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Chapter 316

Seagod Tang San

(TL by Bagelson)

“First rate trial complete, accompany the Seagod in completing the inheritance, superpositioned rewards released, rewarding ten ranks of spirit power, raising all spirit ring cultivation by twenty thousand years, three god bestowed spirit rings.”

Shock, when this voice reached Xiao Wu’s ears, she only felt shock. Not just because of her cultivation rising, but at the same time also shock at Tang San entirely covered in golden blue armor, eight wings spread behind him, displaying incomparable might.

While both were first rate trials, Xiao Wu’s improvement was clearly a level higher than Ning Rongrong’s first rate seven trials. This wasn’t just due to the

And at the same time, Dai Mubai and the others also heard a voice,
“Assisting the Seagod’s inheritance, rewarding one god bestowed spirit ring.”

In fact, the benefits the Shrek Six Devils gained wasn’t just this. Just as Tang San raised the Seagod Tridant and completed the Seagod inheritance with surging golden blue light shooting at the sky, the golden door of light they had been guarding also turned golden blue. Six lines of golden blue light shot spread out, pouring into each of them. This wasn’t any power Tang San gave them, but rather the remaining Seagod divine power that dispersed after Tang San absorbed most of it the instant the Seagod inheritance was completed. To Tang San, this bit of divine power wasn’t anything, but to the Shrek Six Devils it was genuine god level power! Everyone’s spirit power quickly clambered up under the effect of this power, their pulse all rising severalfold. That kind of feeling of plentiful divine power really was too beautiful.

Everything around turned unreal, and all the energy contained in that golden world merged into Tang San’s body the moment that golden blue pillar shot toward the sky. The Seagod inheritance’s eight difficulties were all surpassed, the Seagod Trident reforged. Wearing the Seagod Raiment, Tang San deeply experienced the presence of another world, the feeling of controlling everything really was wonderful.

And all this still wasn’t over. His nine red and one golden blue spirit rings slowly retreated. Another brand new spirit ring again rose from below his feet. As this new spirit ring appeared, a deep red light shot at the sky from Tang San’s left hand, a deep golden halo spreading out. This was the Clear Sky Hammer already soaked by the Asura Domain.

Tang San was a bit worried when it first appeared, but his concern was soon completely obliterated. The Asura Domain very calmly soaked in the Clear Sky Hammer, and with its appearance, the new tenth spirit ring appeared around Tang San.

Red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, the first eight spirit rings were exactly the same as Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor spirit rings, they just weren’t wrapped up in golden blue light, as if the Seagod’s divine power hadn’t fused with the Clear Sky Hammer. But the fifty thousand year cultivation increase from completing the Seagod inheritance equally affected the Clear Sky Hammer. Just this bit was enough to make Tang San happy. What astonished Tang San even further was that, along with the first eight spirit rings, the ninth spirit ring equally emerged, a deep golden spirit ring, a spirit ring exactly like his Clear Sky Hammer. Set off by the first eight spirit rings, it dazzled.

Its color of course wouldn’t drawn much of Tang San’s attention. The crucial question was that his divine sense clearly felt that this deeply golden ninth spirit ring was actually a god level spirit ring. Just like the last tenth spirit ring that appeared after his Blue Silver Emperor merged with the Seagod divine power.

What was up with this? After his shock, Tang San couldn’t help getting excited. He actually had two god level spirit rings? Even though they appeared on different spirits, just relying on the improvements to his physique from this god level spirit ring, would his basic attributes surpass other gods?

He quickly understood. His Clear Sky Hammer’s ninth spirit ring came from the Deep Sea Demon Whale King. That formidable overlord of the sea was a million year level spirit beast to begin with, only one step short of becoming a god. And after completing the inheritance of the Seagod’s divinity, the fifty thousand year cultivation bonus undoubtedly provided it enormous benefits, making this million year spirit ring finally take that final step into the god level.

But why was the god level spirit ring attached to his Clear Sky Hammer the deep golden color of the Asura Domain, and not the golden blue of the Seagod? This was a bit incomprehensible. But no matter what, at least this Asura God’s power hadn’t influenced his inheritance, that was enough.

