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Bibi Dong couldn't believe her own eyes. During these three days, Qian Ren Xue and she had been using their tremendous god powers to recover themselves. But she had never thought that she would meet Tang San on the battlefield again. Hadn't his soul vanished already?

"I knew it. It wouldn’t be easy to kill him that way!"

Qian Ren Xue didn't know why she felt relief seeing Tang San now.

Staying on the Spirit Empire's base, Hu Lie Na was like a statue without a soul. Now as she saw that blue figure, she was so stirred up that she was trembling. He didn't die. He's back!


Tang San faintly smiled. He seemed to forget that he had died miserably three days ago in Bibi Dong's hands. Both Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue weren't wearing their god armaments since they all thought that the Heaven Dou Empire would have had nothing to resist anymore.

Bibi Dong coldly snorted, "Surprised, so what? We've killed you once; we can always do it again. I was still careless. I should have destroyed your body, too. I didn't think that your vanished divine soul could be recovered again. I always know that you are smart. But I'm wrong. If I were you, I wouldn't show myself on the battlefield again!"

Tang San was still elegant, just like he had just walked out of the Moon Pavilion.

"Well, too bad you weren't me. Thus, I wouldn't make such a choice as you had done. You want to ask me why I wouldn't stay in the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and ambush you during your arrival here, right?"

Bibi Dong changed her face, "You could read my mind?"

Tang San shook his head, "No. I can't see through God's mind, although your evil aura is obvious. I can only understand your dark thoughts. I didn't want to ambush you because it would dirty my divine soul. If so, I'm afraid I couldn't defeat any of you two. But now, it's not going to be like that. Facing you now is the Sea God at his peak. Perhaps I will die, but I will definitely drag you out of this world with me!"
Bibi Dong smiled. But her current appearance couldn't make that smile looked good.

"Tang San, do you want to strike my confidence? What if you've reached the peak state? Do you think that you can confront me with that? Well, you should open your eyes wider to see what is the real competence of the Rakshasa God!"

A dark purple light current suddenly appeared on Bibi Dong's body. Under the shining purple light, two identical figures appeared. The Rakshasa Armament emerged. The purple god power expanded instantly, covered the sun and darkened the whole sky.

The shining jade-liked Angelic Armament also appeared on Qian Ren Xue. Her eyes became colder.

"She killed you last time. This time, it can only be me!"

As he was facing two Gods in their god armaments, under the intimidating pressure, blue air currents started to rise from Tang San. There were countless blue light dots around him. The Sea God Armament appeared silently. However, the Sea God Armament now had a gold color without the help of the Golden Trident. Tang San had used his actual deed to show to the mother and daughter god duo that he wasn't joking.

The Rakshasa Scythe and the Angelic Sacred Sword pointed to Tang San at the same time the Sea God Trident in his hand was raised over his head.

His eyes were full of respect, looking at the Sea God Trident. His divine sense diffused instantly just like a vastly endless sea.

Tang San, Bibi Dong, and Qian Ren Xue all had an unreal aura. He was standing there, but he didn't oppress them with his Sea God's powers. However, it also made the Rakshasa God, and the Angelic God felt like they were prevented from combining their divine senses with their god powers.

Bibi Dong understood that Tang San didn't exaggerate. He actually had reached a higher level compared to them.

At this moment, the Sea God Eight Wings on Tang San's back had been changed. Four wings on each side had been fused together, forming a pair of two massive gold wings. They were covering his whole body from behind. When the wings opened, the sky, which was covered by the Rakshasa God's dark purple energy, had returned to its blue color. The endless blue light almost covered the entire sky. When Tang San had looked at the Golden Trident with his respectful eyes, he had also called for the powers of the vast ocean. That blue light was the power came from the Ocean.

The sky was still blue, but there was no sun. The formidable Sea God's powers had blocked the sunlight. Thus, the Angelic God Armament on Qian Ren Xue was dimmer.

