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Chapter 297

Great Sumeru Hammer’s Profound Argumentation: Ring Detonation

(TL by Bagelson)

Just at this moment, after being blasted away more than a kilometer, Tang San returned like a comet. Basically without giving himself any time to adjust, he lunged back as soon as he could halt the momentum. Three of his nine spirit rings were already gone, but his imposing manner still increased without stopping. That golden blue flame wrapped him up completely, and the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead blossomed with surging radiance. He seemed to have fully entered a berserk state. Qian Renxue had seen this kind of condition before, when Tang San simultaneously absorbed the spirit rings of the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperors. Wasn’t he like this then?

I’d like to see how many attacks you can take. Qian Renxue met Tang San, and at the same time as Tang San’s fourth spirit ring shattered with a rumbling explosion, he was once again blasted back. But this time he didn’t fly back, but was instead punched straight into the sky by Qian Renxue. An enormous golden flame chased after him, about to swallow him up.

Just at this moment, the Seagod Trident brand on Tang San’s forehead suddenly turned incomparably kind. In midair, faintly golden blood dripped out of his seven apertures like little serpents, but being in midair, he still violently smacked his own body with both hands, making him face upwards and using the Eight Spider Lances folded on his back block that golden flame tongue.

Intense spirit power corrosion made Tang San’s golden blue light dim a bit, but the next moment, the hundreds of golden lights shooting out of the Eight Spider Lances forcibly intruded into that angelic power golden flame. At the same time as they were destroyed by the golden flame, the spirit power they frantically swallowed from the golden flames poured into Tang San, making the golden light around him srengthen again.

Pu, Tang San spit out another mouthful of blood. Amidst the suicidal swallowing of the Eight Spider Lances, his strength rose to another peak, but the pain like his back was shattering still made him twist and contort. But just like this, Tang San’s iron will didn’t sway in the slightest. Flipping around with his head down, he stretched both hands above his head and fell from the sky like a golden blue arrow. His fifth spirit ring shattered explosively, merging into his golden blue flame as he clashed with Qian Renxue pursuing him.

From the start of the battle until now, if one simple sentence could describe Tang San’s fighting, then Qian Renxue would definitely say: Too wild.

Yes, while Tang San was well aware his strength was below Qian Renxue, he launched suicidal attacks against her with a kind of attitude like quenching thirst with poison. Qian Renxue even felt that ih she had used a bit more angelic power in her first two attacks, she could have completely broken Tang San’s body. But, after four clashes, Tang San was still alive and well, and even launching an even more severe fifth attack. His constant attacks even left Qian Renxue at a loss. She believed that any other Title Douluo might be unable to reach this far.

The fifth clash occurred with Tang San placing both palms together to meet Qian Renxue’s rising dragon fist. This time, a ring of golden light spread out horizontally. Within ten li, all the tall trees flattened in their collisions were cut a chunk shorter. Enormous energy waves made the air seem to freeze. This time it wasn’t Tang San that was blasted back, but rather Qian Renxue.

Tang San only shook slightly in midair, swaying a moment and keeping himself from spitting blood again. But Qian Renxue dropped, and as her feet hit the ground they sank more than half a chi into it. Clearly, she didn’t completely dissolve the force in Tang San’s attack. That severe attack power invaded her angelic power and erupted in an incomparable explosion, to the point that the angelic power brimming with swallowing and burning properties basically couldn’t show its effect.

“Haha, again.”
Tang San delayed briefly, but after his golden blue flames forcefully dispersed the golden light around him, he charged again like shooting star chasing the moon, straight towards Qian Renxue who was flapping her six wings to break free of the ground.

“Are you really trying to die?”
Qian Renxue shouted angrily. Successive defeats had already ignited burning flames of anger in her heart. Facing Tang San’s sixth attack, she clasped her hands. An enormous angel figure appeared behind her. Terrifying golden flames suddenly turned into a giant angelic sword. This wasn’t that divine weapon, but rather formed completely from Qian Renxue’s own spirit power. The hundred meter long giant sword was nearly tangible. Sword Douluo once used a similar ability, but Sword Douluo’s attack was like a firefly compared to the moon when compared to Qian Renxue’s explosive energy waves.

