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Chapter 143

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang Yue-Hua nodded with certainty,
“Evenings are your time, you plan them on your own. However, in the daytime you will learn these with me. Until I’m satisfied. Do you know what the Moon Pavilion does?”

Tang San shook his head.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled calmly,
“My place here is the Heaven Dou Imperial school of courtly etiquette, specialized in teaching all kinds of noble etiquette. You should have felt my Domain. My innate domain is called Noble Circle. And my spirit power, at present, is ninth rank.”


“You, variant spirit?”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled and nodded,
“Perhaps you would think of me as the most useless disciple of the Clear Sky School, but I can tell you that if your father could possess everything I am skilled in, the result of the events twenty years ago would be completely different. At times, strength doesn’t mean everything. You must learn to protect yourself even without relying on power. You must further learn how to exploit the art of language, and still how to walk between powers of all sides as well as how to control authority. I can see that you’re outstanding, however, you still have many, many things you must learn.”

Tang San finally nodded with some difficulty. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he still had no choice but to compromise with this graceful woman. After all, she was his aunt.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled faintly,
“Don’t look so embarrassed. I think that before long, you will understand the importance of everything I teach. Walking out of Slaughter City, what you need most right now isn’t strenuous cultivation, but rather to let all that you possess grow more stable. I already know about your father’s condition. Don’t worry, I won’t push him again later. The sect won’t either. Even if he’s no longer at the sect, the sect has never forgotten him.”

Sighing, Tang Yue-Hua looked deeply at Tang San,
“If you don’t want your father to be troubled again, you must become even stronger. The responsibility of everything he should accomplish, will fall on your shoulders.”

One year later. Heaven Dou City, Moon pavilion.

Heaven Dou City’s night scene was very beautiful. This was deeply related to the highly developed commerce here. As the capital of Heaven Dou Empire, in the entire Douluo Continent, perhaps only Star Luo City could manage to compare.

The beauty of Star Luo City lay mainly in the exquisiteness of the south, while Heaven Dou City was brimming with the northern generous atmosphere, both victors in their own ways.

Graceful and quiet light spread from the several lower floors of the Moon Pavilion, a continuous stream of people constantly presenting their invitations and entering.

As the Heaven Dou imperial school of courtly etiquette, in order to be able to enroll in the Moon Pavilion, one had to at least have a title of nobility, and one’s age couldn’t surpass thirty. This was undoubtedly the place where the new generation of Heaven Dou Empire’s nobility was cultivated.

Therefore, even though the Moon Pavilion itself didn’t count as much, there was still no power that dared meddle with it. Not even the imperial family.

Reportedly, Emperor Xue Ye and the Moon Pavilion’s master Madam Yue-Hua had a somewhat intimate relationship. Of course, this was just a rumor.

This evening was the annual graduation ceremony.

With each batch of students graduating, all these students’ parents and elders were invited. These were undoubtedly the most influential characters of Heaven Dou Empire’s capital.

In fact, the Moon Pavilion only admitted one hundred students per year. In order for these one hundred places, the nobility of the entire Heaven Dou Empire practically racked their brains. Everyone knew that to be able to smoothly graduate from the Moon Pavilion, was equivalent to being plated with gold. The graduates from here were considered true nobility.

Before anything else, in marriages between noble families, the stronger side would frequently ask the weaker side whether their child had passed the education of Moon Pavilion. This alone showed the influence of the Moon Pavilion in the entire upper layer of the Heaven Dou Empire.

Of course, nobody knew that the master of the Moon Pavilion without the strength to truss a chicken, Madam Yue, was actually from the world’s first Spirit Master sect.

The graduation ceremony was held on the third floor of the Moon Pavilion, where numerous high ranking officials and nobles had already arranged their seating. They all wanted to see how their children had improved through the cultivation of the Moon Pavilion.

