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Chapter 55

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San considered it, then nodded:

With how famous Tang Sect hidden weapons were, how could there not be counterfeits, but in Tang San’s world the Tang Sect stood tall for centuries, yet there were never any hidden weapons that could surpass Tang Sect’s. A common Tang Sect hidden weapon technician required ten years of training. Tang San was extremely gifted in this respect, but he also underwent twenty years of continuous research and manufacturing to reach the grandmaster level of creating mechanical hidden weapons, wanting to create counterfeits was practically impossible.

Ning Rongrong said:
“Then even better. No need to return first. To tell the truth, I’m still really afraid to return after dad wouldn’t let me leave. There’s no need for training in this time, so we can properly play around. Xiao Wu, where do you think we should go play? Tang San, will you go with us?”

Tang San frowned:
“Teacher said to have everyone cultivate spirit power. Rongrong, did you forget?”

Ning Rongrong stuck out her tongue, smiling:
“Doesn’t matter. I won’t go far. Right now among us Shrek Seven Devils my spirit power is the weakest, I know I have to work hard. But we also have to relax sometime, balancing work and play.”

Xiao Wu nodded, saying:
“Rongrong makes sense. Little San, you have to come with us for a stroll.”

Tang San shook his head:

After speaking, he hastily took his leave, always feeling somewhat uncomfortable in the girls’ dorm.

Tang San had long ago properly thought out what to do in these two months before returning to the road.

Through the danger last time in Star Dou Great Forest, Tang San more and more felt his own strength was insufficient. Although after getting Eight Spider Lances he had an even greater advantage against equal level Spirit Masters, once the level gap increased somewhat, this advantage would disappear completely.

Against less than fortieth rank Spirit Masters, Tang San basically had confidence in his victory. Beyond fortieth rank it would depend on the opposing Spirit Masters’ category and attributes.

If the opponent’s attributes were something that he could restrain, he believed he wasn’t powerless if he relied on hidden weapons, but if the opponent could restrain him, it was practically impossible to come out on top.

The furnace Tang San bought from the smithy last time had already been delivered long ago, before returning today he passed by the smithy and specially ordered a batch of metal. Spirit fighting had netted him more than five thousand gold coins, so buying some first rate metal was no problem.

Adding to the metals he purchased last time, he was prepared to in these two months increase his armament strength somewhat, at the same time increasing hidden weapon technique drills.

With insufficient inner strength, the more powerful Tang Sect exquisite inner sect hidden weapons would be unable to display their strength, therefore Tang San still had to rely on his most expert mechanical type hidden weapons techniques.

Although Shrek Academy was crude, the size still wasn’t small. Adding that teachers and students were few, when the furnace and tools had arrived, he had asked Flender for an empty house to use. Of course, it wasn’t for free.

Leaving Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong’s dorm, Tang San directly arrived at this house. It was built very simply from stone bricks. Although it wasn’t very standardized, it was stable and durable, this was the most common way of building among commoners.

The room wasn’t large, with close to thirty square meters. Forging furnace, calciner, over to pounding anvil, forging hammer. Everything was included, only since he hadn’t had time to use them, everything was somewhat corroded.

In a corner there was also a large pile of charcoal and chunks of every kind of metal, the majority of which hadn’t undergone any processing.

Tang San simply put the room in order, as he grasped the casting hammer, a familiar feeling arose involuntarily. In his mind, he couldn’t help recalling when his father taught him forging.

Despite Tang Hao not instructing Tang San for very long, that time was nevertheless when he’d been closest to his father since being born. Tang San recalled every sentence Tang Hao had said to him in that time.

“A godly craftsman isn’t at all a smith that uses godly materials to make godly tools, rather one that uses ordinary materials to make godly tools.”
Tang San muttering repeated his father’s words. The forging hammer in his hand whirled along with his lower legs generating force.

Without any target, creating a whistling sound, the forging hammer danced in the room as Tang San’s hands moved, each swing filled with inner strength. Half turning his body, swing after swing joined together, flawless without exception.

The change of inner strength in his body allowed Tang San to use this Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method with another level of skill, despite not having a target for the hammer, that feeling of joyfully unrestrained venting brought him a feeling entirely free from worry.

Tang San stopped after nine thousand nine hundred eighty one continuous swings. His clothes were already drenched with sweat. Overjoyed, truly overjoyed, Tang San raised the forging hammer before him, in his mind constantly replaying the scenes of studying forging at Tang Sect and under Tang Hao, for a moment all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart.

