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Chapter 56

Part 1 (TL Jax)[1]

Presently in the Continent[2], besides the internal factors of the two empires, most significant was the clandestine interference from the several Spirit Master clans and Spirit Hall. Theoretically, in a single large and unified empire, how could these be allowed to exist to influence the ruling power?

The Shrek Academy party wanted to go to Heaven Dou City, but they needed to first leave Balak Kingdom, afterwards pass through the entire Silvers Kingdom[3] to the the north of Balak Kingdom, to finally enter Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial city boundaries. Further to the east, it would be entirely Heaven Dou Empire’s imperial city lands. The entire journey would be very far, spanning more than two thousand kilometers[4]. Thus can be seen, how enormous the Heaven Dou Empire’s territory was.

In the Shrek Seven Devils, Dai Mubai, Tang San, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong had their own spirit storage devices, similarly, the teachers had ones too. Thus, as they journeyed, they didn’t have to experience any frustrations of baggage. Before leaving, they bought food and prepared water in their spirit tools. Even if they couldn’t resupply during the journey, this food and water would last them about ten days.

“Okay, you little monsters. You have all rested for two months already, from now on it’s full speed ahead. Everyone must follow my speed, if not, heh heh.”

 Flender seemed to have returned to what he was previously, a devious light was emitted from his eyes. With one hand grabbing Grandmaster’s arm, leaving behind those words, he already shot forward.

Flender naturally didn’t use his full strength to run. With Zhao Wuji in front of the academy teachers, they spread out on both sides as they followed him.

Shrek Seven Devils looked on and unhesitantly ran. They were already undaunted by burdened running. Normal running was nothing to them. Without even needing to use spirit power to assist them, even Oscar and Ning Rongrong could keep up to Flender’s current speed.

Grandmaster was being carried by Flender using spirit power, thus he did not even need to waste any energy. Grandmaster suspiciously commented,

“Flender, what is the meaning in this training? Their current body foundations are already very strong now.”

Flanders grinned, saying:

"Is there really no meaning in this training? Xiao Gang, these methods are not something you can use. Furthermore, even if this training had no meaning, rushing a little bit faster, wasting less time on the road, we can cut down on meals and stay in fewer hotels. This way, we should be able to save some money. Previously we agreed to use the previously won three thousand gold coins on this third stage of training. We should save as what we can.”

“You… You really are the same as always.”

Grandmaster was momentarily speechless. In contrast to Flender, he never saw money as something of importance, always holding the ideal[5] that the money he used could eventually be earnt back. In any case he was always a Spirit Grandmaster, and would always have Spirit Hall’s stipend.

Flender, somewhat deviously, only winked at Grandmaster, suddenly he sped up. Accelerating ahead like an arrow as it left a bow.

Zhao Wuji, undoubtedly being the most familiar with Flender, helplessly looked at the Sweet Pea Spirit Master Shao Xin beside him and grabbed his arm.

“Flender that guy. Even if you want to save money, you don’t have to torture our old bones.”

The auxiliary system Spirit Master obviously couldn’t keep up with them, thus Zhao Wuji could only carry Shao Xin and increase his speed.

With Flender’s increase in speed, the Shrek Seven Devils behind started to be unable to keep up. In the end, using only physical strength to run definitely couldn’t match his speed when he was being assisted by spirit power. Furthermore, Flender was an agility attack system Spirit Master, and even a Spirit Emperor level agility attack system Spirit Master at that.

In a hurry to keep up, Shrek Seven Devils could only increase their speed accordingly. As a result, Ning Rongrong and Oscar could no longer continue by their own strength. Oscar was carried by Dai Mubai while Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu took turns carrying Ning Rongrong. The seven of them, like always did not leaving anyone behind. They gave it their all and rushed ahead to catch up.

The Shrek Seven Devils had no qualms in using their spirit power for short periods, but how could their spirit power compete with their teachers. Flender’s controlled speed was already their maximum speed. Within less than two hours, the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit power was practically consumed.