Bibi Dong took action first. The two identical figures instantly turned into two dark purple lights with an earth-shaking devilish aura, flying directly to Tang San. The sinister aura was like it wanted to devour Tang San and the blue light in the sky.

Qian Ren Xue didn't like Bibi Dong, but she knew that without her, Bibi Dong would hardly be able to defeat Tang San. Uniting the Continent wasn't only Bibi Dong's ambition, but also her grandfather’s last wish. She would definitely not let it go.

As her body and sword fused, Qian Ren Xue and her Angelic Sacred Sword had been combined as one, turning into a massive gold sword pointing to Tang San's face. The mother and daughter God duo had formed a clamp in the air. Apparently, after a failure, Qian Ren Xue had understood her Angelic God's power better.

Facing their attacks, Tang San wasn’t hurried. Compared to three days ago, he had been more mature. His cold eyes flickered, raising the Golden Trident in his hand, releasing a gold light sphere, confronting Qian Ren Xue's attack. At the same time, Tang San had divided into two figures. He didn't care about his light sphere, the two figures he'd just made came to face Bibi Dong's attacks from both sides.


The Angelic Sacred Sword In Qian Ren Xue's hands was shaking violently. A distinctive feeling that she couldn't express expanded rapidly in her body. Qian Ren Xue found out that her body now couldn't move an inch, she could only maintain her fighting posture, pausing in the air.

If it were in a normal situation, she could use the Solar Pure Flame to break this bind. However, she couldn't contact the sunlight at this moment. With her own power, it would take time to break the bind.

Unfixed Storm. This was the first time Tang San had used the first strike of the Golden Thirteen Halberds to besiege a God completely. When his realm and god powers were more transcendent than Qian Ren Xue, he could have that power. If Bibi Dong weren't there, he could concentrate on dealing with Qian Ren Xue; at that time, he didn't even need to block the sunlight to make it work. Even if the Unfixed Storm couldn't hold Qian Ren Xue for eight seconds, just a short time of a breath was enough for Tang San.

The Sea God Trident contacted the Rakshasa Scythe, generated a loud noise. The trident blade had locked the Scythe. The four figures were fighting in the air. Gold light and purple light had come into contact.

The Sea God Trident could have some oppressing effects to some other weapons, and so did the Scythe. Currently, among the two figures that each of them had generated, one was their true bodies, and the other was their god-ranked spirits. Only them, who got the twin spirits, could do that.

However, the actual situation would always go beyond expectations. The Golden Trident had been locking the Rakshasa Scythe, but in just a blink, the situation was overturned.

Two gold lights rocketed to the sky. The Golden Trident was blown up into the air, soaring like two golden dragons.

Bibi Dong laughed coldly inside. Tang San, your divine soul was much powerful than mine. However, I had started the inheritance when I was ranked level ninety-nine. Of course, my god power will be much stronger than yours. Let see what you can do to protest against me.

The dark purple Demonic Scythe darted toward Tang San's chest again. From the experience she'd learned three days ago, the Sea God Armament couldn't be able to prevent the holy weapon of the Rakshasa God.

At the moment the Golden Trident was being blown away, Tang San's body was affected, spinning violently. The two figures made the same moves; during the time they were spinning, they had dodged Bibi Dong's attack.

Bibi Dong's reflexes were fast. The demonic scythe that missed Tang San had vertically swept through Tang San. At the same time, from Tang San's gyrating bodies, two tiny gold drops were detached. They looked like two raindrops flying toward two Bibi Dong respectively.

Bibi Dong instinctively rose one of her hands to catch that tiny drop. The other hand was still slashing the demonic scythe at Tang San.

"Watch out, don't catch it!" Qian Ren Xue finally got back her ability to move. Seeing those two drops flying to Bibi Dong, she instinctively screamed. Immediately, Qian Ren Xue came to one of the two Bibi Dong, bumping her shoulder into her, pushing her away. She had chosen to save Bibi Dong, not the clone made from her spirit.

