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Chapter 120

Part 1 (TL by Marcuz)

The white clothed Title Douluo wanted to accept Dai Mubai as his disciple? Although he said those words while he was emotionally agitated, given the level of his status, words that were spoken were just like water that had been poured out, they definitely couldn’t be taken back.

Tai Long and the other substitute members thought that it was a good opportunity, at the very least there would no longer be a need to endure the other party’s attack and stay alive. Furthermore, with such a teacher, what was there not to be happy about? But Dai Mubai’s words knocked their glasses off.

“It’s not impossible for me to take you as my teacher, but I have conditions.”
Dai Mubai said while his evil eyes flashed. It wasn’t that he did not want to resist, but he wasn’t a completely rash person. Against a Title Douluo, what meaning was there in resisting? As the saying goes, as long as the green hill is left, there’s no need to worry that there will be no wood to burn. Furthermore, it’s not just only him in this place.

“Oh? What conditions?”
The white clothed man looked with interest at Dai Mubai who still dared to raise conditions at this time.

Dai Mubai pointed his fingers towards Zhu Zhu Qing and said:
“She’s my fiancee and also my Spirit Fusion Technique’s partner, you cannot harm her.”

The white clothed man eyes shined,
“Spirit Fusion Technique eh, very well. I’ll promise you.”

Without waiting for the white clothed man to continue speaking, Dai Mubai then pointed towards the others,
“They are all my companions, we are a team with the best teamwork. they are all my brothers and my closest companions. You also cannot harm them, otherwise, how can I take you as my teacher?”

The white clothed man obviously hesitated.

While flying in the skies, Roldiarra hurriedly reminded him in a loud voice:
“Lord, they are the targets for our mission.”

The white clothed man wrinkled his brows and said:
“Yes, among them is our current mission’s target. This is not something I can call the shots on. However, I can promise you that I will only kill one person. What do you say?”

From his perspective, as a Title Douluo and having lowered himself so much, he felt he was already giving a lot of face to Dai Mubai.

But who would have expected that Dai Mubai would firmly shake his head,
“No. If one among us is harmed, you will be my enemy.”

The white clothed man coldly snapped.
“Do you wish to seek death? You should understand, killing you to me is the same as squashing an ant. If it were not because you consumed the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, you would be a dead person right now.”

Dai Mubai’s gaze met with his companions for a moment and just as he was about to speak, Tang San spoke first.
“The person you all want to kill should be me. Fine, let the others go, I’ll take my own life here.”

“Little San.”


The remaining Shrek Seven Devils panicked, they did not understand why Tang San would say such a thing at this moment.

Even the white clothed Title Douluo was somewhat surprised,

While speaking, his gaze once again turned towards Dai Mubai,
“Since your companion is already willing to use his life in exchange for all of yours, you no longer need to be so stubborn. I will give him a quick death.”

“No. Shrek’s Seven Monsters are one whole, if I cannot live and die with my brothers, do you think that I will achieve anything in the future?”
Dai Mubai replied firmly.

“Achievements? If you die here now, that would really be not having achieved anything.”

“Cut the crap, just do it.”
The sliver of hope in Dai Mubai’s heart was already extinguished. The other party had mobilized thousands of people and seemed to be targeting Tang San. How could they possibly just let it rest now.

The white clothed Title Douluo seemed to have figured something out, his mouth issued a feminine  laughter, making everyone who heard it shudder,
“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll first kill that Tang San and then capture you. I do not believe that you will not submit to me. Yes, I will bring this bunch of kids back. Everyone’s talent is pretty good. I will instruct you all well.”

As he was speaking, he had already moved in Tang San’s direction and raised his right arm, the air momentarily solidified. None of the Shrek Seven Devils could move their bodies under the immense pressure.

A sharp howl rang, Liu Er Long went mad. The huge Fire Dragon Avatar arced in the air and flung its dragon tail, finally sending the Iron Turtle spirit master who was hindering her flying.

Following that, her huge body immediately charged like a flaming shooting star towards the white clothed Title Douluo and smashed into him.