Thirteen years old, meaning he had already been in this world for thirteen years. In this all new world he had obtained many things he never had before, family, friends, spirit, spirit ability, these had all already completely blended with his soul.

Tang San’s figure flickered, already reaching the area piled with metal, forging hammer striking a half meter diameter chunk of refined iron. The struck iron tilted somewhat, stretching out his toes, lightly raising them, lifting that close to hundred jin[1] chunk of iron.

He stretched out his left hand and grabbed the chunk of iron. ‘Tang Sect, a mark that can never be forgotten, I will definitely let you blossom brilliantly in this new world.’

Dropping the iron in the casting furnace, Tang San piled charcoal with practiced motions, igniting it, working the bellows.

Rhythmically, a strong sound of bellows began to reverberate within the stone house. In just a moment’s work, deep red flames burst out, the forging furnace starting to recover its use.

Tang San had never forgotten his father’s words. He also understood understood why his father would say that using common iron to forge godly tools was the meaning of a godly craftsman, that wasn’t only a matter of skill, even more important was staunch perseverance.

Even average iron, if struck more than ten thousand times, would become the strongest kind of iron.

Tang Sect’s requirements of their own hidden weapons were extremely strict, and as a once well known figure among mechanical type hidden weapon makers, Tang San was even more rigorous about his own work. He absolutely wouldn’t let his hidden weapons show issues with quality that could put him in a dangerous situation.

The iron burned deep red, like an incomparably immense chunk of ruby. It was also only once it was completely red that he could see the impurities within.

The forging hammer leapt into Tang San’s hand, and its dance began.

Dang. Dang. Dang. Dang…… Pounding full of rhythm and tempo reverberated from within the stone house. Tang San had started his forging.

From this day on, besides eating, Tang San didn’t even return to his dorm to sleep. Every day constantly forging. When tired, he would sit down on the ground and cultivate spirit power. Once his energy had recovered, he immediately started working again.

Nobody knew what Tang San was making, even Grandmaster didn’t understand, but Grandmaster never went to find him at his forge. With complete confidence, Grandmaster believed that Tang San absolutely wouldn’t abandon his cultivation for forging.

Only one person entered the forging room: Xiao Wu. Xiao Wu would go to the forge every day, she didn’t disturb Tang San, only quietly left clean clothes to the side, poured some water and peeled and cored some fruit, arranging it there before quietly leaving.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to speak with Tang San, it was only that since she came to know Tang San, she had never before seen him so completely wrapped up in his work over anything.

Tang San’s body, brimming with the smell of metal, was all over colored with iron dust and coke.

Xiao Wu was somewhat concerned over Tang San’s present condition. Only as she once again entered the forge and Saw Tang San had changed into the clean clothes, drunk the water she’d poured and emptied the plate of fruit, she would feel somewhat gratified.

Day after day passed, the pounding sound from within the forge only became even more intense. Every day before there was even any light, the sounds began, only when the gathering darkness completely replaced the daylight would it stop.

Meanwhile, even if it was when eating at the dining hall, Tang San would appear uncommunicative. Constantly in a kind of reflective mood.

In this kind of situation, even Dai Mubai looked for Grandmaster and Flender, but Grandmaster only said to not to disturb him.

Deep blue gradually replaced pure black, in the distant horizon, a golden thread gradually appeared in its misty splendor, dawn was coming once again.

The forging room’s door opened, one person walking out from inside, with disheveled hair, a face covered in iron dust, furthermore with a bare torso smeared with iron dust and coke and brimming with sturdy muscle.

He appeared even stronger than before, and his height seemed to have increased a fraction. Faint purple glinted in his piercing eyes, with a feeling of absorbing peoples’ hearts and souls.

Looking far into the distance, looking at that golden ray gradually expanding in the east, his eyes filled with purple.

Part 2 (TL by Fraustarrow)

Quietly lifting his two hands, he clenched them tightly. His whole body braced was as if it were steel, like a cheetah waiting to pounce. Filled with the beauty of wild power.

“Forty nine days. It took me a total of forty nine days, but I’ve finally completed it.”
He slowly opened his palms. A pair of perfectly round iron balls appeared in his hands.

The iron balls were black. Despite being under the sun, there wasn’t any reflection from it. However, a layer of cold air quietly escaped from within the balls.