Even Qian Ren Xue didn't know why she did that. At that fraction of time, the image of Bibi Dong appeared in her Angelic God's inheritance flashed in her mind. All of her deeds came from her instinct.

A strange sound echoed. The Bibi Dong made from her spirit had been ceased in the air. There was a tiny hole in her palm. That tiny drop had come into her body through her glabella. Bibi Dong's clone was turned into a gold color almost instantly. BOOM. It exploded.

From the other side, Bibi Dong's true body was pushed aside after Qian Ren Xue had bumped into her. The gold drop had missed her, flying over her head and turning into a long streak in the air before it vanished. Qian Ren Xue was lucky too. At that critical moment, the gold drop had passed over her head, just half an inch away from her. She didn't get hit.

The freezing feeling had spread out all over her body from her hand. Bibi Dong suddenly grabbed Qian Ren Xue, flying backward thousands of meters.

She didn't dare to believe it was true. At that moment, she could feel the breath of Death. Her clone was made from her spirit. Even though it was condensed from her god power and the divine soul, its abilities to attack and defend were the same with that of her real body. At that time, if Qian Ren Xue had been one step late, or she hadn't pushed her aside, no doubt that her true body would have been perished in the air just like what had happened to her clone.

The two figures of Tang San were shining in gold light, then fused together. There was a big cut on the Sea God Armament at the waist. Although his skin hadn't been cut through, a purple mist was floating there. It was the demonic devouring power of the Rakshasa God.

Looking at Bibi Dong hovering from a far distance, Tang San sighed, "Blood ties. I didn't count that. She is your daughter. I had thought that she would take the chance and kill me. If we were both dead, then this world would belong to her. Qian Ren Xue, you have deviated my assumptions."

Tang San looked deliberately, but he had actually planned everything. Even the last strike of Qian Ren Xue. He had calculated precisely the time that the Unfixed Storm had confined her. He knew that Qian Ren Xue and Bibi Dong had a furious relationship, which was almost a dead or alive situation. When his body was spinning, he could dodge the demonic scythe. At the same time, he had used his god powers to accumulate two drops of the Guanyin's Tear. What the Sea God had much more was the water, and, the two drops of his Guanyin's Tear were the essence of the water, plus his god power, how could it be prevented easily? Qian Ren Xue had eaten a bitter fruit from this hidden weapon; that was how she could recognize it just at a glance.

If Qian Ren Xue had attacked Tang San at that time, he could have killed Bibi Dong perfectly. Also, at the same time, he had prepared for another strike. His clone and the true body could be exchanged at any minute, which was something even Bibi Dong couldn't possibly do. Tang San's Unfixed Storm could only confine Qian Ren Xue within the short time of a breath, Qian Ren Xue could have had time to kill his true body instead of rescuing Bibi Dong. Thus, Bibi Dong would have died, and Tang San's spirit would have been smashed. Although his competence would have decreased drastically, Qian Ren Xue was much weaker than Bibi Dong. Moreover, she had a seed of failure in her heart. Facing Qian Ren Xue, he had a bigger chance to defeat her. At least, it would be no problem dragging her to death with him.

However, Qian Ren Xue's instinctive reflex had ruined everything. Bibi Dong had gotten hurt since her spirit was destroyed. But Tang San had consumed a large amount of his god power to produce those two drops of Guanyin's Tear. The wound on his waist also affected his god power. No doubt that no one got any benefit. Tang San was going one on two, being wounded would be a big disadvantage.

After the two figures had merged into one, Tang San shifted the Sea God Trident to his left hand, while placing his right hand on the wound to purify the Rakshasa God's power there. The massive wings on his back stretched out, taking a large amount of blue light in the sky into his body.

Dark purple nimbus on Bibi Dong's body was dimmer. She looked at Qian Ren Xue standing beside her with doubts in her eyes.


