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Chapter 38

Part 1

Tang San discovered that the change on his back didn’t use up too much spirit power. It seemed those vertebra themselves contained a certain energy.

Following the eight bulges protruding, the purple light on Tang San’s back also became more and more distinct.

Suddenly, along with a burst of Tang San trembling, the eight bulges finally broke open, eight thick and solid purple pillar shapes swiftly extended from his back.

If Tang San’s Shrek Academy companions were here right now, they would discover that this time the spider legs’ growth speed was much faster than last time.

In practically only several eyeblinks, the spider legs had already extended at least a meter and a half. Immediately afterwards, the spider legs abruptly extended again. From the tip joints on those one and a half meter thick and solid spider legs abruptly ejected one and a half meters longer, showing the sharpest part.

Tang San couldn’t help but make a low howl, the eight spider legs on his back simultaneously unfolded on either side of him, dull purple light glinting, like eight enormous arms protecting him in the middle.

On the surface of the spider legs could be faintly seen a layer of purple gas, purple light moving, appearing transparent like purple crystal.


Grandmaster gasped in admiration,

“Little San, control your spider legs to stab a tree, use strength.”

Although to Tang San his spider legs still seemed unfamiliar, he could still manage just piercing a tree. Leaning sideways slightly, on his left side a spider leg abruptly shot out.

With a pu sound, Tang San was amazed to discover, the spider leg like it hadn’t hit any obstruction, effortlessly thrust into that tree large enough that a single person could wrap his arms around it, and pierced through the other side.

An even more astonishing scene followed. Along with the spider leg skewering it, Tang San and Grandmaster both clearly saw a layer of purple quietly spreading from the spider leg over the tree, spreading widely across the tree trunk with astonishing speed.

Not just the tree trunk quickly became purple. In a moment, even the branches and tree leaves became the same color.

One by one tree leaves dropped from above. Before they even fell to the ground, already in midair they transformed into wisps of purple dust and faded away unseen. And that large tree melted away more like ice and snow, just like that quietly transforming into purple powder and dissolving. Even on the ground in the vicinity of the tree some bushes coming into contact with this purple powder successively became purple and disappeared, within a circumference of several meters, completely turned into a purple deathly stillness.

A faint energy transmitted along the spider leg into Tang San’s body. Although the energy wasn’t much, it was very distinct.

Last time after Ma Hongjun was poisoned by touching the spider legs, Tang San also had a similar feeling, only that time it was even slighter, and he also hadn’t paid much attention. This time it was extremely obvious. It was like that spider leg had absorbed the tree’s accumulated energy and transmitted it into Tang San’s body.

The purple dust falling to the ground gradually became colorless. In a moment it already blended together with the soil, no longer visible, and that large tree was like it had previously never existed there. Tang San’s thrust out spider leg still maintained its previous position, but there already was only empty air.

“This, this actually is……”

Tang San looked stupidly at the spider leg. Although he had already guessed the spider legs’ attack power would be pretty good, he hadn’t expected the toxicity of these spider legs would be so terrifying.

Grandmaster slowly walked over next to Tang San, moving around his spider legs,

“It appears my estimate was correct. Little San, this time your gain was the greatest. It’s not the third spirit ring, it’s even less that third spirit ability Spider Web Restraint, but these eight spider legs, or perhaps to say, it’s this external spirit bone.”

“External spirit bone?”

Tang San looked at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded,

“These years I always taught you how to differentiate spirit beasts and spirit rings, as well as spirit cultivation methods and every kind of application, always without speaking of knowledge pertaining to spirit bones. This is mainly because I never thought you could come into contact with spirit bones so early. It appears, right now is the time to give you a lecture relating the mysteries of spirit bones. Saying this, let’s first talk about what spirit bones are.”

At Grandmaster’s indication, Tang San controlled his spirit power to withdraw those eight spider legs within his body. Just like last time, withdrawing these spider legs consumed a large amount of Tang San’s spirit power, sharply differing from releasing them.

