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Chapter 103: The Hope Within

The results were completely out of all of their expectations. The moment they clashed, the group of people who thought they had an advantage felt like they had kicked a steel board. Bai Yi’s group all possessed incomparably shocking speed and strength. If they really had to compare, all of their strength could be compared to their Boss Tiger. However, just when this group of people tried to look for their Boss Tiger, they realized that he was already lying on the floor. The blood and brain matter flowing out of his earhole told them that he couldn’t be more dead.

So fast!

There were still a few of them who saw the battle between Boss Tiger and Bai Yi. However, seeing it wasn’t the same as understanding it. The guy with soft fur all over his body and still retained his human shape seemed like he was just strolling through a park.

Elegance…that’s right it’s elegance!

This thought suddenly arose in everyone’s head. Bai Yi’s actions were totally incongruent with battle and there wasn’t any cruelty or bloodiness in it. That kind of sauntering gave everyone a feeling of elegance as if the entire battlefield was his backyard. Some of them couldn’t believe their eyes and charged at Bai Yi. Despite this, all of them stopped just before reaching Bai Yi, waiting for him to walk past and take away their lives.

Demon! At this time, everyone except those in Bai Yi’s team thought this. Even though everyone had turned into monsters now, they didn’t really have any special abilities. Bai Yi’s powers just now had completely exceeded the realm of their understanding. This wasn’t some fantasy world!

In just a few dozen seconds, 7 or 8 people died from the opposing side. The rest of them started to mentally break down. Some guy who thought that he was smart saw that there was a little kid in the group and quickly rushed toward Momo. No matter if it was choosing an easy target to pick off or to take Momo as a hostage, both seemed to be the right decision now.

His decision was actually correct, just like Bai Yi, Momo had only fused with butterfly genes and there weren’t any changes in her body either. She was really the weakest in the team now, even weaker than a normal evolved human. However, Momo was the precious baby in the team. Everyone liked Momo a lot so how could they let something happen to her? Looking at this guy rushing toward Momo, nobody tried to stop him but revealed a look of sympathy.

This guy charging toward Momo still wasn’t aware of his pitiful fate. Bai Yi wouldn’t protect Momo in his arms completely because he felt that she should learn how to fight as well. However, Bai Yi still wouldn’t let Momo take too many risks, and some safeguards were still necessary. Right after he started charging toward Momo, Sharpei immediately ripped off one of his arms and crunched down on his thigh with his huge jaw. Sharpei had turned him into a practice partner for Momo. Now, he really couldn’t run even if he wanted to. He didn’t want to die but he couldn’t harm Momo either. That huge, fierce-looking dog was still staring at him like a tiger watching its prey.

Very quickly, the rest of them broke down mentally and started to run away. They couldn’t see even the smallest possibility of victory in this battle. Obviously, they wouldn’t just wait for their deaths here.

“Those who want to run away…die first!” Bai Yi said.

Heloise immediately flew over and stopped the one who ran the fastest. After more than a month of practice in the open, she was already very proficient at flying. As if proving Bai Yi’s words, the guy that ran the fastest was beheaded from behind by Heloise while he was defenseless. The strangely shaped head immediately flew into the air and the malodorous blood spurted out high up.

The hearts of the people trying to escape squeezed tightly at this moment. They couldn’t help but stop in their tracks

These people didn’t have a strong will from the start, and Bai Yi’s voice had a bewitching effect now as well.

“What do you guys want?” one of them said in a panic. The remaining 10 plus people stopped and leaned their backs against each other, forming a defensive circle. So many of them had died even though they had the numerical advantage, it was really humiliating. However, the most important thing was that looking at how Bai Yi’s group had killed people, they knew that they weren’t some kind and naïve souls, it was hard to say if they could live through this.

“That’s a good question, what can a bunch of scum like you do even if I let you live?” Bai Yi pulled the fang sword out from the last resisting opponent and slowly walked over.

Bai Yi didn’t pay attention to the group of people being surrounded at the center and walked toward the horse-headed guy.

“Can you still move?” Bai Yi asked.

“Why didn’t you guys come earlier!” the horse-headed man shouted himself hoarse. His voice sounded very strange now but the speech still flowed. Tears flowed continuously from his eyes as he hugged his dead companions in great sorrow. “Leeds, Faust…” This guy hugged the corpses of his companions, murmuring non-stop.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to blame you guys.” After a long while, this guy realized that his attitude at the start wasn’t right and explained.

“No, we did come a little too late.” Bai Yi shook his head.

“Can you tell us what happened here exactly?” Bai Yi asked. Although he had some guesses, they were still guesses after all.

