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Chapter 37

Part 1

“Generally speaking, spirit variation is set from birth, consequently, when the spirit awakens, if the spirit is already varied, it will exhibit. Receiving post-natal influence and generating spirit variation is really too rare. Tang San’s spirit is Blue Silver Grass, its weakness leading to him absorbing any spirit ring comparatively easily, and won’t cause too great rejection. Although the Man Faced Demon Spider was powerful, it still wouldn’t cause this kind of spirit variation condition. Most importantly, his Blue Silver Grass spirit hasn’t disappeared and can still be released, from this point I can conclude it really isn’t spirit variation.”

Flender said:

“Then what’s going on? These spider legs would never appear without reason. Wuji just now also said, on these spider legs is added the Man Faced Demon Spider’s poison. If used appropriately, it can be considered a kind of weapon on its own, and still a very surprising one.”

In Grandmaster’s eyes twinkled a light, abruptly standing up,

“I must personally see the circumstances of these spider legs, to decide what they are after all classified as.”

Flender waved his hand to Grandmaster, saying:

“Let it be, those children have only just returned, finding Tang San again tomorrow is not too late, let him have a rest.”

Grandmaster hesitated a moment, at last still sitting back down in his seat,

“If it truly is like I estimate, then, this time Tang San’s harvest in Star Dou Great Forest was too great. Even better than the spirit ring he acquired.”

Flender started,

“You are saying……”

Grandmaster nodded,

“But I still can’t be certain, if it truly is like this, then, I promise you to stay here.”

Flender laughed,

“Good. Then I look forward to your stay. We brothers are at last able to be together again. It’s a pity, she isn’t here.”

Hearing Flender speaking of that ‘her’, Grandmaster’s face changed minutely, frowning,

“Flender, don’t mention her, I don’t want to quarrel with you.”

Flender somewhat helplessly shrugged,

“Fine. I don’t want a quarrel either. Only, I truly wish you will stay. For all these years, I could be considered spending all my effort towards Shrek Academy, I have now finally decided to close the Academy, I hope this last batch of students are able to give me the perfect ending. With you here, this has all become likely.”

From Flender’s eyes, Grandmaster saw a bit of weariness, the expression on his rigid face couldn’t help but soften a bit, nodding,

“We can speak of that again tomorrow once I’ve seen little San.”

Flender said to Zhao Wuji,

“Wuji, you’re also tired after hurrying for one day. Go rest at once. Thank you for your troubles this time.”

Zhao Wuji smiled slightly, saying:

“The Academy also isn’t just you alone, if we were not full of hope for this place, and fond of this kind of tranquil life, who would remain at this place for so many years? We have all spent our heart’s blood for this place, you need not speak politely. Grandmaster. Flender. I’ll leave first.”

Finished speaking, Zhao Wuji stood up and left Flender’s office.

Flender all along followed Zhao Wuji’s departure with his eyes. In his eyes displayed some gratitude,

“Were it not for the help of these old brothers in these years, perhaps I long ago would have failed to support the Academy. Once this batch of students have graduated, I will also properly relax, travelling to every place on the Continent, relaxing my mind. Xiao Geng, when that moment comes will you go together with me?”

Grandmaster looked blank a moment, shaking his head,

“I don’t know.”

Flender sighed,

“Although I know you don’t want to recall the past, I still can’t help but to say, those days we lived together, was something I cannot forget in a lifetime. That memory was the happiest time in all my life. If we could always keep living so happily and carefree, it would be great, ah!”

Hearing Flender’s words, something appeared in Grandmaster’s eyes, lowering his head, he indifferently said:

“People will grow old, and all will mature. Since past matters are already in the past, what’s the point in speaking of them? Only seeing the past, speaking easily, what can it really achieve?”