Flender saw that everyone behind him couldn’t keep up and thus finally slowed down a little. Running with a normal speed, he gave the Shrek Seven Devils time to eat the large sausage and recuperate a bit. Of course, Flender himself wouldn’t eat Oscar’s large sausage, a few sweet peas would be a lot more effective than the sausage. After all, that Sweet Pea Spirit Master Shao Xin’s level was far above what Oscar could compare to.

Using this method of running, within a day, Shrek Seven Devils were as tired as when they had experienced Grandmaster’s Devil training again. Within just this day, they had already run close to four hundred kilometers, completing about a fifth of the journey.

Fortunately, Flender wasn’t as stingy as he proclaimed. He didn’t make everyone camp outside, but rather, settled for the night in a small town along the way.

The so called small town, was actually just a relatively big village. The inn that the Shrek Academy party stayed in was actually the only inn in town. Even if it was a little shabby, it could still be said to be relatively clean.

Flender once again fully demonstrated his stinginess, altogether asking for only three rooms. The teachers would only use one room, the male students used one room and the female students used one room.

“I’m so worn out.”

Oscar immediately lay on the bed, still gasping for breath, with a face of euphoria. Everyone had ran for a day and was finally able to rest. No one really bothered about how simple or crude the place was.

Dai Mubai snapped,

"What do you have to be tired about? You were resting most of your body weight on me, okay?!"

Oscar said.

“But i also had to make the large sausages and mushroom sausages for all of you. During that last part of the run, if not for my mushroom sausages, how would we be able to keep up. My consumption of spirit power was definitely not less than any of you. The consumption of spirit power also leads to fatigue.”

Ma Hongjun commented,

”Don’t complain anymore. The unluckiest would be me. I’m the heaviest, my speed also isn’t very great either. I really wish that i could get a flying ability soon. Then, traveling wouldn’t be a problem.

Tang San laughed.

“Don’t complain anymore, hurry and sleep. Who knows what our great dean will do again tomorrow.”

At this moment, there was a loud knock on the door, the room door opening a little. Xiao Wu stuck her head in from outside.

“Little San, come out for a while.”


Tang San complied and left the room.

“Xiao Wu, what is it?”

Looking at a tired Xiao Wu, Tang San’s heart couldn’t help but hurt a little.

Xiao Wu somewhat coquettishly pouting,

“After running all day, my legs are sore. Ge, massage my legs, alright?”[6]

During their period of devilish training, every time Xiao Wu would feel tired and sore, Tang San would always help massage her legs. Ultimately, Mysterious Heavenly skill and spirit power had some differences. One of which was that spirit power was not at all useful for Daoist treatment methods. On the whole, spirit power was more overbearing, while Mysterious heavenly skill was more stable and peaceful.

“Okay, right here?”

Tang San doting rubbed Xiao Wu’s head.

“En, do it here. Rongrong and Zhuqing are already asleep.”

As she spoke, Xiao Wu raised her right leg, showing off her flexibility[7], placing her slender calf on Tang San’s shoulder.

Tang San raised both hands, one hand kneading at her ankle and the other softly massaging the muscles of her calf. The Mysterious Heavenly Skill’s warmth directly penetrating the muscle, Xiao Wu comfortably closed her eyes, her young face blushing a little.

As Tang San helped her massage her calf, he asked her.

“If we’re rushing like today again tomorrow and you can’t take it anymore, let me carry you. There shouldn’t be a problem with speed if I used my Eight Spider Lances.”

Xiao Wu giggled.

“No need, I can handle it. Actually, this kind of tiredness is also good. I would have a reason to let you massage my legs. Its really comfortable. Ge, why are your palms so warm?”

Tang San shook his head. He doted on this little sister from the core of his heart. Not caring about the mud and dirt on her shoes, he softly massaged her foot, helping her relax.

“How does this feel?”[8]

“Very comfortable, it seems like my legs aren’t as sore anymore.”

Even separated by the shoe, the heat from Tang San’s palms could still enter her feet. It felt just like soaking in the hot waters of a hot spring. The hot comfortable feeling made Xiao Wu feel so comfortable, her vision blurred for a while.

“Okay, change to the other leg.”