Grandmaster sternly said:

“Spirit bones are a kind of extremely unusual thing. One might say, they are something Spirit Masters most hope of obtaining in their dreams. Somewhat analogously to spirit rings, spirit bones also come from spirit beasts. But they also possess enormous differences from spirit rings. First, the probability of spirit bones appearing are only one in a thousand, or even less, generally speaking, only with extremely formidable strength, and also when the circumstances of killing the spirit beast has some special circumstances is it possible for spirit bones to appear after killing, not at all like how a spirit ring will appear from every spirit beast. Consequently, spirit bones have become extremely uncommon, and extremely precious.”

“Another difference between spirit bones and spirit rings is that it doesn’t require like spirit rings for whoever kills the spirit beast to use it. After obtaining spirit bones they can even be traded. Do you still remember, I told you before, you must as much as possible save up some money. The purpose is to in the future in a somewhat peculiar place purchase the spirit bones you need. Any spirit bone, even if it’s common spirit bones, is still extremely expensive. Moreover they lack markets.”

Tang San said:

“Then how should spirit bones be used? Your meaning is, these eight spider legs on my back are eight spirit bones?”

Hearing Tang San’s words, Grandmaster couldn’t help but smile,

“Don’t be greedy. Let alone eight spirit bones, to be able to have one spirit bone is already extremely fortunate, to say nothing of yours still being an external spirit bone. Its value is practically comparable to first rate spirit bones. This spirit bone of yours is vertebra, of course, also related to eight ribs. Its effect is precisely storage for the toxin of that Man Faced Demon Spider you killed, furthermore duplicating its eight spider legs and afterwards integrating them with your your own capability, evolving into these present eight spider legs.”

The Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring combining with your spirit somewhat promoted all aspects of your body. Blue Silver Grass’ toxicity also increased a lot. But, that after all isn’t the Man Faced Demon Spider’s own poison. But your eight spider legs are different. Not only possessing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s toxin, even still giving rise to a certain variation. Just now you also saw its super strong corrosive effect. If this pierced the human body, what would happen?”

Grandmaster speaking of this, entirely appeared somewhat excited,

“Little San. I ask you, how many spirit rings is a Spirit Master capable of obtaining at most?”

Tang San said:

“Nine, obtaining nine is the limit, that is a Title Douluo.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“Then if everyone had nine spirit rings, furthermore the age difference was negligible, how do you decide who is more formidable?”

Tang San pondered, and said:

“It depends on what both sides’ spirits are, how good their control, also depends on both sides’ actual combat experience ratio, all things put together can decide who is a bit stronger.”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“You are correct. You clearly remember the things I taught you. Then, I can now tell you, under circumstances where both sides are equal, if one person possesses a spirit bone, then, everything you just now said doesn’t necessarily count, because the Spirit Master possessing a spirit bone holds the absolute advantage.”

“Ah?” Spirit bones have such great effect?”

Tang San somewhat shocked looked at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“Spirit rings add spirit abilities. Although also somewhat improving the Spirit Master’s own capabilities, their main purpose is after all to add spirit abilities. But spirit bones happen to be the opposite. Spirit bones might not add abilities, but the improvement to the Spirit Masters themselves is tremendous. Even more importantly, the growth capability spirit bones possess make them even more valuable than spirit rings. The abilities spirit rings add will all improve along with the growth of spirit power, this you are familiar with. But you should also know, the spirit rings’ age limit will restrict their growth. Even if it’s a ninetieth ranked or higher Title Douluo, his first spirit ring ability still won’t grow to a sufficiently formidable level, this principle, but spirit bones are different. Spirit bones will not be restricted by the age of their spirit beast, and will only evolve along with the Spirit Master’s own strength. In other words, the earlier spirit bones are obtained, the more time it will have to evolve.”

Tang San said:

“A person’s body has so many bones, if one could absorb that many kinds of spirit bones into oneself, wouldn’t it be countless changes……”

Grandmaster shook his head, saying:

“Although there are many bones in a person’s body, they are subdivided into a few larger sections. Therefore, generally speaking, one is also only able to absorb a few types of spirit bones: four limbs, head and torso. In other words, an ordinary person would be able to absorb six spirit bones, just like a Spirit Master is able to absorb nine spirit rings, the quality of spirit bones as well as effect on the Spirit Master, mainly depends on how early they’re absorbed and whether their properties are compatible.”