Tang San’s expression grew serious, but the wildness in his eyes didn’t retreat at all. Around him, the sixth, seventh and eighth, three spirit rings suddenly shattered simultaneously, turning into lines of golden blue flowing light that wrapped him up completely. Right now he seemed to be transparent. Surging Seagod’s Light shot from the Seagod Trident brand on his forehead. An enormous figure equally formed behind Tang San, and that figure was the Seagod Trident.

The Seagod Trident Qian Renxue had stabbed into the ground seemed to sense this presence. The main blade issued an excited hum. Even if it couldn’t join in the battle, right now it still seemed to cheer for Tang San.

The power condensed of three rings instantly exploded. The illusory golden blue Seagod Trident clashed in midair with the angelic sword that seemed like it could cut down the sky.

Qian Renxue didn’t move, attentively watching Tang San’s wild gaze, she frowned deeply. She suddenly felt that Tan San was constantly overdrawing his own life force. Even with the full support of all the blue silver grass in the Star Dou Great Forest, the unknown technique he was using to attack her was most likely burning jade and common stone together. Of course, it was impossible for him to kill her. Could the bet he raised just be an excuse? A pretext to keep her from using the divine weapon?

That Qian Renxue didn’t attack, didn’t mean Tang San wouldn’t. Anyone else might have used this chance to catch their breath, but not Tang San. From the start of the battle until this moment, he had made no show of stopping his attacks. The Seagod Trident figure shone, covering the sky, rushing directly at Qian Renxue. Wasn’t the way it flew out just like the Golden Thirteen Halberds’ One Goes Without Return? There was no divine weapon in his hand, but Tang San’s attack wasn’t inferior to the attack that had stopped Qian Renxue once before. The difference was that Qian Renxue was now fully prepared. She wouldn’t get caught off guard by him again.

Qian Renxe drew a deep breath. No matter what, if this man couldn’t be conquered, he had to be dealt with before he could completely mature. The angelic sword emitted surging golden flames, fusing together with Qian Renxue, it slashed.


Two virtual divine weapons clashed in the air, and the entire sky changed color for a moment, like the sun had descended to the ground, a glittering golden color appeared in the sky above the Star Dou Great Forest. This scene was clearly visible even a thousand li away.


Bibi Dong looked in the direction of the Star Dou Great Forest from her carriage, watching the marvel of the sky washed with gold. She was completely dumbfounded. With her cultivation she could clearly sense the presence within that collision, but the level of that presence had reached such a level!

“Teacher, what is that? Why is it so dreadful?”
Hu Liena saw that golden light, but what she felt was completely different from Bibi Dong. A deeply fearful feeling arose in her heart. Her breathing was labored, her charming face deathly pale. Hurriedly lowering her head, she didn’t dare gaze at that golden light again.

Just watching it from a thousand li away gave people such a feeling, it was obvious just how enormous the energy it encompassed was.

“God level, how is it possible, yet another god level. High priest, what did you do?”
Bibi Dong unconsciously clenched her fists and bit her lip, her eyes bursting with incomparably resolute light.

Her years of effort absolutely couldn’t be wasted like this.

“Nana, pass on my orders, everyone accelerate, we return to Spirit City as fast as possible.”
She had already resolved herself. No matter how enormous the price would be, she had to reach that kind of level as soon as possible. She would turn herself into the strongest person in the world. No, the strongest god. Bibi Dong’s pride simply didn’t allow anyone to be placed above her. She had already resolved herself to spare no effort or price, even if…… she still had to increase her strength.


Tang San lay calmly on the ground. In front of him was a five meter wide, five meter deep, more than five hundred meter long trench. And this trench was formed from him hitting the ground.

If he wasn’t always clenching his teeth, he would long since have fallen unconscious. His body hurt like he was ripped apart, each bone feeling shattered. Even more dreadful was that angelic power filled with swallowing energy had invaded his body, and was just now dissolving his spirit power. Fortunately the Seagod’s Light’s energy was just barely able to block it. But driving out this angelic power was still extremely difficult.

