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Chapter 102: Reverse Flower Eye

In this one month, Bai Yi’s group scavenged many useful things from the city like a compass, maps, solar battery powered flashlight, semiconductor radio, and more…there were many things that were very useful to them in their journey.

“Bai Yi, is this thing spoilt?” Woolf fiddled with the semiconductor radio.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s spoilt,” Bai Yi patronized Woolf lazily.

The semiconductor radio wasn’t damaged in the least, but nobody could get it to receive any signals after fiddling with it for very long. If this item wasn’t small and didn’t take up much space, Woolf would have probably thrown it away long ago.

Bai Yi was teaching Momo how to write in both English and Chinese right now. Although the environment in New Zealand was currently extremely cruel, Bai Yi did not think that they would stay in this kind of world forever. There would definitely be a day where Momo would enter a peaceful and safe society. Obviously, he wouldn’t let Momo be illiterate when that day came.

It had been a week since leaving Taihape, and they had walked a long distance as well. After leaving the city, Bai Yi’s group realized that the New Zealand of now had not become dead and silent. Instead, it became even brighter and more vibrant, while various gene-fused monsters were being very active. Of course, if they did not have sufficient power, this kind of activeness was actually fatal.

After a short while, Heloise, Warner, and Pupu returned, carrying with them many prepared ingredients. It wasn’t just meat, they had recently discovered some fruits and vegetables that were edible. Next would be for Woolf to display his cooking skills. That’s right, it was Woolf cooking now. In conditions like this now, it didn’t make too much of a difference who cooked and without ingredients, Bai Yi couldn’t produce any special delicacies either. After spending such a long time in the wild, it wasn’t just Bai Yi cooking all the time, everyone could create not too bad food now.

Woolf threw the semiconductor radio into the monster skin bag and ran over.

Just when the radio fell into the monster skin bag, a human voice suddenly came from it. This sudden voice immediately made everyone jump in fright. Woolf almost thought that he had somehow produced a human from throwing the radio. After a while, everyone looked at the radio inside the bag.

Bai Yi walked over, picking up the radio. He carefully adjusted the frequency and the initially muffled voice gradually became clear.

“Humans have gathered and banded together at Huntsville. This place is very safe and there are sufficient weapons as well. No matter how you look like now, as long as you were human before, you can come to this place. Everyone will continue to survive together in this world…” This was the general message that the voice through the radio transmitted.

Bai Yi opened the map and searched for a while, finally finding this place called Huntsville. It was a very small place, a small town in New Zealand before and it couldn’t even be considered a city.

“Let’s go and take a look,” Bai Yi said.

Nobody had any objections, looking for other humans was their goal all along. After getting to know information about other humans, everyone’s mood instantly became great. No matter what, more humans surviving also meant greater hope for everyone. In his joy, Bai Yi decided to cook again and prepared a bunch of food. Although Woolf could cook as well, there was still some difference between the food that he and Bai Yi cooked.

Huntsville was south of Taihape, they could reach this place just by walking along the Rangitikei River. Moreover, this was the direction that they were headed in all along. Perhaps it was because they were quite close to Huntsville that they managed to receive that radio signal. In less than a day, they managed to reach Huntsville.

Suddenly, they heard the sounds of fighting and screaming in the distance, before they had even entered the small town.

What happened?

Bai Yi’s group still thought that monsters had attacked this place, and immediately increased their speed, sprinting toward the small town. From the looks of it, the people here did not manage this place much, and the entire town was in ruins. They really couldn’t see how this place was safe at all. However, now wasn’t the time to think about this, and they rushed into the small town and found two groups of people fighting against each other.

One of the groups had more than 20 people, and they all looked very ferocious. Meanwhile, the other side only had 5 people, and they similarly looked very ugly. Overall, there wouldn’t be a single normal human left in New Zealand by now.

3 of them from the group of 5 had already died, lying on the floor as the remaining 2 fought desperately. Especially the guy that looked like he had the head of a horse, he fought against his enemies without any regards for his life. However, the difference in numbers was just too huge, and the more than 20 people on the other side behaved like they were watching a show. If no accidents happened, then the 2 remaining people would be killed very quickly.

The sudden appearance of Bai Yi’s group made everyone surprised or a moment and a man more than 2 meters tall walked out from the group of 20.

This guy looked like a bipedal tiger. The patterns of a tiger appeared all over his body, and there was even a giant pair of wings on his back. They knew with a glance that this pair of wings was completely different from Woolf’s wings that were just for show. In other words, he should be able to fly. This guy looked very fierce, but he was very polite when speaking.