Tang San suddenly understood:

“Then this spirit bone I got from the Man Faced Demon Spider is undoubtedly compatible with me, belonging to the torso class of spirit bones, right?”

“What your said first is very correct. The spirit bone’s methods are most suitable to you, precisely obtained from the same spirit beast as one of your spirit rings. But this spirit bone of yours isn’t part of the torso class, that’s why I said it’s an external spirit bone.”

Tang San curiously asked:

“Then what is an external spirit bone?”

Grandmaster very patiently explained:

“External spirit bones are a kind of miraculous existence, a special existence apart from the six main classes of spirit bones. If speaking of the probability of common spirit bones appearing from spirit beasts as one in a thousand, then, the probability of external spirit bones appearing isn’t even one in ten thousand. Moreover are the prerequisites for absorbing the external spirit bone, you must first absorb the spirit ring of the spirit beast this spirit bone came from. What we call torso class spirit bones ordinarily indicates the breastbone. But this spirit bone you absorbed is nevertheless the vertebra. From what I previously observed, I can deduce that it’s an external spirit bone. Child, do you know, in the Spirit Master world, to Spirit Masters, the most precious things have a ranking, called a Spirit Master’s dream ranking. Within it, external spirit bones have always occupied the Spirit Master’s dream ranking’s second place. Second only to the first rank, the practically impossible existence of the hundred thousand year spirit ring.”

Grandmaster used the easiest to understand method to tell Tang San just how precious these monstrous eight spider legs of his were.

“These eight spider legs are truly so formidable?”

Tang San couldn’t help but be secretly doubtful.

Grandmaster had spoken so much, his mouth was somewhat dry,

“It’s early morning weather, first put on your clothes. Remember, what I told you today of external spirit bones you must not by any means tell anyone else. Although external spirit bones can’t be absorbed like common spirit bones, as the saying goes ‘the most outstanding tree in the forest, is certain to be ravaged by the wind’. The fewer people who know you possess an external spirit bone the better, to avoid someone coming after you out of jealousy.”

Part 2

Tang San put on his clothing, asking Grandmaster:

“Teacher, then after all what use does my external spirit bone have?”

Grandmaster said:

“What concrete uses it has I can’t presently say. I must study it for a time to get a clear sense. Starting from today, adding to your cultivation assignment, is then to as quickly as possible master the use of the external spirit bone. From seeing the condition just now, this external spirit bone possesses extremely powerful attack power, not only piercing, but also extreme toxicity. If my thoughts are correct, then you should be able to control the poison on the spider legs. Possibly discharging according to your intentions. At the same time, with those eight spider legs’ length, haven’t you thought of how to use them to move around instead of your pair of legs?”

Tang San was an astute person, with Grandmaster raising the point he immediately understood,

“If it’s like that, not only speed would increase, but also the effect of terrain on movement speed would substantially decrease.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:

“Therefore, these eight legs provide you with the capability to move unhindered by terrain. As for its advantages, you will hereafter see even more surprises. Furthermore, it will still evolve along with each time you advance a spirit ring, the power will even exceed your imagination, with it, you currently already have a chance when fighting opponents within a ten rank difference of you. Moreover, because external spirit bones are uncommon, only if you tell them yourself would anyone know these eight spider legs are spirit bones, most will only believe they’re one of the manifestations of your Blue Silver Grass. After all, apart from its hardness, its exterior is still extremely similar to Blue Silver Grass. As for later being able to control to what degree it manifests depends on your own effort. If you can let those eight spider legs become like eight highly toxic lances moving like the fingers of your own hand, one can imagine to what degree your fighting strength will grow.”

As Tang San and Grandmaster returned to Shrek Academy, the sky was already bright, Grandmaster had today said a lot relating to spirit bones, although it was only an overview, Tang San still had to gradually digest this information.

“Little San, go eat breakfast. Starting from today, I will rearrange a cultivation plan for you.”