As the master of the Moon Pavilion, Tang Yue-Hua still wore silver adorned courtly dress, standing to the side of the reception hall with a smile on her face. Subordinates told her everyone was present. She nodded an indication. The graduation ceremony formally began.

A line of silver dressed young men and women began to enter through doors on two sides. The one hundred people didn’t make the hall noisy. Each person’s face revealed equally graceful smiles, the pace between each harmonious, with casual ease. The faint grandeur didn’t give people an impression of arrogance, but could still surprise.

Just at this moment, a door opened to the side of the hall, and a white dressed youth slowly walked out, holding an exquisite and elegant golden harp to his chest.

Blue eyes so clear the bottom could be seen, a head of deep blue hair draped across the shoulders and back without giving people the slightest impression of lacking manners, all over a spirited quality, handsome, noble, graceful.

Against expectations there was also a particular quiet contentment. When he walked out from the door, he became the focus of everyone present in practically an instant.

Even the graduating students stepping into the hall with graceful smiles before, for the most part couldn’t help throwing their gazes in his direction.

Especially the female students had no lack of intoxicated expressions.

The white clothed youth carefully arranged the prize harp on a table, sitting straight backed on a special stool, first facing the audience with a smile and a nod, then slowly raising both slender hands to lightly start playing.

Elegant, pure like the sparkling translucence of precious stones, ephemeral limpid tones flowed from that exquisite golden harp. The hall immediately calmed, the beautiful sound of the harp making the listeners’ hearts untroubled. A marvellous aesthetic just like a fountain rushing under moonlight, filling the air with a poetic atmosphere.

Let alone others, only looking at outward appearances, this white clothed youth undoubtedly made all the graduating students present turn pale. The aloof quiet contentment he carried was no doubt what gave people the most favorable impression.

Tang Yue-Hua stood there quietly, listening to the beautiful sound of the harp. To her ears, this harp music naturally sounded different to what other people heard. She heard whether the sound of this harp truly was as quiet and contented as the surface of the white clothed youth.

One year, a whole year had passed. He had indeed changed a lot. Perhaps, this was his natural instinct.

The youth bent over the harp was Tang San. Compared to one year ago, the current Tang San had undergone a heaven and earth revolving change. That was a change in temperament. There was no longer any murderous aura spreading from him. That didn’t mean that the killing intent he had obtained from Slaughter City had disappeared, but rather that it was truly contained.

When Tang Yue-Hua gave Tang San his first lesson, she had told him that a true power first had to learn to control everything about himself. Especially his mood and aura.

Tang San had undoubtedly done very well in this year. Well to the extent that even an exacting lady like Tang Yue-Hua couldn’t pick out any flaw. What others would need three years to learn, he had completed in one, and moreover done it better than anyone.

To be able to represent the graduating class to play the harp was an honor that had always by tradition in Moon Pavilion only been awarded to the most outstanding student. That Tang San was able to sit there really wasn’t because he was Tang Yue-Hua’s nephew, but because of his own accomplishments.

The graduation ceremony advanced in sequence amidst this graceful music. The high ranking officials and nobles had already begun to stealthily ask about Tang San’s background, but nobody could obtain any results. Even their children couldn’t tell them where Tang San was from.

To the other students, Tang San was like a riddle. When he had just appeared here, nobody had wanted to approach his ice chill, and nobody was optimistic about his chances of fitting in.

Even if he was handsome, how could there be any lack of handsome people here in the capital?

However, after a few months, everyone looked at him with different eyes. In the study of all kinds of etiquette and music, Tang San had displayed a learning ability far exceeding that of ordinary people. Most notable was that the ice chill that surrounded him had gradually disappeared.

But for some reason, he only very rarely interacted with people, and spoke even less, only quietly studied.

In the audience, the most illustrious of all the nobles was a young person, his age appearing to be where youth and middle age flowed together. He was the Heaven Dou imperial crown prince, Xue Qinghe.