Without further thought, Tang San’s divine sense activated, and the Clear Sky Hammer was withdrawn into his body together with the nine spirit rings, and all the surrounding light also instantly gathered, drawn into him.

Eyes flashing with divine light, he swung the Seagod Trident in front of him as light as a feather, the main blade flashing with golden blue light in the air, causing a crack to appear in this already empty space. The Seagod Eight Wings on his back folded back, and he directly passed through the crack in a flash.

The surrounding scenery changed, and when his feet were on the ground, Tang San had returned to the Seagod Temple where he met the Seagod. But now the temple was empty, with no trace of the Seagod.

The Seagod wasn’t here? Recalling the Seagod’s advice before, Tang San couldn’t resist showing a smile. Facing the great chair furthest down the hall, he slowly bent on one knee and bowed. This bow was Tang San’s heartfelt gratitude. If not for the Seagod saving him several times, he might already be dead, let alone inheriting such formidable Seagod power. Having inherited the Seagod’s power, he was already entitled to sit on the chair, but out of respect for the Seagod, he didn’t do so. Even if he could already become the master of this temple, he would never sit in that chair. That was the previous Seagod’s, always.

He didn’t stay longer. Tang San seemed to hear the calls of his comrades, and even though that gate of light no longer needed his friends’ support to hold up how that he had become a god, his Seagod power completely connecting to it, he had no desire to stay here.

Golden blue light turned into a quietly flickering stream, and the next moment Tang San had already appeared outside the Seagod Temple. Turning his head and looking up, deeply taking in that magnificent giant palace, Tang San showed an even stronger smile. Floating up, with a blur, he had easily passed through the barrier that once blocked him, and entered that quiet ocean.

Back in the water, it felt completely different. Tang San felt like this seawater was his body, and even without any divine power, just a thought would push the seawater wherever he wanted. He could feel every piece of energy accumulated in the water, and could also use it as his own. Yes, he was now the ruler of the ocean, and no matter what sea, no matter where where the water was, it was his to control.

The Seagod Trident stirred again, and the reconstituted Seagod’s Heart flashed with blue light. The already vanished gate of light appeared in front of Tang San. The now golden blue gate still burned with flame. Seeing the already golden blue flame gate, Tang San secretly prayed:
“Senior Bo Saixi, I hope you can reunite with great grandfather in the divine world. There, you will definitely be together.”

Thinking so, Tang San took a step forward, holding the Seagod Trident, he finally left this buffer between the worlds of gods and mortals, a god descending.

His vision opening up, when Tang San stepped out of the gate, the patterns all over the Seagod Palace turned golden blue, as if excitedly greeting the king’s return. The light on the seven platforms instantly shrank back, revealing Tang San’s six comrades.

Six people, twelve eyes, simultaneously focused on Tang San. Their gazes held envy, happiness, gratitude, and also a little bit of jealousy. But even more was excitement for Tang San successfully inheriting. The Shrek Seven Devils finally produced a divinity, the first divinity.

But whether Dai Mubai, Oscar or Ma Hongjun, they all firmly resolved that Tang San might be the first, but he definitely wouldn’t be the last of the Shrek Seven Devils to become god. The day would come when they too would step into that realm.

Besides Xiao Wu who had three golden god bestowed spirit rings floating in front of her, the rest of the Shrek Six Devils each had one. But they didn’t reach out to grab them. Compared to god bestowed spirit rings, Tang San’s safe return was even more important.

Tang San didn’t speak up, raising his head to look up at the ceiling of the Seagod Palace, slowly raising the Seagod Trident. On this Seagod Island, in the Seagod Palace atop the Seagod Mountain, he would declare to all creatures of the sea that the Seagod who watched over them, had returned.

Golden blue light concentrated in concentric waves at the peak of the hall, and with a blast, the walls around the entire Seagod Palace instantly disappeared, disappeared in that golden light, leaving behind only the seven platforms in the Seagod Palace. A giant golden blue pillar shot at the sky, turning into incomparable Seagod’s power that shot straight into the nine heavens.