Grandmaster wasn’t present, if Tang San died, how would she answer to him. She knew that Grandmaster’s and Tang San’s relationship were like a father and his son. Furthermore, Tang San was also the person her goddaughter loved.

The white clothed Title Douluo’s gaze sharpened. Against Liu Er Long’s fully powered attack, even he dare not be careless.

He waved the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum in his hand, a large purple flower fluttered into the wind. Among the nine spirit rings on him, three of them briefly lit up for a moment, the speed was extremely quick, it made others unable to perceive exactly which spirit rings took effect.

And at the next moment, the huge purple flower in the sky already formed into a huge barrier, forcibly making Liu Er Long’s Spirit Avatar fly away. While remaining in the skies, Liu Er Long was already madly coughing blood.

“Variant Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, it’s just at this level.”
The white clothed Title Douluo was so strong that it made people choked, even Liu Er Long’s level of toughness was unable to withstand one move.

Flender also just managed to get rid of his opponent, just in time to catch Liu Er Long who was in the skies. Both of them shared a gaze, their eyes were filled with the glow of being unafraid of death.

“Chrysanthemum Guan, do you really think our Shrek Academy has no one? Let’s see if I won’t burst your chrysanthemum[1].”
A familiar voice rang, the white clothed Douluo face suddenly changed, the pressure applied on Shrek’s Seven Monsters momentarily lightened a bit.

Dugu Bo, whose hair already changed into black color quietly appeared. He walked on empty air, but since he himself could not fly he had to use his extremely strong spirit power and neared the battlefield step by step.

Although the white clothed Title Douluo was still beside the Shrek Seven Devils, at this moment, he dared not make a single rash movement. Both of them were Title Douluos, both their auras had locked onto each other the instant they met, no matter who made any sort of movement, it would immediately draw the opponent’s strong attacks. And at their levels, once one had fallen into a disadvantage, taking it back was as hard as climbing the skies.

“Old poison freak, when did you become this academy’s dog.”
The soft eery voice had a few more points of coldness in it.

“You bastard are the real dog. I’m a guest elder at Shrek Academy. Why not? Tang San is my brother, if you want to kill him, I’ll first burst your chrysanthemum.”
Dugu Bo’s both eyes were still green, the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s strong aura permeated the air.

The immense pressure generated from two big Title Douluos facing off made the surrounding thousands of people’s battle slow down. In front of such immense pressure, even breathing became difficult for them.

The white clothed Douluo’s gaze sharpened on Dugu Bo,
“Dugu Bo, you better think it through carefully. Going against us, what kind of fate will you end up with.”

Dugu Bo uncaringly replied,
“I’ll advise you to first think about your own funeral. I do not believe that you don’t know the person behind Tang San. Since you all took action against him, you all better be prepared to suffer the vengeance of that person. In the past, even…”

“Shut up, do you really want to die?”

“Old poison freak, both you and me having reached the level of Title Douluo, we both understand in our hearts, the hardships we suffered to get here. I do not wish to see you lose your life over this matter. If you know what’s good for you, hurry up and leave this place.”

Dugu Bo coldly said:
“Chrysanthemum Guan, I have already said it, Tang San is my brother. If you want to harm him, talk about it after you get through me. I really do want to see what you have that makes you so arrogant in front of me. Even if your spirit power rank is slightly higher than mine, dragging you into death together with me is not much of a problem.”

“Bastard, don’t call me Chrysanthemum Guan.”
As the white clothed Title Douluo was about to go berserk, his voice also became exceptionally sharp.

“You’re a sissy, what do I call you if not Chrysanthemum Guan? No matter what, you look like someone who sells his chrysanthemum[2] .”
Dugu Bo laughed. The more the opponent got agitated, the more excited he got.

Given the situation, although the opponent’s side still has the advantage, it wasn’t really that big. Dugu Bo’s strength was in his ability to attack groups. Once he attacked without any hesitation, these seemingly large numbers of black clothed people simply couldn’t survive his poison.

“Well said. Chrysanthemum Guan will always be Chrysanthemum Guan, this is something that will not be changed forever. Old poison freak, I support you.”
A clear voice faintly rang in the middle of the skies. Upon hearing this voice, the color on Dugu Bo’s face turned ugly.