This time Xue Qinghe was here for his little sister’s graduation ceremony.

And his little sister, should originally have sat in the position Tang San now held.

His little sister had told him not long ago, that the choice of person playing the harp had changed at the last moment, but she wasn’t the least bit upset, because she cheerfully and committedly admired that youth called Tang Yin, resigned to falling short of him in all areas.

Xue Qinghe knew that his little sister, as an imperial princess, as well as being doted on by their imperial father, always was proud and unyielding, very rarely believing others. Even this older brother didn’t have any power to deter her.

Sending her to study at the Moon Pavilion was undoubtedly in order to properly foster his little sister’s courtly etiquette, and being eighteen, it was also about time for her to marry.

No matter how, he was unable to understand why his always haughty little sister would think so highly of anyone. Even to the extent that when that person was mentioned, she displayed a faint bashfulness.

As Xue Qinghe saw Tang San sitting there playing, he was also stunned. He unexpectedly couldn’t find the slightest flaw in that youth.

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Even more astonishing was that the youth unexpectedly gave him a familiar feeling. He couldn’t say why, it wasn’t because of aura, but rather a kind of natural intuition.

When simply asking the surrounding nobles about that white clothed youth didn’t yield any answers, Xue Qinghe was even more determined to build a relationship with this youth. Not because of his little sister’s begging yesterday, but rather because that might be a talent capable of becoming a future pillar of the Empire.

Tang San slowly plucked the harp, his heart very calm, perfectly in accordance with what he revealed on the surface.

One year’s time had passed. One year ago he couldn’t have thought that he would be playing an instrument in front of everyone today. When he had just started to learn from his aunt, he had been brimming with scepticism.

However, after one month had passed, Tang San discovered that the direction his father had set him on was correct.

Cultivating in Slaughter City was in order to train the heart. The Moon Pavilion was the same.

As he gradually calmed here, recalling everything that had happened in the past four years, as well as his entire process of maturing, he discovered that his mind was exhausted.

This one year had been the best rest for his mind and body. Even though he didn’t cultivate strenuously, he had gradually internalized everything he had learned in these past several years in this peace. Even the final redoubt of the eight extraordinary meridians, the Governing Vessel, had also gradually opened.

Fifty seven ranks, this was Tang San’s present spirit power level.

Rising from forty second or third level to fifty seventh rank in five years was an average of three ranks per year. It didn’t seem comparable to his cultivation speed in the more than two years and the Shrek Academy, but in fact, after passing the fortieth rank, how could the requirements to rise each rank of spirit power compare to before?

Twenty years old, fifty seventh rank. Tang San had undoubtedly already substantially surpassed Spirit Hall’s Golden Generation. Most importantly was that right now all the abilities he possessed no longer needed Tang San’s control.

Rather, all his capabilities had been harmonized. Tang San had taken the most crucial step to become a power.

From the hardly concealed praise in his aunt’s eyes these last few months, Tang San knew that it was almost time for him to leave. It was also only thinking of seeing his father that would raise ripples in his calmed heart.

He had already waited far, far too long for that unknown truth. Despite already having guessed some, how could he be certain without hearing it from his father’s own mouth?

Tang San knew that his own future road was very long, but this year in the Moon Pavilion was undoubtedly the most transformative of his life. He had already stepped out of his time as a youngster, his twentieth birthday was coming, he was already an adult.

The graduation ceremony ended smoothly, and each student had received their graduation certificate from Tang Yue-Hua’s hand, delightedly throwing themselves into the arms of their family.

When Tang Yue-Hua had finished all this, Tang San’s task for the day was also complete. She walked over next to Tang San,
“Today’s performance was pretty good. Outside and inside as one.”

Tang San smiled slightly, lightly caressing the strings, a final pleasant tune drifting out,
“Thank you.”

At this moment, a clear voice resounded,
“Auntie Yue-Hua. Can you give me an introduction?”

