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Chapter 296

Tenth Spirit Ring, God Level Spirit Ring

(TL by Bagelson)

Qian Renxue’s divine sense sweep forced Tang San to stay by the edge of the Star Dou Great Forest. Flat on the ground, Tang San frowned while deep in thought.

With his current strength, maintaining the Blue Silver Domain and Vast Sea Barrier for a long while wasn’t any problem. Ordinarily Tang San could definitely keep wasting Qian Renxue’s time, competing in who was more patient. However, Tang San knew that as this went on, the first to run out of patience was him.

Qian Renxue wasn’t worried about the frontline fighting, but could he be unconcerned? His parents and teacher were there, and in case something happened he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Tang San was already taking a risk by leading the Shrek Seven Devils away from the Heaven Dou army camp. The Spirit Empire army in Jialing Pass had six Title Douluo powers over rank ninety five, as well as fice or six ordinary Title Douluo. Just this srength was difficult to deal with. If Bibi Dong recovered her fighting strength, then the Heaven Dou imperial army might be in danger of destruction. In such circumstances, Tang San had to hurry and become Seagod as soon as possible, then return to the front to stabilize the situation, and win the war.

By contrast, Qian Renxue basically didn’t have to worry. She could keep waiting without concern. He sensed that her divine sense sweeps not only weren’t getting weaker with time, but on the contrary actually grew stronger. By this he could guess that she should also have just reached god level strength, and still hadn’t perfectly grasped the god level techinques. Otherwise even he might not have been able to catch the opportunity for a sneak attack.

In these circumstances, he basically didn’t have the strength to fight her, and even the Seagod Trident had fallen into her hands. To him it wasn’t as simple as just escaping, he also had to regain the Seagod Trident before he could leave for Seagod Island and become Seagod. However, the difficulty in getting something from the hands of a god level power was even more difficult than the seven Seagod trials he had passed. Most painful was that this time he didn’t have a year, but rather the faster the better.

Calm. In times like these he had to be calm. Facing such danger, Tang San lay calmly in the soft blue silver grass, telling himself as much as possible to be calm. He hadn’t been so comprehensively inferior in a very long time. But the more it was like this, the more it roused Tang San’s fighting spirit. He firmly believed that even gods weren’t omnipotent. Even though the enemy was powerful, he definitely had a chance to find a mistake.

Gradually calming down, Tang San rearranged his thoughts. Qian Renxue’s appearance was a huge shock to him, but what shocked him the most wasn’t that Qian Renxue had reached the god level, but rather why she didn’t kill him while he was busy absorbing the spirit rings, or at least captured him. Then he had faced her at the god level, and practically didn’t have any strength to resist. However, she not only didn’t do so, and even expressed that she wanted to help him. Was it just because she had absolute confidence in her god level strength? No, it shouldn’t be that simple. He’d always been on the opposing side to Spirit Hall, and as the daughter of the last Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff, who died at the hands of his father, she should have killed him with all her strength! Wasn’t Spirit Hall always unscrupulous?

Additionally, Qian Renxue suddenly reaching god level really was inconceivable. Last time he saw her, she was just rank seventy something. In a short six years, she broke through to god level. Her luck and experience could still be said to be above his. Then, there was just one possibility. After she left Heaven Dou City, just like he entered Seagod Island, she had started completing the trials of the god of angels. If so, the inheritance of the god of angels should always have been in Spirit Hall.

It connected to what Grandmaster once said about the Angelic Raiment, that it very possibly was a kind of divine tool, the way his Seagod Trident was.

Tang San had also discovered another problem through his chat with Qian Renxue. That was that she had an extremely strained relationship with Bibi Dong. Was it because Bibi Dong had succeeded as Supreme Pontiff, instead of her as the direct inheritor of the Seraphim spirit? Ordinarily, it might not have been difficult for the high priest Qian Daoliu to support his granddaughter to the position of Supreme Pontiff. But why didn’t he do so? Just this showed that there was definitely some problem between Qian Renxue and Bibi Dong. Now that Qian Renxue had become god of angels, there would definitely be a struggle over the authority of the Spirit Empire.

