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Chapter 317

Seagod VS Angel God

(TL by Bagelson)

Xiao Wu burst into giggles:
“Why would I be worried? I’m not. Even if you and Qian Renxue are both gods, you had twin spirits before you became a god and she couldn’t beat you then, so what could she do now? I’ve never worried that you would lose to her. I just want to look out for you so you don’t get captivated by her. Humph humph, I remember, in her memories, with you……”

At this point Xiao Wu couldn’t help turning red. Tang San whispered:
“With me what?”

Xiao Wu softly beat his chest,
“Ge, you’re rotten. I’m not talking. That stuff’s too embarrassing.”

Tang San laughed out loud:
“Don’t worry. Didn’t I say it at my inheritance? My virginity is only for Xiao Wu. That kind of embarrassing stuff can naturally only be done with my Xiao Wu. Am I right?”

To Tang San’s surprise, even though Xiao Wu’s charming face was red as a ripe apple, she actually looked seriously at Tang San and nodded. She really looked superlatively cute. Even Tang San’s powerful will couldn’t avert the tidal surge of love, and he kissed her hard.

Qian Renxue floated quietly in midair. Her Angelic Raiment had already turned deep golden, the power of the pure True Sunfire. She had already seen the golden blue shooting star in the distance. When the creatures of the ocean saw the golden blue color they could only bow, let alone see anything inside it. But being a god as well, Qian Renxue could clearly see Tang San lowering his head to kiss the girl in his arms within that golden blue bundle of light.

A kind of unprecedented feeling surged up within Qian Renxue’s heart. This feeling had a name: Jealousy.

Tightly grasping the Sacred Angel Sword in her right hand, the nervousness she originally felt due to the looming god battle was completely replaced by anger brought forth by the jealousy.

A long howl issued from Qian Renxue’s mouth. The True Sunfire she absorbed into her surroundings and already permeated the Angelic Raiment exploded, the Sacred Angel Sword pointing at Tang San, her divine sense instantly erupting. Violent waves instantly rose all over the surface of the sea.

Even kissing Xiao Wu, Tang San sensed the enormous threat from Qian Renxue. With a cold snort, he waves his right hand and Xiao Wu was drawn into his Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse. This was the safest option, with the dual protection of the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse and his Seagod power, Qian Renxue couldn’t harm Xiao Wu no matter how strong she was. Of course, Xiao Wu could still clearly see the entire battle from within the Wishful Hundred Treasures Purse through their divine sense connection, and also see it from Tang San’s point of view.

Brushing his right hand over his forehead, the Seagod Trident appeared in his palm out of nowhere. Strong golden blue light exploded, the Seagod’s divine sense rolling out like a raging wave, stiffly forcing Qian Renxue’s divine sense out of the range of the ocean. As Seagod, he was the protector of the ocean, and Tang San wouldn’t let Qian Renxue’s divine sense harm the creatures within.

Qian Renxue’s gaze hardened, retreating quickly as she floated in the air. Instead of competing with Tang San in divine sense, she stayed clear of the enemy to target his weakness. She shot back more than ten kilometers like a bolt of lightning.

She of course had her reasons. Fighting the Seagod in the ocean was definitely unfavorable to her. These days, Qian Renxue had not only cultivated every principal divine ability of the God of Angels, at the same time she had also properly thought through her several battles with Tang San in the past, looking for the reason she was unable to kill him despite having strength far surpassing his. As she seriously thought it over, she discovered that Tang San exploiting all kinds of advantages. Whether using the forest in the Star Dou Great Forest or the earth later, he had always been able to escape at the crucial moment. And in this respect, she was far worse than him. Just relying on overbearing strength to blindly attack, while she lacked in using all kinds of advantages, talent, timing and location.

Qian Renxue was a lot older than Tang San, but in battle experience, she discovered that she had far less. That Tang San could win from a position of weakness was admittedly inextricably linked to his twin spirits and personal strength, but how he combined his wisdom with all manner of advantages let him produce fighting power far surpassing his strength. Even after becoming god, she had been seriously injured once and even nearly died to his secret Guanyin Tears skill.

