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Chapter 156

(TL by Bagelson)

Little Yi’s corpse slid from the hands of a black clothed man. The black clothed man was clearly somewhat at a loss, right now, behind him, countless black clothed people rushed out in waves.

“What’s going on?”

“What was that flame just now?”

“Elder, it might be a signal. Right now we……”

“If we don’t move now, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will only be even better prepared. You idiot, don’t you know how much this will increase our losses? Attack.”

Along with the orders of that aged voice, countless dark shadows rushed out like a tide, going directly towards the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle, but by now, having received the warning signal, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda School castle was already brightly lit.

At first light, Tang San took his leave of Grandmaster, Flender, and his companions, setting out on the road alone.

Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong decided to stay another couple of days. After all, it hadn’t been easy to gather this time. They didn’t urge Tang San to stay, they could all understand his anxiousness to see Xiao Wu.

After leaving Heaven Dou City, Tang San simply took out his direction, then swiftly ran towards the Star Dou Great Forest. In his heart, right now there was already nothing more important than seeing Xiao Wu. ‘Five years, Xiao Wu, are you well? You have to be safe!’

Shrek Academy

Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun, and Ning Rongrong were gathered at Grandmaster’s side, each describing in detail their spirit abilities and cultivation up till now. In terms of theory, Grandmaster’s directions were extremely important to them. The cultivation direction would differ somewhat for Spirit Masters at different stages. Consequently, with Grandmaster’s directions, they could avoid a lot of detours on their future road of cultivation.

Listening to each of the four accounts, Grandmaster was just preparing to start giving them a lecture on theory, when there was an urgent knock on the door.

“Grandmaster. Something’s happened.”

Opening the door, the one who ran inside was Sweet Pea Spirit Master Shao Xin. He was also considered a grandee of the Shrek Academy, and was presently the director for food type Spirit Master education.

“Teacher Shao, what’s happened?”
Grandmaster somewhat astonished looked at him. In his experience, this teacher Shao was always very calm. It was bound to be a major event that left him this flustered.

Shao Xin looked at Ning Rongrong to the side,
“In the dean’s office. School master Ning has come.”

Grandmaster was inwardly alarmed. To the side, Ning Rongrong was even more puzzled, why would her father suddenly come to the Academy? Could it be because of her?

Very quickly, everyone followed Shao Xin to Flender’s office.

As Ning Rongrong saw her father, she couldn’t help being shocked.

Indeed, Ning Fengzhi had come, and Bone Douluo Gu Rong as well. However, these two Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School peak powers unexpectedly seemed extremely wretched.

Ning Fengzhi’s face was pale, his forehead even sweating, the clothes he wore somewhat disarrayed. Such circumstances was practically impossible for someone who valued appearance as much as he did.

Gu Rong looked even a bit more miserable. His face was equally pale, his right arm hanging limply by his side, coughing from time to time, his chest violently heaving as he did.

“Dad, grandpa, what’s going on? What’s happened?”
Ning Rongrong threw herself at her father, nervously gripping his hands. As she felt that her father seemingly had only overdrawn his spirit power, and wasn’t seriously injured, her heart relaxed somewhat.

Ning Fengzhi’s expression was very unsightly, unsightly to the extreme. And his words were even more earth shattering.

“The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School has been destroyed.”
A few simple words, but everyone who had entered the door after were lifeless.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School destroyed? That was one of the most formidable sects in the present world! Equally of one of the seven great sects, Grandmaster’s understanding of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was the deepest, and let alone anything else, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School possessed two Title Douluo, and both were extremely formidable existences among Title Douluo. Whether it was the Bone Douluo in front of him or that Sword Douluo known for having the strongest attack, both were extremely valiant existences. Even more so when Ning Fengzhi was present. With his amplification, the strength of the two Title Douluo could practically double. Even though they were only two, they were enough to count as four Title Douluo in practice.

And the system of power stored by the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School for many years was even more formidable, first not even talking about their relationship with the Heaven Dou Empire, just the external Spirit Masters attached to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School numbered more than three thousand. Further adding the several hundred directly related disciples with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Spirit as well as the Spirit Masters they had fostered, the total number was no less than five thousand.

In the Spirit Master world, this was an extremely terrifying force. In terms of numbers, the other six great sects were far from able to even catch sight of their backs.

If it was someone else saying this, Grandmaster and the others would only laugh through their noses. But these words came from Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School master Ning Fengzhi’s own mouth, clearly it wasn’t a joke.