Qian Ren Xue didn't face her gaze, looking at Tang San, "We shouldn't give him any chances. He is really cunning. We can only use the pure attack power to avoid his traps."


It was strange that Bibi Dong didn't object Qian Ren Xue's ideas. Of course, it wasn't because of Qian Ren Xue had just saved her life that changed her feelings toward her. Looking at her exquisite daughter, whom she had brought to this life without any love, her soul was as cold as a one thousand year iceberg, now had a warm stream flowing inside.


Purple light and red-gold light were rising up at the same time. Bibi Dong was standing shoulder by shoulder with Qian Ren Xue. However, they didn't rush to launch another attack; they were just fully releasing their tremendous divine senses. The massive pressure was released, pressing down on the soldiers on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San could see clearly that numerous dark purple air currents were converging on Bibi Dong's body from all directions. Obviously, she was recovering her powers. Those purple air currents were the resentment on the entire Douluo Continent, in which, the most colossal current came from the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. Those were the souls of those who had lost their lives under the Poison Douluo's toxins three days ago.

It was like the Sea God could take the power of the Sea; the Angelic God could receive power from the Sun, the Rakshasa God could take every single bad thoughts, and intentions in the hearts of all dead or living creatures. Those grudges would become the Rakshasa God's god power. The power of resentment was more powerful than the power of faith, but it couldn't last long. However, in a battle, the resentment would be more intimidating. This is what people call, "clear water couldn't have fish". Several days ago, there were so many soldiers of the Spirit Empire that had died under the extreme toxins. At this moment, the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was the best arena for Bibi Dong.

Tang San knew how difficult it would be when Bibi Dong had fully recovered. But he couldn't be reckless now. Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue were standing there; even though their god powers weren’t compatible, their divine senses were cooperating with each other to take control over the whole situation. If he dared to jump up, what would be waiting for him, of course, were the god duo of Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue. Two Gods cooperating was what Tang San didn't want to see the most. He couldn't kill them separately, now, it would be impossible for him. The current situation was due to Qian Ren Xue’s sudden instinctive rescue. That blood bond had pushed Tang San into the disadvantaged position.

Eight Rakshasa Demonic Scythes on Bibi Dong's back had shot out at once, merging with the scythe in her hand. Bibi Dong's gaze had always locked on Tang San. The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe in her hand abruptly soared up to the sky. Dark Purple light burst out just in a flash. The formidable sinister aura in the air was like thousands of crying ghosts showing their fangs and claws.

The blue light sphere that Tang San had condensed in the sky was shaking fiercely. The Rakshasa God's powers were truly oppressive to most of the other Gods. The ferocious thoughts were much more dangerous than the Angelic God's powers. If got touched, it would require a large amount of divine sense to purify.

Tang San sighed inside. Both wings on his back flapped. A blue light appeared in the sky as beautiful as the Milky Way falling from space, getting into Tang San's body through his wings. The godly light was erupting from his body again, just like he hadn't consumed any bit of his energy. However, the sun, which had been covered, had now appeared again.

Bibi Dong got what she wanted. The Rakshasa's god power had been retrieved instantly. The sunlight wasn't good for her god power. However, Qian Ren Xue got much better in the sunlight. She sent a glance to Bibi Dong then pointed her Angelic Sword to the sky. The immense Solar Pure Flame descended onto her. An exquisite layer of red-gold pattern appeared on her Angelic Armament.

Tang San instinctively gripped the Sea God Trident tighter. A beam of hopelessness dispersed in his heart. He knew his chance was getting smaller. The only thing he could use was the conflict between Bibi Dong and her daughter. However, it was gone now. When those two Gods put aside their conflicts and joined each other to attack him, how could he himself alone protest against them?

Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue started to attack. They were flying very slowly towards him. Their speed was even slower than a normal flying system spirit master. However, the energy on them was expanding, forcefully pressing forward.