Tang Yue-Hua turned her head to look, finding a casually dressed crown prince Xue Qinghe gracefully walking over, accompanied by the graduating student Xue Ke.

She of course knew Xue Ke’s status from long ago, and the majority of students also knew. She even saw Xue Ke look differently at Tang San than at others. Even when Tang San snatched away her original right to perform, this princess still didn’t have a trace of resentment.

“Your Highness.”
Tang Yue-Hua saluted.

Xue Qinghe hastily returned the salute,
“Auntie Yue-Hua, what are you doing? Junior can’t accept it.”

Tang Yue-Hua laughed in spite of herself:
“Don’t always go calling me ‘auntie, auntie’, am I so old?”

To the side Xue Ke smartly said:
“Of course teacher isn’t old, you’re like my older sister.”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled.:

While speaking, she shifted slightly, allowing the siblings to clearly see Tang San,
“I’ll give you an introduction, This is my nephew, Tang Yin.”

Hearing the word ‘nephew’, Xue Qinghe couldn’t keep a radiance from flashing through his eyes. Tang San all along calmly observed this crown prince that had once previously given him a good impression.

In the five years since they met, this crown prince had become even steadier. His appearance hadn’t changed much, but his reserved scholarly temperament still gave people a very good impression.

His casual ease was somewhat similar to Ning Fengzhi, though whether that was because of deliberate imitation was unknown.

But from the change in his expression when he heard his aunt’s introduction, it could be assumed that he knew his aunt’s true identity. And that his aunt also didn’t hide anything for him should be because she had a great deal of trust in the crown prince.

Without batting an eyelid on the surface, Tang San had already analysed a great many things in his mind. He pondered over whether to reveal his identity to the crown prince.

This thought only flashed through his mind, and was very soon suppressed by Tang San. He knew that even if Xue Qinghe was worthy of trust, right now still wasn’t the time. He needed to go seek confirmation of his conjecture from his father. If he really needed the support of the crown prince’s strength to help defend against mutual aggressors later, it wouldn’t be too late to be honest then. In any case, he wouldn’t be recognized with his current appearance.

Xue Qinghe equally observed Tang San. Close up, he couldn’t help being even more attracted by the quiet elegance Tang San displayed. Especially when he heard Tang Yue-Hua say he was her nephew was even more startling. As crown prince, just like Tang San judged, he was one of a small number of people who knew Tang Yue-Hua’s true identity. The gossip in the outside world about Tang Yue-Hua and Emperor Xue Ye was only laughable.

“Tang Yin, this is Heaven Dou Empire’s present crown prince, his Highness Xue Qinghe.”
Tang Yue-Hua also introduced for Tang San.

Tang San showed a smile, slightly saluting Xue Qinghe,

He also smiled and nodded to Xue Ke next to Xue Qinghe’s side, counting as a greeting. The two were after all classmates, and didn’t need excessive courtesy.

If it was the previous Tang San, he definitely wouldn’t have faked an expression for a miss like Xue Ke who constantly tried to get close to him, but after studying with his aunt for a year, he had already come to understand how to bury his true mood deeply.

Xue Qinghe smiled:
“I’ve long ago heard my little sister talk about an eminently talented youth at the Moon Pavilion, today I see the reputation truly isn’t in vain. Brother Tang Yin, if there’s time we should sit down.”

With the status of crown prince, for him to use the tone of commoners to communicate with Tang San, Xue Qinghe absolutely considered it respect for the lower ranked. Xue Ke to the side couldn’t help saying:
“Big brother, you definitely have to call me then. I still have a lot of things I want to ask Tang Yin about the harp.”

Xue Qinghe smiled:

In a few simple words, he amply displayed his respect for Tang San. It was undoubtedly very easy for him to obtain a favorable impression.

Tang San still wore a smile,
“I’m afraid I must disappoint your Highness. Now that I’ve graduated, I must make a trip. If fate wills it, I will definitely make a visit on my return.”