Tang San raised his head to look at Grandmaster,

“Teacher, will you leave?”

It seemed to him that Grandmaster giving him a planned cultivation method, might be because he had to leave. His heart couldn’t help but drop.

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:

“Be at ease. Teacher isn’t leaving. I still fear problems will arise as you practice with your external spirit bone. This external spirit bone is already a part of your body, completely fused together with your vertebra. In the event issues appear, it’s very possible they’re fatal. Therefore, I can only remain here.”

“Teacher isn’t leaving? That’s truly great.”

Once Tang San heard Grandmaster was staying and guiding his cultivation, he couldn’t help but be elated.

Grandmaster’s face revealed an anticipatory mood,

“Little San, do you know, right now I very much want to see your appearance in twenty years. My decision to stay behind is also not just for you. There still are those academy companions of yours. Each of you can be described as geniuses. If you don’t have a suitable cultivation method, wouldn’t it be a waste? Although Flender has a lot of experience with cultivation, in very many details he still isn’t sufficiently good. I hope that from here on you will be able to become a formidable group. Therefore, from now on I must use the most refined cultivation methods to guide you.”

To Tang San, the reason Grandmaster stayed wasn’t at all important, the key point was that he had decided to stay, this alone was sufficient.

The teacher and disciple pair reached the Academy dining hall. Whether it was because rushing yesterday was too exhausting, although currently in the dining hall breakfast was already prepared, there wasn’t a soul in sight.

Tang San hastily ladled two bowls of congee for him and Grandmaster respectively. Shrek Academy wasn’t well off, so breakfast naturally wouldn’t be lavish. Today’s breakfast was very simple: steamed bread, a vegetable dish, congee, and for each person one egg.

Seeing Tang San bring his breakfast, Grandmaster frowned.

“Flender gives you this to eat?”

Grandmaster’s rigid face looked somewhat sinister.

Tang San said:

“This is already very good, ah. Steamed bread until you’re full. Compared to my childhood it’s much better.”

“A farce.”

Grandmaster set aside the steamed bread in his hand, anger bubbling up, his character strict as always,

“To you growing children right now is an important time. The body is the capital of the spirit. Without a good body, how can you persevere with intense cultivation, this breakfast is sufficient to people at my and Flender’s age, but to you children it’s still far from enough.”

While Grandmaster was getting angry, Flender’s lazy voice reached them from outside,

“I say, Grandmaster, it’s all very well for you to talk like this, you also know these children are all growing. Do you know how much they eat in one day? Buying exotic delicacies at Suotuo City, how could the financial condition of the Academy permit me to give them luxury foodstuffs to eat, if you want to sponsor it, I have no objections.”

Along with the voice, Flender walked in from outside.

Seeing him, Grandmaster’s complexion eased somewhat,

“No matter the Academy’s difficulties, since I’ve decided to stay, as a teacher here, I absolutely cannot let the children suffer. Flender, give me full authority to handle this matter. From hereon what each of these childrens meals are, leave it to my discretion.”

Flender laughed in his heart,

“Why, Xiao Gang, you’ve decided to stay?”

Grandmaster nodded,

“Whether it’s for Tang San, or for these little monsters you’ve recruited, I’ve decided to stay here for a time. In these two days I’ve also easily found out about your current teaching methods, there are many areas that have to be improved. That day you said to me, as long as I wish to stay, you would give me authority. True?”

Flender understood Grandmaster only too well. Seeing his appearance, he already understood the vast determination of this old brother of his, although nothing showed on his face, in his heart already cheerfulness blossomed. Grandmaster’s theoretical knowledge. That could be unrivalled under Heaven. Immediately, for fear that Grandmaster would change his mind, he at once delightedly said:

“No problem, you only have to first tell me what you’re doing. The Academy’s teachers will follow your allocation. Of course, if you need to spend money you have to first tell me. The Academy’s financial situation is still lacking compared to your imagination.”

Grandmaster frowned slightly, saying:

“I know these people of yours are all proud and aloof contemporaries, but can’t you be flexible in some way to increase revenue?”

Flender stared blankly, laughing in spite of himself:

“Someone as rigid as you still knows flexibility?”

