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Chapter 143: 10,000 Ton Cargo Ship

Mavis got along quite well with the ghosts in Wellington, so very quickly, she learned where they could find a ship. Wellington was a port city in the first place, so there were actually a lot of ships there. Since their goal was to cross the Cook Straits, a normal small-sized vessel wasn't suitable for this mission. New Zealand was a Devil Island now, only heaven knew what kind of monsters would appear from the seas. In the end, after enquiring a group of ghosts, they finally got to know of a piece of good news.

"Let me introduce a person to everyone. This is captain, Captain Marshall," said Mavis to everyone, as she pointed at a blurry ghost. Although they had all turned into ghosts, their previous habits still affected them, and they referred to each other as 'people'.

"How are you? I am Bai Yi." Bai Yi nodded his head slightly.

"I am the captain of a cargo ship, Marshall," the ghost said passively. As for their interaction afterward, Marshall did not continue talking like this. It cost a lot of soul power for ghosts to speak in the real world. Although they didn't understand what this soul power was, most of the ghosts wouldn't bear to waste it.

"Then, Captain Marshall…" Bai Yi's team slowly communicated with the Captain, as they tried to understand everything in detail.

A cargo ship was anchored at the Lyall Bay on the southernmost side of Wellington. Overall, it was 180.5 meters long, 24 meters wide, 14.7 meters tall, and weighed 25,000 tonnes. It was an absolutely humongous ship. This Marshall was the captain of this cargo ship. After stopping his ship at the port, he had arrived at Wellington city before meeting with the tragedy that happened at this place by chance, and died here.

This cargo ship named 'Big Tummy' completely fulfilled the requirements of Bai Yi's team. Even if they encountered some monsters in the sea, it wouldn't be able to sink the ship unless it was those kinds of monsters in fantasies. Moreover, they didn't have to worry about the ship being unusable. The activated cells only affected living things. Although the cargo ship was somewhat dirty from long periods of unuse, it could still be operated. However, their current worry was if they could operate such a giant ship.

"If it's just steering the ship, it's actually very simple. A captain can't possibly stay at the bridge the entire day. The most important things for a captain is still to consider the slipstream, ocean current, ascertaining the ocean environment, and making correct judgments based on those things," Marshall explained to Bai Yi after he learned of their worries.

After Marshall's explanation, Bai Yi's team could finally breath a sigh of relief.

"Since it isn't hard to operate the ship, is the ship still here?" Bai Yi's suspicion wasn't baseless. Wellington was close to the seaport. From what Bai Yi knew, many people had tried to escape from New Zealand in various ways when the activated cells erupted. Many ships at the seaport in Wellington had already been taken away and steered toward Australia. As for what happened to those people, it wasn't something they were concerned about.

"It couldn't be steered away, Big Tummy was undergoing maintenance back then and 3 of its turbine engines were taken down temporarily. It would be strange if it could be steered away!" Marshall laughed loudly. Without using soul power to speak, his voice just sounded like a mess of random vibrations.

After Marshal explained, Bai Yi's team finally knew that to operate the Big Tummy. They still had to equip the 3 turbine engines back onto the cargo ship. As for how would they do that, it was of course up to Marshall to teach them the procedure. Moreover, there were still the original workers at the shipyard among the ghosts, and they could assist them as well. However, it was just verbal assistance, and all the manual labour still had to be done by the living.

"Captain Marshall, why are you so willing to help us like this?" Bai Yi asked afterward.

"Do I still need a reason for that? I already heard about everything from Mavis, you guys are working hard for the future of all surviving humans. Even if I'm already dead, this kind of small help isn't an issue to me," Marshall said magnanimously.

"Thank you!" Bai Yi said seriously.

Since they already had the cargo ship, what they had to do now was to fix the ship according to Marshall's instructions. Although Marshall said that the ship wasn't damaged, and they were just doing regular maintenance on it, Bai Yi's team had never touched a ship before. So, they were still very confused. It was already inconvenient for ghosts and humans to interact in the first place. In addition to the lack of electricity in the shipyard, Bai Yi's team had to do everything manually. After struggling for more than 3 weeks, they finally fixed back the first turbine engine.

During this period of time, they really suffered badly trying to fix the engine.