A black shadow silently appeared beside the golden eagle, what shocked people was that the shadow could not be perceived clearly. Even with Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye, he could only capture a faint shadow. The black shadow seemed to raise one hand and patted once on the golden eagle’s head. The next moment, Lordiaz already reverted back to his original form.

 The white clothed Title Douluo raise his head and looked at the black shadow,
“Damned ghost, must you do that before you feel comfortable?”

The black shadow laughed,
“You have already delayed too long, if you waste any more time, I think everyone would know who we are. Hurry up and do it. I’ll block the old poison freak, you’ll kill those that have to be killed, then we can head back to drink and feast.”

Tang San sighed deeply in his heart, he suddenly felt that he was so insignificant. Although the black shadow only said a few sentence after appearing, but from their conversation he could figure out that this black shadow was actually another Title Douluo.

Heavens… There were only ten something Title Douluo on this entire continent, but three of them had already appeared here.

Part 2 (TL by Marcuz)

And these two Title Douluo’s target was actually himself. Their origins were already almost certain. Other than “that place”, which other place could own such overwhelming strength?

Dugu Bo’s eyes had already turned completely into emerald color, with a shake of his body, his Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor’s true body appeared. This time, he did not say anymore words, instead, he directly charged towards the white clothed Title Douluo.

“Old poison freak, your opponent is me.”
The black shadow flashed and instantly blocked the front of Dugu Bo who transformed into the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor. The impact created a soundwave. Just this single soundwave, knocked every spirit master below rank forty to the ground. The imperial knights fell off their warhorse without even being able to cry and every single one of them became paralyzed on the ground while white froth came out of their mouths.

“Gui Mei[3], if you all kill Tang San today, you shall all be waiting for the retribution of death.” Dugu Bo was already extremely enraged, he had never imagined that Gui Mei and Chrysanthemum Guan, these Deva Kings would actually appear at the same time here in this place. Although he knew that “that place” would think highly of Tang San, but to send two Title Douluos was something he had never even imagined.

When Shrek Academy finished participating in the promotion matches and were headed to Spirit City, Dugu Bo was already covertly following them, this was to prevent the situation right before his eyes from happening. But never in his wildest dream did he imagined that as a Title Douluo himself, he would actually have a time when he would feel powerless. Facing against two Title Douluos, especially Title Douluos who are both of a much higher spirit rank than himself, he absolutely did not have any chance

Furthermore, the opponents were aiming to kill someone, whereas he had to save someone. If the situation were reversed, maybe it would still be possible.

The black shadow’s words made the white clothed Title Douluo slightly angry, but he also knew that he could not delay any longer. A gaze as cold as a venomous viper coldly pierced towards Tang San. And at this moment, a condensed purple gold colored light strongly shot from Tang San’s eyes.

Even as a Title Douluo with all his strength, in the instant the purple gold glow pierced through his eyes, the white clothed Douluo’s body could not help but shudder a little. The spirit power pressure applied on the Shrek’s Seven Devils suddenly disappeared.

And in this instant, Dai Mubai unhesitatingly opened both his arms, tightly grasping the opponent. Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike activated immediately, combined with Dai Mubai’s fully powered White Tiger Meteor Shower, they were fully used on the white clothed Title Douluo.

Dazzling rainbow colors generously shot from Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda. Four kinds of boosts were applied at the same moment on Dai Mubai and Ma Hongjun, causing their attack power to increase to the maximum.

But, this was still not enough to hurt a Title Douluo. The white clothed Title Douluo’s eyes slightly darkened. A layer of faint purple aura burst out from his body, Ma Hongjun’s Phoenix Cry Sky Strike’s follow-up control effect was not even unleashed and his entire body was blown away. Dai Mubai was also not in a good shape, both his arms were instantly dislocated by the impact.

Were it not for the white clothed Title Douluo being merciful, just this single move would be enough to take his life.