Flender handed over a cup of tea,
“School master Ning, slow down first, just what has happened?”

He had seen something was wrong with ning Fengzhi’s arrival, and had Shao Xin hurriedly go call Grandmaster, Ning Rongrong and the others over. There was still time to ask now. At present the Shrek Academy and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School could both be considered parts of the Heaven Dou imperial household, of course, Shrek Academy’s position was still far from able to compare to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School. But being in the same faction, Flender was naturally extremely concerned about the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s circumstances.

Ning Fengzhi forcefully suppressed his fury, breathing deeply a few times, then said:
“Last night, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School came under attack. The other side chose their timing too well. Just as forty percent of the sect’s inner disciples were out on business, when the inside was hollow. Fortunately, they were discovered by patrolling disciples before the attack, who promptly gave warning, giving us some time to prepare. The battle continued a full four hours. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s losses are disastrous. More than two thirds of the disciples perished. Moreover, this casualty figure is still rising, we’re constantly learning of the deaths of disciples outside.”

Hearing her father say this, Ning Rongrong’s heart was already in chaos,

“Dad, how could this be? Just what force has such great power? It’s impossible for the other sects!”

Grandmaster spoke in a low voice:
“They moved?”

Ning Fengzhi nodded sorrowfully:
“In the entire Continent, besides them, who could still possess such tremendous power? This time, they were determined to win. I didn’t expect, Spirit Hall would actually be so vicious and merciless.”

“After a night of brave fighting, we just managed to repel them. This is still thanks to the hidden weapons Tang San provided us with back then. The sect’s directly related disciples relied on these hidden weapons to preserve their lives, but the losses among the outer disciples were still disastrous. Especially when a part of the outer sect disciples suddenly turned traitor, causing the castle to be exposed. I’m going to go see His Majesty at once. Coming here was specially in order to warn Grandmaster. Since they moved on the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda School, your Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, perhaps……”

Hearing this, Grandmaster was suddenly alarmed, the hairs all over his body rising like a cat meeting danger,
“Not good.”

Ning Fengzhi lowered his voice:
“Notify your sect at once. Perhaps there’s still time. This time they gathered not only their affiliated Spirit Masters, but still the four lower sects’ people. In last night’s attack, there were more than four Title Douluo. Otherwise, our losses wouldn’t have been this large. It was uncle Sword who took heavy injuries to seriously hurt three of the opponents that forced them to retreat. But the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School definitely won’t be able to hold out. If my guess is correct, before too long, they’ll return in a swirl of dust. Since they’ve acted, they definitely won’t give us a chance to relax. Therefore, I’ve decided to move the sect into Heaven Dou City. Relying on the Empire for protection. Like this we can temporarily stay alive.”

At this point, he slowly stood,
“Dean Flender. Grandmaster. I’ll leave first. Rongrong, you stay at the Academy. It’s safe here. Once matters have come to an end I’ll come get you.”

The rims of Ning Fengzhi’s eyes turned somewhat red,
“Two thousand sect disciples! A full two thousand sect disciples have become corpses. Spirit Hall, you and me cannot exist together.”

Ning Rongrong was dumbfounded. Now she also understood, perhaps her father hadn’t been able to ascertain who moved last night, but besides Spirit Hall, who possessed the ability to destroy the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School? If it hadn’t been discovered in time, perhaps there would no longer be a single person left alive in the sect.

Watching the lonely back of Ning Fengzhi walking out of Flender’s office, the mood immediately became extremely heavy.

In the present Spirit Master world, of seven great sects, four were in the Heaven Dou Empire, they were the three upper sects, the Clear Sky School, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, as well as one of the lower four sects, the Elephant Armored School. The other three sects were in the Star Luo Empire.

Just like Ning Fengzhi said, the lower four sects were long ago completely controlled in Spirit Hall’s hands. Further adding the strength that Spirit Hall grasped on its own, in the entire Continent, at least seventy percent of Spirit Masters were closely connected to Spirit Hall. It was also only them that possessed the power to destroy the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

The ambush of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was an extremely explicit signal that Spirit Hall would move. They resented the present circumstances of the Continent, and wanted to advance Spirit Hall’s position one step further.

However, even knowing it was by Spirit Hall’s hand, without proof, who could doubt them? With Spirit Hall presently grasping the majority of Spirit Masters, even the two great empires didn’t dare act blindly without thinking. Spirit Masters being able to match a hundred alone wasn’t empty words. With several tens of thousands of Spirit Masters grasped in their hands, Spirit Hall really did have the strength to resist the two great empires.