As a result, through this period of serious reflection, Qian Renxue had not only perfected her use of her own abilities, but also advanced considerably in fighting sense. Pure strength might be enough to overwhelm other opponents, but against an enemy as berserk as a lion and cunning as a fox like Tang San, she had to improve overall. Especially since this time she was facing a Tang San who had equally advanced to the god level. Defeating him was even more difficult. Qian Renxue’s only advantage right now was that she had become god a bit earlier than Tang San and had a deeper understanding of god level power.

That’s why Qian Renxue was already doing all she could to establish a battle in the sky where she held the advantage before the battle had even begun, and not above the ocean where the Seagod successor Tang San had the advantage.

Seeing Qian Renxue quickly withdraw, Tang San revealed a faint smile. It seemed she really had learned something. But, do you really think I can’t draw on the power of the ocean away from the sea? The sea covers four fifth’s of the surface of this world, and as Seagod, I can still reach it from any corner of the continent. Just like you can draw on the power of the sun anywhere.

Not chasing Qian Renxue, Tang San held the golden blue Seagod Trident horizontally next to him, attentively watching the opponent ten kilometers away with a faint smile,
“I’ve kept you waiting.”

Qian Renxue saw that Tang San didn’t pursue and even more firmly believed his fighting strength was strongest on the ocean. With a thought, faint golden light covered the air.

This was a color Tang San hadn’t seen before, but at the same level he could sense the enemy’s divine sense. If another god level expert was here, they would see starting from the central position in midair, one reddish faint golden color, and a faint golden blue on the other side. Tang San and Qian Renxue’s divine senses were as distinct as the rivers Jing and Wei. Each held half.

“Tang San, congratulations on becoming Seagod.”
Qian Renxue looked at Tang San holding the Seagod Trident, dressed in a golden blue robe. She discovered that her pulse actually accelerated a few beats. There was a somewhat hallowed air added to Tang San’s originally graceful temperament, as well as a mystery even she couldn’t see through. Mystery was one of a man’s strongest charms. Because it represented inner qualities. Appearance wasn’t the only weapon with which men attracted women, to some women, inner quality was even more important. As the Seagod, Tang San undoubtedly combined both sides. The weakness in her heart meant Tang San would automatically be attracted to him, unavoidable even if they were in a life and death battle.

“Don’t mention it. I think I have the strength to fight you head on now. Thank you for starting off leniently in the past. I think I already understand the reason. If I win today, I will equally spare your life and give you a second chance. And a favor.”

“You understand?”
Qian Renxue was shocked, she couldn’t keep her God’s Heart from swaying, her mind instantly recalling the delicate scene from her God of Angels inheritance. There was even a faint moisture between her thighs. Looking at Tang San, she couldn’t keep her heart from flickering.

But she quickly reacted, speaking in a low voice:
“Tang San, you want to sway my God’s Heart?”

Tang San smiled slightly:
“If I am the weakness of your heart, then this weakness will continue to exist no matter what I say. Even were our strengths equal, you can’t defeat me like this. Surrender, miss Qian Renxue. If you agree to live in seclusion and no longer pursue the Spirit Empire, I can let you off. After all, there is no true hatred between us.”

Even though Qian Renxue hid in the Heaven Dou Empire for years, her destruction and damage was all to the Empire’s benefit, without conflicting with Tang San. Not at all like his contradiction with Bibi Dong as deep as a sea of blood. Besides, Qian Renxue not only displayed the demeanor of a warrior, but also never done anything as despicable as a sneak attack, giving Tang San a pretty good impression of her. So he said what he said.

Qian Renxue gave a cold snort,
“Tang San, if you want to sway my conviction, keep dreaming. Indeed, you really have abundant battle experience. But do you believe I would be fooled again? You have achieved divinity as well now, so let us battle with each our god level powers. Even if you are the weakness of my heart, as long as I kill you at the god level, this weakness will also cease to exist.”