Flender sighing shook his head,

“Xiao Gang, your character is too strict. If you agreed to soften a bit, perhaps, right now you also wouldn’t have this appearance. You truly couldn’t accept her? After all, that wasn’t her mistake. Furthermore, do you truly care about such worldly opinions?”

“Shut up.”

Grandmaster’s mood suddenly became agitated, shouting loudly, both eyes firmly glaring at Flender,

“Don’t mention her before me again. And you? What about you? After so many years, why aren’t you together with her? Don’t tell me you didn’t like her. If it was like that, why are you still unmarried, still insisting on this Shrek Academy? This was just a joke on her part, that’s all.”

Flender’s gaze gradually chilled,

“Xiao Gang, you are still so stubborn, in all these years you haven’t changed. Right, I admit it, I like her. However, the one she truly likes is you. A noble person will not forcibly seize a person’s love, even more, in my heart, both of you are always my best friends. I can’t forget her, but, I also will never move on her, I only want to recall the past, nothing more. Isn’t it good to be free and unrestrained alone like this?”

Grandmaster abruptly stood from his seat,

“Free? Bullshit, what I wanted was for you to bring her happiness. I didn’t expect that after all these years, seeing you again, you to tell me you only want the memories. If I was able, I wish I could kill you right now.”

Flender sighed,

“Xiao Gang, Don’t get agitated. I know, at that time you chose to leave for the sake of us three. For the past many years, always without messages from you, just didn’t want to trouble our lives. But, she only likes you, even though between you was that kind of relationship, she only likes you. We both love the same person, don’t tell me you let me go force her, forcing her into matters making her unhappy? Perhaps if she would agree like that, but, in all her life she wouldn’t be happy. These years, I always tried to find you, she as well. Before she left, I told her, I would always be her eldest brother, forever willing to act as her eldest brother. She never forgot you, and never gave up that sincerity in her heart, don’t tell me, you couldn’t……”

Grandmaster smiled, on his rigid face that smiling expression nevertheless made people feel cold,

“Me and her, is it possible? If it was possible, would I wait until now? If it weren’t for that special relationship between us, do you think I would give her to you? I wouldn’t. I couldn’t care about common peoples’ opinions, but I can’t let her bear them together with me. Flender, if you still are my brother, don’t inform her about me, otherwise, I will immediately leave this place, never meeting you again.”

Flender also seemed angry,

“Then you have the heart to see her always painfully search for you, to see her alone all her life?”

Grandmaster’s gaze was somewhat sentimental,

“Twenty years, a whole twenty years, it’s all already late. Right now I only hope to foster little San into a great person, matters of emotions I already do not dare expect. At that time I left like that, don’t tell me you believe she would still forgive me? In this life of mine, I have never before been afraid of anything, but, right now I’m truly afraid, I’m afraid to confront her. Honestly, when I found you this time, when I didn’t see her at your side, I was secretly somewhat delighted, but when I sobered, I discovered my heart was only empty. I lack the ability to repay her. I don’t have the courage to face her.”


Flender stared at Grandmaster, for a long time unable to speak a word,

“Forget it, this is all your own matter. I won’t let her know you’ve appeared. But if there comes a day when she finds you, Xiao Gang, hear my words, do not run away again. If you still are my brother.”

Grandmaster didn’t promise, but, Flender saw the rims of his eyes had already reddened, he understood the suffering in Grandmaster’s heart, right now didn’t say anything more.

“Have you returned home?”

Flender changed the topic.

Grandmaster shook his head,

“Since long ago I already didn’t have a home.”

Flender sighed,

“That is after all your home. Even though they don’t welcome you. But……”

Grandmaster waved his hand, indicating Flender shouldn’t say more,

“Even if I wanted to return, I still wouldn’t return like this. Without first having my proof, I will not let those people laugh at me.”

On Flender’s face suddenly revealed a smile,

“Apparently, your heart truly is completely placed on Tang San. Did you know, for little San, Wuji was even beaten up.”

