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Chapter 155

(TL by Bagelson)

Raising his head, Tang San’s eyes had now already turned completely blue,
“Mubai, Fatty, prepare to attack teacher Zhao all out. He’s about to come out. Use Hell White Tiger. I’ll tangle with dean Flender. Rongrong, no need to mind me, boost them with all your strength.”

Everyone shouted loudly. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing instantly dashed towards each other, and the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda in Ning Rongrong’s hand flared with light.

The instant Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing collided, altogether six rays of light shot out from the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda, three falling on each of them.

At the sixtieth rank, the degree of amplification Ning Rongrong could put out was extremely terrifying. Don’t forget that her father, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi, was also only a seventy something Spirit Sage. He only had one more spirit ability than her.

By now the degree each of her spirit abilities could boost had reached a terrifying seventy percent. What she poured into Dai Mubai was spirit power boost, strength boost, and agility boost, these three spirit abilities.

Vast imposing manner abruptly spread out from the core of Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s collision, the dazzling light of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda making them expand exponentially after their fusion.

In the blink of an eye, a snow white, more than twenty meters long, giant white tiger appeared out of nowhere with a pair of wings sprouting from its back.

For the absolute majority of students, this was the first time seeing a spirit fusion ability, and compared to before, this Hell White Tiger wasn’t as illusory as before, but like a true ferocious tiger, giving a tangible feeling.

Two sixtieth rank Spirit Masters using a spirit fusion ability could reach at least the seventieth rank level, and even more so when Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai’s level of compatibility as well as the terrifying seventy percent boost of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. This moment, the aura the Hell White Tiger erupted with already surpassed the previous Zhao Wuji in all aspects.

Just at this moment, with a loud explosion, the countless layers of Blue Silver Prison covering Zhao Wuji abruptly burst open, the Vigorous Vajra Bear’s eighth spirit ring blossoming. The already black giant bear suddenly leapt up, that was Zhao Wuji’s fifth spirit ability, Gravity Crush.

When fully using Gravity Crush under the effects of Spirit Avatar, his might as a Spirit Douluo was completely brought to bear. Even though the Blue Silver Domain boost was formidable, the Blue Silver Prison was after all only Tang San’s fourth spirit ability. With Zhao Wuji’s fifth and seventh great spirit abilities combined, he immediately burst through.

However, meeting him, was an incomparably enormous tiger paw.

Zhao Wuji struck out with one palm almost subconsciously. However, compared to that tiger paw, even in the Spirit Avatar state, his bear paw still seemed a bit small, to say nothing of the enormous amount of spirit power he just expended.

With a loud bang, Zhao Wuji’s body was actually slapped away, flying into the distance.

At this moment, Zhao Wuji was completely stunned, he didn’t even understand why he was in midair. Flender naturally also heard Tang San’s shout, and his first response was to charge directly at Tang San, without the slightest hesitation. He was only too familiar with the Shrek Seven Devils, and if he wanted to defeat their team, he would first of all have to contain Tang San.

However, meeting him, was an enormous spiderweb. Tang San’s third spirit ability, Spiderweb Restraint, blossomed.

With the second awakening to Blue Silver Emperor, and under the effects of the Blue Silver Domain, the spiderweb’s diameter reached a frightening thirty meters. The extremely durable spiderweb spread open in practically an instant.

Even Flender didn’t have any desire to tangle with Tang San’s spiderweb. Suddenly halting in midair, eagle claws swinging out, fourth spirit ability brightening, ten lines of extremely sharp air blades cut out.

However, Flender didn’t expect that the air blades he expected could easily sever the spiderweb only made it turn, without causing any substantial damage to the spiderweb.

The Blue Silver Emperor spiderweb with the full amplification of the Blue Silver Domain, how could it be so easily destroyed?

And this moment was also when Zhao Wuji was slapped away by the Hell White Tiger.

The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda light appeared again. This time a full four lines of light shot out, their target the already soaring, flaming wings completely unfolded, Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun. And these four lines of light were each Ning Rongrong’s second, third, fifth, and sixth spirit abilities.

In the distance, standing on the edge and watching the battle, Liu Erlong couldn’t help asking:
“What four boosts are Rongrong giving Fatty?”

Grandmaster’s eyes unexpectedly displayed the light of schadenfreude,
“Today we might have roast bear for dinner. If I’m not mistaken, Rongrong’s fifth spirit ability should be attack boost, the sixth spirit ability, would be attribute boost.”