Tang San sighed. He didn’t explain, that was already superfluous. Only force could prove everything. Crystalline blue light emanated from the blue Seagod brand on his forehead, the Seagod Eight Wings on his back unfolding. Next, dazzling golden blue light instantly spread out, quickly fitting to Tang San’s body. With a powerful sonorous crack, pieces of dazzling golden blue armor equipped, the stunning might of the Seagod Raiment appearing before Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue wasn’t particularly astonished at seeing Tang San’s armor. After all, according to the memories she inherited as the God of Angels, any divinity would possess their own raiment. The God of Angels was thus, and the Seagod was naturally the same. Each god’s raiment was different, like the Angelic Raiment she had inherited was left in the mortal world by the original God of Angels to make the inheritance easier. Especially the wave and cloud pattern she saw on the Seagod Raiment revealed the Seagod’s presence. However, what Qian Renxue was unable to understand, were the eight wings behind Tang San.

The size of the wings wasn’t much different from her Angelic Wings, but there were two more, actually eight in total. Since when did the Seagod possess wings? All gods could fly, there was no need to doubt that, but as the ruler of the skies, the God of Angels’ flight capability was considered preeminent among the gods, while the Seagod should be more outstanding at fighting in water. But Tang San actually had two more wings than she who was adept at battle in the air, how should that be explained?

What made Qian Renxue’s pupils contract even more were the ten spirit rings slowly rising around Tang San. Nine red and one blue, ten dazzling spirit rings were revealed in front of her. All at least one hundred thousand years cultivation or more! Qian Renxue felt herself start to breathe faster. She understood that Tang San’s previous confidence really wasn’t arrogance. After he inherited the Seagod’s divinity, he really did possess outstanding power.

After the initial shock, Qian Renxue quickly made herself calm, slowly raising the Sacred Angelic Sword in her hand at Tang San. Scorching hot True Sunfire exploded from her body, forming a pure golden inferno that raged over her and the weapon of the God of Angels. Another ten spirit rings appeared, and even though they were a bit inferior to Tang San, at least the quantity was the same.

A god level battle was on the verge of erupting. The God of Angels vs the Seagod, Tang San and Qian Renxue, finally stood on the same starting line. The two faced each other, frantically promoting their divine power.

Tang San had indeed just obtained the Seagod’s power, and he only had time to get a cursory understanding of the numerous abilities of the Seagod, without room for any real practice. But don’t forget that Tang San’s inheritance was different from Qian Renxue’s. When she underwent the inheritance, all the trials she passed had the shadow of her grandfather Qian Daoliu. With his help, she had avoided a lot of trouble. In terms of talent, she wasn’t equal to Tang San, and to her being able to become the God of Angels one step ahead of Tang San, Qian Daoliu’s impact was obvious.

But Tang San was different. When he went through the Seagod nine trials, it couldn’t be said that Seagod Douluo Bo Saixi helped him, and there were even instances when she felt like killing him, making the entire trial process even more challenging. This was also an important reason why his Seagod affinity was higher than one hundred percent at the end of the eighth trial.

One was helped by her grandfather to quickly advance, and one walked step by step, absorbing suffering to reach today’s power. In terms of comprehension of their respective divinity, even though Tang San had just completed the inheritance, he definitely wasn’t as unfamiliar with the Seagod’s capabilities as Qian Renxue thought. Don’t forget that he learned the first three of the Golden Thirteen Halberds from the Seagod even before he became god.

Pure gold and golden blue formed a bright contrast in the sky. Their divine senses clashed against each other, one the Seagod backed by the ocean, one the God of Angels bathed in sunlight, and the pressure of their divine senses towards each other gradually climbed to the limit. Neither used their domains, both being god level, the one who released their domain first might reveal a weakness. And the simplest and most direct way of fighting that least exposed weaknesses was a direct assault.

Sparkling with faint light, Tang San’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. With each dazzling light, the air pulsed like waves. The Seagod Trident pointed at the sky as if to pierce the sun, and a bright golden blue halo made the wave and cloud pattern on his Seagod Raiment slowly shift. But in terms of raiment, Tang San’s Seagod Raiment was already above Qian Renxue’s Angelic Raiment, even more dazzling.

Qian Renxue attacked first. The True Sunfire she had been storing up was already too enormous. If it didn’t erupt, even she couldn’t bear it.