Qian Renxue naturally wouldn’t be worse off than Tang San. She quietly stood next to a tall tree, the angelic power she released guarding the stick of incense stabbed into it, keeping it from breaking down in the energy backlash. From the start of the battle, half of this stick of incense had already burned, but to Qian Renxue it seemed like the fight was already settled.

Even though Tang San was constantly arousing his potential, and even used special methods to temporarily increase his strength to the god level, he had still lost without suspense when facing a true god. Qian Renxue was only breathing a bit quickly, her face a bit flushed. But Tang San lay motionless on the ground.

Angelic senses told Qian Renxue that Tang San wasn’t dead. Even though his injuries were severe, it wasn’t enough to claim his life. Her angelic power was constantly nibbling away at his body.

Qian Renxue flicked off the ash from the incense, but just as she was about to pull it out, Tang San’s somewhat hoarse voice reached her.

“Our bet still isn’t over, I still haven’t lost.”

Qian Renxue looked astonished towards the other end of the trench, only to see Tang San pull himself out using both hands, and at the same time exposing two golden spider legs that stabbed violently into the ground, lifting Tang San out of the trench.

With his feet firmly placed on the ground, Tang San’s clothes were tattered, his face as pale as a sheet of paper. He swayed, and if not for the Eight Spider Lances’ support, Qian Renxue had no doubt he would have fallen at any time. The previously burning golden blue light was already gone, and even his Blue Silver Emperor spirit was missing. He wasn’t her match in his best condition, so how could he be planning to keep fighting her like this? Qian Renxue really didn’t understand what ability Tang San could still rely on.

Drawing a deep breath, Tang San struggled to push out his chest and straighten his back. His right hand fished out a few sausages from the Hundred Treasure Pouch, swallowing them.

Those sausages were three big recovery sausages, one stimulating pink sausage, and one limit surpassing moss green sausage. These three kinds of sausages definitely had recovery and condition upgrade effects. But the last sausage Tang San pulled out had the most bizarre effect. It was a completely transparent, almost crystalline sausage, covered with crystal thorns. It looked like a bizarre caterpillar.

Seeing this sausage, Tang San paused a bit. Just as he was about to put it in his mouth, his face revealed a strange smile. It wasn’t a smile of certainty for this battle, but rather for remembering the owner of the sausage, and its history.

This crystalline caterpillar-like sausage was Oscar’s eighth spirit ability, Crystal Caterpillar Sausage. When using this eighth spirit ability, Oscar’s vulgar spirit chant was: I, your father, have a hairy caterpillar…...

Tang San still clearly remembered Oscar’s helpless expression the first time he used this spirit ability, wishing he could find a crack in the ground to hide in. The way he looked really made people laugh despite themselves. Thinking oh Oscar, thinking of his comrades, the pain Tang San felt also faded a lot. He never had to fight alone, he always had his comrades with him. For his friends and lover, he couldn’t lose here.

Eating the Crystal Caterpillar Sausage, a hazy transparent radiance seemed to warp around Tang San, his skin seeming to turn transparent, causing bizarre fluctuations. Qian Renxue’s divine sense immediately discovered that Tang San’s seriously injured body was recovering with astonishing speed, his wounds completely gone in just a few breaths, his dull eyes also brightening again. All his bones made crackling sounds, and he recovered as if he had never even fought.

This was…… Qian Renxue’s eyes opened wide, what did he actually eat? To instantly recover from his injuries, and restore him to his best state. Even if his spirit power didn’t rise in the same way, just the recovery effect was astonishing.

Crystal Caterpillar Sausage effect: instantly restore all injuries short of severed limbs, able to restore you as long as one breath remains. This sausage consumed fifty percent of Oscar’s spirit power to make, and he could only make one every seven days. This clearly showed how precious a sausage it was. Moreover, not just anyone could use this sausage. When Oscar produced the crystal caterpillar sausage, if he just did it normally it could only be used by himself, substantially increasing his survival ability in battle. If he wanted to make it useful for others, then he had to use three drops of that person’s blood. Moreover, after making it, it would only be useful to the owner of that blood.