Grandmaster’s gentle gaze looked at Tang San by his side,

“For these children, what is a bit of flexibility?”

Flender laughed,

“All right, as long as it doesn’t violate my integrity doctrine, you can be as flexible as you wish.”

After breakfast, the bell sounded punctually, all the students gathering on the Academy grounds.

Today seemed especially bustling, not only did two heads Flender and Zhao Wuji come, in addition Grandmaster and the Academy’s other several teachers also all arrived on the grounds.

Besides the two heads, the Academy originally still had three teachers, the three in charge of the three entrance exams. Tang San was only familiar with one of them, that old man who at that time had used a staff spirit to scare away a lot of people.

“Good. Everyone’s present. Next I have some matters to declare.”

Flender walked over before the seven students, his gaze solemnly sweeping across the seven.

“First. I will give you newly arrived four students an introduction to the Academy teachers.”

Speaking, Flender indicated the one Tang San had already met, the Long Staff Spirit old man.

Part 3

“This is teacher Li Yu-Song[1], spirit Dragon Pattern Stick[2]. Sixty third ranked Spirit Emperor.”

Indicating the second, even older, seemingly over seventy years old man, saying:

“This is Lu Ji-Bin[3], spirit Star Luo Chess[4], sixty sixth ranked Spirit Emperor.”

The last teacher’s was a bit younger than the previous two, seemingly about the same as Flender.

“This is Shao Xinshao[5]. Spirit Sweet Pea[6]. Seventy first ranked Spirit Sage, food system Spirit Master. Teacher Shao is among the food system Spirit Masters I know of, absolutely ranked in the top five powers.”

If the first two teachers weren’t astonishing enough, then, a seventy first ranked food system Spirit Sage appearing made the four newly arrived students simultaneously shocked. That teacher Shao didn’t look tall, only roughly the same as the twelve year old Xiao Wu, even a bit shorter. Small eyes, large nose, unprepossessing, but who could have expected, he unexpectedly was such a highly ranked food system Spirit Master? Seventy first ranked food system Spirit Sage. Whether it was at Spirit Hall or any one Spirit Master clan, it would be a venerated rank anywhere.

The three teachers after Flender’s introduction nodded towards the students. Respectively, the first teacher Li’s face was wooden, the second teacher Lu following wore a smile. Finally that teacher Shao, the expression on his face was somewhat strange. His gaze all along fell on Oscar, the gaze even somewhat obsessive.

Finally, Flender walked over next to Grandmaster, grasping Grandmaster's shoulders, saying:

“Lastly this, I must carefully introduce to everyone. He, precisely relying on his research, arriving at the Ten Great Spirit Competences, regarded as the best in spirit theory, the wisest Spirit Master, at the same time also Tang San’s Teacher, Mister Yu Xiao Gang[7]. Of course, he also is my old brother. We’ve already known each other for several decades. Perhaps you won’t understand too clearly by hearing his name, but I think you should all have heard his title. Hereafter, you can call him Grandmaster.”

Hearing the word ‘Grandmaster’, everyone couldn’t help but be shaken, gazes one after another turning to Tang San, even if they didn’t know of Grandmaster, but able to instruct such an outstanding disciple as Tang San, how could he not be an excellent teacher?

Tang San was equally somewhat astonished. Because, this still was his first time learning Grandmaster’s name. Grandmaster had never spoken it before, he naturally also didn’t ask. As it turned out his Teacher was called Yu Xiao Gang.

Flender said:

“Starting from today, Grandmaster has full authority over you teachers and students, we will all coordinate with Grandmaster. You returned just yesterday, I think everyone is still comparatively tired. Today you have a one day vacation. Tomorrow class will resume again. This time in Star Dou Great Forest, we had three people reaching the Spirit Elder realm. Still not broken through thirtieth rank Ning Rongrong, Ma Hongjun and Zhu Zhuqing, you must also work hard, strive to overtake the others’ pace. Grandmaster, what do you have to say?”

The last inquiry was directed at Grandmaster.

