relied on was mostly their intuition. Hence, the job of Medicinal Maker required incomparably more talent.

"Oh right, since we are a team now, can you see if you can help me repair my fang sword? Although the main core is still very hard, the edge is already on the brink of breaking," Bai Yi said, as he pulled back Melvin's attention.

"Let me see. I should be able to repair this, but it would be a lot better if I had other materials that I can use to supplement this." Melvin said seriously after he carefully observed Bai Yi's fang sword for more than 10 minutes.

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