Grandmaster smiled, this time his smile was no longer cold,

“Although I didn’t know, I can guess. That person, couldn’t be offended by you.”

“You know?”

Flender started, his gaze at Grandmaster immediately became somewhat strange.

Grandmaster pulled out a token tile from his chest and tossed it to Flender, on the surface six distinct insignia immediately appeared before his eyes.

“He gave me this. Flender, know that what you right now see of little San, is not all of him. His true potential is still far, far from being unearthed. Don’t tell me you believe that his spirit really is just Blue Silver Grass? If it was like that, how would he still become my disciple?”

Flender was shocked in his heart,

“Don’t tell me his spirit also has a variation?”

Grandmaster shook his head,

“No, it really isn’t variation, just twins, that’s all.”


Filling the night, tonight’s night sky brought several faint spirits, as if giving the night mist a layer of muslin, giving people a kind of mist covered water hazy sense of beauty.

When the night washed away, as the distant day showed its first hints of white, a dorm’s door quietly opened.

Being tired wouldn’t affect a lifetime of habit, Tang San quietly walked out of the dorm. Even though the day still seemed very dark, he liked this time every day the most.

Because this was dawn, it was a beginning, a brand new beginning. Every time, he felt himself seem to completely awaken, everything being that beautiful.

Behind talent was great effort, without assiduous cultivation, even talented Spirit Masters still couldn’t accomplish much. Behind Tang San’s formidable surface was already more than ten years of great effort.

Practiced leaping onto the house, only this time Tang San nearly fell off the roof. Because just when he jumped onto the roof, he happened the see a person sitting there alone, burning gaze staring fixedly at him.

At dawn, a person’s mind would be very relaxed, and Tang San was no exception, therefore he hadn’t at all carefully listened to his surroundings, just would jump from fright.

The person on the rooftop caught Tang San by one shoulder, pulling him to sit down at his side, the other hand making a gesture for him to sit silently.

After shock came exultation, Tang San immediately recognized, this person sitting on the roof was precisely Grandmaster.

“Grandmaster, when did you arrive?”

Tang San pleasantly surprised asked.

Part 2

Tang Hao had left Holy Spirit Village when Tang San was seven years old, leaving behind only a letter. And ever since had faded away without news. Grandmaster filled this gap of affection, although he wasn’t a person adept at expressing himself, Tang San obtained immeasurable care and affection from him. If not for Grandmaster and Xiao Wu, Tang San’s character definitely wouldn’t be like right now. To him, in this second life, besides his father, they were the most important people.

Rubbing Tang San’s head, this was Grandmaster’s customary action,

“I said I would come find you here. I arrived several days ago, learning you had left for Star Dou Great Forest. However, you also gave me a surprise. I didn’t think you could so quickly break through the thirtieth rank pass.”

Tang San smiling said:

“Isn’t that because you taught me well?”

Grandmaster’s expression suddenly dropped,

“Then did I teach you to absorb spirit rings from spirit beasts with unknown age?”

Tang San was distracted a moment, immediately understanding Grandmaster already knew the danger he’d been in, and somewhat awkwardly shook his head,


Grandmaster sighed,

“Then you still dare act rashly? Did you forget I told you how dangerous the Man Faced Demon Spider was? If this time you ended badly, how should I explain it to your father? You are my only disciple, and also my hope. Without my permission, you cannot die, understand?”

Although what Grandmaster said wasn’t pleasant to hear, how would Tang San who was familiar with him not hear the concern and fear deep in his words? Teacher feared his danger, the corners of Tang San’s eyes heated, respectfully lowering his head,

“Teacher, I was mistaken.”

Grandmaster glared at Tang San for a long time without uttering a word. After a long time, sighing, he said:

“Little San, do you know, you have an unusually severe weak point. This weak point might in the future put you in a crisis.”

“What is it? Tell me, I will certainly change.”

Tang San hurriedly said.