The Angelic God's powers and the Rakshasa God's powers combined together and slowly pushed forward as they had only one target, which was not to leave Tang San any chances to overturn the situation. The pressure of the Gods were all focused on Tang San. Their divine senses had all been retrieved, which meant, once they erupted their attack, it would be an earth-shaking one.

The pair of wings on his back was constantly flapping. After they had evolved to just two wings, the wings, which were originally the Eight Spider Lances, possessed a stronger devouring ability. The visible blue light dots simultaneously came to the gold body of Tang San and merged with him. The gold patterns on his Sea God Armament were blooming dazzlingly.

Waves were rippling from the Golden Trident. The gold mist started to diffuse from his body. This was the redundant energy that his body couldn't hold but overflow. However, he was backing off deliberately. Facing the intimidating pressure from the Angelic God and the Rakshasa God, his body couldn’t help but back off.

On top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, everybody's heart was reaching their throat as they were so anxious. They thought that they were about to witness the same deadly scene as they had the other day. Although Tang San was calmer, Bibi Dong and Qian Ren Xue had also changed. But now they were not attacking Tang San only on their own, but cooperating with each other.

Grandmaster closed his eyes in sorrow. He was mad at himself for being helpless. Xue Beng was watching with his eyes wide-open and clenched fists. His eyes showed his extreme unwillingness.

Atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, only Xiao Wu could maintain her clear mind, as though she had predicted the current situation. Xiao Wu took out a pink sausage then slowly swallowed it. The tender power immediately accumulated on her back, forming a pair of transparent wings. It was the Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage of Oscar.

Tang San shouted. The Sea God Trident drew a big circle in the air. The redundant Sea God's powers burst out under massive pressure, which helped him balance himself in mid-air. He couldn't withdraw anymore since he was almost over the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. If he couldn't take the whole attack of these two Gods, the entire Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass would receive the shockwaves from the battle of the three gods.

Now he was facing the joint attack of the Angelic God and the Rakshasa God with their intimidating god powers; he had no other choice. "Rather be shattered jade than the unbroken pottery." This phrase appeared in his mind again.

The tender Sea God's power burst out furiously, turning into a tremendous gold flame covering Tang San. It wasn't a real flame, but the sign indicating that Tang San's god powers had reached its limit.

He shifted the Sea God Trident to his left hand, while the Sea God Armament was still radiating dazzling rays. The Golden Trident with its blue light was like it had been united with his left hand. At the same time, gold light erupted from Tang San's right arm. Beams of gold light were accumulating on his palm.

With a low roar, Tang San's body shot out like an arrow. Even though he was bearing an impressive pressure from the gods, and the two powerful gods he was facing, he didn't cease his pace.
While he was storming forward, the three god-ranked domains had collided furiously, condensing the air. With the burning flame covering his body, Tang San strongly broke all the energy barriers in front of him. As he crashed into Qian Ren Xue and Bibi Dong, his eyes were as bright as the stars.

Qian Ren Xue was holding the Angelic Sword with both hands. The Solar Pure Flame burst out grumblingly, pouring the dazzling gold flame into the Angelic Sacred Sword. The sword now was pointing directly to Tang San, as the immense scorching energy was expanding furiously in the air.

The massive Rakshasa Demonic Scythe on Bibi Dong's hand was blazing, but it was burning the endless grudging aura and the demonic miasma with a green flame. The God duo of mother and daughter suddenly increased their speed, facing Tang San. They wanted to take the attack directly.

The distance between them was getting shorter. Tang San's complexion became as cold as the eternal glacier. His divine sense was now sinking in a unique state, in which he was absolutely calm and unshakable. That was how he could catch the opportunity that might appear at any time.

The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe soaked in a bizarre green flame, and the dazzling Angelic Sword were confronting Tang San's attack at the same time. Qian Ren Xue rose her Angelic Sword higher while the Rakshasa Demonic Scythe in Bibi Dong's hand was put lower, forming a closed defense. These three gods had finally collided in just a blink of an eye.