Flender himself saw Ning Fengzhi out from the Academy, Grandmaster had already gone to find Liu Erlong to immediately leave the Academy and return to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Even though the two were considered as having broken away from the clan, at this moment, who still cared about that?

Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing didn’t stay longer. With the sudden great changes, they were also anxious to return to their nation, only in Star Luo Empire could they exploit the resources they held to get to the bottom of things.

Just what was Spirit Hall looking to do? This was the question within everyone’s hearts.

Three days later, grievous news returned.

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan’s entire sect of more than one thousand eight hundred people under the sect master had all died in battle. Only a small number of sect disciples outside had narrowly escaped.

Within several days, one of the three top ranking of the seven great sects was destroyed and one was severely wounded. A tempest immediately rose in the Spirit Master world. For a moment, every Spirit Master was fearful.

That Spirit Hall had ordered the raids could be seen by perspicacious people. Two of the upper three sects was certainly indelibly connected to Spirit Hall.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong held a teacup in her hand, quietly listening to the report of the cardinal in front of her.

“In the battle with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, altogether ten thousand Spirit Masters were dispatched, including one thousand from the lower four sects. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School castle defenses were smashed, seriously injuring the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, at least two thousand Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School disciples were killed in battle. But Ning Fengzhi with the Sword and Bone Douluo’s strength exceeded our expectations. Even though we attacked in group, in the end we were still held off by them. Our side’s losses were equally disastrous. At least four thousand Spirit Masters died in that battle, and the wounded also count over three thousand. Three of the four elders were seriously injured at the time, and had no choice but to temporarily retreat.”

Peng—— The teacup in Bibi Dong’s hand instantly turned to dust.

“Bastard. Ten thousand people went, and even sneak attacked, but the losses were still double that of the opponent. Is the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School really that formidable?”

The Spirit Hall subordinates went quiet out of fear, none daring to utter a word so as not to provoke this Supreme Pontiff in anger.

“Continue the report.”


“Eight thousand were dispatched to sneak attack the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, avoiding discovery before the assault. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was thoroughly erased, not one person escaping alive. Our side lost three thousand people. Among them, nine elders died in mutual destruction with the sect master. The remains are already returned.”

Bibi Dong slowly stood, pacing back and forth within the great hall. Her eyes glittered with light.
“Well done, well done three upper sects. The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan are worthy of their fame, to actually have us lose more than seven thousand men. Truly formidable!”

Hu Liena always stood behind Bibi Dong. Ever since she was established as Spirit Hall’s Sacred Maiden, she had followed Bibi Dong to handle all sorts of Spirit Hall affairs. And right now only she, the Supreme Pontiff’s beloved disciple, dared speak up.

“Teacher, don’t be angry, all gains are bound to require losses. Two of the three upper sects are destroyed, Clear Sky School’s whereabout unknown. The thorns in our side can be considered removed. Even though our present losses don’t seem small, this is also sufficient to powerfully awe the two great empires. They won’t dare act blindly. Once we’ve stored some strength, we can continue according to the original plan. Then the two great empires will inevitably be infiltrated by us. However, we must be careful, a cornered dog will jump over the wall.”

Looking at her proud disciple, Bibi Dong’s complexion eased somewhat,
“Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo have also been gone for so long, is there any news?”

A cardinal, trembling with fear, said:
“Still no news. The Star Dou Great Forest is the largest spirit beast forest on the continent, presumably the two lords will require some time to conduct their search.”

Bibi Dong nodded, saying:
“Orders, the Heaven Dou City Spirit Temple must restrain itself as much as possible, not to act blindly. Observe the Heaven Dou Empire and the remnants of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School at all times, retaliate the first moment circumstances allow. The Spirit Hunting will temporarily come to the end of phase one, next, we should begin our infiltration plan. Conduct everything according to the original plan.”


At the few simple words of this unshakeable Supreme Pontiff, the entire Douluo Continent’s Spirit Master world faced a reshuffle involving each area.

Pa—— Emperor Xue Ye almost smashed the back of his throne in fury,
“Too brazen, too brazen. What is Spirit Hall after? Don’t tell me they want to rule the entire Continent? That they really dare declare war on my Heaven Dou Empire?”