Grandmaster nodded, face as stiff as always, looking at the seven students gathered, indifferently saying:

“The Academy only has you seven students. In my opinion, you are also one entity. I have already seen your records. Later I will draw up some focused education methods. Apart from coordination, I do not wish to hear any different voices. Whoever it is, I will treat everyone equally. Since you are the students of Monster Academy, you must be more monstrous than common Spirit Masters, hereafter making everyone when speaking of you only think of the word ‘Monster’. Starting from now, you seven will not like before be split into initial and high rank sections, but undergo a completely unified education. I will rank you according to age. First, Dai Mubai. Second, Oscar. Third, Tang San. Fourth, Ma Hongjun. Fifth, Xiao Wu. Sixth, Ning Rongrong. Seventh, Zhu Zhuqing.”

Grandmaster’s gaze swept across everyone,

“Good. You can disband now, gather here early tomorrow. In addition, I do not want to see anyone absent at breakfast. Otherwise, you will receive special drills.”

Resting for one day was good of course, however Grandmaster’s arrival, also made the students somewhat curious and apprehensive.

Gaze following the teachers successively departing, Oscar standing at Tang San’s side, said in a low voice:

“Little San, it appears this Teacher of yours is even more difficult to deal with than dean Flender, ah!”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:

“Teacher’s work is always meticulous, as long as everything is done strictly according to his instructions there will not be any problems.”

Dai Mubai smiling said:

“Besides me and little Ao, you five are all the same age, I didn’t expect little San to be little three[8], and little Wu to be little five[9]. This is an unexpected coincidence.”

Fatty smiled mischievously, saying:

“Three little sisters, let’s hear you say fourth brother[10].”

Xiao Wu shot him a cold glance, holding out her hand, saying:

“No problem, bring me a red envelope[11], I’ll say it at once.”

Fatty stared blankly,


Ning Rongrong cut him short,

“Fatty, as long as your strength can match third brother’s[12], I will call you that.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s was the most succinct. Looking at Ma Hongjun with a cold gaze, only saying two words:

“Make me[13].”

“Let it be. I’ll endure.”

Fatty somewhat gloomily waved his hand.

“Isn’t there someone going into the city? It’s not at all easy to get a rest day, I’m going to stroll in Suotuo City.”

Dai Mubai holding back for these days was also somewhat exhausting, however through the trip to Star Dou Great Forest, the relationship between him and Zhu Zhuqing had with great difficulty eased somewhat, naturally he wouldn’t wreck his just now established image. Raising his head to gaze at the sky, his appearance like it was no matter of concern to him.

Oscar yawned,

“Not going, I’ll go back to sleep. Finally at thirtieth rank, in the future I can idle a bit.”

The three girls all glared at Ma Hongjun. They clearly knew this Fatty going into town was nothing innocent. Just then, Tang San suddenly spoke up:

“I will go with you.”

Fattys eyes brightened, stealthily glancing at Xiao Wu whose expression had subtly changed,

“Old San[14], you are also enlightened?”

Tang San stared blankly,

“What enlightened? I have to go find a smithy and see if I can hire two ironworkers to make some things. Otherwise I’ll have to equip each of you with my strength alone, that would take forever, ah!”

Ning Rongrong giggled,

“I knew third brother wouldn’t be as dirty as you.”

Xiao Wu’s expression stealthily recovered to normal,

“I’ll go with you.”

Tang San shook his head with a smile, saying:

“Let it be. I’ll go on my own. This time you also suffered a lot. Rest at the Academy. I’ll be back very quickly.”

Xiao Wu didn’t insist, nodding agreement.

Fatty unhappily looked at Ning Rongrong,

“Who are you calling dirty? I’m settling the issue of the Evil Fire, this is by the dean’s special permission. Little San, we’ll go.”

Tang San said with a wry smile:

“One moment it’s old San, another it’s little San, can’t you settle on one?”

Fatty smiled mischievously, saying:

“Then I’ll still call you little San, you are just two months older than me, that’s all. Let’s go.”

He was apparently already somewhat impatient, pulling Tang San towards the Academy exit.