The Yama’s Invitation in Tang San’s hands was about to be activated. But at the instant when he was about to activate it, a layer of faint golden glow emanated from the white clothed Title Douluo’s body, making his entire person look illusive, that actually interrupted Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye’s lock-on. The spirit power within his body that was gathered for activating Yama’s Invitation shook violently, he could not swing his right arm no matter what.

The Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum aimed forward. Having an immortal treasure as spirit, this white clothed Title Douluo’s strength was stronger than Dugu Bo. Ten fuzzy petals floated forward, moving towards Tang San. The petals which seemed to be floating slowly were travelling as though they were following the heaven and earth principles, completely sealing Tang San’s aura and any escape route.

Tang San bitterly realized, even if he wanted to use his Yama’s Invitation, it would be very difficult to hit the enemy.

After all, his spirit power was still too weak, rendering him unable to unleash the true power of this unparalleled hidden weapon.

Suddenly, a slightly weird feeling appeared in Tang San’s heart, he suddenly discovered, everything before his eyes seemed to be sliced apart. Space itself being sliced to pieces. Everything in the surroundings suddenly went quiet. He seemed to be unable to hear any sounds.

The ten petals of the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum suddenly turned into dust, dispersing in all directions. A white clothed, tall, big and straight figure silently blocked his vision.

“Swordsman Chen Xin[4].”
The white clothed Title Douluo’s gaze turned extremely serious for the first time. Even previously when Dugu Bo appeared, he still did not reveal such an expression.

The person blocking in front of Tang San was an old man, white clothing untainted by dust, silver hair that is very tidy, in his hand was a sword, length of about three chi, it did not have any decorations and was a purely silver longsword.

His expression was very indifferent, both his eyes looked as though they could not see anything in the surroundings, he just silently stood there and did not talk. But just by standing there, he still gave people a feeling of being above every single living being in the world.

The white clothed Title Douluo felt that his own palms were damp, caused by his sweat.

He did not fear Dugu Bo, that was because at their levels, it was very difficult for poisons to have any effect on them. Furthermore, Dugu Bo’s true strength was still some distance away when compared to Title Douluos with formidable spirits like them.

But, the person in front of his eyes was different, heralded as the strongest offensive Title Douluo and comprehensively countering all his attributes. Among all of the known Title Douluos, the white clothed elder in front of his eyes was definitely one of the few people who was able to completely restrain him.

“Chen Xin, do you also want to wade in these muddy waters?”
The white clothed Title Douluo exclaimed, showing strength to hide weakness.

This white clothed elder was one of the two Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan ultimate guardians, Sword Douluo Chen Xin. Within the realm of Title Douluo, others were used to calling him Swordsman Chen Xin. Having spent his whole life submerged in that Longsword Spirit of his, in terms of offensive capabilities, there are definitely not many people who dared to be compared to him.

“Yue Guan, to think that you are also a Title Douluo, how could you actually bully these kids here. Furthermore, you’re also hiding your head while revealing your tail, aren’t you scared you will be ridiculed by others? Tang San is a friend of ours, the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan.”
Chen Xin’s voice was not loud but it caused everyone in battle in the area except for Dugu Bo and the black shadow to stop. This was because his voice was as sharp as a blade and it cut into everyone’s heart.

“If that’s the case, does it mean that the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan is really intending to go against us?”
The white title Douluo’s face hidden behind the veil turned extremely ugly, he knew that the mission today would not be completed. Sending two Title Douluos to battle and still being unable to complete this mission, this was an utter disgrace.

“The three upper clans are like brothers, Chrysanthemum Guan, do you not know this?”
An elegant voice drifted out. Dressed in simple clothes, Ning Feng Zhi without anyone knowing when, already appeared on a raised section of the hills. Standing beside him was the crown prince of Tian Dou Empire, Xue Qinghe.

The Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda shined, seven spirit rings floated up and down. Although it was only seven rings, but in the instant that he saw Ning Feng Zhi, Chrysanthemum Douluo Yue Guan had already made his decision.

“We admit defeat today. But this debt shall be remembered by us. Gui Mei, let’s go.”