There were sixteen identical balls behind him in the room. If the shrek’s seven monsters found out that he had spent most of his energy during these two months working on developing these eighteen iron balls, what would be their reaction?

Tang San started kneading the two metal balls in his hands and murmured, “The only thing missing now is poison. I really want to make another Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, and that unfinished Torrential Rain Pear Blossom Needle. It’s a pity the materials in this world are too restricted.”

His hand slightly shook and the two metal balls flew out. One left and one right, both noiselessly. They bizarrely made two arcs in the air and flew back into his hands. In his palms they never stopped spinning, but the entire time they didn’t touch at all.

After habitually training his Purple Demon Eyes, Tang San walked into the forging room. The metal in the room had already all vanished, including those Tang San bought from the smithy later.

His right hand wiped the table, and including the two in his hand, the eighteen metal balls all vanished into his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

His gaze fell onto the corner of the room. On the only clean chair was a set of clean clothes laid there. That was what Xiao Wu sent in yesterday. Looking at them, Tang San’s eyes couldn’t help but let out a trace of gentleness.

What Tang San admired most in Xiao Wu was that she knew what to do at any time. Usually, she was always cheerful and exuberant. But when he needed quiet, she never disturbed him even slightly. All she did was silently doing her seemingly insignificant things, yet these things were what people never forgot.

Right now the day was still early. According to usual, no one would wake up in Shrek Academy at this time.

Tang San got some cold water and bathed, cleaning himself from head to toes and then finally putting on the clean clothes Xiao Wu delivered, making him feel fresh and cool.

Putting everything in order, a sense of relaxation went through his body. Tang San raised his right hand in front of him and a faint blue light came out of his palm. Blue Silver Grass quietly sprouted out, swaying in his palm.

“Looks like I improved again.”Tang San smiled happily.

To Tang San, the fourty-nine days of forging tested his physical strength and mental power just as much as the devilish training Grandmaster forced them through.

Everyday he was continuously forging and thinking. The stress on his body was just as much as the weighted runs. If not for his endurable and tough body and the help of inner power, he might have already stopped.

But it was also because of this everyday exercise that all his muscles were now more taut. The most obvious change was on his arms. They were thicker by one size and didn’t have a single bit of excess fat. Every ridge of his muscles was well defined. His shoulders were wider and in every single movement, his muscles would noticeably contract and retract.

However, Tang San’s hands were still as slim and flawless as before, with no callouses at all. Not only his endurance and spirit power improved, his Mysterious Jade Hand also improved.

According to Tang San’s own estimates, these forty nine days of almost insane forging let his spirit power improve once again, rising to thirty third rank. Of course, this wasn’t only the result of the two months. The previous months also played a key role in this improvement.

In almost four months time, his spirit power ranked up again. This speed could only be described as terrifying. Though he broke through rank thirty, every rank needs accumulating. For normal people, it would take at least more than half a year. Those with less talent might even need a year to rank up.

When Tang San walked into the cafeteria, what surprised him was that everyone were there and had started eating already. It turned out that that day wasn’t the first day they woke up this early, but Tang San was too busy thinking about forging to notice this.

“Here comes our Iron man. Yo, why is Iron Man so clean today?” Dai Mubai spoke with a smiling face.

Dai Mubai was always very arrogant, and he also had the skills to support it. But in front of Tang San, he couldn’t act arrogant no matter what.

Though Tang San’s spirit power was lower than his, Dai Mubai knew that if they were really fighting for their lives, he couldn’t beat Tang San. In the entire Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Tang San undoubtedly had become the most important one. But Dai Mubai also knew Tang San’s achievement wasn’t simply from innate talent. During these forty nine days, though no one knows what Tang San was doing, everyone could hear the almost never halting pounding of his hammer. What kind of willpower was needed to complete this?

Under Tang San’s stimulation, not only Dai Mubai, including the laziest Oscar, everyone were also working hard to cultivate their spirit power.

Grandmaster put forward a way of cultivating without sleep to them so that everyone could replace sleep with spirit power cultivation. Other than the necessary spirit ability training and physical exercise, the rest of the time was all put into cultivation. Though the process was dull, it proved beneficial for their strength.

In the time, Xiao Wu’s spirit power raised to rank thirty two, and the others’ spirit power also had a not insignificant increase.

Now, Shrek’s Seven Devils spirit power ranks were:

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, thirty eighth rank Battle Spirit Elder.