This light was so vast, this light was so shocking, it completely turned the sky and the sea the same color.

The sea boiled, the seawater instantly rising a hundred meters. All creatures within the sea roamed frantically on the surface. Drawn up by the enormous Seagod’s power, they rushed to be first to see the sky above the ocean turned golden blue.

Faint light glimmering, Tang San’s expression grew extremely calm. He didn’t grow excited over the enormity of this force. His divine sense held only gentle comfort, comforting all the throbbing hearts living in the ocean.

The seven sacred Seagod pillar protector Douluo were already on their knees, bowing respectfully in Tang San’s direction. The sadness in their eyes was already gone, replaced purely by crazy excitement. The instant that golden blue pillar shot towards the sky, Tang San’s divine sense had reached deep into their minds, and what the Seagod told him about Bo Saixi’s final destination was branded deep in the minds of these seven guardian Douluo, making their last grudges disappear without a trace.

The people on Seagod Island were now gathering in open spaces, bowing towards the Seagod Mountain, their eyes sparkling with excited tears. Over so many years, through so many generations, they had been waiting for this moment, waiting for the return of the lord Seagod, that was their faith!

Outside Seagod Island, the Devil Spirit Great White Shark clan all appeared on the surface of the ocean. The Devil Spirit Great White Shark King Xiao Bai even more gazed towards the Seagod Mountain, gazing at the golden blue pillar of light shooting towards the sky there, with large teardrops rolling down. She knew that from now on, she knew that she had truly become an overlord of the ocean, because she had once been the lord Seagod’s mount.

On Purple Pearl Island, all the pirates watched this marvel, saw that golden blue sky. They were all dumbfounded. The Seagod’s pressure made every pirate put down their weapons, only staring.

Ji Xiang and Purple Pearl stood alongside, watching the giant pillar of light in the direction of Seagod Island, too excited to speak. They didn’t know what was going on, but Ji Xiang faintly sensed his teacher’s presence from the golden blue light.

On the shore, Qian Renxue unfolded her six wings, the Sword of Angels appearing in her grasp. Looking at the golden blue color of the sky, she gave a heavy sigh, speaking to herself:
“Finally succeeded? Tang San, you really didn’t disappoint me. Seagod, Seagod, I’m waiting here for you.” Raising her hand, the Sacred Angelic Sword pointed heavensward, and scorching hot holy power easily connected with the sun, forming a pure golden pillar of light that connected heaven and earth, and also the sun and the God of Angels. This was her challenge, the challenge to the new Seagod Tang San.


Spirit Empire, Spirit City.

In a pitch black room, in front of a completely dark purple figure was a giant dark purple gate of light. She already had one foot inside that gate, but at this moment, the gate of light trembled violently, a faint blue light flashing past.

“This is……”
The dark purple figure dulled for a moment,
“Another one, there’s actually another one. Fine, fine. Wait for me, I will definitely return.” While speaking, she resolutely stepped forward. That dark purple gate seemed to swallow all light. The next moment, the figure and the light both disappeared completely inside the dark room filled with sinister aura.


That golden blue light persisted for a full hour before it finally vanished. Tang San slowly closed his eyes, sensing the world, sensing every voice calling out and bowing in the ocean, the power of faith nourishing his heart. Countless creatures in the ocean called out to him in their most devout voices. Tang San’s Seagod power also improved in this belief.

The eight wings slowly folded back, closing on his back. Tang San withdrew his Seagod power, he’d already used his divine sense to declare the Seagod’s return to the seas. From this moment on, nobody could stain the ocean. He would complete the Seagod’s mission to protect every part of it.

“Little San, congratulations.” Dai Mubai looked at Tang San, his expression somewhat frustrated. Not so long ago he’d still been the strongest big brother of the Shrek Seven Devils, but now the difference between him and Tang San might be insurmountable. Looking at Tang San adorned in Seagod Raiment, he even felt a bit distant. After all, in terms of strength, they were already in different worlds.

“What are you looking at me like that for? Don’t recognize me?”
Tang San smiled a heartfelt smile. His voice was the same as before, without any difference, and the tone was equally familiar with his friends.