“Attribute boost? What’s that?”
Liu Erlong puzzled asked closer.

Grandmaster said:
“Attribute boost can be said to be the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s single most significant spirit ability, above all current sixth spirit abilities. The so called attribute boost will amplify the receiver’s most powerful single attribute. Ma Hongjun’s boost is certainly to his phoenix flame. In other words, right now he not only has spirit power, agility and attack boosted by seventy percent, but his phoenix flame effect will also be boosted by seventy percent. This time Wuji’s in trouble. Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda frightfulness truly appears at the sixtieth rank.

Liu Erlong stared wide eyed,
“Heavens, these little monsters really aren’t being polite!”

Grandmaster grinned,
“The reason I asked you to make it two against five rather than one against five yesterday, besides their own talent, is also related to Rongrong. With her here, Tang San and the others can all be regarded as seventieth ranked Spirit Masters. To say nothing of them still having the spirit fusion ability, and the abilities of several spirit bones. In fact, I feel that the question is whether boss Fu and Wuji can endure for three sticks of incense. Rongrong should have already trained to the Four Aperture Constant Heart level. Wait and see, little San’s strength still hasn’t completely emerged.”

Zhao Wuji threw off the Blue Silver Prisons and was slapped into the air, naturally he wouldn’t let himself keep flying. His strength instantly erupted, the eighth spirit ring finally flaring.

A giant bear illusion appeared out of nowhere behind him. Zhao Wuji’s entire body erupted with intense golden light, the surrounding air seeming to congeal. His flying body abruptly halted, both fists simultaneously gathering at his chest. A one meter in diameter ball of dazzling golden light suddenly appeared. This moment, all of Shrek Academy seemed to tremble along with the appearance of this golden light.

However, the Hell White Tiger still charged forward. Similar to Zhao Wuji, white light condensed in the mouth of the Hell White Tiger formed by Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, gradually turning silver, a sphere no smaller than Zhao Wuji’s golden light appeared out of nowhere.

The two gold and silver lights were as dazzling as the sun.

Grandmaster’s expression changed greatly, and he hurriedly shouted:
“Midair collision! Do you want to wreck the Academy?”

Zhao Wuji had released his eighth spirit ability in a moment of desperation, and on hearing Grandmaster’s words, he came to his senses. Hurriedly adjusting the angle, the golden ball of light in his hands shot directly into the air.

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t dare be neglectful either. The silver ball of light equally charged at the sky. The two dazzling balls of light rose high into the air in the blink of an eye, just like meteors chasing after the moon.

Being in the air, Flender couldn’t keep himself from cursing in rage. Wings swiftly withdrawing, he dropped towards the ground. Even if he also was a Spirit Douluo, he still wouldn’t want to endure the aftermath of the collision of two clearly Spirit Douluo level attacks in midair. That flavor definitely wouldn’t be good.

But at this moment, the corners of Tang San’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile,
“Dean Flender, you still stay in the air.”

Two deep blue rays of light suddenly shot from Tang San’s eyes, without any glint of a spirit ring, and even more without any warning. Practically in just a flash of light, those two blue lights had already reached Flender. That was Purple God Light.

Flender had never seen this ability of Tang San’s, but the formidable pressure made his heart beat. Without time to reflect, he could only quickly block in front of him with his hands, his sixth spirit ability suddenly erupting. His whole body was rendered in a layer of heavy yellow light to block the bombardment of the Purple God Light.

Two explosions resounded practically simultaneously. One came from that gold and silver ball collision, and the other was Flender being stalled in midair under the attack of the Purple God Light.

The Purple God Light attack erupted based on spiritual force being compressed by the mind condensing wisdom skull bone, and the point piercing attack power thrust at Flender. Even though he relied on his tyrannical spirit power and spirit ability to block the attack, his plan to land was delayed.

The gold and silver lights erupted in the air, and that mixed two colored light abruptly burst outward, the enormous pressure making the entire Shrek Academy tremble violently, the terrifying explosive sound rousing all of Heaven Dou City.

The Hell White Tiger once again split into Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai. After attacking with their full strength, and suffering the shock of the two tremendous energies colliding, they were no longer able to maintain their spirit fusion ability.