After they fixed first turbine engine, the remaining two were easier to do. It was a lot faster to fix those two since they already had the experience from the first one. Even so, they still took two full weeks to do so. By then, one and a half month had passed since Bai Yi's team had left the snow valley, and they weren't sure about the progress of the other teams.

With Marshall's guidance, the cargo ship was finally switched on again, and all the humans and ghosts cheered happily together at this accomplishment. At this time, Bai Yi was just like a worker in a car garage, his entire body covered in oil stains. His usual 'leader' appearance was thrown away beyond the nine heavens. Even Woolf and Raymond weren't as dirty and messy as Bai Yi now.

"Finally, let's go! We've finally repaired this big guy, so let's go back to Wellington and throw a party," Bai Yi said understandingly.

"That's an awesome idea!" Woolf and Raymond of course agreed with him.

After talking, the two of them dragged the corpses of a few sea monsters down from the ship and threw it on top of a run-down cargo truck. Over this period of time, Bai Yi's team had encountered many aquatic monsters, and there was even a bird-type monster that made its nest on top of the ship. When these monsters tried to target them, they of course unabashedly killed these monsters and turned them into their food.

The run-down cargo truck started and gave a grinding rumble, driving off into the city. This was one of the gains that Bai Yi's team had acquired over this period of time. They finally found a vehicle that could still move. However, they didn't drive the truck for too long a distance. They had to be very careful of other lifeforms entering the city, especially that bunch of Giant Devil Mosquitos. Rumbling noises were extremely dangerous to have around them.

Cautiously dragging the preys that they had hunted toward the city center, they finally relaxed when they reached their destination. This place was the territory of the vengeful spirits, so the Giant Devil Mosquitos wouldn't come to this place. Then, Bai Yi discovered with some surprise that there was an additional person among the members that stayed back to guard the place.

"Hello, I am Nancy, a Medicinal Maker."

"Hello, I am Bai Yi."

"Hehe I knew that long ago. I've long heard of Bai Yi team leader's great fame." Nancy nodded. She heard about Bai Yi from various channels. In particular, she heard a lot from Yu Han's mouth in the period of time before. Now that she saw Bai Yi lathered in oil, looking sloppy and casual, the image of Bai Yi in Nancy's head changed slightly again.

"Is it? I'm not sure what you heard about me?" Bai Yi smiled and asked.

"Oh? What does Bai Yi team leader think I heard?" Nancy replied with a question intentionally. Just like Vala said, Bai Yi was a very amiable and approachable team leader. He didn't put on much airs around him and was very easy-going. The two of them chatted randomly like they were already familiar with each other, as the rest of them dragged the preys into their villa.

"You are really lucky Nancy, we happened to catch a few preys while fixing the ship. Now that the ship is fully fixed, we intend to throw a party to celebrate, want to come with us?" Bai Yi invited.

"Sure! Thanks!" Nancy didn't reject him.

Bai Yi didn't ask anything about Nancy's background. Instead, he just treated her like a friend that he had met by chance. After bringing the preys into the villa's kitchen, Bai Yi started to display his culinary skills and prepared a delicious feast for them. During this period of time, Momo, Vala, and the few others who stayed back in the city had some decent harvests as well. This villa that was still very well-furnished was one of them.

Bai Yi didn't have the chance to use such modern kitchen appliances for a long time. After taking in a deep breath, he started to prepare delicious food for the party with a smile on his face.

The rest of them smelled the delicious aroma of the food wafting out from the kitchen, and their saliva almost flowed out of their mouths. After the change in New Zealand, it was very rare for them to able to eat a good meal. As for Nancy, she became even more curious about Bai Yi. Somebody with such great fame was actually a chef?

This party went on from the evening all the way deep into the night. Not just all those who were living, but many ghosts came to this place as well. There were so many ghosts in this place, causing this place to become very eerie with shadows of ghosts flickering about the place, but nobody felt afraid here. On the contrary, everyone was chatting happily with these ghosts.

A few of the ghosts were originally chefs and gave pointers to Bai Yi's culinary skills, telling him what to do at which step to make his food even more delectable. To speak of it, although Bai Yi was a chef, he couldn't be considered a top-tier chef. He was just somebody who could cook more delicious food. After getting the guidance from these old ghost chefs, Bai Yi immediately tried to learn from them humbly. However, it wasn't really possible for him to learn much at this time, and it just helped them to get along better.