The Sacred Angelic Sword pointing at Tang San suddenly rose, and in that instant, surging pure golden flame leapt up with a rumble, an enormous pure golden shadow appearing above Qian Renxue, pointing straight at the sky with her Sacred Angelic Sword as the core. But that sharp edge was always locked on Tang San. At this moment Qian Renxue’s divine sense became one with the sword, her energies instantly peaking.

It really was different, it seemed she really hadn’t wasted this month. Tang San sighed to himself, also slightly shifting the Seagod Trident.

Boom—— Within one kilometer behind Tang San, the ocean instantly boiled, rising as a giant one kilometer wave. All the living creatures in this region was gently pushed further out into the ocean by a gentle force, with only pure seawater rising into the air.

The purest water element instantly transformed into a crystalline blue bolt of unspooling silk, spiralling up, drawn into the air by the Seagod Trident.

Qian Renxue of course wouldn’t wait for Tang San to finish charging up. That hundred meter long True Sunfire blade cut down, with cold bolts of black lightning flickering in the air. Those were the manifestations of the True Sunfire blade cutting through space. In practically just an instant, the pure golden giant sword was already on top of Tang San. Vast quantities of water element that still hadn’t had time to condense was evaporated by that terrifying True Sunfire. The pure golden giant sword also instantly reached Tang San’s forehead.

A faint cold smile appeared at the corners of Qian Renxue’s mouth. She had already absorbed a large quantity of True Sunfire while waiting for Tang San’s arrival, waiting for him to come close. The long since charged up Sacred Sun Sword faced Tang San who suddenly had to take up the challenge, and even if it couldn’t injure him seriously, it could at least fluster this newly ascended god. In a god level battle, it wasn’t so easy to make a comeback once one side was already at a disadvantage.

However, a great many things differed from expectation to reality. Facing the Sacred Sun Sword descending from the sky, seeing large amounts of water evaporate, Tang San wasn’t a bit nervous. Just as Xiao Wu said, he didn’t fear Qian Renxue when he was still just a Title Douluo, so how would he as the Seagod?

The Seagod Trident slashed a vast arc in the air, that newly forged Seagod’s Heart radiating light, instantly sucking in all the water element that still hadn’t been ruined by the Sacred Sun Sword. A giant golden blue ring of light appeared out of nowhere above Tang San’s head, the Golden Thirteen Halberds first form, Unfixed Storm.

Tang San still hadn’t really mastered all the abilities of the Seagod, but he knew the first three forms of the Golden Thirteen Halberds clearly since long ago. With the Seagod’s true power, this formidable divine ability directly showed its true effect.

In the sky, a lot of the powerful Sacred Sun Sword was actually absorbed by that golden blue ring of light. With a few flicks of Tang San’s wrist, one ring of light after another appeared in the air above him. Surrounded by those golden blue rings of light, the Sacred Sun Sword’s energy was being worn down bit by bit. Moreover, blocked by the Unfixed Storm, it couldn’t directly cut down.

Qian Renxue’s divine sense instantly exploded, trying to cut open Unfixed Storm’s rings of light. But Tang San was already prepared, and his divine sense equally exploded. With a soft flap of the Seagod Eight Wings on his back, a wave-shaped golden blue light shot towards the sky, forcibly severing Qian Renxue’s divine sense connection to the Sacred Sun Sword. Along with the Unfixed Storm, it also forcibly dissolved the Sacred Sun Sword itself.

Pure golden light formed a dazzling radiance in the air. Qian Renxue watched the Sacred Sun Sword become unable to use its power, and promptly reacted. A ten kilometer distance could be passed in an instant to god level powers like them. Body and sword united, the Sacred Angelic Sword pointed straight at Tang San’s chest. All the pure golden flame was instantly absorbed into the sword, and her sacred sword instantly turned transparent pure gold, just like a pure golden crystal. The True Sunfire it contained was clearly terrifying.