Xue Qinghe looked distracted a moment. He hadn’t thought Tang San would still reject him without the slightest hesitation under circumstances like these, but he immediately understood when Tang San looked at him sincerely. The counterpart wasn’t evading, but was rather truly occupied.

With a faint laugh, Xue Qinghe said:

While speaking, Xue Qinghe took the initiative to raise his hand to Tang San. Shaking hands was the simplest and most casual etiquette between nobles.

Tang San raised his hand and clasped Xue Qinghe’s. Immediately, a trace of gentle spirit power transmitted from Xue Qinghe’s palm. Tang San’s heart twitched. Judging by the counterpart’s spirit power, this crown prince wasn’t weak! In their acquaintance before, he had never seen Xue Qinghe act.

If Tang San could be described as slightly shocked, then Xue Qinghe was astonished. The spirit power he sent into Tang San’s hand was very gentle, even if Tang San wasn’t a Spirit Master, it still wouldn’t have hurt him. But he was shocked to discover that the spirit power he sent into Tang San unexpectedly disappeared without a sound.

He didn’t encounter any existence, nor any other sensation. It was as if after that spirit power had entered Tang San’s body, it no longer had any relation to him.

How did he do it? This youth seemed to truly be a directly related disiciple of the Clear Sky School, and should moreover be an extremely outstanding elite. This was Xue Qinghe’s first thought. He of course wouldn’t probe Tang San again, and very naturally let go of his hand, pulling his little sister away with a smile.

When Xue Ke left, there was still a reluctant light in her big eyes. If not for long ago having known of Tang San’s identity as a commoner, perhaps she would have revealed her love for him in spite of everything. For a girl of her age, who wouldn’t like a young talent so handsome and confident, and also with such a perfect temperament?

With the visitors gone, Tang Yue-Hua looked at Tang San putting away the harp next to her and couldn’t help but giggle,
“It seems that Xue Ke girl really is passionate about you. Last time she even asked me what level of lord a commoner would have to obtain to marry a princess. Her target was quite clearly you.”

Raising his head to look at his aunt’s bantering smile, Tang San somewhat helplessly said:
“Aunt, you know, I basically won’t consider this right now.”

Tang Yue-Hua smiled:
“Is there a girlfriend?”

Tang San hesitated a moment, but still nodded.

Tang Yue-Hua somewhat shocked looked at him,

“Heavens, you really are a precocious brat. I remember you told me that you were fourteen when you started following your father to cultivate. Don’t tell me you already knew that girlfriend before then?”

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

Tang San smiled:
“Aunt, as a noble lady, making inquiries about others’ private business is rather lacking in manners. That’s what you taught me.”

Tang Yue-Hua snorted,
“Am I some other person? I’m your aunt. Since your dad isn’t present, I’m your elder. Confess.”

Tang San couldn’t help shaking his head. At this moment, an enormous longing suddenly rose in his heart.

‘It’s been five years, Xiao Wu, are you well?’

Seeing the loneliness in the corners of Tang San’s eyes, Tang Yue-Hua didn’t ask further. Raising her hand to rub Tang San’s head, looking at this a head taller than her nephew, her beautiful eyes displayed a tender doting love,
“Silly child, what are you thinking? One can’t tell that you’re still quite emotional. You’re the same as your dad.”

Tang San attentively watched Tang Yue-Hua,
“Aunt, can I graduate?”

Tang Yue-Hua looked distracted a moment, somewhat disappointed saying:

Even though they’d only been together a year, Tang Yue-Hua truly liked her highly intelligent blood related nephew. In their generation, the most outstanding and most successful were undoubtedly her eldest brother the sect master, Tang Hao, and her. Even though she wasn’t a formidable Spirit Master, the power grasped in her hand was enough to make anyone feel dread.