As for the rest of them, they all found their own topics to talk about and chatted happily with each other. The distance between humans and ghosts seemed to completely disappear in those moments.

At midnight, Bai Yi and a few others immediately turned their heads to look toward the outside. Very quickly, all those who had more acute senses felt that something was coming. That something was very powerful.

'Da, da, da'. Soft but heavy footsteps slowly headed toward this villa and a terrifying and sinister monster appeared before their eyes. The monster was more than 5 meters long, 2 meters tall, and its giant mouth seemed to split open from the sides. It seemed like another mouth opened wide and grew from the side of its head, revealing all of its sharp fangs on the outside.

All of them were stunned, as they looked at this monster. Nancy, who was closest to the monster, was practically rooted to the spot from fear.

"Sharpei!" Momo shouted with joy and ran toward the monster, hugging it tightly with love.

"Welcome back Sharpei!" Bai Yi also came in front of the monster and patted Sharpei's head lightly, while Momo hung her entire body around Sharpei's neck. Facing such a terrifying monster, their intimate actions made everyone blank out from shock.

C hapter 144: Set Sail

The mouth that opened again from its side was obviously another head. However, it hadn't grown out completely yet. Even if it was an evolution, it wasn't possible to grow a new head in more than a month. However, Sharpei now looked like he was full of energy. He had apparently broken through the limitations of his own body and evolved again. Different from Bai Yi's eyes, Sharpei's evolution seemed to be mostly his physical body. However, the exact trigger of Sharpei's evolution was still unclear to them.

Sharpei barked in a low tone and let Momo play around with his head.

"This is?" Nancy asked in shock.

"Oh right, I forgot to introduce you. This is also a member of my team, Sharpei. He was in the middle of a transformation before." Bai Yi pointed at Sharpei and introduced him. After that, Bai Yi asked again, "Miss Nancy, would you be interested to join my team? I am inviting you to join my team with full sincerity."

"Haha, you finally want to invite me?" Nancy laughed.

"That's right, it's not too late now." Bai Yi smiled gently.

"Sure then. Since you are asking so sincerely, I'll join your team. However, before joining your team, I have something to tell you," Nancy said.

"What is it?"

"That old enemy of yours, Yu Han. I saved him," Nancy said softly.

Woolf immediately sprang up and Heloise looked at Nancy sharply. Even Bai Yi was quite taken aback, but he still stopped any impulsive actions that the two of them might take. "Can you tell me the details?"

"Sure." Nancy nodded.

 Nancy talked about her discovery of the battle between the Giant Devil Mosquitos and the vengeful spirits. Then, she had found Yu Han, Ning Xue, and Adam by chance after looking around for a few days. Bai Yi's team didn't know how to feel about this. How the hell was that guy's luck always so good to keep on surviving? However, when Bai Yi learned that Ning Xue didn't die, he didn't know why, but he felt happy inside. If it was possible, Bai Yi still didn't wish for his friend in the past to die in his own hands.

"It's like that? What a crossing of fate, I understand now." Bai Yi's expressions was unexpectedly calm.

"Let's not talk about unhappy things for now. The party hasn't ended yet. Sharpei just came back, and we got a new team member as well. Shouldn't we be celebrating all these happily now?" Bai Yi smiled and said to everyone.


"Hehe!" Momo was the happiest among all of them, and she started cheering happily beside Sharpei. After its initial hesitation, Chinchilla climbed on top of Sharpei's head again and cried out happily as well. Chinchilla really had no fear of death, it always liked to climb on top of Sharpei's head. Didn't it know that they had a huge difference in size between them?

After that, they partied for another round and played all the way until the dawn of the next day. Sunlight actually shone in Wellington for once, and the warm morning sun illuminated the villa brightly through the gaps in the clouds.

"Aren't you suspicious of her identity?" Vala asked.

"You mean a spy? I don't think she is." Bai Yi shook his head. "Go and wake everybody up, we're setting off. Good weather like today is hard to come by," Bai Yi said to Vala. When the sun came out, all the ghosts, including Mavis, retreated to the shadows. This sunlight seemed to be greatly damaging to them. Although it was a pity that they couldn't send Bai Yi's team off, this good weather was really hard to come by.