Grandmaster shook his head, saying with a wry smile:

“Although this is a weak point, it’s also a merit. You put too much importance in emotions. This time, if it was not for Xiao Wu being kidnapped, you also wouldn’t so arbitrarily have forced absorption.”

Tang San at this understood Grandmaster’s meaning, for a moment he was speechless. Grandmaster wasn’t wrong, if not for Xiao Wu, he absolutely wouldn’t have been so impetuous. But that time, Tang San’s mind had already lost the majority of its ability to make judgements, in his heart only thinking to as far as possible go to bring back Xiao Wu.

Once again rubbing Tang San’s head, Grandmaster’s gaze once again became mild,

“My reprimands today, I hope you will remember, at all times calmly reflect. Even if it’s your most important person appearing in danger, you must be even more calm. Only after first saving yourself will you have the opportunity to save others. Most importantly, you can’t impetuously settle problems. Do you understand?”

Tang San hurriedly nodded,

“Teacher, I will remember.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, extremely pleased with this obedient disciple, saying:

“Go, we’ll go outside the Academy. Let me have a look at what you gained from being impetuous this time.”

Tang San was ecstatic, he also just thought to ask Grandmaster just what was going on with the changes to his body.

The two master and disciple jumped off the roof, and without alerting anyone, quietly left the village, reaching the little grove outside the village.

Grandmaster raised his hand and made a gesture towards Tang San. After many years as master and disciple, Tang San naturally understood his meaning. Urging the spirit power within his body, he released his spirit.

Blue silver light sparkled, quietly a cover of Blue Silver Grass rose in Tang San’s surroundings, moving rhythmically at Tang San’s side.

Grandmaster attentively watched the Blue Silver Grass Tang San summoned, mumbling:

“The Blue Silver Grass is slender, looking even glossier than before. Apart from the original tea fragrance, it also has a faint sweet fishy smell, should be the Man Faced Demon Spider poison permeating it. With the toughness of the Man Faced Demon Spider silk, although your Blue Silver Grass has become slender, it should be even more durable than before. Little San, twine that tree over there, try pulling it with your full strength.”


Tang San raised one hand, one Blue Silver Grass shot out like lightning, between eyeblinks already twisting around a large tree ten metres away, both hands simultaneously exerting, using Mysterious Heaven Skill with all his might.

That tree was thicker than a person could reach around, but under Tang San’s pull, the thick tree trunk began to gradually bend.

Grandmaster walked over to the tree, carefully observing the Blue Silver Grass twisting around the tree trunk. Along with Tang San’s effort, the Blue Silver Grass was already gradually carving into the tree bark. A layer of faint smoke rose from where the Blue Silver Grass was in contact with the tree trunk. It could clearly be seen the Blue Silver Grass was gradually penetrating deeply within the tree trunk. Along with Tang San’s effort, deeper and deeper into the complete width of the tree trunk.

“Good, you can stop.”

Grandmaster gestured to Tang San.

Tang San at this relaxed Blue Silver Grass, the strand of grass twining around the tree trunk swiftly withdrew like it was a snake, itself appearing without a trace of change.

“Little San, come and see.”

Grandmaster called Tang San to his side.

“The degree of Blue Silver Grass’ toughness has clearly increased, although it has become slender, under the full strength of your more than thirtieth rank spirit power, it hasn’t the slightest indication of being stretched apart, in other words, your spirit power is insufficient to break the Blue Silver Grass. Furthermore, the additional poison on Blue Silver Grass has clearly improved, if you used the Ghost Vine’s added poison, the result should be even better. Besides the original poison type, now it also has corrosive poison. This belongs to the Man Faced Demon Spider.”

Tang San looked in the direction of Grandmaster’s finger, the area where the Blue Silver Grass previously twisted had deep grooves about two cun[1] deep, around them were a burnt black color, although along with Blue Silver Grass’ withdrawal it already no longer shed smoke, the severity of the supplemental corrosive poison on Blue Silver Grass could still be seen.