Zhao Wuji didn’t feel any better either. If he had confronted the Hell White Tiger alone, perhaps he still could have held some advantage, but what he confronted was the Hell White Tiger with the terrifying seventy percent boost of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. This collision was on the contrary his loss.

His body flew through the air. This time he wasn’t able to control himself.

And Ma Hongjun with fire phoenix wings unfolded, was just flying towards where he was falling.

The qi and blood within Zhao Wuji roiled, but but he also felt the burning heat behind him. Not daring to be negligent, he managed with difficulty to condense the spirit power within his body, and was just about to use Gravity Control to change his trajectory and fall faster, averting coming into contact with the power storing Ma Hongjun. As long as he got the chance to recover his breath, as a Spirit Douluo, he had confidence in continuing this fight. After all, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing had already exhausted themselves greatly, and the threat had naturally also become a lot smaller.

However, just at this moment, Zhao Wuji suddenly felt his body tighten, sparkling and translucent crystalline Blue Silver Emperor already tightly twisting around him. Tang San’s second spirit ability, Parasite, had activated at this moment.

Parasite wasn’t particularly powerful, but its suddenness was incomparable. When he was trapped within the Blue Silver Prison before, the Blue Silver Emperor’s seeds had already scattered over him. And Tang San’s choice of timing to use them, was naturally ingenious.

The Gravity Control he originally planned to release was interrupted at the same time as his body suddenly tightened. Zhao Wuji even felt the constantly growing thorns on the Blue Silver Emperor prick his skin.

And just at this moment, his body hit the ground.


The surrounding atmosphere instantly distorted, Bathing Fire Phoenix, Phoenix Ascension, Ma Hongjun dropped down with the dual boost. Fatty’s fourth spirit ring, Phoenix Cry Sky Strike, erupted simultaneously.

Within that distorted light, just about to throw off the Blue Silver Emperor, Zhao Wuji was completely slowed. The next instant, burning hot currents were already enveloping him.

The terrifying amplification of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda made Fatty’s originally already extremely formidable burst strength display a hundred seventy percent effect. Incomparably burning hot flames turned into an enormous column of phoenix flame soaring towards the sky, and behind Fatty, a phoenix illusion spread its wings wide, a more than five meter in diameter pillar of flame instantly drowning the Motionless Bright King inside.

Zhao Wuji didn’t feel good, and Flender in the air wasn’t doing much better. The Purple God Light strike made his arms ache as if fractured. What should be blocked was blocked, however, he also simultaneously felt a terrifying aura.

Gold and silver light spread out. Within that terrifying burst of energy, Flender was flung away like a broken burlap sack, the violent and peerlessly explosive might practically tearing his defense to shreds. With countless feathers scattering in the air, the lord dean was directly smacked more than a hundred meters away.

A gentle energy poured into Tang San from behind, currents as mild as water instantly spreading through his entire body, and Tang San immediately felt his consumed spirit power rapidly recover. No need to ask, it was Ning Rongrong’s spirit power boost. What she boosted was the upper limit of Tang San’s spirit power, and the present effect was naturally that his consumed spirit power recovered.

On the other side, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai also received the same treatment.

Flame vanishing, Fatty spread his wings and flew up. As that orange phoenix flame gradually receded, Zhao Wuji, returned to his original height, stood there. However, right now he looked like an enormous coal statue.

Ma Hongjun’s burst attack power was absolutely second to none among Spirit Masters on the same level. Let alone when he still had the boost of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. But what Zhao Wuji could endure the least, was that seventy percent boost to the effect of the flame. Right now, he truly smelled like a roast.

Of course, Spirit Douluo weren’t so easily injured. Ma Hongjun also hadn’t had the nerve to truly go all out. Therefore Zhao Wuji wasn’t truly damaged, but his bear fur was already thoroughly ruined, and the burns on his skin wouldn’t be able to recover within eight or ten days.

The spectating students had long ago turned lifeless. Who could have imagined that this battle that was originally about enduring for three sticks of incense would actually turn out like this.

Two Spirit Kings, three Spirit Emperors, confronting two Spirit Douluo level powers, actually turned into this entirely suspenseless outcome. The majority of the students couldn’t even understand what just happened. Dumbstruck watching the Shrek Five Devils in the middle of the field, they, were they really only twenty years old?

Flender was undoubtedly an astute person, with great difficulty managing to control himself in the air, seeing the five monsters gathering again below as well as Zhao Wuji’s miserable appearance, he immediately made a decision.