A loud explosion erupted, Dugu Bo in the form of the Jade Phosphor Serpent Emperor was knocked back. Yue Guan and Gui Mei, these two Title Douluo silently disappeared, the black clothed men retreated like flowing water. While retreating, they did not forget to bring along their companion’s corpses, they did not leave even a single weapon behind. They appeared quickly but they retreated even faster, in a few eyeblinks, these life threatening bandits had disappeared on the other side of the hills.

“Dad, why have you come?”
Ning Rong Rong excitedly dashed forward, jumping into the arms of Ning Fengzhi. At this moment, she had already forgotten to conceal her identity in front of the other academies.

The faces of the members of Blazing Academy and Godwind Academy who had just finished forming an alliance suddenly turned ugly. Huo Wu and Feng Xiaotian looked at each other, as strong as they were, they could not help but laugh bitterly. Shrek Academy was actually still hiding the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan leader’s daughter.

They even drew out four Title Douluo to fight. Who exactly were these people?

Ning Feng Zhi’s appearance instantly caused the other party to retreat, the reason was very simple. Although his own combat capabilities weren’t strong, but as long as he was around, a single Title Douluo would become the equivalent of two. Under his support, just one Sword Douluo Chen Xin was enough to handle that Chrysanthemum Douluo and Ghost Douluo, not to mention they still had Dugu Bo.

Ning Feng Zhi while hugging his daughter smiled and said:
“I’m not here to protect you all. I was entrusted by His Majesty to protect His Highness.”

Actually, crown prince Xue Qinghe, as the representative for Tian Dou Empire this time, did not bring along many subordinates, other than the fifteen spirit master academy, he was assigned a carriage however, it was not just him alone in that carriage.

There was still Ning Fengzhi and Sword Douluo Chen Xin inside of it.

As the crown prince, Xue Qinghe was Tian Dou Empire’s future, how could Emperor Xue Ye let him take any risk? Therefore he earnestly asked Ning Fengzhi to covertly protect him. And as the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan leader, there would always be a strong guardian following alongside Ning Fengzhi. This time it was Sword Douluo’s turn to escort him while Bone Douluo stayed in the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan.

In the previous battle, they were not in a hurry to appear. Originally, when the Golden Eagle Spirit Douluo was about to make his second move, Chen Xin was already prepared to take action, but nobody had expected Dugu Bo to suddenly appear halfway through.

Like this, the battle lost any suspense. When the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile clan duo appeared, they already completely suppressed the opponents, the two Title Douluos weren’t idiots, that’s why they immediately brought their subordinates to retreat.

Part 3 (TL by Marcuz)

Having forced their enemies to retreat, everyone felt as though a large burden was released. If we were to say that when the bandits just appeared and the Spirit Master Academies did not care, then when the two Title Douluo appeared one after another, their hearts rose into their throats.

Those were Title Douluo! A total of four appeared today, that was almost equivalent to a quarter or a fifth of the entire continent’s quantity. In front of Title Douluo, they are just that tiny.

Xue Qinghe adequately demonstrated the education of one raised to be monarch, once the enemy retreated, he immediately began instructing the imperial knights systematically, moving the undamaged carriage to the front, healing the war horses and recovering the formation.

With just a little effort, excluding the war horses who were already dead, the five hundred imperial knights had already recovered most of their combat capabilities.

Previously, when those black clothed bandits were fighting, there was insufficient killing intent, most of them were only fighting defensively, trying to gain sufficient time for the two Title Douluo. Therefore, the area with the most deaths among the two parties, was actually when Tang San used his poisonous hidden weapons to kill the hundred odd people.

Xue Qinghe after finishing what he was supposed to do, returned to his place beside Ning Fengzhi, politely saying:
“Teacher, what do you think we should do next?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly,
“Stick to the original plan and continue advancing, having learnt a lesson this time, they won’t dare to lightly make another move. After all, they still wouldn’t want to pay too heavy a price for Tang San.”

“Yes. Continue onward.”

The entire procession continued advancing, but the atmosphere had already became very tense. Tang San immediately boarded Shrek Academy’s carriage. He knew that he had already became everyone’s focal point.

The mission of the two Title Douluo from before was obviously to kill him.

