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Chapter 67.2: 67.2
“The Great Wall is, as its name implies, a great wall . It is so huge that it cannot be fully monitored . ”

Furthermore, the Great Wall wasn’t built in a straight line on a flat ground, as if one was drawing a line on a map .

In reality, the terrain was complicated .

There were mountains and valleys everywhere, and even in places where there were no rivers and forests, the ground was rugged .

Thus, the Great Wall was built in a form that conformed with the natural terrain, so it was natural that the wall had several blind spots .

“In the end, people are needed to guard the wall . That way, they can easily notice a massive invasion before it reaches the wall . However, watching over the entire wall is almost impossible in the first place because only a few people are guarding it . ”

It wasn’t just the words of anyone else, but were the words of Count Bayer’s successor, whose family held the margrave position in the past for many years .

‘He is…reliable!’

It was not just because of his family’s origins .

The moment he found out that Jude and Cordelia had crossed the border, Gaël’s attitude regarding this matter changed .

It wasn’t because he was not serious about this matter before .

He was already serious about it, but up until now, Gaël had been following Adelia rather than taking the lead .

But it was different now . He was taking the initiative and trying to resolve the situation .

‘He looks like an expert . ’

Gaël’s explanation about the Great Wall and the Jackdaws made him look like an expert .

Perhaps that’s the reason why Gaël appeared to be strikingly handsome than before .

‘He was handsome in the first place though . ’

She didn’t like Jude’s personality or any other side of his, but Adelia at least admitted that he had a beautiful face .

‘He looks too weak though . ’

Nevertheless, the expression of ‘good-looking’ perfectly suited Jude .

Gaël was Jude’s older brother, and the brothers were alike each other .

However, Gaël was the very picture of health itself . Moreover, he was a master of the sword, and was regarded by everyone to have inherited the title of Great Swordmaster from Count Bayer, one of the ten great swordmasters .

In addition to having a strong physique, he had an appearance that resembled Jude but minus the weakness, so it was unavoidable for him not to look handsome .

‘No, this isn’t the time for this . ’

This wasn’t the time for her to evaluate Gaël’s appearance .

After all, Gaël was now explaining how to cross the border with a very serious face .

“I apologize, but we have to abandon our horses . ”

“It can’t be helped . ”

If someone else had said it, Adelia would have argued about finding another way instead of abandoning the horses, but now, she unconsciously nodded her head .

Because Gaël’s words were reliable!

‘If this man said so, it must be true then . ’

At Adelia’s reply, Gaël was somehow a little surprised, but he soon had a small smile and said .

“It’s going to be quite a difficult journey . ”

“The journey has been tough even up to now . You do know how many days we’ve been running on horseback, right?”

“I do know . ”

Ever since they left home, they had been running on horseback every day until they had reached this place .

Running on horseback was a lot harder than most people think .

It was severely physically exhausting, and it was seriously painful on the buttocks and thighs .

But the two had run every day for more than 10 days .

It was a forced march of such difficulty that it would make most ordinary knights cry .


Gaël unconsciously looked at Adelia .

They had come this far but she had never once said that it was difficult .

It wasn’t because it was easy .

It was hard .

Gaël himself found it difficult, so it would be more serious for Adelia who’s a wizard and a woman too .

But she never once said that it was hard .

She had a strong will .

She endured the hardships in order to fulfill their mission .

‘It’s the first time . ’

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It was the first time that he met a noble lady like her .

Of course, he had met a few knights with a similar disposition, but Adelia was first and foremost a wizard .

There was a difference from those who had trained to become knights since their childhood .

‘Beautiful . ’

He had first thought that she was fierce, but she somehow looked different now .

She was like a sparkling gem who held a strong will .

Even though she was always frowning, Adelia was still a very beautiful woman .

Just as Gaël was Jude’s brother, Adelia was Cordelia’s older sister .


Adelia asked Gaël at that moment as she looked up at him . It was natural for her to do so, since the height difference between the two was close to 20 centimeters .

But in that instant, Gaël unconsciously averted his gaze . Because his heart was beating a little fast .

‘How long has it been?’

The reason why Gaël himself had not been married even when he was in his late twenties .

He had lied to others, saying that he had a lady in his heart, but in fact, there was a real reason .

