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Chapter 142

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang Hao said indifferently:

“With the current changes in your aura, how can you hide in the Spirit Master world? The moment you’ve cleansed yourself[1], I will tell you everything. It’s also only at that time that I can decided my future.”

Cleansing? Tang San was somewhat lifeless. But he didn’t ask anything, having no choice but to follow his father away.

Wiping dry her tears, Hu Liena quietly walked down the mountainside. Putting her mind in order, her face gradually calmed. She knew that she didn’t have the privilege to act impetuously.

After becoming orphans as children, it was Spirit Hall that raised her and her big brother. It was Spirit Hall that nurtured them. Let them possess everything they now had. Hu Liena knew very clearly how much her teacher had invested in her.

This kindness alone was something she couldn’t repay in a lifetime.

Therefore, on the day of her coming-of-age ceremony, she had already sworn that she would devote her life to Spirit Hall.

Feelings like these were an extravagant luxury for her. To say nothing of that man being from Clear Sky School.

She didn’t dare think further, it was also only by keeping herself from recalling the brief time they walked the Hell Road that her heart could calm down.

A somewhat sharp voice echoed ahead.

Hu Liena raised her head to look at the two people standing quietly, waiting for her.

Seeing these two, Hu Liena was unconsciously moved. After two years, she finally didn’t need to seek survival in slaughter.

“Elder Ghost, elder Chrysanthemum.”

These two were Ghost Douluo Gui Mei and Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan. That the Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong sent these two great Title Douluo to wait for Hu Liena here, showed how much she valued her.

Ghost Douluo smiled:
“Congratulations, girl. You could successfully leave. That is the greatest success. Once back to Supreme Pontiff Palace, we’ll celebrate you.”

The Ghost Douluo still seemed illusory. Stepping forward to rub Hu Liena’s head, he said:
“Let’s go. Supreme Pontiff Palace is always waiting for you. In these two years, she came three times. Each time she left, her eyes were full of hopelessness and concern. I think she’ll definitely be very happy to see you back.”

Hu Liena’s eyes warmed. Thinking of all that her teacher was to her, her emotions for Tang San were finally suppressed, and she was practically impatient to follow the two Title Douluo towards Spirit Hall.

What she didn’t know was that after she and Tang San left, all of Slaughter City had been washed in terrifying blood.

Ten days later, Heaven Dou City.

Despite ten days already having passed, Tang San still hadn’t recovered from the ambience of Slaughter City. Two years of vigilant living had made him cultivate a habit of doubting everything.

Despite all the accumulated killing intent already being condensed into the Deathgod Domain in the Clear Sky Hammer, he was still constantly in an extremely nervous condition.

Tang San himself knew this wasn’t good, but how was it so easy to give up on a habit formed over two years living in a world of darkness?

Reaching Heaven Dou City once again, the heart that Slaughter City had turned to ice gradually recovered somewhat. Only, he didn’t understand why his father would bring him to the Heaven Dou Imperial capital.

Fortunately, by now his physical changes were so large that even his acquaintances in Heaven Dou City might not recognize him if they met.

Tang Hao brought Tang San into the city, the combination of father and son seeming somewhat strange. Even though Tang San also wore simple clothes, he still very easily drew people’s attention after the changes in his temperament and appearance.

Handsome appearance, somewhat conspicuously pale features, the noble temperament within still imperceptibly distributing an ice cold energy, all were things people would pay attention to.

But Tang Hao still had that worn down appearance. He had never once decorated his appearance. If he was carefully observed, one could detect a deathly stillness within those yellowed eyes. Tang Hao’s heart had already died as early as when Tang San’s mother passed away.

Walking straight into the most bustling center of Heaven Dou City, Tang Hao stopped before a lofty building.

Tang San subconsciously followed his father’s gaze to look at the building in front of them. This was a small house with five stories, which was considered very tall even in Heaven Dou City. The first impression this house gave people was elegance.

The overall architectural style was simple and unadorned, the horizontal inscribed board only carrying two simple words, Moon Pavilion.