One failure didn’t mean that they would still fail next time. Being remembered by Title Douluo level powers, that was not as simple as just having a thorn in your back.

The others in the Shrek’s Seven Devils did not board the carriage, the ones who boarded the carriage were the three great powers, Ning Fengzhi, Chen Xin and Dugu Bo. They felt that there was a need to discuss something with Tang San.

Tang San appeared to be a little depressed, within the same level of spirit masters, he was always the leader of the pack, even spirit masters who were slightly higher ranked than him found it hard to maintain an advantage against him.

But when the opponents became those of the Title Douluo level, he no longer had any means. That was not a gap that various techniques could make up for.

Ning Fengzhi first nodded towards Dugu Bo, giving a meaningful smile. Swordsman Chen Xin directly shut his eyes and recuperated.

Towards others, Dugu Bo might not pay them any attention, but the one who sat in front of him was the clan leader of one of the three upper sects among the seven big schools. They were also known as the richest school under the heavens.

“Greetings, clan leader Ning.”

Ning Fengzhi sighed and said:
“Even I did not imagine that they would make their move so quickly. Furthermore still so mercilessly. It looks like when Tang San revealed his Clear Sky Hammer, they had already made their decision.”

Dugu Bo nodded his head and looked at Tang San who was beside him, he could not help but reveal a look of worry,
“If these people have already made their decision, I’m afraid that Little San is in danger. Should we let him leave the competition now? Only by hiding now or finding his father can his safety be guaranteed. It’s not possible for us to always guard him by his side.”

Ning Fengzhi nodded and said:
“This is also what I had in mind. Although they shouldn’t be making another move before the finals end, Little San’s safety is still not guaranteed. Little San. If you are willing, I will let Uncle Chen Xin escort you back to our Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Clan. There, although I wouldn’t say that you will be absolutely safe, it won’t be easy if anyone wants to harm you.”

Tang San gazed seriously at Ning Fengzhi’s eyes,
“Uncle Ning, can you tell me why you did not reveal their identities just now?”

Ning Fengzhi sighed,
“So you also noticed. That’s right, those people should be from Spirit Hall, even those normal black clothed people are also spirit masters. Furthermore, they are all at least Spirit Elders with three spirit rings. Only Spirit Hall is able to mobilize two Title Douluo and over a thousand Spirit Elders. Even if the seven big schools were to try their hardest and compete with them, it’s still impossible for them to gather as many people as Spirit Hall did. The reason why I did not reveal their identities is because I do not wish for everyone here to die over this matter. Do you think the Spirit Hall would let anyone off if they clearly knew that it was the Spirit Hall behind this?”

Tang San’s eyes flashed,
“Killing all witnesses?”

Ning Fengzhi nodded,
“Previously Dragon Duke and Serpent Grandmother did not intend to say it, but when Senior Dugu was about to say it, he was stopped by Chrysanthemum Douluo. We also did not say anything. That was because we did not wish to give Spirit Hall a reason to kill all the witnesses. This time they suffered a loss, in order to not reveal Spirit Hall’s identity, those lower level Spirit Elders did not release their spirits. If not, you would not have been able to kill them so easily. By the time they reacted, the losses had already appeared.”

Tang San lowered his voice:
“Uncle, Spirit Hall making a move against me, is it because of my father?”

Ning Fengzhi muttered:
“Not entirely. I think that although Spirit Hall making a move against you is partially because of your father, at the same time it is also because of your own talent. They should have already investigated your age. Having not yet reached fifteen years old but already having such strength. Furthermore you have twin spirits and are a direct descendant of the Clear Sky Clan. All these identities will undoubtedly make you into another Clear Sky Douluo. Once you’ve become strong, you will definitely become Spirit Hall’s largest threat.”

Tang San said:
“Just because of this, they want to kill me? But why did they not send a Title Douluo to directly assassinate me? Won’t that be much easier?”