Looking at the two people departing, Ning Rongrong whispered by Xiao Wu’s ear:

“Aren’t you afraid your little San will be led astray by Fatty? If it was me, I would definitely follow.”

Xiao Wu smiled slightly, saying:

“Men always need a little freedom. Besides, I’m not at all convinced little San can be led anywhere by Fatty.”

Ning Rongrong said with a smile:

“Look at you, so proud of yourself. A close couple hoping for love is I, your servant’s,[15] wish for big bro and little sis[16].”

Xiao Wu’s charming face reddened, raising her hand to lightly scratch Ning Rongrong’s underarm,

“Don’t speak nonsense. I and little San have a sibling relationship.”

Ning rongrong cackled, teasing while running towards the dorm:

“All right, you need not flaunt it. I know you are siblings. The kind of siblings more intimate than blood siblings.”


Xiao Wu was never gracious enough to suffer a loss, immediately laughing and chasing after. The two girls were in the same dorm, naturally also ran in the same direction.

Oscar yawned and went back to the dorm. Dai Mubai’s gaze then fell on Zhu Zhuqing,


Zhu Zhuqing raised her head to glance at him,

“I’m going to cultivate.”

Finished speaking, she turned to leave.

Dai Mubai in one big stride blocked Zhu Zhuqing’s way,

“Couldn’t we chat properly? I remember, you weren’t like this as a child.”

Zhu Zhuqing’s face revealed a sneer,

“You then? Are you still like when you were a child? Twins, humph.”

With a cold snort, she turned and walked away. Although she spoke a bit more than a few days ago, that ice bound gate still firmly rejected Dai Mubai.

Looking at Zhu Zhuqing’s quick departure, Dai Mubai didn’t chase after her. On his face revealed a wry smile,

“Don’t tell me this is my deserved retribution? To think I, the distinguished young master Dai, would have such a day, ai. Retribution. Perhaps it’s truly retribution.”

Dai Mubai had never spoken with others about the relationship between him and Zhu Zhuqing, but if there hadn’t been any relationship between them, even if Zhu Zhuqing had been even more beautiful, how would the always arrogant Evil Eye White Tiger lower his voice like this?

Suotuo City. Once in town, Fatty swiftly left Tang San, going to settle the issue of his Evil Fire. On the way he naturally numerous times enticed Tang San, hoping to pull him astray. However Tang San clearly had a resolute will, without anything distracting him. The gap with a twelve year old’s willpower was still immense.

Suotuo City was bustling as usual, currently in the morning, the shops had already opened for business, the crowd bustling with activity a sharp contrast with the tranquility of Shrek Academy.

Tang San’s goal for this trip was very simple: to find a suitable smithy. Although he rested early last evening, he had still considered Ning Rongrong’s proposal. If it was only for himself, then, his strength alone was sufficient to produce enough hidden weapons, but if he had to supply other people, then his own strength was clearly not enough.

[1] (李郁松) “Plum Elegant Pine”

[2] (龙纹棍)

[3] (卢奇斌) “Cottage Surprisingly Refined”

[4] (星罗棋) That is Star Luo as in Star Luo Empire.

[5] (邵鑫邵) No feasible translation other than the inclusion of a name particle indicating “prosperity”

[6] (糖豆)

[7] (玉小刚) “Jade Little Firm”

[8] San (三) means three, it’s a pun.

[9] Xiao Wu (小舞) is a homonym to (小五) “little five”. It’s puns all the way down.

[10] Si ge (四哥) “Fourth [older] brother”, he wants them to address him as a senior. I will use “brother” and “sister” when they use their internal ranking with sibling suffixes, and occasionally mention whether it’s an older or younger sibling.

[11] A red letter would contain money, either as a gift, a bonus or a bribe

[12] San ge (三哥) “Third [older] brother” is Tang San.

[13] Literally “win against me in a fight”

[14] (老三) or “old three” or “third oldest”. It’s a pun shower.

[15] Ning Rongrong uses qie (妾), a deprecatory self reference for women - practically the diametrical opposite of “I, your father”

[16] She uses very familiar terms for older brother and younger sister (a ge 阿哥, a mei 阿妹)

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