There weren’t many people coming and going, but one could tell that the people passing through here were all sumptuously dressed or people with extremely beautiful manners. Men and women both.

“Dad, what is this place?”
Tang San asked.

Tang Hao said calmly:
“This is the place for your cleansing. Let’s go, inside.”

Speaking, Tang Hao lead the way over towards the Moon Pavilion.

The two had just walked over to the door when they were blocked, two black clothed youths barring the way. The two youths both appeared rather handsome, dressed neatly. Each raising a hand, they blocked their path.

The left youth said with a serene expression:
“I’m sorry, please leave. Moon Pavilion doesn’t receive shabbily dressed people.”

Tang San frowned. Even though his clothes were simple, they were extremely clean. Clearly, the counterpart was speaking to Tang Hao. Very naturally taking a step forward, Tang San raised his head to look at the two youths on the steps, spitting out an ice cold voice,
“Out of the way.”

Two surges of incorporeal killing intent pulsed, and those two youths tumbled backwards as if electrocuted. When they looked at Tang San again, it was like they saw a monster, looking at each other with horror.

They weren’t even Spirit Masters, how could they resist Tang San who had just left Slaughter City with a body filled with killing intent?

Tang Hao glanced at his son, but didn’t say anything, walking inside with large strides.

Tang San followed behind his father, entering this Moon Pavilion together.

The two youths only sensed a cold intent emitting from Tang San, and didn’t have the courage step forward to block them again.

Only when Tang San’s silhouette had disappeared from their line of sight did they breathe out, but they both discovered that their clothes were already soaked through with sweat, and one of them rushed around the back of the Moon Pavilion in a great hurry.

Entering the first floor of the Moon Pavilion, the first thing one met was a faint fragrance.

The spirit screen was carved from yellow poplar, emitting a faint wood fragrance. In front of the spirit screen were two three meter tall different kinds of orchids emitting a faint delicate fragrance. Even though it was only one step into the Moon Pavilion, it still seemed like an isolated world.

Moving around the spirit screen was an expansive hall. The floor was covered with one meter wide gray square bricks, and the surroundings were littered with decorative items made from all kinds of costly wood. Behind a wide table ahead stood several simply dressed, but equally refined, young women. On either side of the desk were exquisite staircases.

Seeing Tang Hao and his son, those young women were clearly somewhat surprised. They obviously didn’t understand how people dressed like Tang Hao could enter.

Tang Hao strolled forward, walking up to the desk and saying to the tallest young woman:
“Tell Yue-Hua[2], an old friend is visiting.”

The young woman stared blankly a moment, her elegant eyebrows wrinkling minutely,

“You are……”

Tang Hao held his hands behind his back,
“You tell Yue-Hua, when the full moon shatters, rare old friends arrive. She will know who I am.”

Looking over Tang Hao, then again looking over Tang San at Tang Hao’s side, perhaps she was influenced by Tang Hao’s apathetic mood, but the young woman’s expression shifted, nodding and saying:

Finished speaking, she swiftly went upstairs along the staircase to the side.

Before long, somewhat conspicuously noisy footsteps came from upstairs. Hearing the noise, Tang Hao couldn’t help wrinkling his brows somewhat.

Altogether four people walked down from upstairs. One of them was one of the two youths in the doorway before, and of the other three, one was a middle aged man in a long purple gown, and the other two were slim, dressed in blue, their ages appearing not much different from that purple clothed person in the lead.

The purple clothed middle aged man’s gaze fell on Tang Hao and, very naturally displaying a trace of loathing, again looked over Tang San next to Tang Hao and walked down the stairs.

The tall young woman from before came down the stairs after the four men, pointing to Tang Hao she said to the purple clothed man in a low voice:
“Manager, he was looking for the Madam.”

The purple clothed man nodded, his face unconsciously displaying a lofty pride. He didn’t completely come down the stairs, but rather stood in the stairs and addressed the two blue clothed men behind him:
“Moon Pavilion only receives elegant visitors, ask them to leave.”