Hearing Bai Yi's words, Vala also nodded. She was just reminding Bai Yi. It was his problem what he did with her words.

The group of them set out for Lyall Bay. Nothing much happened along the way and all of them reached the port safely. When she saw the giant cargo ship, Momo was overjoyed and immediately ran toward the ship, as she cheered excitedly. The rest of them had a faint smile on their faces, as they followed Momo and walked toward the ship.

A total length of 180.5 meters and a weight of 25,000 tons. This was indeed a giant cargo ship.

When everyone boarded the ship, Bai Yi proficiently started the ship and the giant mass of metal slowly started to move, heading toward the southern half of New Zealand. Momo ran about excitedly in the bridge, shouting that she wanted to pilot the ship as well. It was just like a little kid to have so much curiosity toward everything. Bai Yi carried a loving smile on his face, as he saw Momo running about, with her little minion Chinchilla following her around. After a while, Momo felt that the bridge was boring and whined about wanting to go outside.

"I'll take care of the navigation route, you bring Momo out to play," Heloise said.

"Ok then." Bai Yi nodded.

Coming to the deck of the ship, Bai Yi realized that everyone else was standing at the side of the ship, looking at the sea view. The sea bathed in the gentle light of the morning sun; it appeared to be serene and beautiful. However, Bai Yi immediately creased his eyebrows. They are too careless. Bai Yi clapped his hands and immediately got the attention of everyone.

"Everyone, be more aware of your surroundings. We aren't on a cruise now, nobody knows what we would meet in New Zealand. Standing by the sides of the ship like this is very dangerous." Bai Yi reminded.

Bai Yi's words woke them all up ,and they realized that they were really too relaxed here. Woolf waved to Bai Yi and wanted to say something, but at this moment a loud crash came from the surface of the ocean. A sea serpent more than a meter in diameter instantly shot out from the ocean and bit toward Woolf.

Instinctively, Woolf instantly raised his greatsword and hacked it down behind him. With a 'puchi!', the immense strength instantly ripped open the skin of the sea serpent and made a deep cut into its flesh.

The unexpected change made all their faces tense up instantly. Bai Yi and Sharpei dashed toward the sea serpent at a moment's notice. The monster had came onto the deck and it became even more vicious due to its injuries. As for Vala and a few others, they hurriedly ran toward the cabin inside the ship.

Sharpei was the fastest, just when the serpent was about to tackle Woolf to the floo, Sharpei opened his jaws wide and viciously bit the neck of the sea serpent. Then, two wide open mouths that were like two horns locked themselves around the sea serpent, and did not budge at all. However, the sea serpent's body immediately started to wriggle and flail about, as it tried to swing Sharpei into the sea. Sharpei's four claws instantly powerfully dug into the deck of the ship. Sounds of metal scratching and grinding instantly came from the steel-plated deck, Sharpei's claws broke open the deck boards and left long tears on the it.

Bai Yi was only moments behind Sharpei, as he rushed toward the sea serpent. He swung his sword toward the sea serpent at the same time as Woolf, who had just stabilized himself behind the monster.

Bai Yi unsheathed Red Kiss, which left a faint mark across the air. With a soft 'puchi!', this sea serpent which was more than 1 meter in diameter immediately split into two halves from the center. Woolf's side was a lot more violent, and he completely used brute force to rip the sea serpent apart. The immense force behind the greatsword tore a great wound on the sea serpent's body.

So sharp!

Bai Yi exclaimed in his heart. This was still the first time he used Red Kiss to fight against an enemy. But the moment he used the sword, Bai Yi could sense that the sword was several times sharper than the old fang sword. Sure enough, Melvin wasn't as talentless as he described himself to be. He actually had immense talent.

Sharpei also tore at the sea serpent viciously and bit off a huge chunk of the sea serpent's neck with his humongous jaw. The sea serpent that they broke into a few parts slowly writhed about, but from the looks of it, it wouldn't live for much longer.

