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Chapter 105: Fear Comes From The Unknown

“I heard that there are ghosts in this city!” Woolf stared at the city from a distance. Even in the day, this city was shrouded in shadows.

“En, ghosts!” Bai Yi nodded.

The New Zealand now was extremely dangerous. Despite this, it wasn’t to the point where evolved humans couldn’t survive. It was still possible to walk around outside at least. Of course, there were still dangers around; it was possible to meet some powerful monster and lose their lives if they were careless. Even so, various information and news were still continuously being circulated around. This included information regarding activated cells or how the ex-capital of New Zealand, Wellington, had reports of ghosts.

“We really can’t do anything about things like ghosts.” Heloise ran her fingers through her hair.

“Have you a seen ghost before?”

“Nope, I’ve never seen one.”

“Why are you acting like you know everything when you’ve never seen one before!”

Bai Yi didn’t pay attention to the bickering between Woolf and Heloise. Instead, he led them into the originally bustling city. The capital of New Zealand was previously a really bustling city. Even now, they could still see the form of the city. However, the Wellington now gave everyone an eerie feeling, and anyone who walked in here would feel abnormally uncomfortable.

Woolf shivered and goosebumps rose all over his body.

Suddenly, a giant glass panel fell down from the building beside them by the street. The glass panel fell very quickly, and it practically landed without any notice on their heads. In that instant, all of them lightly tilted their bodies and stepped aside, continuing to walk forward like nothing had happened. Although the sound produced by the falling glass panel was very soft, they had still discovered it the moment it started falling. As such, none of them actually minded it. Only Momo looked toward that direction, seemingly looking at something.

“What is it?” Bai Yi asked.

Momo looked toward that side, her eyes blinking. Then, she shook her head. Momo thought that she saw something. However, since even her daddy and the rest didn’t detect anything, then she should have seen wrongly. Bai Yi patted her shoulder but didn’t realize that an incredibly small red dot slowly spread outward in her eyes.

Momo’s eyes weren’t good since a young age, and she had a congenital visual disability. But after assimilating with the activated cells, her vision hadn’t gotten worse anymore. On the contrary, her vision had even improved. Based on this, the activated cells weren’t bad for Momo but a great fortune. However, Momo’s eyes had changed and became very different from the others. Her pupils had disappeared, only leaving the whites of her eyes. After that, the Progenitor’s source blood fell onto Momo’s eyes. It's just that after so long, they still didn’t see any changes in her and they had all forgotten about it.

Everyone continued to walk toward the center of the city. Suddenly, a transparent and vague figure appeared beside the broken glass panel.

The more they walked, the stranger the atmosphere became. Additionally, Momo was rubbing her eyes from time to time as well.

“Momo?” Bai Yi finally realized that something was wrong and squatted down, looking at Momo’s eyes.

Momo raised her head and looked at her daddy; Bai Yi immediately noticed that something was wrong. There was like a drop of blood falling into a clear pool of water within her eyes, which slowly spread outward. This kind of spreading wasn’t limited to just her eyes, and there seemed to be an additional layer of dark mist around it.

Bai Yi immediately squatted down nervously and looked at her eyes carefully. Mavis also jogged over, intending to give Momo a check-up. But in the end, she didn’t move hastily. No matter how she looked at it, Momo’s eyes now were just too strange. It would be bad if she acted recklessly and caused some abnormal change in her eyes.

“I’m sorry, I have never seen this kind of change before.” Mavis apologized.

“Momo, do you feel that anything is wrong?”

“Just that my eyes are swelling, a bit like the feeling when I want to cry but I’m unable to,” Momo replied. “AHHH!!” Momo suddenly shot out backward, drawing the short sword behind her back with a clear ‘shink!’. Her eyes then stared at an area in front.

The group was instantly surprised and looked at the spot in front of them. However, it was just an empty patch of land without anything there.


This thought immediately shot through everyone’s minds. They knew of the reports of ghosts in Wellington long ago, and so they had all mentally prepared themselves before coming here. However, they really didn’t know how they should face a lifeform that they had never seen before.

Nevertheless, from the abnormality in Momo’s eyes and her actions, it seemed that her eyes were triggered by something after coming to this place and changed. As a result, she became able to see ghosts or maybe lifeforms like spectres.

Momo’s eyes abruptly contracted and she shot out fiercely. The short sword quickly sliced through the air before she stopped.

That soul-lifeform that had just emerged from the ground wasn’t aware of what was happening. Suddenly, it saw a blade flashing across her eyes and slicing through her neck. Even though she knew that she was already dead, she still instinctually jumped in shock at this moment. Ever since it became a ghost, only other people got frightened by her. This was the first time that she got frightened instead.