The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan had never expressed support for the Empire, but the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School was a great strength he relied on. Right now two great sects had been destroyed within a few days, and each person in the Spirit Master World was in danger. A lot of free Spirit Masters chose to join Spirit Hall. Even though the two great sects caused enormous losses for Spirit Hall, they still possessed extremely robust strength.

Right now, within this resting palace, only a few people were present. Crown prince Xue Qinghe, Ning Fengzhi, Grandmaster, and also a few imperial ministers.

Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi’s expressions were extremely gloomy. That day, as Grandhamster and Liu Erlong returned to the sect, what they saw was rivers of blood.

They hadn’t returned to the sect for many years, and now that they did, Heaven had already separated them from their relatives. This blow directly turned Liu Erlong unconscious, and was still bedridden from illness. Even though Grandmaster was a bit stauncher, the misery of the sect almost drove him insane.

Compared to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was much more mournful. Not only was the whole family exterminated, but at the same time everything was looted. The current clan chief, and also the sect master, Grandmaster’s own father, had his corpse shattered, his three spirit bones forcibly stripped from the body by the enemies.

Even though the Heaven Dou Empire dispatched the army to help right away, just burying the corpses took three days. On that day when all the corpses were buried, Grandmaster stood before his father’s grave and vowed that he wouldn’t act for himself unless Spirit Hall was destroyed.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School still counted as fortunate compared to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, however, Sword Douluo’s seriously injured right arm was thoroughly ruined, his strength greatly diminished. Two thousand sect disciples were dead, injuring the sect’s vitality even further. Fortunately, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s wealth was promptly moved to Heaven Dou City, and all the remaining members were also moved into the imperial capital where they could be safe.

“Imperial father, quell your anger, what’s most important right now is to figure out a way to respond. At present Spirit Hall not only controls the majority of Spirit Masters, but the kingdoms and duchies within the empire are also for the most part under their influence. You can’t be rash!”
The speaker was crown prince Xue Qinghe, who saw that his imperial father was about to lose his restraint.

Emperor Xue Ye angrily said:
“How can’t I be rash? School master Ning has always thought of the Empire, but was almost killed by Spirit Hall. If I can’t do anything, how wouldn’t that be failing school master Ning’s dead clansmen? And still Grandmaster. The Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan was exterminated. I hadn’t thought that Spirit Hall would actually be so merciless.”

Grandmaster finally spoke up. His current face was a lot more rigid than before. He had been renounced by his clan for a long time, his affairs with Liu Erlong even leading to being heavily separated from the clan. However, he was after all a child of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. The clan was extinguished, and the pain Grandmaster endured wasn’t any less than that of Ning Fengzhi.

“Your Majesty, right now you must keep calm, continuing to patiently endure is the greatest help to us.”
Even though he was extremely unwilling, Grandmaster still spoke like this. Because he knew that the present was still far from the time to lay their cards on the table with Spirit Hall.

“Why? We have millions of brave experts, don’t tell me We must still be afraid?”
Emperor Xue Ye really did seem somewhat impulsive.

Grandmaster shook his head,
“It’s not fear, but rather inability. Your Majesty, you should understand what effect Spirit Masters can have in battle. This time, my clan being extinguished, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School being gravely injured, is enough to prove that we still underestimated Spirit Hall’s strength before. Spirit Hall holds at least thirty thousand Spirit Masters of different levels. And the Supreme Pontiff shouldn’t have personally participated in this operation.”

“Even if Spirit Hall’s losses weren’t small, they still control at least twenty thousand formidable Spirit Masters. And as for Title Douluo level powers, for the moment I would assess them at more than ten. If such strength waged a frontal war with your millions of brave experts, it might not be a fight. But don’t forget that Spirit Hall still has the templar knights, as well as the support of those kingdoms. If these Spirit Masters were mixed into the armies of those little nations, the result would be too horrible to contemplate. Relying on our strength alone, is far from sufficient to withstand Spirit Hall. Looking back at our roots, the strength of the Spirit Masters we hold is still far too small. We even more lack characters to lead. Therefore, we must endure.”

At the final ‘endure’, Grandmaster deliberately raised his voice. From this simple word, each person present heard the thick taste of blood.

“Then what do you propose?”
As Emperor Xue Ye listened to Grandmaster, his mood also stabilized somewhat. The reason why he showed that kind of fury was to some extent also to make a display. Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi were both people he relied on, and anger against a common enemy could tie them closer to him.

