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Chapter 67.1: 67.1
The battle was over .

Not only did they defeat the wicked mid-ranking demonic human Zarakul, who tried to contaminate the dragon vein, but they also defeated all of the Angry Bull’s corrupted warriors that Zarakul led .

After receiving some medical treatment, Cordelia said with a beautiful smile .

“You can be at ease now . They were punished for destroying the sanctuary . ”

“You’re the ones who destroyed the sanctuary! You two!”

“Sheesh . ”

It didn’t work .

Cordelia clicked her tongue and pouted her lips, and Jude spoke with a business smile .

“Violent Avalanche, the situation was so urgent that we couldn’t help it . Although the sanctuary was partially damaged, we defeated the enemy and protected the dragon vein . ”

“Partially? Is this partially?!”

“The mountain has not completely collapsed . ”

Cordelia lightly said, and Violent Avalanche held the back of his neck and then staggered .

It was a dainty bear cub, so even though it had that reaction, it still looked cute .

“Uh…uh…my blood pressure…fortunately, it’s a rocky mountain . ”

If it had been an ordinary mountain, countless animals would have died when the mountain collapsed .

Jude then approached such a Violent Avalanche and said in a friendly manner .

“Regardless, we defeated those guys . ”

“That’s right, we defeated them and saved Violent Avalanche and the sanctuary . ”

Jude and Cordelia said in succession, and Violent Avalanche knit its brows . Because it couldn’t somehow understand their suggestive words .

“We defeated not only the mid-ranking demonic human, but also the fallen barbarian warriors . ”

“Jude is right . If not for us, the dragon vein would have been polluted . And you would have been corrupted too . Ah…just imagine it, wouldn’t it have been terrible if that happened?”

They were silently pressuring Violent Avalanche .

No, they were pressuring Violent Avalanche with ‘gentle words . ’

Violent Avalanche involuntarily stepped back as the good-looking couple came closer, or rather, it finally realized what the two were asking for .

“Are you…asking for a reward?”

“Reward…rather than that…isn’t it reasonable for us to be compensated?”

“Give and take!”

“Great Storm was a wild god who properly compensated us . ”

“That’s right, that’s right . He gave us this and that . ”

Cordelia gently tapped the Wind’s Wing Arrow, and then pointed to the tattoo on her left arm .

Then Violent Avalanche grumbled as it tried to resist .

“The mountain…collapsed . ”

“The mountain has not completely collapsed . ”

“It was a necessary sacrifice . Everyone will remember this noble sacrifice . ”

The ‘everyone’ that they referred to were Jude, Cordelia, and Violent Avalanche who were present here, but Violent Avalanche had a feeling that perhaps it was only referring to Violent Avalanche itself .

“Haa…I can’t help it . ”

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In any case, it was true that without Jude and Cordelia, the dragon veins would have been contaminated, and Violent Avalanche itself would have been corrupted .

It was natural to give them a reward, since they were Violent Avalanche’s benefactors who saved more than its life .

“But children, I lost my main body, and the sanctuary has been destroyed . The dragon vein had indeed avoided contamination, but I greatly suffered . ”

“Yes, I understand . ”

Cordelia said as if she sympathized with him, and Violent Avalanche clicked his tongue this time .

And Jude thought .

‘As expected, the divine items remained safe . ’

Just as how Great Storm had the Wind’s Wing Arrow, Violent Avalanche also possessed some divine items .

As Jude had expected, Violent Avalanche plopped down on the ground, and began to talk as it looked at Cordelia .

“Because I do not have a tribe that I look after, I do not have any divine items that are good for human use like that Great Storm brat . I don’t have items like weapons or armor . ”

“I understand . ”

The reason why Great Storm created a divine item like the Wind’s Wing Arrow was to give it to the Great Storm tribe, and not to use it for himself .

So it would be strange if Violent Avalanche, who did not care for any tribe, had weapons or armor that were suitable for human use .

“So I’ll give you this . ”

The sitting Violent Avalanche dug a little on the ground, and a large blue gem suddenly appeared .

“This is…”

“Freezing stone!”

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“Wow! That came from here?”

Freezing Stone .

It was a beautiful gem made by combining mana and the cold Yin energy .

But it wasn’t just beautiful .

Because the freezing stone stored ‘Frozen Time’ inside it .

‘In other words, it is one of the main ingredients for the Ancestral Regression technique . ’

It was an ingredient that could only be obtained after a lot of hard work, so they were really lucky to obtain it here .

“You’re lucky . ”

Jude nodded his head, while Cordelia giggled and hugged to her chest the freezing stone that Violent Avalanche gave them .

“It’s pretty . Thank you, Violent Avalanche . ”

“Well…I’m glad that you like it . ”

After all, Cordelia was really pretty .

Although she didn’t wear make-up because they had slept outside and traveled for several days, Cordelia’s cheerful smile still resembled that of a goddess .

Of course, since Violent Avalanche was a bear, its aesthetic perception was somehow different from humans, but Violent Avalanche was the kind of being that would marvel at the sunset that heralds the night and be captivated by the glorious dawn in the morning .

Violent Avalanche warmly smiled and shrugged its shoulders, and Jude smiled too, before he stepped forward and said .

“I think we should discuss about the next thing now . You said that they were trying to pollute the dragon vein, but could you please elaborate about that a little more?”

“Of course . It’s a really big crisis . It’s a problem that all wild gods…no, all living beings in the wild land must deal with together!”

Violent Avalanche strongly shouted as it jumped from its spot, and Jude nodded . He then faced Violent Avalanche with a serious expression and said .

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“The Angry Bull tribe is believed to have been corrupted . It seems that a demonic human from a group of demon followers called Devil’s Eye was behind it . ”

“Wait, how did you know that?”

Violent Avalanche roughly knew about demon followers, but it didn’t know about which tribe or group they belonged to, so it widely opened its eyes and asked . Jude then briefly introduced their history .

“We came to the wild lands at the request of the Guardians of the Holy Cross . Because they received information that the Devil’s Eye were showing signs of disturbing movements . Furthermore, the witch’s soul and the Fairy Queen warned us about the threat in the north . ”


In reality, Violent Avalanche did not know much about the Guardians of the Holy Cross . It also knew very little about the witch’s soul and the Fairy Queen .

But that was also why Violent Avalanche felt reassured . Just as an unknown threat came, an unknown help also came .

And Cordelia thought .

‘Wow…as expected of a scammer . ’

When they were inside the border, he eagerly used the wild god’s name, and as soon as they crossed the border, he used the name of the witch’s soul and the southern organizations this time .

‘I think he’ll succeed even if he tried to sell umbrellas in the desert . ’

Cordelia really thought that it would be possible if it was Jude, so she unconsciously let out a laugh .

‘Because he’s my Jude . ’

She felt that he was reliable .

And at that same time .

When Cordelia was smiling while watching Jude having a serious conversation with Violent Avalanche .

A similar situation was occurring near the border .


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