It recovered physical strength and injuries. This thing was practically a second life to a spirit master, only it couldn’t recover spirit power.

It was just because he had this that Tang San dared take on the three spirit beasts’ spirit rings head on, and why he would rather rely on his own strength to slowly recover after absorbing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor spirit rings instead of using the crystal caterpillar sausage. After breaking through rank eighty and gaining the crystal caterpillar sausage, Oscar’s position in the Shrek Seven Devils had grown even more important. After gaining this ability he immediately used forty nine days to give each person a sausage, to prepare for possible need. Taking this out now also counted as one of Tang San’s last trump cards. The crystal caterpillar sausage had no expiry date. In other words, as long as it wasn’t damaged, it would be effective at any time. This was the benefit of first rate food typ spirit abilities. If not the manufacturing being too exhausting and overly difficult, it would practically be a god level ability.

Of course, the reason this crystal caterpillar sausage could recover all physical strength and heal all injuries was still due to one more reason. That was, when manufacturing, Oscar ate an Erect Gold Fly, and the sausage effect would double. The original crystal caterpillar sausage’s effect should be to heal fifty percent of injuries and recover fifty percent of physical strength. This also embodied the Erect Gold Fly’s importance.

Watching Tang San’s strength actually suddenly recover like this, Qian Renxue still didn’t launch any attacks, she only coldly said:
“So what if your strength recovers? If I’m not mistaken, your Blue Silver Emperor can’t be used again anyway. The scene of your spirit rings breaking earlier shouldn’t be faked. Even if I didn’t see your spirit truly break, you shouldn’t be able to use it again for a short while.”

Tang San nodded silently,
“That’s right, you’ve watched very carefully. You’re quite correct, my Blue Silver Emperor can’t be used after the first eight spirit rings broke. But, don’t forget that I have twin spirits. Besides the Blue Silver Emperor, I also have one more spirit. The outcome of our bet still isn’t clear, I still haven’t lost.”

Qian Renxue smiled,

Turning her head she glanced at that stick of incense. Right now more than half the incense had burned, and it just kept burning. There were no tricks with the incense Tang San took out.

Black light rushing out from his left hand, it was no longer golden blue light covering Tang San, but rather pitch black. In that deep blackness was mixed in faintly golden light as well as red color filled with severity. An enormous Clear Sky Hammer appeared in Tang San’s grasp out of nowhere.

Compared to before, the Clear Sky Hammer had changed considerably with eight spirit rings. Even though the head still wasn’t the size of a barrel like Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao’s, it was just one size smaller, and it was also covered by fine golden lines unlike Tang Hao’s Clear Sky Hammer.

The spiral patterned haft was three meters long, and no matter how you looked at it it was a two handed weapon. On the surface of the hammer constantly roamed a warping layer of black, with a thick aura like an unending mountain range, giving people an extremely steady impression. Qian Renxue could sense its terrifying weight without even touching it, but what astonished her even more were the eight spirit rings neatly arranged around it.

Red, black, black, black, black, red, red, red. Eight neat spirit rings, four black, four red, matching the Clear Sky Hammer’s own black and red light. The surging energy waves made Tang San standing there look like a demon god. The intense imposing manner was even above when he used the Blue Silver Emperor before. In fact, right now his Clear SKy Hammer didn’t have nine spirit rings, only eight. Under such circumstances the presence it emanated still surpassed the Blue Silver Emperor, it was obvious how powerful the Clear Sky Hammer he held was.

“How is it possible? Weren’t those three ants just ninety thousand years?”
Qian Renxue looked shocked at the last three spirit rings, unable to help crying out.

Not only was she shocked, even Tang San himself stared wide eyed. He not only discovered that the Clear Sky Hammer’s weight was higher than anticipated, but moreover those last three blood colored spirit rings shocked him. Yes, those should be three ninety thousand year spirit rings, at most they should be reddish black, how come they had now all turned red?