Xiao Wu looked at Tang San, expression somewhat congealed,

“Ge, if we can always be this close in the future, and if you later get a wife, will you not want me?”

Tang San smiled,

“Silly girl, how can that be? At any point in time, you will always be my little sister.”

Concerning boy-girl relationships, he had never experienced them in his previous life. In this life, he understood them even less. Although he grew up without his father by his side, however, ever since he came to Shrek Academy, Tang San had never felt alone or empty. In terms of friendship, he had his companions. In terms of family, he had Xiao Wu and Grandmaster. He was already very satisfied with his current life.

Xiao Wu giggled

“How about, after we grow up, I’ll marry you, okay? Then I can be your little sister for as long as we live and let you take care of me.”[9]

Tang San laughed and said,
”Okay. Its just that you so pretty, marrying me will embarrass you.”

Xiao Wu sighed.

“I’m serious. What is there to be embarrassed about? In my heart, you are the best. Ge, did you know? Rongrong always teases me, saying that we’re just brother and sister.”

Tang San looked blank for a bit,

“But she isn’t wrong. Aren’t you my little sister?”[10]

Xiao Wu’s charming face reddened.

“Not like that. Aiyah[11]. I’m not going to talk about it anymore, you’re such a blockhead.”

As she spoke, she took back her long leg and walked behind Tang Sang, both hands gently squeezing on his shoulders.

Although Xiao Wu’s technique was a bit amateurish, it still allowed Tang San to feel comfortable. Especially that faint warm feeling, making Tang San’s deep in his heart be softly moved.

“Alright. You should go to sleep earlier. We still need to travel tomorrow.” Tang San somewhat reluctantly pushed away Xiao Wu’s hands.


Xiao Wu replied. Finally returning to her room. Her heart was beating quickly, her eyes were showing a somewhat hesitant and deep light.

Returning to his room, what made Tang San surprised was that Dai Mubai and the other two were not asleep yet. The three of them looked at Tang San as they tried to hide their smiles.

Oscar rose from the bed, facing Dai Mubai and raising a leg in his direction, with a coy voice he said “After running for an entire day, my legs feel sore. Ge, massage my legs, alright?”

Dai Mubai laughed, imitating Tang San’s voice,

“Okay. Right here?”

Oscar immediately followed up with

“En. Right here. Rongrong and Zhuqing are already sleeping.”

Looking at their creepy play, Tang San irritatedly said

“Great. You guys listened in on our conversation.”

Fatty darkly laughed at one side

“Its not that we eavesdropped. Its just that here, the walls are really bad. Ge, help me massage my leg too.”

As he spoke, he also gestured with his his fat leg.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San earnestly nodded,

While speaking, he took off his jacket, exposing his bare torso, assuming an expression about to release Eight Spider Lances.

Fatty jumped from fright, hastily pulling his quilt over him. somewhat bitterly shouting,

His first encounter with Eight Spider Lances’ powerful toxin left a deep impression with him.

Tang San snapped:
“Go to sleep.”

Dai Mubai chuckled, saying:
“Tang San, Xiao Wu declared her position to you, you as her older brother mustn’t be so slow witted. Xiao Wu is a rare beauty. If you act fast you will have her, if you’re slow you won’t.”

Tang San stared blankly,
“But we’re siblings. Fine, don’t say anything. We’re both still this young. It’s still too early to discuss this. Do you think I’m Fatty? I can’t have his Evil Fire.”

Ma Hongjun stretched out his head from within his quilt, defiantly saying:
“What about me? Relations between men and women are heaven’s law and earth’s principle[12]. It’s a primal instinct.”

Tang San glared at him,
“I say you have instinct to spare.”

Dai Mubai also didn’t say anything else, smiling shaking his head, sitting down cross legged on his bed to enter a meditative state.

After an uneventful night, the second day’s morning. Everyone continued the journey. By now, they had already left Balak Kingdom, entering the borders of Silvers Kingdom.

Fortunately, today Flender didn’t speed up again, only leading the party towards the northeast at a regular pace.

The same day, they reached Silvers Kingdom’s capital on the southern border, Silvers City. Flender unprecedentedly chose this major city to lodge at, furthermore at the time they entered the city, the sky was only just starting to darken.