Right now, Liu Erlong had just lit the second stick of incense in her hand.

Dai Mubai sighed,
“Unfortunately little Ao isn’t here, otherwise, we could have gone into the air to chase dean Flender.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“Who says we can’t go into the air because little Ao isn’t here? Follow me.”

While speaking, four strands of Blue Silver Emperor quietly shot out, twisting around the waists of the four. The next moment, Tang San was already pulling up, swiftly rising into the air as if he had lost the effect of gravity, directly flying in Flender’s direction.

Seeing the Shrek Five Devils flying towards him, Flender couldn’t help staring wide eyed,
“Impossible, little San, you can even fly?”

Tang San’s smile widened,
“In this world, nothing is impossible. Dean, you see, we’ve also expended a lot of spirit power, continuing to fight to get injured and spending energy is no good. We sue for peace, what do you think?”

Flender immediately nodded without the slightest hesitation,
“En, your strength is pretty good, to be able to turn dean Zhao Wuji into roast bear, your progress hasn’t been small. Fine, we’ll do it like that.”

Zhao Wuji’s appearance made his mouth sting. If they continued, Heaven knew what kind of “pleasant surprises” these five little monsters would give him. Even though they didn’t have Oscar’s replenishment, very clearly, Ning Rongrong’s spirit power was still sufficient to continue supporting for a very long time. Further adding Tang San’s control strength that gods nor demons could not measure, and the more and more numerous abilities of all kinds, he didn’t have the confidence to continue.

Their voices weren’t very loud, and being in the air, the students below certainly didn’t hear them. Flender again suppressed his voice, saying:
“You little monsters, still give me a bit of face.”

Tang San and Dai Mubai looked at each other. Both saw the smile in the other’s eyes, and nodded simultaneously.

Flender grinned, who said they couldn’t still put on a play? He swiftly spun in the air, rising sharply against the wind, in the blink of an eye he had already become an enormous owl. Tyrannical yellow energy currents erupted in the air, and the Shrek Five Devils cried out practically simultaneously, rapidly falling towards the ground. Just like it was Flender who used his wings to slap them down.

The five fell to the ground, staggered and retreated, Dai Mubai shouting:
“Dean Flender, stay your hand. We concede. We’ve consumed too much spirit power, it’s not necessary to go on.”

Flender restrained his wings and once again turned back to human form before the spectating students’ burning gazes, nodding benevolently,
“That you can defeat dean Zhao Wuji in itself means your strength is quite good. Today’s exhibition match ends here.”

Right now, the only one depressed would perhaps be Zhao Wuji. After being turned into roast bear, he didn’t even dare move, doing his utmost to urge the spirit power within his body to drive out the energy that had invaded him from Ma Hongjun’s phoenix flame. Hearing Flender’s words from above, he couldn’t help secretly wailing, ‘why am I always the injured one?’

Nobody knew who took the lead to clap their hands, but the applause spread like wildfire. Each Shrek Academy student clapped their hands with all their power, not stopping even when their palms were beaten red. Such a marvellous battle. They saw it practically for the first time in their lives. Looking at the Shrek Five Devils with burning hot gazes, the positions of their idols constantly rose within their hearts.

Perspicacious people naturally saw that the ending to this exhibition match was somewhat sloppy. Dean Flender had seemed to suddenly grow stronger, or perhaps the Shrek Five Devils had suddenly grown weak. If observing carefully one could even see that Ning Rongrong had at the end already given up on the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda boosts, this was clearly something that couldn’t appear in a battle.

Of course, nobody would investigate this in depth. What was important to the students was that the battle was brilliant enough, letting them see too many dazzling spirit abilities as well as divinely skillful applications. They then understood that spirit abilities could still be used like that. It wasn’t just releasing spirit power to issue spirit abilities, they still needed precise control like Tang San.

On the field, the rapidly growing blue silver grass gradually calmed, slowly shrinking back to their original appearance, as if nothing had occurred. Only Tang San could sense that these blue silver grass were also cheering equally excitedly, cheering for them obtaining the nourishment of the Blue Silver Emperor.

Amidst the smiles, Tang San’s face revealed a trace of faint lively light, both hands folding over his chest, each time the lively light in his eyes flickered, the air would become a bit congealed. Dai Mubai put one hand on Tang San’s shoulder. To him, this fight just now felt like he had returned to five years ago. It was only when fighting together with Tang San that battles could give him such a delighted and uninhibited feeling. It was only with Tang San that fights could become so simple.