Tang San spoke practically at the same time as Qian Renxue:

Indeed, besides variation, they couldn’t think of another possibility. These three spirit rings all changing into hundred thousand years, only had one explanation. Because Tang San absorbed the three simultaneously, and also due to some special method, led to these spirit rings undergoing variation, in the process gaining ten thousand years of cultivation, rising from ninety thousand year spirit rings to the hundred thousand year level. As for why this would happen, Qian Renxue had absolutely no idea, but Tang San had some vague guesses.

When absorbing the three Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers’ spirit rings, Tang San used a frontal collision method, precisely the attack method of the Great Sumeru Hammer, using incomparable aggression and explosive might to force the enemy to submit. This was in itself equivalent to using the Great Sumeru Hammer to forge the three spirit rings. It was very possible that this forging process had refined the three spirit rings, thus causing the evolution. Not only did it let Tang San possess three spirit rings, but also made the spirit rings rise to the hundred thousand year realm. This was an unexpected surprise to Tang San.

“You really are blessed by heaven.”
Originally already certain of her victory, Qian Renxue’s expression grew serious again. The golden flame surged from her anew. She could clearly sense how the current Tang San in front of her was even stronger than the Tang San using the Blue Silver Emperor before. He lacked one spirit ring, but his strength had still risen. This spoke of the differences in spirits.

The Blue Silver Emperor really was a top quality spirit among the plant types, but don’t forget that the Blue Silver Emperor was a control type spirit, and the Clear Sky Hammer Tang San held was one of the strongest power attack type spirits of the modern era. Moreover, even though the Clear Sky Hammer had fewer spirit rings than the Blue Silver Emperor, it was just one fifty thousand year spirit ring, and it also had a lot of hundred thousand year spirit rings. Further adding that the hammer was inscribed with the Asura Domain, and it even further increased the Clear Sky Hammer’s might. Plus Tang San adding spirit rings in the pursuit of pure force, while the Clear Sky Hammer lacked one spirit ring, its overall level was no less than the Blue Silver Emperor. Don’t forget that its spirit ring came from the king of the forest, the Titan Giant Ape!

Faint light shone from Tang San. He slowly raised the Clear Sky Hammer, pointing straight at Qian Renxue. Blood red and pure black instantly fused together, turning into a bizarre dark gold. Very soon, this dark golden color spread all over, and the Clear Sky Hammer in his hand grew in an instant, the giant hammer head expanding tenfold. The haft also grew from the previous three meters to ten meters, turning into a strange looking giant weapon.

The deep golden color covering Tang San also spread to all the eight spirit rings, each turning the same color, just like when he started attacking with the Blue Silver Emperor before. At that time Tang San was fighting bare handed, but now, he held such a giant weapon.

Without question, Tang San was forcefully pushing his strength to the god level. His method to face Qian Renxue came from the Great Sumeru Hammer. Also the most overbearing secret skill of the Great Sumeru Hammer.

Back then, it was just because Tang Hao spoke of this secret skill that Tang San was extremely shocked, believing this was an ability that was basically impossible to use. This secret skill was called: Ring Detonation.

Each spirit ring could be detonated once. After detonating, the spirit ability’s strength would fully burst out, instantly transforming into power that blended into the attack, causing strength far exceeding one’s level. When detonating a ring, the higher the quality of the spirit ring, the greater the effect. Just like how Tang San could beat back Qian Renxue with his fifth Ring Detonation, it was because his Blue Silver Emperor’s fifth spirit ring was at the hundred thousand year level. At the end he relied on his sixth, seventh and eighth spirit rings to block Qian Renxue’s sacred angelic sword, and this was also because two of them were hundred thousand year spirit rings.

This was the all out ability of the Great Sumeru Hammer. Each spirit ring launched one attack, and after all the spirit rings were detonated, the user would also enter a weak state. Moreover, detonating rings was extremely dangerous. With one lapse in control, unable to control the strength from the detonation, it was possible to be swallowed by the energy. This was also the reason the Great Sumeru Hammer could only be practiced by each generation’s Clear Sky Douluo in the Clear Sky Sect. Without powerful talent and deep background, using this secret skill was no different from suicide.

Tang San’s body was definitely extremely durable, and with his half god level body, he was hardly worried about the energy backlash from the Ring Detonation.