However, among the direct relations of the Tang family, those not quite as outstanding disciples had all opened their branches and scattered their leaves, producing the next generation, even so much that the generation after that had already appeared. But as the once pride of the Tang family, the sect master was a bachelor, she was unmarried, and Tang Hao had ended up like that.

One might say that Tang San was the only issue of the three siblings, and she regarded this nephew as a son.

Tang San equally respected Tang Yue-Hua. He truly had received maternal care from this apparently graceful and beautiful aunt. Even if Tang Yue-Hua was somewhat long-winded, Tang San discovered that he actually rather liked her kind of deeply concerned wordiness. What Tang Yue-Hua gave him was a kind of affection that Tang Hao and Grandmaster never could.

Therefore, Tang San respected this aunt especially much. He was also especially close to her. That he didn’t tell Tang Yue-Hua about Xiao Wu was because he didn’t want his aunt to worry for him.

“Aunt. You know I’m not. But I have to leave.”

Tang Yue-Hua sighed lightly,
“I understand. After you’ve seen your father, he will let you return to the sect to acknowledge your ancestors and clan. Child, you’re even more outstanding than your dad was in those days. Even if aunt doesn’t know what you’ve gone through before, aunt believes that you will definitely be able to surpass your father. Remember, no matter when, you mustn’t be impulsive. You must gamble with your life even less. Your father is just too emotional. The reason why he had you study under me, had you learn from me, was mainly in order to temper your temperament, so you won’t make the same mistakes he did. In theory, I shouldn’t be worried about you, you’ve already done very well. But in you still flows the same blood as your dad. Promise aunt that you will always put your own safety first, alright?”

Tang San nodded silently. Seeing the kindly gaze in his aunt’s eyes, he couldn’t keep his eyes from turning faintly red.

Tang Yue-Hua smiled:
“Alright, go back and get your things in order. I know you’re anxious to see him. Leave tomorrow. In two days I’ll also prepare to go back and take a look at the sect. It’s been a while. If I don’t go back, I reckon eldest brother will scold me. We’ll meet there.”

Tang San’s heart was moved. Of course he understood that Tang Yue-Hua was returning to Clear Sky School for his sake. He wasn’t familiar with the sect’s circumstances, and Tang Yue-Hua hadn’t told him anything.

But from the Clear Sky School always fading away, one could see that the days of the world’s first sect of his clan hadn’t been easy.

Tang San originally didn’t have anything to put in order, and even if there were some articles of daily use, he could store them directly in Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges. That evening Tang Yue-Hua personally cooked, sitting down to eat several small dishes with Tang San. Before Tang San went to bed, Tang Yue-Hua told him that there was no need to say goodbye when he left tomorrow. That moment, Tang San clearly saw something sparkling and translucent shine in his aunt’s eyes.

How could Tang San know that Tang Yue-Hua had once fallen in love with someone, someone she should never have loved. After seeing things clearly, she was never again able to hold any feelings of romance in her heart, and therefore never married. She had once dreamt of having a child, so when Tang Hao brought Tang San, it was like having her dream fulfilled, and consequently Tang Yue-Hua thought of Tang San as her own.

One year wasn’t a very long time, but Tang Yue-Hua felt as if she had been reborn. In Tang San she saw the future hope of the Clear Sky School. How could she spare any effort in helping this nephew?

Early morning, after Tang San habitually finished cultivating Purple Demon Eye, he quietly left the Moon Pavilion, without alerting anyone. Right now was just as the sky held the first glimmers of dawn.

A window on the top floor opened, and Tang Yue-Hua quietly stood there, watching that gradually disappearing white silhouette. A faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth,

“Little San, I’ll wait for you at the sect.”

After leaving Heaven Dou City, Tang San no longer held back his speed. Extending his legs, he rushed with all his strength. He had long since committed everything on the sheepskin map Tang Hao gave him to memory. He could easily find the right direction basically without looking at it again.