Sausage Monopoly Oscar, thirty first rank Tool Spirit Elder.

Thousand Hand Asura Tang San, thirty third rank Battle Spirit Elder.

Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, twenty eighth rank Battle Spirit Grandmaster.

Soft Bones Demon Rabbit Xiao Wu, thirty second rank Battle Spirit Elder.

Seven Treasures Glazed Ning Rongrong, twenty seventh rank Tool Spirit Grandmaster.

Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing, twenty eighth rank Battle Spirit Grandmaster.

Tang San smiled slightly. “I’m all done forging, so of course I came out. Checking the time, it isn’t long until we have to go to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.”

Ning Rongrong said curiously, “Third Brother, what good thing did you make this time, let everyone see.”

Tang San said, “Really, I didn’t make that many things this time because the construction of it is very troublesome. Other than a few hidden weapons, I also made everyone something practical.”

“We also get some?” Ning Rongrong was instantly exulted. The Shrek’s Seven Devils all let out a smile. Tang San’s standard for hidden weapons was very strict. They already got an entire set of high quality hidden weapons. If Tang San used that many days to make it, it couldn’t be bad.

Ma Hongjun chuckled, “Third Brother is the best, sharing even dew equally[2], quickly let everyone see.”

Xiao Wu glared at Ma Hongjun. “What do you mean sharing dew, thats so coarse. Little San hasn’t even eaten yet, let him eat first.”

Ning Rongrong smiled, “Xiao Wu is indeed still the most thoughtful for Tang San!”

Xiao Wu stuck out her tongue and gave Tang San the food specially left for him.

Ever since Grandmaster came, Shrek Academy’s food changed majorly. Of course, the breakfast wasn’t paid by the Academy anymore, but the Shrek Seven Devils paid themselves. The things were the same, and Grandmaster didn’t hide the economic situation of the Academy. After one month of Spirit Battles, everyone had full wallets, so none of them cared about the small food expenses.

“Ok, I’ll eat first. Let’s go out later so I can demonstrate as well, the cafeteria is too small.” Tang San smiled at Xiao Wu and took his breakfast and started gorging himself. The recent workload was way too much, so Tang San’s appetite also rocketed upwards. In Shrek’s Seven Devils, he ate the most.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

The others had more or less eaten, while looking at Tang San gorging himself, inwardly they couldn’t help but itch while thinking about Tang San’s gift.

Being under everyone’s scrutiny couldn’t feel particularly nice, especially when eating. Tang San quickly finished his breakfast, immediately standing up,
“Having you watching me like that, I’ll get indigestion. Let’s go, I’ll give you something good outside.”

Xiao Wu very naturally collected the bowl and chopsticks Tang San had used to clear them away, but Tang San caught her hand, saying:
“There’s time to clean up later. We’ll go outside first.”

The group of seven reached the Academy grounds. The grounds were completely empty, sunshine sprinkling across the field. Right now was already early summer, Shrek Academy was at the center of the continent, so even if it was early morning, it was still extremely warm.

“Little San, quickly take it out. What kind of thing is it?”
Ning Rongrong said somewhat impatiently.

Tang San smiled faintly, his right hand wiping across Twenty Four moonlit Bridges, taking out an unusual looking thing.

That was a cylindrical thing made entirely out of metal, its surface appearing silvery. It seemed to somewhat resemble the sleeve dart, but compared to the sleeve dart it was even bigger and thicker.

Tang San in order for everyone to see and understand clearly, pulled up the sleeve over his left arm, giving a pull with both hands, half opening the cylindrical object on one side, giving it the appearance of two half cylinders. Everyone saw that the inside of the thing was lined with soft cloth.

Tang San fastened it around his left lower arm, the cylindrical thing’s length just enough to completely cover his lower arm. He first adjusted it a moment, then afterwards swung out his arm. The cylinder adhered to his arm, without the slightest amount of swaying, appearing tightly fitted.

At this, even Xiao Wu couldn’t help her curiosity,
“Little San, what is this thing? Is it more powerful than the sleeve dart?”

Tang San smiling shook his head, saying:
“To be precise, it could be considered a kind of useful tool. I call it a Flying God Claw[3]. Watch closely when I operate it.”