At this time, the rest of them still hadn't reacted as everything had started and ended too quickly. The few of them had easily finished the vicious and savage sea serpent. Moreover, they didn't even use their real strength. Especially Vala and Alodia, they were extremely delighted to find such powerful teammates, and it put their hearts at incomparable ease.

"See, we just left the port and we already encountered a monster like this, so everyone has to be really careful." Bai Yi sheathed Red Kiss, and the crystal-like sword actually didn't even have a single blood stain on it.

"Got it!" Woolf immediately answered loudly.

"But this guy is really too weak, the only thing it has is a big body," Woolf continued.

"Many aquatic creatures are larger in size. They are all animals that live in the sea, they would definitely be not as agile on the deck. You can try getting thrown into the sea to see who's stronger there," Bai Yi said. Suddenly, he thought that none of them had ever experienced a battle in the water. Although it wasn't too likely for them to encounter a scenario like that, he still thought about finding an opportunity to train the rest of them in that area.

"Tidy up the deck and move this thing into the storeroom. Our first destination is Queen Charlotte Bay, the corpses of these sea monsters can still be a decent first gift," Bai Yi said.

Bai Yi took the lead to get busy after speaking. He dragged the carcass of this sea serpent into the storeroom. The rest of them came to help as well, this sea serpent wasn't small at all at, as it was more than 20 meters long. Bai Yi dragged a part of the sea serpent into the storeroom. However, what he didn't realize was that the blood of the sea serpent slowly flowed out through the drainage hole on the deck and trickled into sea from behind the cargo ship, dyeing a faint streak of red behind them.

After this experience, nobody wanted to stay on the deck anymore. It was really too dangerous.

If this sea serpent didn't pick Woolf as its target this time but somebody else, then it was very likely that somebody among the team would have died. This wasn't a joke at all, the other people in the team probably didn't have the ability to deal with such a sea monster like this under an ambush.

"Momo, you aren't scared?" Alodia looked at the overly-excited Momo and asked.

"En, why should I be scared?" responded Momo. She looked at Alodia, her eyes containing some slight confusion.

Alodia looked at Momo's pure eyes and knew that she really didn't feel even a trace of fear. Thinking about Momo's outstanding combat ability that she displayed normally and that kind of calm battle state, she felt completely inferior to Momo. In addition, the Momo now was only 6 years old.

"That's right, why should we be afraid." Alodia caressed the long sword she had just obtained and made a firm resolution in her heart. She must change as well. She can't always rely on Teacher Vala and the others to protect her. Instead, she must become strong as well.

The faint scent of blood permeated through the ocean. Within an ocean trench, a gigantic black figure slowly opened its eyes.

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Chapter 145: Sea Serpent Emperor

The Cook Straits weren't too big, as there were only about 100 kilometers between Lyall Bay and Queen Charlotte Bay. If this was converted into nautical miles, it was only 50+ nautical miles. With their speed of roughly around 10 knots, it would only be a journey of about 5 hours. Of course, this was just a general speed. They weren't professional sailors after all and couldn't grasp all these too well.

After the encounter with the sea serpent, all of them had their guards raised and became alert.

Heloise followed the navigation route and steered the cargo ship, while Bai Yi sat in the bridge as well, as he took a short rest. This wasn't because Bai Yi felt tired, but it was to protect Heloise. The bridge also similarly faced the sea, and there was only a thin layer of glass separating them. If they happen to meet some sea monster, Heloise probably wouldn't be able to react in time. Another reason was that they were all amateurs when it came to operating the ship. They could only barely make it move. If they really met an emergency situation, they would only be able to grope about in the dark. Once the bridge became damaged somewhere, they could only accept their fate and drift around on the sea.

After more than an hour of sailing, they had already traveled a certain distance and it was all peaceful along the way. Their alert minds gradually started to relax as well.

Nobody knew where Woolf found a fishing rod from, but he was actually fishing on the deck. Of course, even though Woolf was a clown sometimes, he wouldn't joke around at a time like this. The fishing rod was only stuck onto the railing of the ship and wasn't held in his hands. Even if it was Woolf, he couldn't be fully confident that he would be safe if faced with an ambush from a sea monster.