“I’m very sorry, are you guys humans that came here after hearing the broadcast? We are hunting a few monsters that barged into the town. It really can’t be helped, although we have decent battle power, the defence of this little town is still incomplete,” the tiger-headed man said.

Bai Yi and the rest of his team looked at the people on the ground and the 2 still standing. The 3 people on the floor and the 2 still standing really didn’t seem to be human at all. However, were there still any ‘normal humans’ in New Zealand now? If they were to talk about monsters, this group of more than 20 people standing on the side fooling around seemed even more sinister.

“Hnnnn, they…are not!” The horse-headed man immediately wanted to say something, but apparently, his transformation included even his throat. As such, he couldn’t even produce a complete sentence. In this moment of anxiousness and urgency, his voice even carried a horse’s neigh and other sounds.

“They are…!” At this moment, the other person still standing immediately started shouting loudly. However, he had only managed to speak half of his sentence before his opponent that already had an advantage behind him crunched his huge pincer together around his neck. Before he could finish his sentence, his head already flew into the air. This kind of covering up behaviour only made them more suspicious, but Bai Yi’s group was too late even if they wanted to save him.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Red Crab is too agitated, every time when hunting monsters, he would only be at ease if he finishes them off completely. That left hand of his was precisely bitten off by a monster due to his carelessness,” The tiger-headed man said. At this time, this guy that ripped the head off the other guy off took a step to the side. Indeed, he only had a huge pincer for his right arm, and his left arm was completely missing.


“Perhaps we came at a bad time and happened to see the scene of you guys killing them. There’s no need to continue with this kind of low-quality lie. It’s very obvious that you guys used the broadcast to spread lies to attract humans seeking safety over here. Needless to say, your goal wasn’t to provide a safe place but just to treat them as your prey, right?” Bai Yi massaged his temples lazily, seemingly not worried about the scene in front of him at all.

The tiger-headed man heard Bai Yi’s words and started laughing arrogantly. That’s right, they would seem like clowns if they continued acting. Just like Bai Yi had said, their arrival was really too coincidental, or else they really could have continued acting.

“Looking at your attitude, you don’t seem to be appalled by this behaviour, you guys killed people too, right? How is it, do you guys want to stay here? From time to time, there will always be idiots coming to this place. Compared to searching for food outside, this is much safer.” The tiger-headed man saw that Bai Yi had 5 people and 2 pets at his side. That group didn’t seem to be easy to deal with. Although they had more than 20 people on their side, he didn’t dare to say that he could kill all of them for sure, so he decided to change his attitude.

The horse-headed man had initially thought that his saviour had arrived, but after hearing the tiger-headed man’s words, he couldn’t help but fall into despair.

“Sigh…” Bai Yi slowly exhaled a breath of air.

Bai Yi opened his mouth. Just when everyone thought that he would agree, he suddenly revealed an incredibly innocent smile to the opposite side. That kind of innocence, freeness, and brightness instantly made the people on the other side feel like they had seen flowers blooming in spring but in the next instant – “Sorry!” Bai Yi’s simple apology made everyone’s face stiffen.

“HAHAHAHA!” On Bai Yi’s side, everyone started to laugh without any regard for the danger in front of them.

“Hmph…that’s too bad then.” The tiger-headed man got played by Bai Yi’s actions, and he couldn’t help but feel extremely angry when Bai Yi had suddenly rejected him like that. The tiger-headed man waved his right hand and the group of more than 20 people instantly charged toward them. Although they didn’t manage to trick them and make them eat those herbs, would they be unable to deal with these few people with more than 20 of them?

Bai Yi looked at this tiger-headed man, while an icy smile lingered on his face. When he charged toward him, Bai Yi didn’t even flinch and went head-on against him.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

Bai Yi’s eyes officially had a new name, the mimicry eyes before could only describe Bai Yi’s eyes at the start. Moreover, the name of mimicry eyes too easily let others think of the source of Bai Yi’s powers. After much discussion, Bai Yi officially changed the name of his eyes from mimicry eyes to the reverse flower eyes. When Bai Yi used his eye powers, it did look like a multi-colored flower blooming in reverse. Additionally, this name was sufficiently mysterious and domineering.

The tiger-headed man charged toward Bai Yi, but with just a look from Bai Yi’s eyes, his consciousness fell into a daze for a split second. After that, he didn’t have a chance to wake up again. Bai Yi walked passed his body just like he was strolling, and the tip of his sharp fang sword pierced into the earhole of his opponent. In the New Zealand of now, normal vital areas could no longer be considered vital areas, so Bai Yi directly attacked the brain instead.

With a soft ‘puchi!’, this tiger-headed man fell to the floor mysteriously, even until his death, he still did not understand what had happened.

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