He pulled at the front of the top of the Flying God Claw, pulling out five rings and fastening them to the five fingers of his left hand, immediately following, he tightened his fist. With a sharp and clear sonorous sound, a metal cone suddenly shot out, just far enough to move farther than his palm. Immediately afterward, the metal cone’s front end suddenly burst open, changing into a metal claw. The claw had five fingers, glinting with cold light in the sunshine, especially the tips of the claws gave a feeling like they were five cold stars.

Tang San picked up a rock from the ground to the side,
“I used several an alloy of several metals for the Flying God Claw, creating it after hard work and numerous revisions. It’s extremely hard in itself, sufficient to pierce metal and pass through stone. This metal claw is its key feature, after the claw has opened, as long as it’s touched just a little, the springs and gears I placed inside will move, causing the metal claw to immediately tighten.”

While speaking, he placed the rock in the metal claw. With just a whoosh sound, under everyone’s dumbstruck gazes, the metal claw easily pierced into the rock like piercing tofu. The whole claw entered almost halfway.

Tang San explained in detail:
“After the metal claw has been fastened, there are five different operations it can use. First, holding the fist closed but extending the forefinger, then, the metal claw will once again spring open, recovering to its previous appearance. Second, if the middle finger is extended, then the metal claw will cut down with all its power, its strength is enormous, approximately able to pierce a thick steel plate. As for the other three kinds of functions, there are other corresponding effects.”

While speaking he extended his middle finger, with a cracking sound a cloud of dust rose, that ordinary piece of rock had unexpectedly been directly crushed.

Seeing this scene, the other six Shrek Seven Devils couldn’t help but swallow. They really couldn’t imagine how such a strong steel claw had been made. In fact, what Tang San called ‘hard work and numerous revisions’ wasn't a bit exaggerated. After the metal had been successfully formed, even the forging hammer wasn’t able to alter its form. Tang San had wasted vast amounts of spirit power, relying on his other spirit, the little hammer, to succeed.

In the forging process, Tang San also discovered some special subtleties of that little hammer. As the metal and that seemingly not very large little hammer touched, unexpectedly it would cause a kind of unusual effect: regardless of which metal, on contact with the little hammer it would soften. Using it to create hidden weapons was practically like a tiger growing wings[4]. Unfortunately, it really consumed too much spirit power and physical strength, under the consumption Tang San constantly had to meditate to recover, this was also a major reason why he was able to advance his spirit power to the thirty third rank in this time.

Dai Mubai’s heart twitched, saying:

Let alone piercing rock, with his current strength, even piercing gold and snapping jade was no problem for his tiger claws.

Tang San calmly smiled, saying:
“Of course it’s not limited to this, otherwise it wouldn’t be called Flying God Claw. Its principal use is to help us ‘fly’. Even though it’s not true flight, as a tool it’s still very useful, watch, this is its third function.”

While speaking, Tang San first once again sprang open the metal claw, and afterwards raised his left arm facing a large tree approximately twenty meters away. His thumb sharply extended, and with a whoosh sound, the steel claw attached on top of the arm guard shot out like a bolt of lightning, bringing a long brilliant light under the sunshine, in an eyeblink it had already flown over, with a cracking sound, it directly grabbed into the tree trunk.

Everyone clearly saw that attached to the back of the steel claw was a fine like linen metal rope.

Immediately afterward, Tang San’s ring finger stretched out, lightly pushing off the ground with his toes, his body followed the line like an arrow, under the pull of that steel rope in an eyeblink he had leapt over onto that large tree. Toes lightly touching the tree, relying on the pull of the Flying God Claw, he moved horizontally around the tree trunk.

Forefinger shooting out, releasing the steel claw, Tang San rose and landed back before everyone.

“In certain terrains, the Flying God Claw is able to display very good effects. At the same time, it can also be used to grab people. The length of the steel wire is thirty meters, its pulling force is approximately three hundred jin[5]. As long as our body weight doesn’t surpass three hundred jin, we can rely on it to climb up high.”

The internal composition of each Flying God Claw was extraordinarily complex, as it was formed from a large amount of gears and springs. Of course, to Tang San, this wasn’t any meticulous work. The true meticulousness was still those eighteen iron balls resting in Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges.

Little finger extending, the iron claw withdrew into the arm guard, Tang San flicked his wrist, the five fingers separating from the iron rings, the iron rings automatically returning to the cover of the arm guard. It now appeared like a very ordinary steel arm guard.

Ma Hongjun muttered:
“This is simply an essential tool for leaping onto roofs and vaulting walls, slipping through doors and levering locks!”