“I said long ago that the title of god is just people whose strength have reached a certain level. Gods are still people, just stronger. They might be called people who borrowed the power of the natural world to fulfill their potential. Then gods control all this. You’re also about the same age as me, and you’re all human geniuses. Maybe, before long you will also reach this domain like me. You’ve seen the process of my inheritance too, and you heard my discussion with the lord Seagod. As a god, he doesn’t seem to be any happier than humans. I will always be Tang San of the Shrek Seven Devils. You will also forever be my brothers and sisters.

As he spoke, Tang San’s golden blue light suddenly dwindled, all the armor and even the Seagod Eight Wings melting into him. All that remained was a golden blue robe, and even the Seagod Trident turned into a ray of light that disappeared into the Seagod brand on his forehead.

A moment ago he was still the Seagod with world shaking power, but the next, Tang San’s completely restrained presence felt no different from an ordinary spirit master. He seemed human. Of course, his hair was a bit longer than before.

Ma Hongjun exhaled,
“Great, third brother is still third brother. I thought after third brother became a god he would feel aloof.”

Ning Rongrong burst into giggles:
“I never felt that. Even if third brother really was so aloof, he still wouldn’t be like that to us. Now we don’t have to worry about Spirit Hall anymore, we have third brother overseeing. What does Qian Renxue count for?”

The atmosphere lightened again. Everyone jumped off their platforms one after another, gathering next to Tang San. They each grabbed the god bestowed spirit rings in their hands.

“Actually, you are the main force against Spirit Hall, not me.”
Tang San smiling grabbed Xiao Wu’s hand. It was damp and ice cold, and Tang San glanced a bit guiltily at her. He knew the cold sweat on Xiao Wu’s hand was because she had worried about him.

“We’re the main force? Little San, aren’t you mistaken?”
Oscar stared.

Tang San said:
“Of course it’s you. Don’t tell me it’d be me? True, I’ve already become the Seagod. But Spirit Hall also has the God of Angels Qian Renxue. Just now she already raised a challenge to me. Once the battle begins, there’s no telling how long my battle with her will take. Even if I can defeat her, that might not be enough to influence the situation on the battlefield. You should be the ones truly able to change the course of the battle. Your spirit power should have already reached the bottleneck. Then what are you waiting for? Don’t tell me you don’t want to hurry up and reach the pinnacle of humanity and enter the level we once dreamed of?”

The Shrek Six Devils all looked at each other. Ma Hongjun was the first to jump up,
“Yes! I was so excited for third brother that I forgot all about it. Haha, I’m going to be a Title Douluo too. I didn’t think the day would come so soon. I wonder how excited Xiangxiang will be when I come back as a Title Douluo. What do you think, what title should I take?”

Oscar said vulgarly:
“Calling you Evil Fire Douluo is fine, didn’t you always use to say that the evil fire can’t be suppressed? Your spirit turned into an Evil Fire Phoenix too.”

“Farts, daddy’s not gonna be called Evil Fire Douluo, or should you be called Sausage Douluo? Or Mushroom Head Douluo? Or Fly Douluo?”
Ma Hongjun immediately countered.

Oscar’s expression immediately turned awkward. Indeed, his title might really be the most difficult one.

Dai Mubai laughed:
“Leave your titles for later. Little San is right, let’s become Title Douluo first, and grasp that strength. We’ve already waited a long time for this day. This time we were bathed in little San’s light and could reach rank ninety so soon, I don’t want to wait any more.”

Dai Mubai directly sat down where he stood while he spoke, taking out the god bestowed spirit ring he just got and started cultivating it.

Everyone smiled at each other, then sat down crosslegged. Only Xiao Wu snuggled up in Tang San’s arms and didn’t move.