Close quarters combat? Tang San feared nobody. Facing Qian Renxue’s attack, Tang San used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Step, and he flickered in the air like an illusion. The Seagod Trident left lines of illusory light and shadow, producing one golden blue ring of light after another. Besides blocking enemy attacks, an even more important function of Unfixed Storm was to restrain the enemy for a long time. Tang San of course couldn’t use this when he faced Qian Renxue as a Title Douluo, since it wouldn’t possibly work. But now was different, he was already the Seagod, and at the same level, the Unfixed Storm’s success rate was at least fifty percent. And if he held Qian Renxue in place for up to eight seconds, this battle would be at least half over.

Seeing the golden blue rings of light rush towards her, Qian Renxue instantly sensed intense danger. The Angelic Six Wings on her back instantly extended, and her original fast momentum forward came to a stop, actually forcefully stopping in midair. With a beat of the six wings, she made a sharp ninety degree turn in the air, shooting towards the sky.

The sun became Qian Renxue’s backdrop, an enormous golden shadow extending behind her, exactly the same as her body. The Sacred Angelic Sword rose high, Qian Renxue’s phoenix eyes squinting, her vermillion lips opening softly, spitting out two ice cold words,
“Angel, Judge.”

Hum—— The atmosphere between heaven and earth trembled violently. Tang San felt like he was being squeezed down by some force, and was actually delayed for a moment. This delay lasted for less than a second, but in this short time, Qian Renxue’s attack had already succeeded.

A ray of pure golden light shone down from the sky, hitting him directly. This ray of light didn’t come from Qian Renxue, but rather from the sun set high in the sky. The light of Judgement, part of the Angelic Mystic Justice. It possessed terrifying destructive force.

Tang San felt an incomparable scorching heat spread through his whole body. The Seagod Raiment instantly released unparallelled golden blue radiance to block the invasion of the golden light, but even so, he was still forced down out of the sky. Under the illumination of that scorching light, his movements turned extremely slow, and the divine power within his body melted away like snow.

Qian Renxue used an unimaginable ninety degree turn plus a lightning fast divine ability switch to hit Tang San. This god level combat technique was undoubtedly the benefit of her recent days.

Gods with attributes partial to darkness would definitely suffer serious injuries when hit by this Light of Judgement . The Light of Judgement contained a power of sacred light that was too powerful, it was basically condensed sacred flame, and a powerful attack from the God of Angels drawing on the divine power of the sun.

But as the Seagod, Tang San possessed his own attributes of light, combining light and water. Facing this sacred Light of Judgement, it would at least take some time to seriously harm him. But just the consumption of his divine power was considerable, and if this went on, the strength balance between him and Qian Renxue would immediately change.

“Seagod, Devour.”
Tang San exclaimed in a steady sonorous voice. He slowly raised the Seagod Trident in that Light of Judgement. On his chest, the rhombic blue gem shone. Surging golden blue light swept from Tang San, instantly forming a ten meter golden blue whirlpool swirling around him, forcing away the Light of Judgement hitting him.

Qian Renxue’s eyes flashed. As the controller of the Light of Judgement, she could naturally sense the powerful resistance Tang San raised, but she of course wouldn’t give up the chance to keep the advantage. The Sword of Angels cut a cross in the air, blending into the Light of Judgement as a cross shaped star.

“Angel, Purify.”

Boom—— The Light of Judgement suddenly exploded, turning into a giant pure golden ball of light that completely swallowed both Tang San and his whirlpool. The temperature rose in a straight line, climbing to a terrifying several thousand degrees in practically an instant. This Light of Judgement come Light of Purification was extremely sticky, and Qian Renxue moreover constantly poured in the power of the Angel God and drew down True Sunfire, and that ball of pure golden light grew bigger and bigger. The temperature also rose higher and higher, Qian Renxue wanted to use the terrifying energy to refine Tang San.

Feeling the surroundings become roasting like a furnace, as well as the constantly strengthening True Sunfire, Tang San couldn’t resist frowning. He could be said to have been caught unprepared by Qian Renxue. Indeed, he still wasn’t sufficiently familiar with the Seagod’s powers after just receiving them. The Mysterious Heaven Skill inner strength within him had completely transformed into Seagod power, no longer the familiar milky white, simple and gentle energy. This also made Tang San’s control a bit flawed. But Tang San’s adaptability was extremely potent. Qian Renxue was clearly taking advantage of his unfamiliarity with divine power to directly smash him, but was Tang San’s tenacity so easily broken?