The two blue clothed middle aged men gave a nod, and quickly moved the stairs. They descended very quickly, but still didn’t give people an impression of rushing, but on the contrary moved very rhythmically. With each step, the spirit power they distributed would increase somewhat, an incorporeal pressure assaulting the senses.

Tang San very naturally took a step forward. Seeing the purple clothed man’s face as he disdainfully glanced at the father and son, he could only think of describing it as a dog looking down on humans.

The two blue clothed men very swiftly arrived in front of Tang Hao and his son, the one on the left saying:
“Please leave.”

Tang Hao calmly said:
“If I won’t?”

The blue clothed man’s gaze turned to that purple clothed man addressed as Manager. The purple clothed man waved his hand,
“Still need me to teach you? Have them leave.”

The two blue clothed men moved immediately, raising their hands to grab the shoulders of Tang Hao’s pair. Tang Hao looked at his son, saying:
“Don’t kill, don’t damage the place.”

Tang San moved. He only took one step forward, but those two blue clothed men simultaneously felt an immense attractive force coming from his body, and the two of them practically involuntarily stretched out their hands to grab Tang San.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San also raised his hands, matching the hands of those two blue clothed men.

His current strength had already made a qualitative leap, and from the counterparts’ spirit power fluctuations, he could tell that these two should be forty something ranked Spirit Ancestors.

Confronting opponents like these with his current strength, how would they stand a chance?

Apart from Tang Hao, nobody saw what Tang San did. With just a flash of an illusory white shadow, the two blue clothed men exploded backwards, their extended arms already hanging limply.

Tang San looked coldly at the two,
“Extend one claw, and I will get rid of one. Extend another, another disappears. We’re here to see the owner, not to watch the guard dogs.”

Perhaps because of the fighting, intense killing intent surged out from his body, ice cold, reeking of blood, blood thirsty, wicked, a severely negative mood engulfed this first floor of the Moon Pavilion in practically an instant.

The several female attendants behind the table looked at each other and turned pale, trembling and recoiling. If not for what Tang Hao said before, those two blue clothed men would already be dead by now.

Watching the killing intent his son emitted, Tang Hao’s brows wrinkled deeply. He knew that Slaughter City’s influence on Tang San was still far from removed.

Tang Hao knew far more than Tang San imagined. Even though he didn’t say or show it, in fact, right now Tang San could be said to be the only mental support in this world.

Tang Hao had always secretly observed Tang San in his two years of practice in Slaughter City. Even the Slaughter King didn’t know that this Deathgod had long since infiltrated Slaughter City.

Tang Hao even knew Tang San finally left the Hell Road with Hu Liena. Seeing his son finally choose to bring Hu Liena out of the Hell Road, Tang Hao felt very gratified. A formidable enemy wasn’t terrible, what was terrible was losing one’s heart.

Even though he knew that Tang San’s current condition seemed very normal, inwardly he was still somewhat worried, and even more determined to cultivate him according to the former plan.

The purple clothed middle aged man stared blankly a moment, descending the stairs in a flash, both hands pressing the shoulders of his two subordinates. His face immediately changed. Staring fixedly at Tang San, he said in a low voice:

The bones of the blue clothed mens’ arms were unexpectedly shattered in tiny pieces, clearly unrecoverable. Even if they healed, they wouldn’t be able to use as much strength as before.

Tang San gave a cold smile,
“For dogs looking down on people, I’ve already started off leniently.”

The purple clothed man knew that he’d made an error in judgement before. He hadn’t expected this youngster to actually be so powerful. Even if neither of his subordinates had released their spirits, with their spirit power, having their arms ruined by Tang San showed the strength of this youth. How old was he? The purple clothed man found it somewhat difficult to imagine.

A faint halo of light undulated, tremendous spirit power suddenly releasing, and six spirit rings quietly appearing around the purple clothed man, awesomely revealing his Spirit Emperor status.

Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, six spirit rings moved orderly and rhythmically. The spirit power he unleashed made Tang San feel somewhat familiar. The allocation of this person’s six spirit rings was pretty good. It seemed he was around fifty or so, to be able to have six ring strength was already pretty good.

With a cold smile, Tang San took another step forward, also simultaneously releasing his spirit. Everyone stared, overwhelmed with shock. Yellow, yellow, purple, black, black, five spirit rings quietly appeared. Tang San’s entire imposing manner released, holding back hardly anything. Formidable killing intent made it seem as if the entire Moon Pavilion trembled.

“This, this is impossible.”
The purple clothed man had an ideal spirit ring configuration himself. Watching the five spirit rings Tang San revealed, he practically didn’t dare believe his eyes.

Nevermind the age of this youth, having five spirit rings at the ten thousand year level starting at the fourth already filled him with shock.

Shocking him even more was the extraordinary pressure Tang San released afterwards. The purple clothed man only felt his entire spirit power seem to be completely suppressed by this particular aura. Even the light of his six spirit rings began to dim. Even though he could still congregate his spirit power, he could only gather seventy percent or so. His strength was massively reduced.

Almost impatiently, the purple clothed man raised his right hand. A bright purple vine crept out of his palm. In a split second he had surrounded himself with a purple protective screen.

Seeing the counterpart’s spirit rings dim, Tang San also looked distracted. But as he saw the purple vine, he couldn’t hold back a trace of a smile, thinking to himself: ‘No wonder’.

The purple clothed man’s spirit was a plant type Ghost King Vine, an evolved form of the Ghost Vine of Tang San’s second spirit ring. The reason he would be suppressed by Tang San’s pressure was very simple, it was because of Tang San’s spirit.

Blue Silver Grass had evolved into Blue Silver Emperor, and as the monarch power of the botanical kingdom, Blue Silver Emperor had a formidable suppressing effect against any plant type spirit. The aura alone was enough to make the opponent’s Ghost King Vine tremble.

Because, even though Tang San was one level below the opponent, he actually instead held the advantage with his present imposing manner. Tang San had complete confidence in defeating this opponent in front of him without using the added might of his spirit bones.

Just at this moment, a somewhat cold voice suddenly resounded,


The purple clothed middle aged man and Tang San simultaneously turned to look towards the stairs, only to see a graceful and luxuriously beautiful woman slowly descend the stairs. Behind her still followed two beautiful young women.

Seeing this beautiful woman, Tang San couldn’t help being somewhat astonished, because he unexpectedly couldn’t see her true age. At first glance she seemed twenty seven or twenty eight, but her eyes seemed to understand everything in the world, not something a twenty seven year old woman could compare to.

The long dress with silver court decorations seemed to hug her body, and if Tang San absolutely had to compare her to someone he knew, in temperament alone, perhaps only Spirit Hall Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong could be mentioned in the same sentence.

The difference was that she didn’t have Bibi Dong’s pressure, but she wasn’t a bit inferior in nobility. Moreover, this woman didn’t have the slightest spirit power fluctuations, she clearly wasn’t a Spirit Master.

Tang Hao also simultaneously raised his head to look at the beautiful woman. She strolled down from the upper floors, each motion graceful and natural. Even if her brows were slightly wrinkled, it didn’t detract from her manners in the slightest.

“Manager Aude, what’s going on?”
The beautiful woman asked softly.

The purple clothed middle aged man hastily took a few steps forward. While cautiously on alert against Tang San’s side, he said to her:
“Madam, these two came to cause trouble. Why did you come down?”

The beautiful woman’s gaze swept past Tang San. When she saw the bizarre five spirit ring allocation Tang San had, her gaze also displayed a faint shock.

“With such powerful killing intent appearing, how could I not notice it? Just what is going on?”
Her last question was aimed at the young women behind the table trembling severely from Tang San’s killing intent.

Just at this moment, a fantastic scene appeared. Tang San clearly felt a gentle wave release from that courtly dressed beautiful woman. The waves she released were graceful and natural, so gentle that they seemed able to calm all the sadness in the world.