With the energy from the aftermath of the Seagod’s power, the Shrek Seven Devils’ spirit power had risen to the peak, and even Xiao Wu’s spirit power should stabilize over rank ninety. The large amounts of Deep Sea Demon Whale energy she had absorbed previously had already pushed her past rank eighty, though that wasn’t completely displayed since she still hadn’t absorbed any spirit ring. Now that she had completed the first rate trial and gotten another ten ranks of spirit power, she should be able to break through rank ninety no matter what. Further adding the Seagod energy she absorbed, the true level of her spirit power could only be known once she absorbed the god bestowed spirit rings.

“Xiao Wu, you absorb the spirit rings too.”
Tang San caressed Xiao Wu’s black hair, smiling.

Xiao Wu suddenly shook her head, looking at their comrades already absorbing spirit rings, and spoke softly:
“I know what you’re going to do. Ge, didn’t you promise me that no matter when, you would never leave my side. There’s no hurry to absorb spirit rings, I want to go with you.”

Tang San laughed in spite of himself:
“Why? You’re still worried about me?”

Xiao Wu said:
“It’s not worry, I’m just, just afraid of being inferior……”
Xiao Wu of course knew what Tang San was going to do. Having inherited the Seagod’s divinity, the first thing Tang San had to do was answer Qian Renxue’s challenge, meeting god level as god level. This battle was unavoidable. It was also what Tang San had to do. The others might have overlooked this out of excitement, but how could Xiao Wu forget? Moreover, she deeply remembered who had appeared in Tang San’s seventh trial of desire in the Seagod inheritance, that was Qian Renxue! It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Tang San’s love for her, just that she worried she couldn’t measure up to Qian Renxue, and felt a bit inferior.

“Silly girl, what are you thinking? In my heart, nobody could compare to you. You are my most important treasure. Don’t tell me you still don’t understand? Qian Renxue is indeed strong, but I love the person, not the strength. In my life there can only be one person I love, and that person is named Xiao Wu. Fine, since you insist, I’ll bring you.”

Xiao Wu nodded happily, holding tightly to Tang San’s waist, sticking her face to his chest.

Tang San floated up holding Xiao Wu, landing outside the now missing Seagod Palace, where the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluo were still waiting.

Led by Seadragon Douluo, the seven bowed simultaneously,
“We greet the lord Seagod.”

Tang San waved a hand, and a stream of pure energy pulled the seven Title Douluo back up. His movements were very gentle, but the energy he released was still something Title Douluo level powers couldn’t compete with.

“You seven seniors need not be too polite, even having inherited the Seagod’s divinity, I’m still the Tang San from before. You can call me by name when there are no outsiders. I am also saddened by senior Bo Saixi’s death. But she had a good ending. That way we can also feel relieved. The Seagod may not lie.”

On mention of Bo Saixi, the seven Seagod sacred pillar guardian Douluos’ expressions were a bit saddened. After all, Bo Saixi wasn’t just the high priest of Seagod Island to them, she was also their teacher. But the sadness in their eyes didn’t reappear. No matter what, Bo Saixi had a good ending, that was the best conclusion.

Tang San turned around and looked at the Seagod Palace where only seven platforms remained:
“The Seagod Palace no longer exists. The Seagod is the protector of all living things in the ocean, he shouldn’t hide in a shrine. I’ll trouble you seven seniors to be stationed here. I’ll leave a portion of divine sense, and if there are any major issues in the ocean world, you can directly tell me from here. The Seagod’s divinity is restored, but the God of Angels has already raised a challenge. I have to leave a while. My friends are absorbing the power of spirit rings here, I’ll trouble you seniors to look after them. This Seagod Island will rely on all of you a lot in the future. Seadragon Douluo, seniro Bo Saixi is gone, so the position as Seagod Island high priest falls to you.”

“What? Me?”
Seadragon Douluo looked distracted a moment, glancing at Tang San’s comrades. After absorbing the spirit rings they got this time, Tang San’s friends would clearly all become Title Douluo, no weaker than these seven sacred pillar guardian Douluo.  They also had such a close relationship with Tang San. Seadragon Douluo didn’t understand why Tang San would let him take up the role as high priest. In fact, on Seagod Island the high priest wasn’t just someone with the Seagod Douluo title, they also had authority beneath only one, and above all others. When the Seagod wasn’t present, everything would be managed by the high priest.