With a thought, Tang San’s Seagod power instantly fused with the Seagod Raiment, the Seagod Eight Wings folding around to protect him, forming a golden blue barrier that isolated the scorching True Sunfire outside. And at the same time, the dragon head shaped pauldron on his right shoulder suddenly flashed, a dragon shaped golden blue energy rushing out, circling once around Tang San with a resonant dragon cry, dispersing some of that True Sunfire.

Tang San flung back the Seagod Trident, a Millenial Space directly erupting behind him. With support of the Seagod’s power, the second form of the Golden Thirteen Halberds showed its proper power. With a violent blast, wild energy waves produced explosive force.

Certainly, the True Sunfire did restrain Tang San, but the energy was strongest from the front, while behind him it was a bit weaker. With the blast from Millennial Space, a crack was instantly forced open.

Qian Renxue’s divine sense always tracked Tang San, and she naturally wouldn’t give him the chance for a counterattack. The Angelic Raiment shone brighter, the True Sunfire strengthening one step further. The crack was mended in just the blink of an eye, never giving Tang San the chance to escape the cage.

Tang San wasn’t planning on using this one attack to break Qian Renxue’s blockade to begin with. If it was that simple, then he wouldn’t be facing a god. The instant crack was enough for his purposes. The golden blue dragon shaped energy that flew from his pauldron took the instant chance, flying out of the True Sunfire.

A dragon cry reverberated through the nine heavens, the ocean boiled, countless blue specks of light wildly rushing out from the surface, gathering towards that dragon shaped energy. Qian Renxue’s energy was now used on True Sunfire in an attempt to refine Tang San, and she had no way to do anything about the dragon shaped energy flying towards the sea. The Seagod power Tang San erupted with surpassed her imagination, and as long as she relaxed at all, Tang San might break out of the flame. What Qian Renxue wanted to now was to take advantage of Tang San’s counterattack still not being formed to exhaust as much of his Seagod power as possible, widening her advantage even further.

But Qian Renxue still underestimated the Seagod’s strength. Or one might say she underestimated the power of the ocean.

Infused with the specks of blue light flying from the sea, that dragon shaped energy grew geometrically, becoming a hundred meters long in practically just an instant, turning into a golden blue giant dragon.

Qian Renxue condensed True Sunfire, and what Tang San formed this golden blue giant dragon from, was the True Moonwater in the ocean.

True, the sun was more limitless, and even more powerful than the ocean. But the greater the force, the more difficult it was to control. Qian Renxue was the God of Angels, not the Sun God. She couldn’t completely absorb the energy of the sun, and could only use a part of it. And Tang San was different from her. As the Seagod, all the power of the Sea was at his command.

In the divine world, the God of Angels and the Seagod were both main gods. But which of their successors was strongest was up to the background of the successors.

The hundred meter giant dragon condensed from True Moonwater, suddenly surged and knocked against the True Sunfire furnace from behind with a roar.

Chii—— A tornado of steam instantly shot towards the sky. With the sudden burst of the two polar extremes of True Sunfire and True Moonwater, the sky was distorted as far as ten kilometers away. That spiral of steam burst in the air, and all living creatures flying in the air were instantly erased from this world, turning the world within this range empty.

The True Sunfire and the True Moonwater dragon disappeared simultaneously, and Qian Renxue was also flung away by the blast, but she was still happy rather than alarmed. True, Tang San had counterattacked and broken her True Sunfire furnace, but she clearly sensed that the heat of her True Sunfire had substantially consumed Tang San’s Seagod power, at least more than she had spent. Since both sides had to rely on divine power to recover, if she constantly expanded on this advantage, victory would be hers.

Tang San was already close to the ground, and he really did look much worse off than Qian Renxue. The blue hair across his back was messy, and he repeatedly flapped the Seagod Eight Wings to balance himself. But his eyes were still undisturbed, deep and distant. As if he wasn’t influenced at all.

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