In the blink of an eye, five years time had already passed. Five years ago Tang San had been impatient to know the answer. And today, he finally had the right to learn it. Just as his father said, he had already cleansed himself.

Speeding into the mountains, all bumpy roads were like stepping on flat ground for Tang San. Eight Spider Lances brought him along like a bolt of lightning, finally returning to the mountain range where he once cultivated, how could he still maintain that calm? He only wanted to see his father as soon as possible, to hear him talk about everything in the past.

Still encircled by the mountains, ten thousand peaks and blue-green folds, in front the rippling sapphire, and still that vast waterfall connecting heaven and earth. Even though he once lived here for two years, when Tang San returned here once again, that feeling of an untroubled heart and pleased spirit hadn’t changed at all.

In the valley, apart from the rumbling of the waterfall, everything was quiet, peaceful.

Looking at that waterfall that had accompanied him as he grew, Tang San’s gaze roamed, searching for the silhouette of his father.

“You’ve returned.”
The deep voice seemed to echo in his hears. Tang San suddenly turned around. That instant, it was as if he froze in place, and his originally excited gaze now turned completely lifeless.

At the edge of the pool was a familiar figure. But when Tang San saw him once again, there was an unsuppressable tremble in his heart. The changes in temper over the past year seemed to shatter in this instant. The pain in his heart making it hard to breathe.

Tang Hao stood quietly by the side of the pool, but there was only one leg supporting his body. His entire left leg was cut off at the base. Equally missing was also his right arm. Standing there right now, was unexpectedly a one armed old man.

His messy hair had even more been rendered snow white.

Tang San practically shuddered as he called out. In a flash, his trembling lower jaw fell in front of Tang Hao.

Having lost an arm and a leg, Tang Hao seemed very calm. The expression on his face wasn’t as grave and rigid as before, and unexpectedly held a faint smile as he looked at the son who thought him a hero.

Raising his hand, rubbing Tang San’s head,

This kind of familiar action was something he had never done before. But right now Tang San’s heart felt like a pincushion.

Incomparably intense anger agitatedly burst out,

“Who was it, dad, who injured you like this……”
Because of his extreme fury, Tang San’s Deathgod Domain forcefully burst out, the surrounding atmosphere turning ice cold in an instant.

The smile on Tang Hao’s face didn’t fade,
“Silly child, what are you doing? Could it be that your aunt taught you in vain in this year?”

Tang San looked at his father’s missing limbs, teardrops flowing uncontrollably. The once youngest Title Douluo had actually turned into this wind blown candle like old man, he was his father!

The intense killing intent seemed as if it would rip through his chest. At this moment, Tang San’s eyes were already gradually turning blood red.

Tang Hao’s expression mended, staring intently at Tang San,
“Wake up, there’s nobody that could turn me into this. The one who did it, was me. One year ago, after I returned here, I cut off my own right arm and left leg.”

Tang San was dumbfounded once again. He was unable to believe that everything in front of him was actually his father’s own work.

Tang Hao gave a calm smile,
“Very astonished? Didn’t you always want to know about my past? Follow me. I’ll bring you someplace.”

While speaking, Tang Hao swung his remaining left arm. Spirit power erupted, and he shot up. Even though he only had one leg, his speed was still astonishing, and he directly soared towards the waterfall. Left hand pressing down on empty air, with just a burst of spirit power, he had already reached the reef across from the waterfall.

Tang San’s heart held far too many questions, and he hastily leapt up, following his father to the rocks.

Tang Hao didn’t use spirit power to resist the battering of the waterfall, allowing himself to be drenched.

Seeing Tang San catching up, he moved once again. With a wave of his left arm, a three meter long, hammer head like a water barrel, immense Clear Sky Hammer abruptly released and soared up. The torrent of water falling from the sky was rolled up by the tremendous spirit power, and Tang Hao also soared up along with his Clear Sky Hammer.

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