His killing intent touched her peculiar aura, and unexpectedly quickly faded like melting ice and snow. The entire first floor of the Moon Pavilion also became calm and natural once again.

Domain, certainly, that was a Domain. Possessing two great Domain,s Tang San instantly sensed the cause of the beautiful woman’s fluctuations. However, if she possessed a Domain, how come there were no spirit power fluctuations?

Could it be that she was already so formidable that she could hide her spirit power from his senses? If so, that would make this woman a Title Douluo level power.

Just as Tang San prepared to release the Deathgod Domain to try it, his shoulder was grabbed by Tang Hao’s outstretched hand. Turning to look at his father, he only saw Tang Hao shake his head at him, and Tang San renounced his thoughts of releasing the Deathgod Domain.

Losing the influence of the killing intent, the several young women all slowly came over. That tall young woman from before hastily said a few sentences next to the beautiful woman in a low voice. With Tang San’s astonishing hearing, he clearly heard that young woman describe how they were blocked because of Tang Hao’s worn clothing, as well as what Tang Hao asked her to pass on.

When that beautiful woman heard the words ‘rare old friends’, the fluctuations she distributed were smashed in practically an instant. Then next moment, her body trembled violently. Walking down the stairs with quick steps, her movements even seemed somewhat frenetic.

The originally graceful and harmonious temperament was unexpectedly completely broken at this moment.

Everyone in the Moon Pavilion were stupefied, they had never before seen the Madam like this.

The beautiful woman quickly walked over to Tang Hao, and without caring about Tang San next to her, both her hands quickly caught Tang Hao’s shoulders. Her eyes were already covered with watery mist,
“Hao, is it really you? You, why……”

Sensing that the woman didn’t have the slightest bit of hostility towards his father, and further what his father said about old friends before, Tang San took a step back, withdrawing his spirit.

Looking at the beautiful woman, Tang Hao sighed lightly,

On Tang Hao’s face, Tang San saw to his surprise, a trace of self mockery.

The beautiful woman’s lips trembled and she fiercely threw herself into Tang Hao’s embrace, crying loudly. Both her hands tightly encircled Tang Hao’s waist, as if she wanted to blend herself into Tang Hao. Right now there wasn’t a trace left of her grace.

Those were entirely bitter tears from release of emotion, making people unable to keep from glancing sidelong.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

The Moon Pavilion people were all lifeless, and Tang San was also somewhat dumbfounded. Because he unexpectedly saw his father softly pat that beautiful woman’s back, his face revealing a gentle expression. It was difficult to imagine that this kind of expression would appear on his father.

After a long time, the beautiful woman’s weeping finally came to a rest. Slowly raising her head to look deeply at Tang Hao, then again turning her head to look at Tang San to the side,
“He is? Your and her son?”

Tang Hao nodded silently, and Yue-Hua straightened, turning to Tang San with teary eyes and raising her hand to touch his face.

Tang San frowned, very naturally withdrawing a step, getting out of reach of her hand.

Yue-Hua’s elegant eyebrows wrinkled slightly,
“What are you hiding from, I’m your aunt.”

Tang San opened his eyes wide, looking at the beautiful woman in front, then again looking at his aged father, he couldn’t see anything to suggest these two were siblings.

Tang Hao nodded to Tang San,
“She’s your aunt.”

Yue-Hua extended her hand once again, and this time Tang San didn’t dodge. Aunt. This word was entirely unfamiliar to him. However, a feeling of blood being thicker than water made him instantly lose any guard against the woman in front of him.

Softly caressing Tang San’s face, the rims of Tang Yue-Hua’s[3] eyes reddened once again,
“You look like your dad when he was young, and also like your mom.”

Hearing this, the defenses in Tang San’s heart thoroughly crumbled, losing all of the imposing manner from before.

The Moon Pavilion people were already gaping. They had never imagined that this seemingly filthy and washed out old man was actually the Madam’s elder brother.