“Teacher, Blue Silver Grass’ toxicity has increased a lot, currently it roughly has spirit power paralysis, neurological pain and corrosion three major effects. For ordinary Spirit Masters relying only on spirit power to resist will already be very difficult. Especially after this highly corrosive poison is added, when piercing the opponent’s skin, it will allow the other two poisons to display even greater effect. Adding to its own toughness leading to binding even tighter, the effect is clearly amplified.”

Grandmaster said:

“Although this time absorbing the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring had enormous risks, the risk is directionally proportional to the rewards. Looking at Blue Silver Grass’ own growth alone is already fairly astonishing. But also, your physical strength and speed have both increased not inconsiderably. The rewards are not bad. However, I still must once again remind you, you must not make the same mistake a second time. I absolutely do not want to see a scene of the white haired carrying the black haired[2].”

Tang San chuckled,

“Teacher, I know. Hereafter I would not again be impetuous.”

Grandmaster nodded and smiled, saying:

“Come, release your third spirit ability for me to see.”

Tang San nodded, looking around in all directions, choosing a location between two trees. Right now, releasing the three spirit rings moving rhythmically over his body.

Under the push of Mysterious Heaven Skill, the third spirit ring suddenly flared, bright purple light permeating his whole body, drowning out the light of the other two rings of light.

Grandmaster gratified nodded to himself, at the same time also somewhat envious, after all, this third spirit ring was something he had desired all his life but could never achieve.

Tang San with a focused and serious look raised his right hand, in his palm strong blue light released, spirit power releasing all over his body, intangible pressure making the short shrubs around him tremble.

Part 3


Following Tang San’s low shout, the blue light seen in his palm abruptly flourish greatly, a mass of blue-green light left the hand, flashing through the air, in an eyeblink swelling to a diameter of about five meters and flying forward.

Along with the blue light gathering, Grandmaster was able to see that blue light’s true form.

That was an enormous spider web, rings within rings, extremely fine meshed, the entire spider web was woven from Blue Silver Grass, only these Blue Silver Grass were even a bit thinner than the Blue Silver Grass Tang San directly released before, furthermore appeared a crystal clear blue.

The spider web expanded, as it touched the two trees it tightened in a moment, forming a large net suspended in the air. The five meters in diameter large net suspended there, twinkled with a blue gleaming lustre under the dawn light’s illumination.

Tang San’s complexion after releasing this spider net had clearly become somewhat pale, evidently the reason was the great effort he used. This was Tang San’s third spirit ability, Spider Web Restraint[3].

“Little San, tell me your thoughts about this spirit ability.”

Grandmaster while carefully observing the spider web adhering to the two trees, simultaneously asked Tang San.

Tang San said:

“After I absorbed the Man Faced Demon Spider’s spirit ring, this spirit ability appeared. According to what I sensed of this spirit ability, it has several properties. First, because it’s formed from Blue Silver Grass, it possesses all the properties Blue Silver Grass does. Poison and durability both. Second, the spider web itself has a kind of sticky property. It possesses extremely powerful adhesion, if touching it even a bit, it will immediately bind, tightly restraining the target. Third, the spider web itself is released instantaneously, with my current spirit power, launching this spirit ability once requires the consumption of a third of my spirit power.”

Grandmaster’s brows wrinkled,

“Only this? Aren’t there still other properties?”

Tang San said:

“There is still the most important one, it’s the spider web’s own durability, it’s directly twice that of Blue Silver Grass. Later using this spirit ability, its area as well as usage frequency and toughness, all will change as my spirit power increases. In other words, the tougher Blue Silver Grass is, the tougher this spider web will become. Blue Silver Grass’ toxicity will also be within it.”

Grandmaster nodded,

“This is suitable. What’s your opinion on this spirit ability?”