No matter how it was put, the first problem was still the one that puzzled Tang San the most. He couldn’t imagine why Qian Renxue had no hostility towards him. In fact, her work of hiding in the Heaven Dou imperial family for more than a decade was ruined because of him. What was this woman thinking?

All kinds of riddles briefly made Tang San deeply bewildered. However, this didn’t go on for too long. To him, most important right now was sill how to safely leave, and moreover thinking of a way to get back his Seagod Trident.

As far as using One Goes Without Return to attack Qian Renxue before, Tang San didn’t regret it. If not for that, he wouldn’t have gotten a chance to escape. Even if Tang San already had seventeen spirit rings, the spirit abilities they gave still weren’t enough to help him block Qian Renxue. Unless he could truly become a god and give each of his spirit abilities the presence of divinity, those spirit abilities would be useless.

Under enormous pressure, Tang San’s mind began to quickly turn. He had to leave to join his comrades as soon as possible, and inherit the position as Seagod. Since Qian Renxue had become a god, he thirsted even more to become one. Not only because of his thirst for strength, but even more importantly because he needed the power to protect his family and friends. He needed the strength to check the Spirit Empire.

One day passed very quickly.

Qian Renxue was still constantly releasing rings of her divine sense. She discovered that this kind of constant searching had a lot of benefits to her. Having just become god, this constant divine sense release deepened her understanding of her own spirit power. The feeling of being able to control everything constantly grew stronger.

With a flash of golden light, Qian Renxue opened her eyes, the corners of her mouth revealing a pondering smile, muttering to herself:
“Why, can’t help coming out? I want to see where you run this time.”

Light and shadow flickered as she disappeared into thin air, at the same time also bringing along the Seagod Trident stabbed into the ground.

Kilometers in an instant, wherever her divine sense reached, she reached. Qian Renxue basically wasn’t even flying, to be precise it should be called constant teleportation. It was fast, even a bit faster than releasing her divine sense. In her mind, there was basically no obstacles. And her divine sense had enveloped the Star Dou Great Forest for a day. No matter what level the spirit beast, they all trembled in hibernation, not even daring to breathe. Naturally even fewer would dare disturb her.

She saw her target, but, strangely, Tang San was standing in place waiting for her, as if he had already anticipated everything, and basically without thoughts of running. He was even smiling faintly, elegant and relaxed.

Golden light flashed as Qian Renxue came to a halt ten meters away from Tang San. Staring at him, she frowned slightly,
“Can you tell me what gives you confidence? You don’t look like a stray dog.”

“You think I’m a stray dog?”
Tang San retorted.

Qian Renxue smiled slightly,
“Of course not, you’re the most outstanding man I’ve ever met, besides my grandfather.

You might surpass my grandfather one day. I only find it strange that you would stop hiding. As long as you didn’t leave the forest, it would’ve been very difficult for me to find you. You should be proud that you could hide from a god. I thought this cat and mouse game would go one for a long time. In my impression, you’re not an impatient person.”

Tang San smiled slightly,
“Miss Qian Renxue’s praise is misplaces. I only came out to make a bet with miss.”

Qian Renxue raised the hand holding the Seagod Trident,

Her bantering expression was telling him, even the weapon that’s the only thing you can rely on is already in my hand, how are you qualified to raise conditions.

Tang San glanced at the dark Seagod Trident, inwardly sighing, old partner, i’ve put you through a lot.

“That’s right, you can catch me now, I’m not your opponent. You’re right, there is an impassable chasm between men and gods. But, all you can get is my body or my corpse, not my heart. Don’t you want me to submit?”

Qian Renxue paused,

Her eyes revealed a faint disappointment.