Turning, looking rebukingly at Tang Hao, Tang Yue-Hua said angrily:
“After so many years, only now do you know to come find me? Go, follow me upstairs.”

Finished speaking, Tang Yue-Hua grabbed Tang San’s hand and turned to head upstairs.

Tang Hao looked somewhat helplessly at this younger sister, but his current expression was more relaxed than it had been in years.

Reaching the head of the stairs, Tang Yue-Hua turned her head and said to manager Aude:
“Everything you saw just now, never happened. I’ll leave this matter to you, understand?”

Aude hastily said:
“Yes, Madam.”

Tang Yue-Hua’s hand was very warm, and also very soft. Held by her, Tang San seemed to have become a child again. She brought Tang Hao and Tang San directly to the top floor of the Moon Pavilion.

As she walked, Tang Yue-Hua wiped her tears and said to Tang San:
“Child, what’s your name?”

“I’m called Tang San.”

Tang Yue-Hua went slightly rigid. Turning her head to look at Tang Hao, she couldn’t help giving a soft sigh.

The top floor of the moon Pavilion was an immense hall, decorated even more gracefully than the first floor. Being familiar with plants, Tang San was shocked to discover that the furnishings were unexpectedly all made from agarwood, making the entire building emit a faint fragrance.

What was agarwood? A top quality wood worth even more than its weight in gold. Just the furniture in this hall alone was worth an astronomical sum.

Around the hall were altogether four sliding doors, leading to unknown areas. The impression this place gave was comfortable, peaceful, quiet, elegant. It wasn’t gorgeous, but the wood fragrance here made people’s hearts relax.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled:

She pushed Tang San into a chair, then turned to look at Tang Hao.

“Ge, how did you become like this?”
Having just suppressed her emotions, as she looked at Tang Hao’s aged face, she couldn’t help becoming agitated again.

Tang Hao smiled slightly,
“Silly girl, when did you become so fond of crying? It’s not like you.”

Tang Yue-Hua said furiously:
“This isn’t because of you. How many years? You actually didn’t even send a message.”

Tang Hao became silent, walking over to sit next to Tang San. He lowered his head, speaking faintly:
“Eldest brother, is he still well?”

Tang Yue-Hua went blank a moment. After a long time, she slowly shook her head,
“I don’t know. You also know eldest brother. He hides everything at the bottom of his heart. Last time I was home, I accidentally saw him holding a picture of us three as children. Even I don’t know what passed.”

Tang San felt his father next to him stiffen a moment,
“I’m the one who let down the sect.”

Tang Yue-Hua said indifferently:
“What’s the point of saying this now? This time you’ve returned with great difficulty. No matter what you say, I won’t let you leave again. You definitely have to return with me. Eldest brother. Eldest brother has always missed you.”

Tang Hao smiled wryly:
“Return? I haven’t been a Clear Sky School member for a long time. How could I return? Yue-Hua, even if I let down the sect, I still don’t regret anything I did. Eldest brother, he, still hasn’t married?”

Tang Yue-Hua’s expression fell, her graceful and charming face gaining a layer of cold frost,
“Eldest brother isn’t an impetuous person like you, he’s more responsible and dutiful than you. Everything in the sect still has to depend on him. He could only cherish those feelings by not taking a wife. Second brother, are you truly not willing to go back to see him? The sect has changed into its current appearance, the magnificent world’s number one sect actually going into hiding. Do you know the suffering of the sect’s disciples? Return with me, with us three siblings working as one, I don’t even fear fighting that Spirit Hall.”

Tang Hao stood, slowly walking into the center of the hall, his back turned to Tang Yue-Hua:
“Yue-Hua, my heart is already dead, there’s no more of the drive from before. The moment Ah Yin died, my heart had already followed her. I can’t help the sect with anything. As for apologies, I don’t want to say them to eldest brother. I believe that he understands.”

“Understand farts. You, the magnificent youngest Title Douluo in the world, you still say you can’t help the sect? Eldest brother can understand you?”
Tang Yue-Hua’s delicate body was already trembling somewhat from fury.