Count Bayer also knew of the reason, so he didn’t pressure Gaël into getting married .

“Gaël? Are you sick?”

“No, it’s not . It’s just a little fever . ”

Gaël lightly answered, as he shook his head and got rid of his thoughts .

What was important now was to catch up to Jude and Cordelia . He only had to think about that for now .

“I don’t know much about the land of the barbarians . So I will trust in Lady Adelia’s decision in the future . ”

He was referring to the tracking magic in Count Chase’s ring .

Adelia nodded her head and said .

“Don’t worry . I’ll definitely get the job done . And…”


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“If it’s the sword of Lord Gaël, I’m sure it would be reliable even in the land of the barbarians . ”

Adelia quickly spoke, and at that moment, the two were simultaneously a little embarrassed .

Gaël was surprised when he heard Adelia’s words .

He would, of course, since his heart had always been pounding ever since he met Adelia .

“It’s an honor for me to receive your trust . I shall do my utmost best to protect Lady Adelia . ”

“Let’s go quickly . ”

Adelia hurriedly turned her eyes, as she somehow found it difficult to gaze at Gaël’s bright smile, and Gaël stepped forward full of confidence as he had always been .

And at that same time, in a place that was far down in the south…

“Uh…what? Didn’t it go well at first?”

Inside Count Chase’s study .

A handsome young man with long platinum hair stood in front of his father after a long time . He was Edward Chase, Count Chase’s eldest son and heir . After Edward said that, Count Chase knit his brows .

“Isn’t that good for her?”

“No…I must meet them first if it’s Adelia . ”

Adelia was the best among the three siblings when it came to their talent for magic .

But maybe because of that, or maybe because she resembled her father the most among the three, she has never had a relationship with the opposite sex since her childhood .

Such a thing as eloping was something that Adelia wouldn’t likely do, but if she had indeed did that, shouldn’t they welcome it with open arms then?

‘There’s no problem if the other person is Gaël . ’

He was handsome and competent, he came from a good family, and he also had a nice personality .

He was certainly perfect . In Edward’s personal opinion, he honestly found Gaël to be too good when compared to Adelia .

‘Of course, that is if the two really eloped . ’

Contrary to the concerns of Count Chase and Count Bayer, Edward perceived Gaël and Adelia’s loss of contact to be different in nature compared to their youngest siblings .

‘There must be a reason . ’

Although she was bold, or rather, even aggressive, he thought that Adelia wasn’t a child who would do things without thinking .

Moreover, she was even with the prudent Gaël, so if they had cut off their contact, there must have been a reason that they did that, and not because it was an elopement or something similar .

“Whatever it is, we can’t just leave it as is . ”

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Gaël and Adelia had gone missing after Jude and Cordelia .

The rumors in high society was only a secondary problem .

The most important thing was to secure the safety of the two ‘couples . ’

“Gaël and Adelia should be all right . The problem would be Jude and Cordelia . ”

Some people have already evaluated Gaël’s sword skills as close to the level of the ten great swordmasters .

In addition, Adelia was one of the heads of the Royal Guard Magic Corps, so it was highly unlikely that the two would be in danger .

But Jude and Cordelia’s situation was different .

They had to secure the safety of the two as soon as possible .

“Should I set off too? Count Bayer doesn’t have a daughter, so you won’t be losing your contact with me . ”

At Edward’s joking words, Count Chase shook his head .

“I’ve already prepared for the chase . You focus on training . I’ve said that it’s very important, but it’s also important for you to reach the next circle . ”

“I understand . ”

Edward obediently accepted his words and bowed before he tried to go out .

But it was at that moment .

“By the way, Edward . ”

“Yes, father . ”

“Did you not get along with that Gaël fellow when you were a kid?”

“We’re still relatively close these days . ”

Edward had few people whom he could call as friends, and Gaël was one of the first among them, whom he could count as a friend .

“I see . Then do you know what Gaël likes?”


“I’m saying this just in case . So that we’ll be prepared for any situation . ”

Edward quietly stared at his father speaking with a stern face, and then frowned . However, he didn’t think of this situation too deeply as he always did .

At Count Chase’s request, Edward began talking about the things that Gaël preferred .

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