“Flender, are you alright?”
When Flender brought everyone to check in at an expensive hotel, even Grandmaster who could never hang on to coin couldn’t help feel strange. Furthermore, this time Flender unexpectedly rented five rooms, letting everyone live somewhat less crowded. Even dinner was unprecedentedly lavish.

Whether it was Grandmaster or Zhao Wuji and the other teachers, everyone were baffled by Flender’s actions. Always miserly, how would he suddenly become so generous?

At dinner, Flender finally showed his true colors.

Flender wore a smiling expression, raising a wine cup in front of him, saying:
“Travelling for two days, to thank you all for your hard work, please eat to your heart’s content. However, the little monsters are only allowed one cup of wine.”

Speaking, he led by example and poured the wine down his throat, and furthermore extremely enthusiastically received everyone’s dishes.

Dai Mubai said in a low voice by Tang San’s ear:
“Compared to a smile, I wish we saw the dean’s solemn expression. I don’t know why, but every time he smiles I feel his smile is so treacherous. You’ll see, today our dean spent so much, there’s definitely a catch.”

Sure enough, as the wine made three rounds, after dishes of five flavours, Flender wiped his mouth, mildly saying to the Shrek Seven Devils:
“You also haven’t had any real combat for two months. This Silvers City has a Great Spirit Arena. This evening you should all go exercise a bit. En. There’s no need to participate in all spirit battles. In order to not influence tomorrow’s travelling, just join the team spirit battle.”

Dai Mubai smiling widely looked at the fox tailed[13] Flender, saying:
“Dean, then the rewards we obtain this time, should it also be transferred to the Academy?”

Flender piously said:
“Although the Academy is already closed, as your dean, do you believe I would take possession of your rewards? You allocate your income as you see fit, unrelated to us. Mubai, don’t tell me you unexpectedly doubt my intentions?”

This time it was Dai Mubai’s turn to stare blankly. Originally he thought Flender was planning to have them participate in a team spirit fight to obtain the rewards. Like this, with their current rank, for a team spirit fight everyone could obtain at least a hundred cold spirit coins each, adding up to a considerable sum. He hadn’t expected to be criticised by Flender’s just words.

Don’t say, was this dean really alright?

It was still Ma Hongjun who understood his teacher the best, mouthing words to Dai Mubai on the other side. Dai Mubai then suddenly understood. Ma Hongjun only mouthed one word: ‘Gambling’.

Yes, under equivalent level circumstances, even Emperor Team was unable to surpass the Shrek Seven Devils, how would there be an opponent, as long as they placed some heavy bets on the team fight, then, naturally the earnings wouldn’t be small. This was Flender’s true scheme.

“Good, we’ll set off.”
Flender delightedly settled the bill, asking for directions to Silvers Great Spirit Arena, bringing everyone to leave the hotel.

Silvers Great Spirit Arena appeared even more magnificent than its Suotuo counterpart. This was after all Silvers Kingdom’s capital city, still a level above Suotuo.

Wearing those masks that had shaken Suotuo Great Spirit Arena, the Shrek Seven Devils once again set out.

However, when Flender had the Shrek Seven Devils sign up for a team spirit fight he was struck dumb.

The Silvers Great Spirit Arena staff carefully inspected the Shrek Seven Devils spirit fighting badges, and couldn’t help but uncomprehendingly look at the seven Spirit Masters in front of him, finding it somewhat difficult to speak:
“My apologies, respected Spirit Masters, I’m afraid you can’t participate in the team spirit fight.”

The Shrek Seven Devils were indifferent, Flender was not.

One must know, since entering Silvers City he had already spent a lot of coin, hoping to be able to recoup it here.

“Why? Don’t tell me there are no people at the Great Spirit Arena?”
Flender angrily said.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Although Flender was somewhat aggressive, the staff didn’t refute him at all. A thirtieth level gold spirit fighter team indeed had the qualifications to be aggressive. He had worked at the Great Spirit Arena for more than twenty years, but this was the first time such a monstrous spirit fighter team had appeared.