Tang San snapped:
“What are you calling ‘sneaking through doors and levering locks’. Fatty, you pay attention to your weight. If some day you surpass three hundred jin, it will practically be useless for you. Also, when everyone assembles it, you must take care to remove the sleeve dart. Mubai, when you use your spirit your muscles change somewhat, therefore your Flying God Claw includes some elastic ropes. Like this it won’t be damaged because of your muscles swelling.”

Apart from Tang San the other Shrek Six Devils at this moment displayed their mutual rapport. Making the same motion, towards Tang San, they stretched out their right hands.

Although this Flying God Claw wouldn’t appear to have much in the way of attack power, everyone were astute, anyone would be able to think a number of effects just by looking at this thing. Regarding concrete uses, that still required getting to know it.

Tang San pulled out six Flying God Claws and handed them over to everyone. Each one was custom made. Because everyone were still young, in order to deal with the size of the arm changing as they grew older, the openings of the Flying God Claws were connected with elastic rope.

While fiddling with the Flying God Claw in his hand, Dai Mubai couldn’t help saying:
“Little San, I really don’t know how your brain is made. Unexpectedly it’s even able to think up this kind of thing.”

Tang San revealed a wry smile and thought to himself that how could he be able to baselessly imagine things like these, this was all the crystallisation of many years of Tang Sect’s effort. He had merely grasped how to create them, that’s all.

Time passed quickly, in the blink of an eye the two months of rest and preparation had already gone by. Shrek Academy’s land was originally bought by Flender, it also wasn’t any kind of expensive thing. The teachers didn’t object to Grandmaster’s proposal. In a moment the agreed upon time had arrived. At Flender’s command, everyone packed up their things, preparing to set out, leaving for Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

This day had moderate wind and beautiful sun, no clouds as far as the eye could see.

Standing at the Academy gate, Flender gazed up appearing somewhat defeated at the board engraved with Shrek Academy’s sign, for a moment all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart. Twenty years. Living here for twenty years, this place had constantly bit by bit flowed into his heart. An acrid feeling appeared at his nose.

Zhao Wuji put his arms around Flender’s shoulders,
“Don’t look. Let’s go. It’s not like we won’t return. If worst comes to worst, afterwards we brothers will accompany you back to retire.”

Flender glared at him,
“You’re saying I’m old?”

Zhao Wuji smiled wryly:
“Not old. Yes, we’re both just fifty, that’s all, still not regarded as too old. However all of us are also regarded as out of the ordinary. Unexpectedly not one of us is married.”

Flender snorted,
“That’s because your requirements are too high. How are women Spirit Masters so easy to find. Don’t you know women Spirit Masters make up just one tenth of all Spirit Masters?

“You then? Aren’t your requirements high? How come you’re also unmarried?”
Zhao Wuji somewhat unreconciled said.

“Me? I……”
Flender looked distracted a moment, somewhat speechless. As he looked up towards Grandmaster, he discovered Grandmaster was also looking at him. The two’s eyes showed something painful, practically simultaneously shaking their heads.

“Let’s go.”
Flender put his thoughts in order, passing down the order to set off. The party of ten stepped forward, departing Shrek.

Heaven Dou Empire imperial capital Heaven Dou City, at the heart of northeastern Heaven Dou Empire, it was the core of all of Tian Dou’s political power, also one of the two largest cities on the Continent. On Douluo Continent, only Star Lou Empire’s imperial capital could match it.

Although the two great Empires’ subordinate Kingdoms and Duchies weren’t too accepting of control, they were still part of the Empires. With Heaven Dou City at its heart, what Heaven Dou Empire directly controlled were the three neighboring great military districts, with a total force of more than a million, a profound strength.

In some sense, Heaven Dou Empire didn’t have to force restrictions on the subordinate Kingdoms with their own reasoning, whether it was Heaven Dou or Star Luo, the subordinate Kingdoms and Duchies of both great Empires were for the most part on the border, if fighting broke out, it would certainly be these Kingdoms and Duchies that bore the brunt.

Of course, this was also for lack of a better option. Which monarch wouldn’t wish to use imperial power to rule everything.

But right now the Continent basically didn’t permit circumstances for unification to appear.

[1] 100斤 = 50kg

[2] 雨露均沾 - Means everyone gets some no matter who they are.

[3] (飞天神爪)

[4] Idiom: Something strong redoubling its power.

[5] 300斤 = 150kg

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