Tang Hao stood there silently, the silhouette of his back appearing so lonely.

Tang San also stood, looking at the agitated Yue-Hua,
“Aunt. Don’t force dad further. Dad isn’t unwilling to help the sect. Rather, he already can’t. His body……”


“Yue-Hua, I’ll leave my little San to you. He just came out of Slaughter City. Only you can help him best.”

“In one year, find me in the mountain valley according to this map.”

Finished speaking, he walked directly outside.

“Stand still.”
Tang Yue-Hua followed with big strides. Perhaps because she moved too fast, the courtly dress she wore unexpectedly issued ripping sounds.

Reaching Tang Hao’s back in a few steps, Tang Yue-Hua’s hand swiftly fell on his shoulder. The Domain fluctuations Tang San felt before now appeared once again.

Tang Hao halted,
“Yue-Hua, tell eldest brother, little San is my repayment to the sect. In one year, after he’s gone to see me, you bring him back to the sect to acknowledge his ancestors and roots. What I can’t accomplish, he will do in my stead. Furthermore, tell eldest brother that he is my and Ah Yin’s son, and also my only son.”

Tang Yue-Hua shouted. The next moment, Tang Hao’s silhouette already faded in front of her, quietly disappearing.

If Tang Hao wanted to leave, how many people in this world could stop him?

Tang Yue-Hua stood there, tears silently flowing. Seeing her brother again after twenty years, meeting so briefly, she suddenly felt her heart aching deeply. Not only because Tang Hao left, but also because of the pain this second brother bore.

Tang San didn’t move. His father had him stay, so he only stayed. Quietly standing behind Tang Yue-Hua, waiting.

After a long time.

Wiping the tears from her face, Tang Yue-Hua’s eyes weren’t swollen or red from the tears, slowly turning, she looked at Tang San with a somewhat complicated expression,
“Has your father told you about him and your mother?”

Tang San silently shook his head,
“Can you tell me?”

Tang Yue-Hua sighed softly,
“Since he doesn’t want to tell you, I can’t speak out of turn either. Perhaps, in one year, he will tell you everything. By what I’ve seen, he’s very confident in you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say he would leave you as repayment to the sect. You should be nineteen this year.”

Tang San said:
“In two months.”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled slightly,
“Your father walked Slaughter City’s Hell Road when he was twenty eight. You’re almost ten years earlier than him. It seems you really are the hope of the sect. Do you know what it is he left you here for a year to study with me?”

Tang San silently shook his head.

Tang Yue-Hua watched Tang San with a burning gaze,
“In the next one year, I will instruct you in all manner of noble etiquette and music.”

“You’re not joking?”
Tang San looked dumbstruck at this aunt he had only known for less than two hours.

Tang Yue-Hua said sternly:
“Do I look like I’m joking? In one year, if you can’t meet my requirements, I won’t let you leave to see your dad.”

Tang San looked stupidly at the aunt in front of him. He had never expected that his father hadn’t actually brought him here to cultivate further, but rather to learn these completely useless things.

Tang Yue-Hua looked almost laughing at Tang San’s stupid expression,
“Very soon you will understand the benefits of these things. One person, no matter how formidable, doesn’t have enough strength. Like your father, he’s already formidable enough, but what has he turned into now? He doesn’t want you to follow the track of the overturned cart. From now on, I am your aunt, and also your teacher.”

Tang San smiled somewhat wryly:
“Aunt, do I really have to learn those etiquette things?”

[1] The original here is an idiom (铅华洗尽) which translates to “washing away lead flowers”, referring to ancient lead-based make-up. As an idiom it’s part of a Daoist idea of washing away all worldly concerns to reveal one’s true self without pretense. Let me know if you have a way to make that fit that doesn’t sound stupid.

[2] Yue-Hua - (月华) “Moonlight”

[3] Tang Yue-Hua - (唐月华) “Tang Moonlight”

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