Tang San calmly said:
“Death is light as a feather, and heavy as a mountain. Even if I die, I still want it to be worth something, no? You can choose to capture me, to kill me, or to bet with me. If you win, then I swear to submit to you. If you win, I only want three days head start. You can pursue me after three days, and as long as you catch me with martial strength, I will submit to you.”

“Eh? Since that’s the case, I’m interested in hearing what bet you’re suggesting.”
Qian Renxue of course understood that Tang San wasn’t someone who shot without a target, but what Tang San said had touched her heart. If she caught him now, she really could only have his body, and not his heart. This simple sentence might be useless against others, but god of angels Qian Renxue who held Tang San as the greatest weakness in her heart, it was bulls eye.

Even if Tang San didn’t know why Qian Renxue did everything she did before, when he came out after a day of serious analysis, he naturally had enormous confidence in getting Qian Renxue to agree to the bet.

Tang San said:
“My bet is very simple. You and I fight without using divine tools, the time limit is one stick of incense. If you can catch me within that time, you win. If you can’t, then, I get three days head start. At the same time, please return my Seagod Trident.

“One stick of incense? Tang San, are you really that confident? Even without using divine tools, I’m still a god.”
Qian Renxue originally thought Tang San would use some bet extremely favorable to him, she hadn’t thought this bet would seem so unbiased. It was even extremely advantageous to her. Did she fear one person with her god level strength?

And in fact, Tang San had also perfectly understood Qian Renxue’s mind. He was exploiting the inertia of her belief that it was impossible for her to lose in a fight. How would he make a bet with his life on the line?

“You only need to answer whether you agree to the bet or not.”
Tang San’s voice suddenly turned calm.

Qian Renxue toyed with the Seagod Trident,
“We can bet. Only, I still can’t give you this Seagod Trident. Just in case you win, what if you don’t agree to submit when I catch you in three days? I don’t want your corpse. That’s why, it’s better if this stays with me. I’ll naturally return it once you swear an oath of loyalty to me.”

Tang San’s judgement was very correct, and events were progressing in the direction he wanted. But Qian Renxue wasn’t an idiot either. She was equally intelligent, and she vaguely felt that Tang San had something to rely on for this bet. She wouldn’t easily agree to return the Seagod Trident to him.

Looking deeply at his Seagod Trident, Tang San continued:
“Fine. The day will come when I take back my Seagod Trident from you with my own hands.”

Boom, golden blue light burst from Tang San like flames. At the same time he pulled out a stick of incense, kneading it in his hand.

Qian Renxue casually stabbed the Seagod Trident into the ground next to her. This time she wasn’t careless like last time. Amidst blossoming golden light, she released her Seraphim spirit.

Six glittering golden wings unfolded behind her, earth shattering pressure making it difficult for Tang San to even breathe, and even more terrifying comprehensive suppression making people feel unable to resist.

Rising around Tang San was naturally the Blue Silver Emperor’s nine spirit rings. These nine spirit rings had to be called dazzling, black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red, five spirit rings over fifty thousand years, four hundred thousand year spirit rings. There probably wasn’t any current Title Douluo that could possess a more overbearing spirit ring set than Tang San.

However, in terms of brilliance, Tang San’s spirit rings by far couldn’t compare to Qian Renxue. Spirit rings equally appeared around her, black, black, black, black, black, black, red, red, red, nine spirit rings neatly appeared in order. The first seven spirit rings were different from when Tang San saw her in the past, it was clearly impossible for her to pour her spirit rings into someone else and then replenish them with two more hundred thousand year spirit beast rings like Tang San, regaining all spirit rings. The changes in color of her spirit rings should be due to becoming god. But even having completed her ascendance to god, Qian Renxue was still one step short of Tang San when comparing these nine spirit rings against each other, she had one less hundred thousand year spirit ring than Tang San. This showed what kind of genius Tang San was, and he still had won against a god in some ways.