“Lord Seagod, your comrades have also received the Seagod’s power, the high priest originally let them assist in completing your inheritance in order to let them assist your rule over the ocean in the future. It’s more suitable for one of them to be the high priest.”
Even though Seadragon Douluo was tempted, he still said what he thought.

Tang San smiled:
“Senior Seadragon, you don’t need to decline. They are all my brothers and sisters, would I not know their character? To have them stay here forever isn’t something they could manage. The seven of you are still the seven sacred Seagod pillar guardian Douluo, and only you can be the high priest. When I am not here in the future, the affairs of Seagod Island will be jointly administered by you and all seniors.”

The guardian Douluo all looked at each other. After Tang San inherited the Seagod, they had never thought that not only would their authority not weaken, but on the contrary strengthen a step. This was their home, and after serving as guardian Douluo for so many years, which of them would like to give up the power?

The seven didn’t hesitate. Under Tang San’s crystal clear gaze, they knelt simultaneously, speaking respectfully:
“We accept the lord Seagod’s decree.”

Tang San smiled slightly, accepting their bow. His status was different now, and he had to accept this ceremony, it was necessary.

Once the seven Title Douluo bowed, Tang San took his leave and brought Xiao Wu to soar into the sky. The Seagod Eight Wings appeared on his back, quietly spreading out, and with a soft wave, everything around them became vague.

Tang San’s current flight speed was incredible, but in his arms Xiao Wu didn’t feel even a breeze.

“Ge, Seadragon Douluo and the others seem very grateful.”
Xiao Wu smiled. Tang San had at last completed the inheritance, which was also the most dangerous trial. Her excitement was now gradually spilling out.

Tang San smiled:
“It’s what they deserved. They have spent a lifetime of effort for Seagod Island, and even though I’ve inherited the Seagod’s divinity, to tell the truth, we’re still outsiders. How could steal their nest like cuckoos and dictate their lives? In the future, once we’re married, I will go with you wherever you want. These arrangements is also to give us freedom in the future!”

At Tang San’s mention of marriage, Xiao Wu couldn’t keep from blushing, quietly leaning against Tang San’s chest,
“Ge, this time, this time I really feel like I’ve almost become your wife.”

Tang San laughed out loud:
“Of course. This was already decided when I first met you when we were six. You are mine.”

Xiao Wu burst into giggles:
“I seem to recall back when we first met, a certain someone was thrown headfirst into the ground by me. Speaking of which, it seems I’m someone who’ve tossed a god.”

Tang San scratched his head,
“I was still young back then, and your soft skill is that amazing. You throw someone gets thrown. Beating is love, scolding is love. Xiao Wu, do you know? The happiest time of my life was from when we were six up to the end of the Continental Grand Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament. Because in those years we were always together, and we could live without a care or worry. I could cultivate with you every day, see you smile, just that satisfied me.”

Xiao Wu nodded softly,
“Me too.”

“We’re almost at the coast. Later you just have to watch from a distance.”

Xiao Wu raised her head with astonishment, but she discovered that all she could see around them was vague light, there was no land in sight.
“So soon?”
It felt like only a few minutes had passed. With that distance, even if the Demon Spirit Great White Sharks swam with all their power, it would still take three days!

Tang San smiled:
“Don’t forget, this is the ocean, my domain. Besides, my Eight Spider Lances evolved, in flight capability even Qian Renxue might not be able to match me.”

Faint light flickered, Tang San showed a gentle smile, and a golden blue light enveloped Xiao Wu. She immediately felt heart seem to be completely connected with Tang San’s heart. Raising her head she looked puzzled at him.

Tang San said:
“Even if Qian Renxue isn’t a contemptible person, we still have to be on guard. With the protection of my Seagod source power, you and me have become one. As long as I don’t die, there is no energy that can break this Seagod’s light and hurt you.”

Xiao Wu glared unhappily at him,
“Don’t talk about dying. You’re a god now, you’re immortal.”

Tang San laughed out loud:
“Right, right, I’m a god now, I’m immortal. Xiao Wu, don’t worry. I will definitely win.”

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