Woolf and Raymond stopped at the entrance to the storeroom, as they looked at the fishing rod and chatted idly. They were betting whether the fishing rod would actually be able to catch anything. With their body sizes, they could only fit inside the storeroom. The ship was only suitable for normal humans to inhabit, so they couldn't enter the other spaces.

In this one hour, they didn't encounter any other monsters. Although it was a good thing that there were no monsters, it seemed a bit overly quiet. It felt just like there was a mysterious pressure on them. The most important factor was that Pupu was slightly uneasy inside the storeroom. Pupu walked a few rounds around the storeroom before he squeezed himself into a corner and stayed still there.

They knew long ago that Pupu had the sharpest intuition among them. All of them started to become on guard again after they saw Pupu's actions.

If one could see through the sea, they would notice a sea serpent-like creature that swam right below their cargo ship. This creature was slightly shorter than the cargo ship, but it was still at least 100 meters long. The sea serpent that they had encountered before could only be considered to be a small shrimp in front of this guy. Although this creature seemed like a sea serpent, it had golden spotted scales that grew all over its body, and there were even 8 octopus tentacles that protruded from its head. However, compared to the size of this guy, those weren't considered too important.

With such a huge monster swimming below their cargo ship, it would be strange if other sea monsters dared to approach them. This guy slowly tested the waters, as it swam around the area. It seemingly treated the cargo ship above it as a strange-looking prey. After more than half an hour of observation, this creature finally ascertained that the thing above it didn't have much attacking capability.

Slowly, the giant sea serpent approached the cargo ship. It stretched out its tentacle softly and knocked against the ship.

Everyone immediately felt the ship jerk slightly. All of them, who were already nervous from Pupu's behavior, immediately grabbed onto their own weapons. All of them thought in their heads that this wasn't some road where they could knock into something. This was the open sea…However, after thinking for a while, what could they have knocked into? Bai Yi's heart immediately tensed. What could it be that could cause the cargo ship to feel a jerk?

Bai Yi grasped the hilt of Red Kiss, and at the same time, he activated the Reverse Flow Eyes.

With a 'DONG!', the ship shook again, and everyone's hearts started to beat hard. However, after this shock, it was complete silence for the next minute, almost as if the shock they felt before was just their hallucination. 

Was it really just their hallucination?

In reality, the sea creature underneath retreated a certain distance after it knocked against the ship twice and planned to observe the ship's response again. This kind of careful behavior was completely that of an outstanding predator. After a minute, the creature realized that the cargo ship was still moving ahead at the same speed without change. It finally ascertained that although the size of the thing above it was large, it shouldn't be too dangerous.

"Did we knock onto something?" Woolf wanted to go up to the deck to check.

"Wait." Vala stopped Woolf. Although she was new in the team, she still felt that she should stop Woolf at this time.

"I'll just take a look." Woolf had already grabbed onto his greatsword. Vala saw that Woolf was quite insistent and couldn't help but give up on stopping him. Perhaps another part of it was that Vala was also confident in Woolf's combat ability.

However, just when Woolf started walking toward the deck, the giant sea serpent from the deep sea pounced toward the ship viciously.

'SPLASH!', 'KUANG!', 'DANG!', 'DING!', various sounds of things breaking boomed and the intense shockwaves shook them endlessly.

The deep-sea monster was more than 10 meters in diameter. It viciously created great waves with its body, as it suddenly rushed out from the side of the cargo ship. With a twist of its body, the creature wrapped itself around the ship.

Woolf immediately fell butt first onto the deck and stared at the guy that was more than twice his height in diameter as it rapidly swam and wrapped around the cargo ship. Things happened too fast and none of them could see what had exactly grabbed onto the ship. They could feel the ship abruptly start to tilt and sounds of metal grinding and creaking came continuously from everywhere.

All of them rushed out of the cabin and onto the deck. Then, they saw the appearance of the monster with the own eyes.

What the fuck!

All of them cursed the moment they saw this thing. Although it still looked like a sea serpent, it was way too large. Just its diameter was more than 10 meters, and they could only see a part of the back of this monster. At this time, everyone stood still at the door of the storeroom, as if they were prepared to face their greatest enemy. Even Bai Yi couldn't help but feel his heart stop beating for a moment. Damn it! What did we just meet?!