That’s why he could very quickly master it. Previously he relied on the Great Sumeru Hammer’s Ring Detonation technique, using it on his Blue Silver Emperor spirit. By using such a method there was naturally no way to release spirit abilities, and it wasn’t that he didn’t want to use them. And Qian Renxue was subsequently controlled. Even though Tang San was seriously injured in the last attack, she was also successfully held off for half the duration of the bet. Moreover, using the Clear Sky Hammer was Tang San’s true trump card. After all, this was the spirit that could fully display the power of the Great Sumeru Hammer.

The cost of Ring Detonation were also enormous. After using Great Sumeru Hammer’s Ring Detonation once, all spirit rings would completely disappear for three days. Only the spirit power remained. A full three days were required before the spirit rings could gradually recover. And after using Ring Detonation once, it couldn’t be used again for at least thirty six days. Otherwise there was risk of the spirit rings breaking for real. Today Tang San drew over Qian Renxue and relied on using this Ring Detonation technique to fight for a chance to leave. He’d already carefully made plans before drawing her over. He’d included Qian Renxue’s character and everything he regarded as important. And besides Qian Renxue refusing to return the Seagod Trident to him, the rest was all successful. Even the process of the fight was within his plans. Even in his berserk state, Tang San absolutely wouldn’t lose his calm. This might be where he was different from his father. Even using the Great Sumeru Hammer, he would never be able to fuse his father’s domineering aggression with his own character.

The Clear Sky Hammer didn’t have the Seagod Trident’s ability to only weigh a thousandth of its weight in its owner’s hand, but it could still let its owner only bear a tenth of its weight. After Tang San now released its Spirit Avatar, the Clear Sky Hammer was extremely heavy in his hand. With his sensitivity towards weight, he could clearly tell that the Clear Sky Hammer now weighed more than ten thousand jin. If it was just a tenth of its weight, then in Spirit Avatar, the incredibly enormous Clear SKy Hammer almost weighed enough to compete with his Seagod Trident.

Actually, this didn’t actually mean the Clear Sky Hammer could be compared to the Seagod Trident, but it fully proved that Tang San’s all power type spirit ring additions were successful. And the most important reason the Clear Sky Hammer could reach such a terrifying weight, was still the benefit of those last three variant hundred thousand year spirit rings from the Fifteen Ton Ant Emperor brothers. Each of the brothers had strength surpassing fifty thousand jin. After spirit ring variation, besides Tang San’s own strength attribute increasing explosively, it also related to making the Clear Sky Hammer’s own power reach an extremely astonishing degree. The seventh Spirit Avatar spirit ring was actually one of the three brothers.

In the strength attribute, Tang San could be certain that he already surpassed the rank ninety nine peak Douluo Bo Saixi. Under conditions where Bo Saixi didn’t use any powerful spirit abilities, her strength should be a hundred thousand years. But Tang San could feel that the strength he could project definitely wasn’t just a hundred thousand years. The half hod level body could endure even more. Even if this ten thousand jin giant hammer was heavy, wielding it single handedly was still fluent, basically not causing any delays due to weight.

It was also this giant Clear Sky Hammer that gave Tang San unprecedented confidence in facing Qian Renxue. Indeed, he really wasn’t Qian Renxue’s opponent, but when the enemy didn’t use divine weapons, at least she wouldn’t be able to do anything as long as he attacked with the Clear Sky Hammer. Of course, changing to the Clear Sky Hammer gave Tang San disadvantages too. That was that he could no longer draw on the strength of the blue silver grass in the Star Dou Great Forest. The reason he could to it before was that, after Tang San’s experiments, when using the Great Sumeru Hammer technique, it would cause a kind of special inspiration with the Blue Silver Emperor spirit, and he could fuse with the surrounding blue silver grass without needing to release his domain, and this displayed an effect like the Blue Silver Domain’s All Rivers Run Into The Sea. At least this kind of effect wouldn’t disappear while doing Ring Explosions. But now that he used the Clear Sky Hammer, and moreover equally with the Great Sumeru Hammer technique, the presence that emerged was fully that of the Clear Sky Hammer. Even if Tang San wanted to open the Blue Silver Domain as well, it was impossible.

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