Of course, Spirit Hall’s sudden revolt had caught emperor Xue Ye and the Heaven Dou Empire unprepared. On the surface, nobody could find any fault with Spirit Hall, but emperor Xue Ye already sensed an intense impending crisis. Having dealt with the three upper sects, Spirit Hall’s later target would undoubtedly be the two great empires. If he didn’t plan ahead, perhaps the two great sects’ endings would be the conclusion for the empire. Even though Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire both had armies numbering in the millions, in front of truly formidable Spirit Masters, armies were of no use. The defense of emperor Xue Ye’s palace had increased drastically in these few days, out of fear that Spirit Hall would send powers to assassinate him.

Grandmaster’s eyes were somewhat bloodshot, but he still maintained his calm attitude as far as possible,
“To deal with Spirit Hall, only the empire’s current forces are still far from enough. We must unite, must combine all forces to oppose Spirit Hall, gradually nibble away at them, develop ourselves. Destroying Spirit Hall isn’t a matter of a day and night, Your Majesty had best make long term plans.”

Emperor Xue Ye was slightly distracted,
“Grandmaster, your meaning is to ally with Star Luo Empire? But, you also know the conflict between our Heaven Dou and their Star Luo isn’t a matter of just a day or two, but grievances accumulated over a long time. It can’t be easily dissolved.”

Ning Fengzhi spoke up,

“Your Majesty, in this world, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests. Spirit Hall has extinguished two great sects. Star Luo Empire has definitely received the news. I don’t believe that they wouldn’t feel fearful after learning of it. Cooperation is inevitable. Moreover, Grandmaster meaning isn’t only to collaborate with Star Luo Empire. We still lack powers, we must as far as possible attract free Spirit Masters to join our side. Then we can gradually reverse the unfavorable situation.”

Grandmaster lowered his voice:
“If I guess correctly, before too long, Spirit Hall will move to some extent. They’ve successively attacked the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and my Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. It’s only one step further to consolidate their position in the Spirit Master world, increasing their influence and control. We must also move.”

Emperor Xue Ye said:
“I understand your meaning. But how do we attract Spirit Masters? Do you two have any suggestions?”

Grandmaster’s eyes revealed a heartfelt sadness,
“The sect being destroyed, my heart is still in disorder, I must beg Your Majesty’s pardon. I’m unable to help you put forward plans. But please don’t worry, I will do my utmost to train the Spirit Masters of our side. I’ll have them ready to be thrown into battle as soon as possible.”

Emperor Xue Ye pondered, and said:
“This shouldn’t be delayed. We’ll negotiate a dispatch as soon as possible.”

Due to Spirit Hall’s movements, the entire Heaven Dou Empire shifted in a short time, relaxing the outside and tightening the inside. As for what kind of strategies the empire enacted against the crisis brought on by Spirit Hall, only the top echelons knew. Just like Grandmaster and Ning Fengzhi estimated, the Star Luo Empire also began to quietly move.

And at the same time, Spirit Hall issued a declaration, strongly condemning the murderers that extinguished the two great sects, but simultaneously also raised that the positions of the seven great sects were decades old. Now that the Clear Sky Sect shunned the world, and the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan were destroyed, they proposed that the seven great sect ranking would be reevaluated, sorted by military force. They gave all the currently existing sects one year to prepare. In one year, all the Continent’s sects could sign up to participate in a seven great sect grand tournament, establishing a new seven great sects and ranking them according to strength.

The dissemination of this news immediately raised a tempest in the Spirit Master world. Everyone knew what the seven great sects meant, if they could enter those ranks, that would be an enormous advantage to recruiting Spirit Masters and lead to all kinds of benefits. Who didn’t wish they were able to reach these ranks? There was only one year to prepare, and practically more than eighty percent of the sects in the two great empires all mobilized.

As for what the release of Spirit Hall’s statement implied, only they themselves knew best.

But Tang San, on his way to the Star Dou Great Forest, knew none of this.

Star Dou Great Forest.

Looking at the verdant and lush, abundantly green vast forest in front of him, Tang San couldn’t help having his mood improve greatly. Breathing deeply of the fresh and clean air, his heart had long ago flown to Xiao Wu’s side.

Five years had passed, but that beautiful silhouette had never grown indistinct in his heart, on the contrary growing clearer and clearer along with the passage of time. Just like Ning Rongrong who buried her feelings in cultivation, Tang San could also only temporarily put that figure out of his mind in the most bitter cultivation.

‘Xiao Wu, it’s been five years, are you well? I can finally come for you.’

Moved, excited, and even a bit nervous, Tang San finally strode into the Star Dou Great Forest.