Ning Fengzhi smiled calmly and said:
“Title Douluo also have their Title Douluo’s pride. The two Title Douluo who appeared today are both members of the Spirit Hall Elders, loyal supporters of the Supreme Pontiff. They can also be said to be the Deva Kings who stand alongside the Supreme Pontiff. A Title Douluo’s status is extremely revered, how would they be willing to sneak attack a child? If the people who previously attacked you were lowered to Spirit Douluo level, then with Flender and Liu Erlong around, it wouldn’t be easy for them to complete their mission. Actually, the biggest variable today was not us but Senior Dugu, you should thank him. The reason Spirit Hall sent out two Title Douluo must be because they already guessed that me and Uncle Sword would be here. It’s only after adding Senior Dugu that they fell into a disadvantageous situation.”

Dugu Bo laughed loudly, looked at Tang San and said:
“Little freak, you don’t have to thank me.”

Tang San looked at him and did not say any thanks. But in his heart, Dugu Bo who unhesitatingly went out to battle, left a deep mark in his heart. In order to save him, Dugu Bo had offended Spirit Hall.

Ning Fengzhi said:
“I think, there’s a need for you to learn about the two Title Douluo who appeared today. The white clothed one that appeared first is called Yue Guan[5], his spirit is the Chrysanthemum[6] and his title is Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum Douluo. His spirit rank is probably between rank ninety four and rank ninety five. That weird chrysanthemum is very powerful, luckily he was countered by Uncle Sword today.”

“The black shadow that appeared later, his title is Ghost and his rank is about the same as Chrysanthemum Douluo. His spirit is very special, Ghost Demon[7]. And his own name is also called Gui Mei[8]. According to rumors, besides the Supreme Pontiff, no one has seen his true face. He’s a strong agility attack based spirit master. It is very difficult to harm him with physical attacks. He’s definitely one of the toughest among the Title Douluo.”

Dugu Bo’s face turned red,
“That fellow Gui Mei is indeed powerful, if we were to continue fighting, I would definitely not be his opponent.”

“These two Title Douluo do not only hold a high rank in the Spirit Hall, they are also in charge of upholding the law. They are both important pillars in Spirit Hall. Other than the few other elders who are hidden inside the Elder Hall, any matter relating to the outside world is decided by the Supreme Pontiff and the two of them. They are important helpers of the Supreme Pontiff, given your strength now, if you were to meet them alone, there’s no chance of surviving. That’s why I hope that you can return with Uncle Sword to the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School. I can only guarantee your safety if you are there.”

Tang San lowered his head and started thinking. Suddenly he raised his head, looked at Ning Fengzhi and said:
“Uncle Ning, thank you for your good intentions but I cannot just give up like this. Shrek Academy being able to walk until this step in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament is not only due to me working hard. If I were to abandon my teammates because of personal safely, then I will never forgive myself forever. Once such a knot appears in my heart, then my training from now on will never be successful. Therefore, I must participate in the finals this time. Didn’t you just say that before the finals end, Spirit Hall should not be openly making a move against me.”

Ning Fengzhi’s eyes revealed a trace of praise, but the words from his mouth were actually:
“But once the finals ends, if you all really become the champions, the assaults from Spirit Hall will be much scarier than today. At that time, even I might not be able to protect you. I can reveal a secret to you. Within the seven large clans, only the upper three clans are not under the influence of Spirit Hall. Spirit Hall can make two big empires fear them, why is that? That’s because of their absolute strength. I dare say, the spirit masters controlled by the two big empires added up, are not even half as much as Spirit Hall.”

[1] Chrysanthemum is also slang for anus, and the phrase can equally be read as “ravage your ass”. Guan also means “pass”, creating the pun “Chrysanthemum Guan/Anal Passage”

[2] Again, chrysanthemum is slang for anus.

[3] (鬼魅) “Ghost Demon”

[4] (剑道尘心) Literally “Way of the sword Chen Xin”, but that doesn’t really work as a title in English.

[5] (月关) “Moon Pass”

[6] (菊花) “Chrysanthemum Flower”, which is also slang for anus. His Title is only the first character, which doesn’t necessarily have the same connotations.

[7] (鬼魅)

[8] (鬼魅) “Ghost Demon”. Yes, he’s named the same as his spirit.

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