“My apologies, respected sir, but our Silvers Great Spirit Arena doesn’t have a gold spirit fighter team for a fair spirit fight.”
The staff member said embarrassedly.

Flender said:
“Then a silver spirit fighter team is fine as well. Don’t you see that among them is only one Spirit Master that just advanced to gold spirit fighter?”

The staff member shook his head:
“That certainly won’t do. First of all, we only have one silver spirit fighter thirtieth level team, but letting them fight clearly is unfair. Presumably you also know the rules of the Great Spirit Arena, a team’s level is counted according to the level of its highest member.”

To the side Zhao Wuji smiled with Schadenfreude:
“Apparently, someone’s plans fell through.”

Standing at Zhao Wuji’s side, the three senior Spirit Masters Lu Ji-Bin, Li Yu-Song and Shao Xin couldn’t help smiling. They didn’t have any subordinate relationship with Flender, before the establishment of Shrek Academy they were good friends, watching Flender’s defeat clearly was a form of entertainment to them.

Flender unresigned asked:
“Is there no other way?”

The staff member thought about it:
“It’s not that there are no ways. If everyone agrees to surpass levels to join a spirit fight, I can naturally arrange it. Surpassing levels no longer suffers the level restrictions of spirit fights. In other words, you can challenge one of the lowest fortieth level spirit fighter teams, here the fortieth level teams are practically all silver spirit fighters, there are also a few gold spirit fighter teams. You can choose as you wish.”

Fortieth level? Flender was stunned a moment, immediately afterwards shaking his head,
“Then let it be.”

What is called ‘gentlemen love wealth, but grasps it the right way’, Flender still understood the reasoning of this.

Although in the spirit fighting ring, generally speaking none of the opponents died, he also wouldn’t let his disciples take risks for his benefit.

If there was a certain chance of victory without danger then a bit of profit wasn’t much, but demanding the Shrek Seven Devils take risks for profit, Flender still wouldn’t do it. Although miserly, he was after all principled.

“No, I think it’s possible.”
Grandmaster’s stiff voice echoed, unhurriedly strolling up to Flender’s side.

Flender frowned,
“Xiao Gang, what kind of joke is that? How is this possible, you also know the depth of a spirit ring gap. Don’t tell me you want to send the children to their death? Don’t forget that among them are three who haven’t reached the thirtieth level, confronting a fortieth level Spirit Master team, they won’t stand a chance.”

Grandmaster shook his head:
“Of course I wouldn’t let them take risks, Flender, there are still very many differences with fortieth level spirit fighter teams.”

Speaking, Grandmaster turned to the staff member,
“What you said just now, letting us pick our opponent, without question.”

The staff member nodded,
“Of course without question. Furthermore I can guarantee that this team spirit fight will be in the Central Main Spirit Arena.”

The circumstances of a level surpassing challenge very rarely appeared at a Great Spirit Arena, especially in a team fight. If it was a one versus one bout where one side’s spirit was especially outstanding, perhaps there would still be a chance to prevail over a one spirit ring gap. But team spirit fights were a collective effort, if the whole team was one spirit ring weaker than the opponents, how would there still be a fight? As a result, team level surpassing challenges were hardly ever seen. And without more than a few successful examples in the entire history of Great Spirit Arena, a level surpassing challenge was undoubtedly a kind of spirit fight that appealed to spectators, making it even easier to excite the audience. As long as the news went out, the Central Main Spirit Arena could anticipate a full audience. Such a good event, how could the spirit arena refuse?

Grandmaster continued:
“Among your fortieth level teams do you have one that is especially cruel? Best is that kind of team that every time kills or injures the opponent. The higher the proportion of injuries the better.”

The staff member startled looked at Grandmaster, thinking to himself, ‘don’t tell me this person want’s to have this team killed?’ Originally he thought Grandmaster would pick the weakest fortieth level team, he hadn’t expected him to say something like this.

Flender grabbed Grandmaster’s shoulder, bellowing,
“Xiao Gang, are you insane? You want to get the children killed?”

Grandmaster calmly smiled,
“Flender, do you think I would let the children get killed? Don’t worry, I have a reason.”