Momo stopped and squinted her eyes. She held her short sword vertically in front of her and stared forward seriously.

“Momo, calm down!” Bai Yi reminded.

Although they didn’t know why, Momo could apparently see ghosts or other spectre-like lifeforms. The spectre that had suddenly appeared gave Momo a fright so she instinctively counterattacked. One must know, even Momo had been trained to have that kind of vigilant subconscious reflex.

The atmosphere slowly turned heavier. Bai Yi suddenly felt that something seemed to have climbed onto his back. The inside of his neck suddenly felt cold, as if he had sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Scram, you aren’t allowed to climb on top of my daddy!” Momo shouted toward Bai Yi like a frenzied little cat.

“Calm down.” Bai Yi said calmly, silently sensing the change in temperature on his back.

The spectre apparently didn’t give up and its body distorted. Bai Yi immediately felt the temperature around him falling in an instant. This wasn’t a real drop in temperature but a feeling in his heart. It was like the heat around him was sucked away by something. At this moment, a translucent shadow also appeared in Bai Yi’s eyes. The translucent figure in front of him had blood flowing from her eyes, her long hair covered most of her face, while her figure was blurry and out of focus, and her body floated softly in the air.

Shit, I saw a ghost!

A normal person would probably get a heart attack if he came here at night.

However, since they knew long ago that there would be ghosts in Wellington, they weren’t surprised at all but rather…curious. Anyway, with her horrible looks now, she could probably scare normal people. Despite this, it was actually nothing much in New Zealand. Bai Yi himself had killed scums in a much crueler way.

“Oh~? I can see it now too,” Bai Yi said lazily.

The ghost was probably stunned too. Normally, she just had to tease them a while and no matter if they were evolved humans or not, they would definitely be frightened out of their wits. However, no matter Momo, Bai Yi, or the rest, they all appeared very calm. They were not frightened by her in the least.

“Fear comes from the unknown, humans have never truly seen a ghost before, so most of the times they were just scaring themselves. However, my daughter apparently can see you now. With your appearance, maybe I would have been scared in normal times but in the environment we are living in now, there’s nothing scary about it.” Bai Yi actually took a step forward to go face to face with the spectre, mysterious patterns blooming in his eyes.

The spectre dodged again, disappearing from Bai Yi’s eyes. Suddenly, Bai Yi felt that something had wrapped around him and he somehow felt that it was difficult to breathe.

At this moment, Momo looked at Bai Yi’s body.

Needless to say, everyone knew that the spectre had most likely wrapped itself around Bai Yi’s body. If it was before, they would immediately be alarmed to see the sudden appearance of a ghost. Moreover, with the sudden difficulty in breathing, they would definitely panic even more. After that, they would scare themselves more and more, letting the fear grow in their hearts before finally scaring themselves to death. This was also quite a common storyline inside those horror movies.

“You are so shameless! I told you to come down!” Momo said angrily as her face flushed red.

“What happened Momo?”

“She became a normal woman and is hanging on my daddy now!” Momo said furiously.

“Oh, a woman? Is she pretty…it’s very similar to the storyline in the movies though, the sin of lust? Or is it that Momo is getting jealous even at such a young age?” Heloise even had the mood to tease Momo now. Everyone else looked at Bai Yi teasingly. Although there was clearly nothing on Bai Yi’s body now, all of them still had a weird look in their eyes.

“Hey hey, don’t look at me like that, I didn’t do anything to her,” Bai Yi retorted.

At this time, none of them had any looks of worry on their faces, they were just chatting nonchalantly. Just like Bai Yi had said, fear came from the unknown. Now that they could see it, there was no need to be afraid anymore. They were all not normal people anymore, it would definitely be useless trying to frighten them. At most, it would just make things more troublesome for them, and they would have to think about how to deal with spectres like this in the future.

“Your muscles are under pressure from a mysterious source, causing difficulty in breathing. But don’t worry, this won’t have much influence on you. That is to say, although this spectre has the ability to affect reality, her ability is very weak just like in the movies. More of it is just those normal people scaring themselves to death,” Mavis didn’t care so much either and said seriously after helping Bai Yi to do a check of his body.

“Oh ok, we can continue on our way then,” Bai Yi said after he tried moving his body and realized that there were really no problems.

Is it really ok like this? There’s still a ghost hanging onto you!

The spectre shouted inside her heart and looked at Momo angrily. To think of it, this was all this little girl’s fault. If not for Momo being able to see her, then something illogical like this wouldn’t have happened. At this time, this group of people should be hiding in some place in fright, being afraid of getting possessed by ghosts.

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