Tang San's left hand raised the Sea God Trident with all of his powers, while his right hand which was pointing toward Qian Ren Xue shot out a drop of gold light.

Qian Ren Xue got frightened. Tang San's Guanyin's Tear had left her a very deep impression. Especially, it had almost killed Bibi Dong. The Guanyin's Tear, when being shot out didn't expose any trickle of the god power, if not, Bibi Dong didn't get fooled.

In the loud sound of the collision, the Raksha Demonic Scythe in Bibi Dong's hand and the Sea God Trident in Tang San's hand had impacted. The gold flame and the green flame had exploded at the same time, turning into countless light dots scattering everywhere. Qian Ren Xue, at that time, couldn't help but change the direction of her Angelic Sword. She had to put it horizontally in front of her. The Solar Pure Flame burst out with all of her capacity to face that tiny drop of gold light.

Tang San's ability to create chances was strong, even if he had to face two Gods at the same time. He had used his tremendous competence to create this instant chance.

The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe was pushed upwards by the Sea God Trident, exposing Bibi Dong's chest. The drop of gold light shot out from his right hand had disappeared right when it had come into contact with the Solar Pure Flame.

Not good, she was fooled. Qian Ren Xue could react timely, but the vulnerable area in front of Bibi Dong's chest was clear now.

This was the wickedest strike of Tang San. In fact, he had put all of his god powers into the Golden Trident together with the Gravity Control, which had increased the weight of the Trident ten more times. Bibi Dong had also struck him with all of her powers; however, she couldn't predict that Tang San didn't do anything to defend Qian Ren Xue's attack as he only focused on her. The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe was pushed upwards, revealing her big weakness.

Tang San had taken advantaged of Qian Ren Xue's fear of him. Even though she knew that he could hardly make another drop of Guanyin's Tear, she still chose to defend. If not, the Angelic Sword would have stabbed him at this moment with her reckless attack. Under such dead-end circumstances, Tang San was using a special tactic that Grandmaster had taught him. Tang San had never used this trick before. It was scaring. This method could only be used in suitable conditions. It was to use his most powerful ability to scare his opponent.

Qian Ren Xue's reflexes were quick enough. When she found out his trick, the Angelic Sword in her hand jutted immediately, stabbing Tang San's chest.

After the Sea God Trident in Tang San's hand had put Bibi Dong's Rakshasa Demonic Scythe away, his left hand swung, striking the handle of the Sea God Trident onto Bibi Dong's chest. At the same time, his right hand made a gesture. A dragon roar resounded loud and clear. A giant gold dragon had shot out from his right-hand armament.

Although it was just as long as a blink of an eye, the giant golden dragon had been smashed by the Solar Pure Flame on the Angelic Sword; however, it could delay Qian Ren Xue's move for a short while. The Angelic Sword couldn't stab Tang San but slashed him by the waist, right where Bibi Dong had cut him before.

Tang San cried in pain. His body felt like he got whipped, pushing backward instantly. From the other side, Bibi Dong got hit by the Golden Trident; her entire body exploded with a loud boom, turning into numerous moving air currents in the air.

While Tang San's body was blown away, those purple air currents had accumulated again. The Rakshasa Demonic Scythe didn't come back to her hand. Bibi Dong's face became grimaced, balling her hands into fists, punching towards Tang San. A massive purple light sphere appeared in mid-air, chasing after Tang San. BOOM, he was struck, blowing away to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass.

Tang San's plan and responses had no problems, but he was facing two Gods, anyway. Bibi Dong, at the critical moment, had used the best ability when she was still a spirit master, the Undying Body, turning her body into unshaped energy to avoid a full force attack from the Sea God Trident. Of course, she couldn't be able to dodge the Sea God Trident fully, but at least she had avoided the physical attack of the one million jin trident.

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