Flender stared blankly, yes, how would Grandmaster possibly let the children get killed. Especially his only disciple Tang San, who Grandmasters normally showed such concern for. Flender also saw that he looked at Tang San as if his own child, how would he let him take risks.

Grandmaster took advantage of Flender’s dull moment to once again question the staff member,
“Is there such a team?”

“Ah, yes. There is.”

“Fiend Team[14], fortieth level silver spirit fighter team, since entering the silver spirit fighter grade, forty six bouts and thirty one wins. Altogether they have killed opponents sixty three times. Injured opponents ninety eight times, called the ‘murder weapon’ of the silver spirit fighter teams. The majority of the silver spirit fighter teams are unwilling to face them since they play so hard.”

Grandmaster nodded satisfied,
“Good, then we will challenge this Fiend Team. Our team is called Shrek Seven Devils. Altogether seven members will fight.”

Seeing Grandmaster unexpectedly being so earnest, Zhao Wuji’s four teachers hastily gathered to prevent him.

Grandmaster shook his head to them, saying something in a low voice. At this it was like everyone saw the light, the worry on their faces fading away.

Flender somewhat hesitant said:
“But, is this alright?”

Grandmaster calmly said:
“Flender, this is also a kind of experience. Inevitably there will be a day when they must confront circumstances like these. Do you believe that having us at their side to guide them when they confront such circumstances, or letting them endure it on their own is better?”

Flender’s gaze collided with Grandmaster’s in midair, seeming to raise sparks. In the end he was still the one to yield, nodding:
“Fine, I hope you’re right.”

Grandmaster calmly smiled, saying:
“This is the best way to examine their mental qualities, it’s also something they must experience sooner or later.”

Flender looked at the other teachers, saying:
“Then, let’s decide it by vote. Everyone in favor of Grandmaster’s decision raise your hands. The minority defers to the majority.”

While speaking, Flender took the lead to raise his hand. After the other teachers hesitated a moment, they also one after another showed their agreement.

Grandmaster then turned to the staff member,
“Please help us set it up.”


Meng Li’s[15] mood had been somewhat bad recently. As Fiend Team’s captain, it was also no wonder he was depressed. Fiend Team already hadn’t had a team spirit fight for half a month, for the simple reason that they suffered the collective boycott of all fortieth level silver spirit fighter teams. No team wanted to meet them in a spirit fight.

Since the founding of Fiend Team they had adopted mad dog tactics, Meng Li was always held up as tyrannically vicious. Vicious to scare people to death. In the previous team spirit fights, whatever their opponent, under his leadership the Fiend Team would all launch their wildest full strength attacks. Even if they lost, they still might kill the opponents.

Over time, whenever Fiend Team participated in team spirit fights, the opponents’ spirit would first be overwhelmed. Even if clearly stronger than them, they still had a hard time winning.

But recently, Fiend Team had encountered problems. Because of their excessively vicious style, every silver spirit fighter team refused to meet them. Spirit Master cultivation wasn’t easy, who wanted their companions to die in the spirit fighting ring? Occasional accidents were hard to avert, but if fighting Fiend Team, death was no accident, rather a certainty. In these kinds of circumstances, boycotting Fiend Team had become a common understanding among the fortieth level silver spirit fighter teams.

[1] this chapter is very dangerous to men. please be advised. PG-N16 rating.

[2] monarchy haven’t completely ruled its subordinate countries as said in previous chapter..

[3] (西尔维斯王国)

[4] Next level cross country

[5] “千金散尽还复来” - Part of a poem by 8th century poet Li Bai (李白). He had a positive outlook in life, thinking that he’s talent had been recognized, he said that whatever he spent could eventually be earnt back.


[7] *Wink Wink*

[8] >< Onii sannnn

[9] I cannut, i get diabetes

[10] Face plant into ground. Becoming a tree now

[11] Search urban dictionary. I had a good laugh there.

[12] Idiom: Right and proper, or a matter of course

[13] Idiom: A villain showing his true intentions.

[14] (凶神战队)

[15] (蒙厉) “Drizzle Severe”

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