Unfortunately, Qian Renxue’s nine spirit rings were no longer nine ordinary spirit rings. Those nine rings all had a hazy golden brilliance, like they were wrapped in gold leaf. Even though their original color could be seen, they were way more dazzling. Tang San understood that this was a characteristic of spirit abilities becoming divine and nourished by divine strength. Each of Qian Renxue’s spirit abilities possessed the presence of divinity and a portion of its power. Even if the spirit rings’ original level would influence it, they absolutely couldn’t be compared to ordinary spirit masters’ spirit abilities.

However, these nine sparkling and dazzlingly golden spirit rings weren’t what shocked Tang San. Previously, when he first fought Qian Renxue, she basically never completely released her Seraphim spirit, and neither did these spirit rings appear before him. Now that they did, the shock made Tang San feel bitter.

That even Tang San’s persistent character was affected, showed just how shocking the thing he saw was. What he saw was very simple. After those nine spirit rings, he also saw a tenth spirit ring around Qian Renxue. Indeed, a tenth spirit ring.

It was a fully golden spirit ring, looking like it was woven from layers of golden angel feathers. It didn’t stand side by side with the nine previous spirit rings. This tenth spirit ring was very large, more than three meters in diameter, and after it appeared, it surrounded both QIan Renxue and her six wings, like a halo in the background. But, Tang San also saw that this spirit ring was both like a spirit master’s spirit ring, and year completely different.

Spirit master cultivation was ten ranks to a level, and every ten ranks one had to obtain a spirit ring to increase one’s spirit power, reaching a new height and entering the next level. This was also a qualitative change. Rank ninety, the ninth spirit ring, was always thought to be the highest level for spirit masters. When breaking through tank one hundred, another ten ranks, it was only reasonable for a tenth spirit ring to appear. But this perfectly reasonable tenth spirit ring still shook Tang San. If the first nine spirit rings were all on the level of humans, then this tenth spirit rings was fully on the level of gods. The golden god level spirit ring could no longer be described by the limits of cultivation. That definitely wasn’t something a hundred thousand year spirit ring could compare to.

“Tang San, when I saw you release your blue silver grass spirit yesterday, I found it very strange that you could possess to many high level spirit rings. You haven’t become god, so I don’t understand how you accomplished it. Your second spirit could be said to have ways to gain higher level spirit rings, but this blue silver grass is clearly your first spirit, the spirit you’ve always been using, so how did you do it?”

Tang San twirled the stick of incense in his right hand, relying on his internal strength to produce the true power of flame to set it alight. With a casual flick, the stick of incense instantly flew several dozen meters away, stabbing into a tree trunk.

“Aren’t you worried about time passing while I explain it?”
Tang San looked at Qian Renxue, layer after layer of golden blue light constantly expanding from his body. Even under the enormous pressure of the god level, he didn’t retreat in the slightest. The expression at the corner of his eyes gradually grew wild and coarse, and he seemed to enter a special state.

“The time it takes a stick of incense to burn, it can’t be called long, but it also can’t be called short. Delaying a bit doesn’t matter. Would you explain it to me?”
Qian Renxue smiled faintly, not looking at that stick of incense.

Tang San said:
“I don’t mind. To save Xiao Wu after she sacrificed herself for me, I reconstituted and returned the spirit ring and spirit and spirit bone she gave me, and also poured in most of my spirit rings, and then successfully helped her resurrect. So I naturally retrieved the spirit rings I lost. Of course I wouldn’t add them identical to before, so I did my best to find higher level spirit rings that fit me. Thus the present result.”

“Sacrificed spirit beasts can be resurrected too?”

“You really are an expert at creating miracles.”

“It wasn’t that I’m good at creating miracles, this was all forced by your Spirit Hall. Your Spirit Hall made Xiao Wu sacrifice herself to save me. Xiao Wu is my lover, and adding the hatred of my parents, the hatred of my teacher, the differences between me and your Spirit Hall have long since become irreconcilable.”