Stepping into the forest was like entering a different world. Through his formidable spirit force sense, Tang San could distinctly discover some spirit beasts of varying strength in his surroundings. He of course wouldn’t go casually slaughtering, and opened the Clear Sky Hammer’s Deathgod Domain. With him as the center, it spread in a thirty meter radius.

The ice cold killing intent frightened those ten year or hundred year level spirit beasts to scatter in all directions, it was naturally impossible for them to cause any trouble for Tang San.

Tang San was no longer the model of diligent study of the past. Right now, he already completely possessed the strength to exist in the Star Dou Great Forest. Even if he encountered some powerful spirit beasts, relying on the two great domains as well as the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s flight ability, he could still run away.

However, he didn’t choose to use flight to move through the Star Dou Great Forest. It wasn’t because his flying would consume large amounts of spirit power, on the contrary, the Blue Silver Emperor right leg bone’s own power let him consume a practically negligible amount while flying. However, Tang San had studied with Grandmaster for many years, and he very clearly understood that with countless formidable spirit beasts within this vast spirit beast forest, if he flew, he would undoubtedly be the target of multitudes of arrows. That might be dangerous. He still wasn’t strong to the degree that he didn’t have to fear being surrounded and mobbed by large amounts of spirit beasts.

Star Dou Great Forest, no matter if it was its geography or its location and area, all suited the growth and cultivation of spirit beasts. It was just because of this that the spirit beast population within the Star Dou Great forest had fairly high quantity and quality.

Back when Tang San originally came here, the Shrek Academy’s teachers didn’t dare bring them deep inside, for fear that they would encounter troubles. Just like this, they still ran into that super spirit beast, the Titan Giant Ape, as well as later the thousand year Man Faced Demon Spider Tang San killed and received its spirit ring and the Eight Spider Lances. This showed that this was a place where crisis and benefits coexisted side by side.

Tang San of course didn’t know just where Xiao Wu was in this vast forest. He couldn’t always search each corner of the Star Dou Great Forest, that was basically unrealistic. Therefore, he could only search according to his Teacher’s instructions.

Grandmaster once said that, generally speaking, within a spirit beast forest, the more formidable the spirit beast, the closer to the center of the forest they would live. Consequently, to search for Xiao Wu he had to look in the deepest parts of the forest. To Tang San, the risk of running into danger was basically nothing compared to the urge to see Xiao Wu.

Due to not having to search, only heading in a straight line inside, Tang San didn’t delay. He didn’t need to worry about losing his way here either. The blue silver grass within the forest was his best guide, he only needed to release the Blue Silver Domain and communicate with the blue silver grass, and could naturally find the most proper way. If it wasn’t for Star Dou Great Forest being so large that he was unable to connect to all the blue silver grass, he would only have needed to rely on the information from the blue silver grass to find Xiao Wu.

Just like this, Tang San walked extremely quickly into the Star Dou Great Forest for a full day.

Nightfall, Tang San had found a relatively high area to stop, a day of rushing also left him somewhat tired.

Blue Silver Domain opened up, and along with a light blue halo spreading out from him, very soon the surrounding blue silver grass was emitting an excited and cheerful mood. A fantastic scene appeared. The blue silver grass around Tang San suddenly grew swiftly, very soon growing to three meters tall, the thick leaves of grass starting to tangle with each other, concentrating, and through connecting with each other they constructed a solid house around their emperor.

With blue silver grass visible all over the Continent, while Blue Silver Domain might not be the most powerful domain, it was certainly the most practical. This was something no other domain could compare to.

Just as Tang San prepared to eat some of the rations he carried and then rest, he sensed a particular aura in the information suddenly transmitted to him from the blue silver grass.

That was an unfamiliar feeling he had never felt before. Common blue silver grass only had the lowest intelligence, and could only make Tang San sense their changes through their mood. This time was no exception, however, Tang San still felt a kind of nervousness and defiance in the mood.

Of course, such a mood wouldn’t be defying him, the Blue Silver Emperor. To be able to make the blue silver grass feel so nervous, and even somewhat fearful, just what was it?

A formidable spirit beast? No, shouldn’t be. The Star Dou Great Forest was after all a spirit beast forest, the spirit beasts here had already lived for tens of thousands of years, and the blue silver grass would naturally already be accustomed to their presence. To make the blue silver grass feel nervous and defiant, it was inevitably a strange creature, or perhaps, humans.

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