The students’ grade teachers made great effort to with difficulty maintain order. In order to prevent a riot, the Shrek Five Devils swiftly retreated first.

Zhao Wuji’s injuries weren’t serious, only his skin still needed some time to heal. At least before the Shrek Five Devils left, he gloomily didn’t reappear. Back then, he had been made equally depressed by Tang San’s hidden weapons. Having gone through the exhibition match this time, Zhao Wuji secretly vowed that, no matter what, he wouldn’t ever exchange pointers with these little monsters again.

The dean’s office.

Flender somewhat helplessly looked at the children he himself had seen grow up in front of him. Besides helpless, he was even more gratified. They truly had grown up. At sixtieth rank, they already possessed even higher level strength. They truly could wander the Spirit Master world. He even more believed that, before too long, these children would surpass him. They were the true golden generation of the Spirit Master world!

“Little monsters, what are your plans next?”
Even though these words were said to everyone, his gaze mainly fell on Tang San and Ma Hongjun.

Ning Rongrong’s future was naturally to accept the position of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master, this was her inevitable choice. As for Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, they had to work even harder for the Star Luo Imperial title if they wanted to continue existing. Judging by their present circumstances, they could clearly accomplish this task.

But Ma Hongjun and Tang San were different. Neither had a clear-cut future. Even if Tang San had already obtained the Clear Sky School’s recognition, he still didn’t. Because the Clear Sky School was in seclusion, it wouldn’t appear at least before Tang San finished that ten year assignment.

Therefore, Flender asked this question.

Ma Hongjun spoke up first,
“Teacher, these years of roaming outside have been good enough. I have nothing to do. Moreover, without making great effort, I’ll fall behind them. If you want to shelter your only disciple, then I’ll stay at the Academy. I’ll follow you and Grandmaster to cultivate. If you want to have me teach something, I also won’t object.”

Flender’s eyes brightened,
“So you have a bit of conscience. Then stay. You won’t eat alone.”

Fatty grinned, clearly somewhat pleased with himself.

To the side Dai Mubai smiled:
“This fellow’s decision to stay clearly has some goal. Dean Flender, be careful.”

Flender shot a glance at fatty.

Ma Hongjun hastily said sternly:
“Teacher, don’t listen to boss Dai’s drivel, what goal can I have! I’m staying in order to keep you company. However, you have to protect me, just in case teacher Zhao wants to retaliate against me, with third brother and the others away, I can’t stand up to him!”

Dai Mubai curled his lips,
“Others might not know you, but don’t tell me I don’t? Your deciding to stay is definitely because of those worshipful junior schoolmates just now. Dean, think about it. After we’ve all left, won’t Fatty be the only Shrek Seven Devil member remaining here? That’s the focus of of ten thousand eyes! At that time, cheating a few beautiful young women won’t be any problem. Living amidst such reverence can also satisfy his vanity. Fatty, tell me if I’m right?”

Ma Hongjun’s face swelled deep red,
“Your farts are right, I’m an honorable person. Don’t think I’m you! I can talk about all the things you did back then. What identical twin lolis……”

Seeing Dai Mubai’s ferocious gaze, he finally didn’t dare say anything else.

Flender helplessly shook his head. He understood this disciple of his extremely well, and what Dai Mubai said was at least seventy percent of why he agreed to stay. The other thirty percent was as Fatty said himself. However, even so, his direct disciple staying by his side left him extremely happy.

His gaze turned to Tang San,
“Little San, you then?”

Tang San pondered, and said:
“First I’ll go find Xiao Wu, then get my sixth spirit ring in the Star Dou Great Forest. As for after that, I’ll think about it when I’ve found Xiao Wu. Perhaps I’ll stay in the Star Dou Great Forest to cultivate with her, it’s also possible we’ll return, or perhaps wander all over the Continent cultivating. Even though our current spirit power can still count for something, compared to the real powers we’re still a large distance away. And this distance will have to be closed by our own effort.”

Flender nodded, saying:
“If you have no suitable place, you just return. The Academy gates will always be wide open for you. No matter what you encounter, you can return. Even Spirit Hall has to think it over if they want to move on our Shrek Academy now. After all, they still won’t dare directly become hostile to the two great empires.”

This moment, Grandmaster suddenly spoke up:
“Little San, when have you decided to leave?”