Qian Renxue sighed,
“Perhaps it’s fortune that toyes with people, having us stand on opposite sides. If you were born from Spirit Hall, you might think differently. The incense is already lit. Let me see what you would rely on to be able to take my attacks for a stick of incense.”

Tang San laughed out loud,
“I never thought about taking your attacks, but rather to have you take my attacks. Be careful.”

Boom—— The golden blue brilliance instantly soared, and Tang San’s nine spirit rings instantly all brightened. The original black and red colors suddenly disappeared completely, with only resplendent golden blue remaining. This instant, his nine Blue Silver Emperor spirit rings actually turned completely golden blue, and even his body fully turned the same color.

“Eh? What kind of ability is this? Is it another of your created spirit abilities?”
Qian Renxue was in no rush to attack. Observing the changes in Tang San she was very curious, she had at least never seen a spirit master that could change the color of his spirit rings according to their spirit, even she couldn’t do it before becoming god, and had never even thought about it.

Boom—— Violent golden blue flames washed Tang San’s body, and without any spirit abilities, Tang San shot towards Qian Renxue like an arrow. Like he said before, he would face the god level Qian Renxue purely with attacks.

Qian Renxue of course wouldn’t retreat. The wings on her back moved, and the next moment she appeared in front of Tang San. Her divine sense could clearly feel Tang San’s weakest points, and her sudden movement was just before Tang San had built speed, and his momentum still wasn’t at its peak.

Tang San’s movements and reactions were quite fast. His right fist swung out almost instantly, all the golden blue flame on him wrapped up inside that jade colored fist, blasting towards Qian Renxue.

This seemingly simple straight punch didn’t feel simple to Qian Renxue. The instant Tang San punched, she clearly sensed like all the blue silver grass in the entire Star Dou Great Forest was melded together with his fist. Just like the fist contained their condensed energy.

Qian Renxue’s golden palm suddenly collided with Tang San’s fist glittering with golden blue flame and brimming with the breath of life. An explosion echoed, and golden blue flame shot towards the sky. Tang San was also flung back i response. However, the god level Qian Renxue was actually also delayed in the air for a moment, that immense breath of life actually suppressed her divine senses such that flaws showed.

How was it possible? Qian Renxue’s eyes opened wide, she didn’t understand how Tang San did it. In fact, right now Tang San hadn’t released the Blue Silver Domain, but he still operated the energy of all the blue silver grass in the entire Star Dou Great Forest. This should basically be the abilities of the god level, and moreover those gods inclined towards nature.

However, Qian Renxue soon discovered that even though Tang San wasn’t hurt when he was flung back by releasing his spirit power externally, one of the nine spirit rings surrounding him had shattered, turning into specks of golden blue light that vanished in the air.

What was this? Qian Renxue studied Tang San, shocked, but Tang San only flew back a dozen meters before stopping. At this moment his eyes had turned completely golden blue, glittering with that wild flame. Just like a king of beasts, he was incomparably domineering, with surging blue flame soaring once again. This time, even faster than before, and also even more intense. Clearly, the power he released now had already reached an even stronger level.

Qian Renxue frowned. This time she didn’t rush in first. Golden light instantly erupted, turning into soaring golden flame, surging divine presence breaking free of her. The enormous golden flame twisted the air with frail shrieking sounds. Stretching out both hands, one hand dashing at Tang San’s fist, the other directly grabbing at Tang San’s shoulder, fast as lightning, hazy golden light practically instantly enveloped Tang San completely, and also enveloped the golden blue flame he released.

After being blocked by Tang San a few times, Qian Renxue finally directly released her god level power. Even if she didn’t use the sword of angels, she was still a god, and this strength instantly suppressed Tang San.

However, Tang San’s incomparably wild momentum came to a sudden halt in midair, forcibly pulled to a stop. Both hands drew a bizarre arc in front of his chest, instantly forming a circle of pulling force, making his surroundings, and even the golden blue flame around him, instantly condense onto his palms, becoming a golden blue whirlpool of flame in front of him.