The horse-head stabilized his mind and slowly told them everything that had happened. Actually, it wasn’t too different from what they had guessed. This place wasn’t some safe residence, it was just a trap. A bunch of desperate scum occupied this place and spread their lies through the radio.They tricked people who were hoping for safety and protection here. After tricking them into eating something, they would kill these monsters who were originally humans and use them as their food.

Nobody would be able to tell if they were humans before in the New Zealand of now, these people probably wouldn’t feel too bothered in their hearts over it.

“What did they feed you guys?” Bai Yi asked, but the horse-headed man apparently didn’t know.

“Speak, what did you guys feed them?”

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Seeing that nobody spoke, his eyes changed in a moment and stared directly into the eyes of the person right in front of him. This guy immediately fell into a daze but he didn’t answer Bai Yi’s question. After a few seconds, Bai Yi closed his eyes and they returned to normal. Sure enough, his eyes hadn’t become such a cheat yet. He did have a simple ability to befuddle and hypnotize people, but his ability still wasn’t strong to the point that he could control others. Such as now, he wasn’t able to hypnotize others to do as he wished.

Anyway, it didn’t matter if they didn’t want to answer, they just had to investigate themselves.

When Bai Yi was questioning the horse-headed man, Woolf and the rest tied the remaining 11 people up. It was quite funny when they thought of it. These nets and ropes were prepared by this bunch of scum themselves, but now it became the thing used to tie them up. Nobody resisted except for one who wanted to take Woolf by surprise when he came to tie him up, but Woolf ended up biting his head off in one mouth.

Warm blood sprayed all over them, and the bloody scene in Woolf’s mouth let all of them understand that this group of people in front of them weren’t some kind souls. They might even be crueler than them.

After tying everyone up, they entered the center of the small town and carefully investigated the area.

Most of the houses inside were quite normal and were tidied up quite well too. After all, this group of people still needed to trick their original fellow humans, making them think that this was a safe place and making them lower their guards. However, following a faint smell of blood, they walked to a remote location. Bai Yi immediately saw a building that was originally a processing plant. More than 10 corpses of monsters that were originally human were slaughtered and placed on the meat racks. On top of the chopping board, there even a corpse of a young boy who hadn’t changed much, looking to be around the same age as Momo.

“Kill them!” Bai Yi said icily.

“Yes!” At this time, nobody had any objections.

Bai Yi didn’t love killing. If he really did, then he wouldn’t have kept that bunch of people alive just now. However, it was hard to spare this kind of people. Seeing Bai Yi’s group walking back out again, the 11 people opposite immediately felt extremely uneasy. They hoped that Bai Yi’s group hadn’t discovered their doings at the processing plant.

“A pity, but I can’t allow you guys to continue to live,” Bai Yi said.

After being stunned for a moment, the remaining 11 people immediately started to resist with all their strength. Despite this, what could they do at this point in time? They lost to Bai Yi’s group from the start. Now that they were all tied up, how could they stop them? It couldn’t be considered a battle, just judgment.

All of them killed a scum each, even Momo sent her short sword into the chest of one of the scum.

These guys roared ferociously, wanting to bite Momo. They probably never imagined that they would die at the hands of a small child. They suddenly felt that these people were really even more vicious than them. It was true that they were bad people, but Bai Yi’s group had even trained a little kid to have the courage and resolution to kill people.

Blood spurted out from the wound. Momo slowly pulled back her short sword and flicked it, getting rid of the dirty blood before she sheathed her sword again.

Seeing Momo’s solemn and composed look, Bai Yi actually felt a sense of helplessness and heartache. If he could, he really didn’t want to bring Momo up like this either.

After burying all the corpses, Bai Yi’s group asked the horse-headed man what plans he had now. Under this situation, they couldn’t abandon him in this place alone like this either. If they did, then he would definitely die in this place.

“I initially wanted to go to Palmerston North. Leeds said that he had a relative staying there. Of course, finding your relatives at a time like this is quite useless, but that relative of his is extremely rich. In fact, he owns a few private jets. If possible, we wanted to try and go to Australia,” the horse-headed man explained.

“You guys wanted to leave New Zealand?”

“That’s right.”

“That’s probably what the majority of people currently in New Zealand are thinking, to leave this dangerous country. However, it may not be safe even if you managed to leave New Zealand,” Bai Yi said.


Apparently, in New Zealand now, the majority of the people didn’t have information about the outside world like Bai Yi’s group previously. In reality, even if they didn’t know any information, they should still be able to guess the result. Turning into a monster like this, how could the people from the outside world accept them? However, humans needed to hold onto a hope inside their hearts to have the strength to continue living, especially in desperate times like this.

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