Tang San looked at Grandmaster, saying:
“Teacher, I was planning on setting out early tomorrow morning. Even though there aren’t a lot of chances to meet my brothers again, I’m very worried about Xiao Wu. We haven’t met for five years, I don’t know how she is. How about this, we’ll set another five year appointment. In five years, we’ll meet at the Academy again. At that time little Ao should also have returned, and I’ll bring Xiao Wu, us Shrek Seven Devils can gather as a whole once again.”

Dai Mubai laughed out loud, saying:
“That’s good! My old man is still in the prime of his live, even if I’ve become the crown prince, for the moment it’s still impossible to become regent, there’s plenty of time. Then in five years. Little San, it seems that even though your present spirit power isn’t equal to mine, you’re still above me in strength. In five years, I’ll fight to reverse that.”

Tang San smiled:

In today’s exhibition match, he at least hadn’t used the Deathgod Domain and Eight Spider Lances. The fifth spirit ability hadn’t appeared either. Of course, Dai Mubai’s fifth and sixth spirit rings also hadn’t been revealed.

Flender sighed lightly,
“I truly hope to see you all become Title Douluo. I hope I can wait until that day. Then, I can close my eyes and die contentedly. At that time the Academy will be left to your care.”

Grandmaster didn’t add anything to Flender’s words, but Tang San wouldn’t overlook the reluctance to part in Grandmaster’s gaze as he looked at him.

Tang San had thought properly, once he found Xiao Wu, he’d definitely return to accompany his Teacher for a time. He clearly understood that even though Grandmaster and Liu Erlong were nominally husband and wife, they really weren’t husband and wife in truth, and even more wouldn’t have children. To Grandmaster, he was like his only son, and he was also Tang San’s second father. Compared to Tang Hao, Grandmaster hadn’t invested a bit less in him.

The night scene was very quiet, with only the sound of the wind, black clouds covering the light of the stars and moon, making the earth seem even darker.

Outside the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle, two disciples on duty for patrol just strolled outside. Their expressions seemed somewhat tired, inattentively walking forward.

As one of the present seven great sects, Clear Sky School also being in seclusion for many years, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School had already become the chief sect apart from Spirit Hall. It was also the richest Spirit Master sect, their position in the Spirit Master world extremely exalted. Even Spirit Hall was unable to sway them.

It was just because of this that the location of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda School’s castle had been calm for too long, to the extent that these on duty disciples didn’t need to be too serious. They couldn’t believe someone would have thoughts of moving on the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

Shivering from the cold, the left patrolling disciple suddenly said to the right patrolling disciple:
“Little Yi, why do I feel so cold?”

“You have a cold?”
Little Yi opened his eyes a bit wide to look in front. He had cultivated for a somewhat long time in the day, and right now his mind was constantly assaulted by fatigue.

The left patrolling disciple shook his head, saying:

Speaking, he walked over to a not distant thicket.

Little Yi stood there somewhat bored, waiting for his partner. The area they were patrolling was one kilometer range from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle. Such a wide patrol had already went on for very many years.

Suddenly, little Yi, just closing his eyes due to lack of sleep, caught a faint light. Immediately afterward, his ears twitched.

As a patrolling disciple, little Yi wasn’t strong, able to join the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School more because of his ancestry. However, he still had a capability ordinary people couldn’t even hope for. Hearing. His spirit was the same as Flender’s, an Owl. The difference was that there were many kinds of owls, Flender’s was good at fighting, while his Owl spirit had rather inherited the owl’s detection powers.

The owl could rely almost entirely on hearing to hunt at night. This was also little Yi’s foremost ability.

Ears twitching, he heard a slight falling sound. Relying on his many years of experience, he could distinguish that this was the sound of a human falling. Not daring to be neglectful, he hurriedly strained his hearing to the limit.

Immediately, a series of rustling sounds reached his ears. Even though it was very faint, these sounds were still like a tide, rushing from all directions.

“Enemy—— attack——”
The almost mournful sound was distinct in the quiet night.

The next moment, the cold chill was already piercing his vest, directly passing through his chest, penetrating each of his inner organs.

However, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was after all the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. Just at the instant he faced death, a small bamboo tube was thrown out by little Yi. With an ear piercing sharp whistle, a red light shot towards the sky, in the blink of an eye exploding into a dazzlingly beautiful firework.

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