His feet moved like illusions. Qian Renxue only felt Tang San suddenly turn unreal, as if several phantoms appeared in front of her. Even though she could accurately determine which Tang San was real with her divine sense search, she also discovered that the swaying shadows that appeared on either side of Tang San also contained a portion of his attack power.

“Break for me.”
Tang San shouted, and with an angry howl filled with frightful power, the golden blue whirlpool in his hands exploded practically at the same time as his second spirit ring. Incomparable explosive force made that golden blue light almost instantly turn golden. Enormous energy waves shot towards the sky, turning into a giant golden pillar of light. It actually forcefully broke through the golden light enveloping Qian Renxue.

And Tang San’s hands now also ran into Qian Renxue’s hands. Tang San’s left hand produced a strangely large attractive force, while his right hand produced an enormous pushing force. One pulling and one pushing, caught of guard, Qian Renxue felt herself leaning over, the majority of her attack power actually released to the side. Only a small portion struck Tang San. The two criss crossed, sharing the same position for an instant. As they separated, both flew several dozen meters before catching their balance.

God level strength. Qian Renxue’s face was now serious. Over two exchanges, she had become distinctly certain that Tang San was now using some special method to rouse his potential. He didn’t use spirit abilities, but the strength he produced had already reached the level of gods. Qian Renxue had no idea how Tang San did it, but she sensed a trace of threat from him. Could it be that she had to use spirit abilities first? Qian Renxue asked herself.

No, definitely not. Qian Renxue’s expression firmed, the pride in her heart wouldn’t let her. Even if she knew that Tang San wasn’t using spirit abilities now because he basically couldn’t, she still didn’t use her own spirit abilities. She would use the most direct way to fairly defeat Tang San, to conquer him.

Tang San moved again. This time he became even more illusory, just like a ghost with countless afterimages, dashing towards Qian Renxue as if from all directions at once.

Qian Renxue gave a cold snort,

Boom, the six wings on her back flapped simultaneously, incomparable golden flame instantly enveloping her body completely, like she was a golden star. Disregarding all of Tang San’s shadows, her right fist struck straight towards Tang San’s original body, as sensed by her divine senses.

One gold, one golden blue, two figures like a shooting star chasing the moon. Tang San had no intention of dodging now either. Both hands collided, the golden blue flame completely condensed on his fists, the Eight Spider Lances breaking out from his back due to the force of the collision, all his energy condensed on this moment.


The instant they clashed, an enormous golden pillar of light shot towards the horizon, several hundred meters high, eclipsing the entire Star Dou Great Forest. Hidden by this brilliance, vast areas of blue silver grass released intense golden blue splendor, but still wilted in an instant, turning into ash on the wind. Due to giving Tang San their strength, a lot of them were ruined by the angelic power in this attack. But even so, the blue silver grass in the Star Dou Great Forest were still filled with excited fighting spirit. To die for the emperor, to their simple minds, was an absolute glory.

Qian Renxue stayed at the site of the collision, but this time Tang San flew more than a kilometer away, his robust body knocking down a number of trees. Golden blood spurted from his lips, and this blood immediately ignited as golden blue light.

Qian Renxue’s attack amply displayed the unstoppable force of the god level. Truly furious, she knocked Tang San flying, and also injured him.

At the same time Tang San’s third spirit ring also shattered. But Qian Renxue still felt that, even though Tang San was injured, his injuries weren’t too serious. On the contrary, he used the momentum of flying back to dissolve the angelic divine power on him as much as possible.

With a praising hum, Qian Renxue examined herself. If they compared transforming and redirecting force, she might not be equal to Tang San. If he was as strong as she was, perhaps she wouldn’t be his opponent. It was also just because of this that killing intent flashed in Qian Renxue’s eyes. If such a man couldn’t be controlled, then even if he was the largest flaw in her heart, she still definitely had to kill him. Otherwise, just in case he became god in the future, he would be bound to be the greatest threat to the Spirit Empire, and might even destroy it.

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