Tang San said:

“Although it wouldn’t appear very wonderful, I feel this ability is unusually practical. It has a very powerful effect on my spirit’s control power. Spider web with twice the toughness of Blue Silver Grass isn’t so easy to struggle free from.”

Grandmaster smiled slightly, saying:

“No, you are still underestimating it. It’s use is not only that simple, moreover it’s an exceptionally powerful spirit ability. How would you breaking the limit to absorb the Man Faced Demon Spider still give you an insufficiently tremendous spirit ability? I can practically be certain, unless it’s encountering an opponent just right to counter your ability, otherwise, on the same level, or even if it’s a spirit master within ten ranks higher than you, no one would be able to throw off its restraint. With it, you can be considered as having a truly powerful position among control system Spirit Masters.”

Seeing Tang San’s with like a ponderous gaze, Grandmaster continued:

“When Spirit Masters fight one on one, the most powerful isn’t physical strength Spirit Masters, nor is it power attack or even agility type Spirit Masters. Rather it’s control system Spirit Masters. Because a control system Spirit Master is able to restrain the opponent’s movements, maybe even stopping the opponent’s actions, under these kinds of circumstances, as long as the other side is unable to throw off your control system spirit ability, how will they still attack you? In the Spirit Master world, control system Spirit Masters are always terrifying existences. It’s only since control system Spirit Masters generally need comrades in arms to coordinate with, they’re not very well known. But truly formidable spirit masters all know the true importance and power of the control system.”

Tang San said:

“Teacher, you are saying, if in one against one conditions, right now Spirit Masters under fortieth rank would be unable to throw off my Spider Web Restraint?”

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“Basically so. But still don’t rule out exceptions. This world is equal. Every spirit also has their advantage. Originally were you not also thinking your Blue Silver Grass was a trash spirit? In the same way, although this third spirit ability your spirit added is already unusually powerful, at the same time it has a nemesis.”

While speaking, Grandmaster from his chest pulled out a simple thing, slowly walking over below the spider web Tang San previously released.

In Grandmaster’s hand was a torch, he flashed it against the wind, immediately a flame puffed out from within the torch. Grandmaster burned the torch below the spider web, using the flame to roast the net.

Just at the start Tang San still didn’t see anything. But in a moment, he clearly saw that extremely durable spider web’s lowest thread begin to gradually melt in the flame.

“I understand. You are saying the nemesis is fire.”

Tang San suddenly realized, at the same time recalling the first time he met Ma Hongjun. At that time Ma Hongjun effortlessly dissolved Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass Binding just by relying on his Phoenix flame. Although later he still got the worst of it, he still made Tang San’s Blue Silver Grass a useless spirit.

Grandmaster nodded, saying:

“Whether it’s plants or your spider web, they themselves fear fire. The flame burning on this torch is very small and naturally insufficient to threaten the spider web. But, if you encounter a Spirit Master expert in using fire, then, your spirit will be completely restrained by the other side. Practically every control system Spirit Master has something classified as their weakness, this is also the greatest cost of a control system spirit compared to other attribute spirits. And your Blue Silver Grass’ weak point is just fear of fire. As a result, hereafter when you meet Spirit Masters with this kind of property you must be sure to be even more careful.”

Tang San pondered, saying:

“Teacher, then if when I hereafter again obtain spirit rings do my utmost to think of a way to add spirit rings with resistance to fire, will this erase the weak point?”

Grandmaster said:

“Don’t do that. Although that kind of thing will increase your Blue Silver Grass’ flame resistance, consider, if you would waste even two spirit abilities on flame resistance, then, after your spirit power thereafter reaches a certain degree, will you still have enough spirit abilities to contend with your opponent?”

“But, if I don’t increase the flame resistance, when I later encounter Spirit Masters with this kind of spirit wouldn’t I lack any methods?”

Tang San said doubtfully. He didn’t fail to understand Grandmaster’s meaning, but his spirit having such a large defect clearly wasn’t something he wanted to see.