At this time, the sea serpent-like creature slowly constricted the ship. It intended to strangle this cargo ship to death. The enormous head savagely crunched down on the head of the ship, as it swung its head and tore away at the ship. This was completely the actions of a predator hunting its prey! Bai Yi couldn't help but feel relieved inside. Luckily, the bridge of this cargo ship was at the tail. Otherwise, probably none of them could survive even one bite from that big guy.

The deep-sea monster bit at the ship for a few seconds. Then, it seemingly realized the feeling inside its mouth was wrong, as it didn't taste like blood and flesh. The monster slowly raised its head and looked toward the deck.

Under the gleam of the morning sun, the appearance of this monster was fully revealed to all of them. It was a sea serpent, but it looked extremely ferocious. 8 tentacles that should have been from fusing with the genes of an octopus continuously drifted around its head. It almost seemed like a scarf made out of tentacles. The golden scales shone brightly and dazzled them under the sunlight, while the yellowish-red fur on its neck slowly swayed about. From the top of its head, there were even 6 eyes, each smaller than the previous one ordered downward. All 6 eyes locked onto Bai Yi's team.

A suffocating pressure!

This guy was really too huge. Woolf was the tallest in the team at more than 4 meters tall, but he wasn't even half as tall as this guy's mouth. The rest of them basically couldn't be compared to this monster in size. Vala, Alodia, and Nancy were basically scared dumb at this point in time. Living in the changed New Zealand for such a long time, they had already seen many evolved lifeforms. But when did they ever see something so terrifying? This kind of suffocating feeling couldn't be compared to any other monster they had encountered before.

"Woolf, Sharpei, Raymond, Heloise stay here, everyone else go back to the storeroom!" Bai Yi shouted heavily.

Facing a monster like this, only the few of them had the combat power to do so. Even Pupu wouldn't be of any use now. Pupu's main strength was its tough skin, but it was completely useless when facing such a huge monster. After Bai Yi shouted, Vala reacted first and immediately pulled Alodia back into the storeroom. At this time, the only thing they could do was to not create more trouble for them. Other than that, they were completely helpless.

Bai Yi's Reverse Flower Eyes were pushed to the limit and blood flowed continuously downward from his eyes. This wasn't Bai Yi trying to act desperate, but it was really him pushing his eyes to the extreme. If it wasn't for Bai Yi using his Reverse Flower Eyes, the monster opposite them would have pounced on them long ago. Even so, Bai Yi could feel a heavy pressure, it was ineffective. The Reverse Flower Eyes were ineffective against it. His eyes could only pacify this sea serpent slightly, the hypnosis effect was completely useless to this guy.

The rest of them hid in the storeroom. At this time, Bai Yi's eyes suddenly felt an intense pain, and the Reverse Flower Eyes abruptly paused for a moment.

'Sou!', the giant mouth opposite pounced upon them in an instant.

'DANG!' An intense collision rang out and the entire ship shook violently. The serpent had bitten off a giant chunk of the deck. Everyone knew with a look that this was extremely bad, they had to kill or chase away this guy immediately. If they let this monster bite off a few more chunks, even this 10,000 ton tier cargo ship wouldn't be able to take it. The moment this golden sea serpent tried to bite down on them, the few of them had already dodged. At the same time, they began their counterattack.


Meanwhile, the satellites from other countries also displayed this shocking scene. New Zealand was the place other countries used as a natural ecosphere for researching activated cells, this was something set upon after the proliferation of the activated cells. Although everyone was struggling desperately in New Zealand, a certain group of people outside used various methods to continuously conduct experiments there.

The people outside knew of any recent changes in New Zealand. Although a large portion of the telecommunications network was broken, there were definitely people in New Zealand who had connected with the governments outside long ago. 

Regarding the dozens of more outstanding teams and individuals among the evolved humans, the countries outside paid them a lot of attention and attached a heavy importance to them. They completely treated them as targets to be placed under meticulous observation.

Bai Yi's team had gone missing for a while inside the ghost city, but once they set sail in the cargo ship, the people outside immediately discovered it through their satellites. After all, it was a huge cargo ship. However, at this time, the people who saw this scene through the satellites all opened their mouths dumbly.


At this time, other than swearing, there wasn't any better way to express the shock in their hearts!


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