Grandmaster smiled calmly, saying:

“Control system spirit masters very rarely act alone, the best method is to let your companions take your place to deal with these issues. Of course, you also aren’t without your own methods to deal with it. Aren’t you always playing with those hidden weapons of yours? Although in my opinion toys lead to loss of purpose, I also have no choice but to admit that your hidden weapons truly have astonishing power. Moreover, don’t forget, you don’t only have the one Blue Silver Grass spirit.”

By Grandmaster’s reminder, Tang San immediately recalled that hammer of his, his heart leapt,

“Teacher, you are saying that I can cultivate that hammer?”

Grandmaster resolutely shook his head,

“Out of the question. Remember, without my consent, you absolutely cannot add spirit rings to that hammer. Definitely cannot. This is extremely important to your future. Right now what you can rely on is only Blue Silver Grass.”

Although he didn’t understand why Grandmaster insisted on this, Tang San still nodded his promise.

Grandmaster said:

“Little San, don’t bite off more than you can chew. To you, even more important is still upgrading spirit power. The spirit abilities Blue Silver Grass currently possess already surpass my expectations. In the future you will only become even stronger. You are Teacher’s hope, you understand? Good, now let me have a look at your most significant matter, the question in your heart. Take off your jacket first.”

Tang San’s heart tightened, ever since leaving Star Dou Great Forest, without the threat of spirit beasts, Tang San had all along wondered what was going on with those eight spider legs on his back. Now meeting Grandmaster, he naturally impatiently wanted answers. Regarding spirits, spirit beasts and spirit rings alone, he was convinced there was no one who knew them better than his Teacher.

Removing his jacket, Tang San turned his back to Grandmaster. Grandmaster walked up to his back, raising his hands to touch Tang San’s spine.

Tang San only felt a warm and gentle spirit power flow into his back, immediately afterward, this force began to flow up and down his spine.

With a very serious expression, he carefully examined every vertebra in Tang San’s spine.

“Little San, after you withdrew those spider legs, could you feel them go somewhere?”

Tang San turned his right hand to his back, pointing at his rear ribs, saying:

“Fitting on these eight ribs, I can feel like they adhere to the ribs. But to my body there is no effect whatsoever. On the contrary it feels like my back strength is even a bit larger than before.”

Grandmaster touched the places Tang San indicated, immediately discovering that not only did these eight ribs appear a bit thicker and more solid than the other ribs, but at the same time, the vertebra these eight ribs connected to were also somewhat thicker than the others, feeling not only solid, but also extremely tough. Even Tang San’s back muscles seemed somewhat tougher.

A pleasantly surprised expression gradually appeared on Grandmaster’s face, but he didn’t say anything, only quickly drew back several steps, moving five meters away from Tang San’s back,

“Use your spirit power, release those eight spider legs.”

Circulating Mysterious Heaven Skill, right now Tang San couldn’t help but be somewhat nervous, after all, this was his first time releasing these monstrous spider legs of his own accord. Honestly speaking, although he felt these spider legs would improve his strength, Tang San didn’t have any fondness for them. He always thought that by having these eight spider legs he seemed to become monstrous.

Grandmaster was unable to take his eyes off Tang San’s back, afraid to let any details slip by.

Faint blue light began to appear at Tang San’s back. Immediately afterward, Grandmaster clearly saw, Tang San’s entire spine seemed to move outside his body, releasing a weak purple light, just now he took notice of purple light releasing especially clearly on several of the vertebra. Immediately following, the tips of eight ribs protruded from Tang San’s back, taking the shape of eight bulges.

A little bit of soreness or stinging tickling appearing on his back made Tang San feel slightly out of sorts, but he didn’t stop his spirit power.

[1] 2寸 = 6.7 cm

[2] Idiom: Parents seeing their child die before themselves.

[3] (蛛网束缚)

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