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Chapter 121

Part 1 (TL by Bagelson)

After a moment’s pause, Ning Fengzhi went on:
“The depths of the Supreme Pontiff is even more unfathomable. Known as the most formidable leader in the history of Spirit Hall. In your present condition, you’re in no way suited to oppose them from the front. Yielding isn’t shirking, you’re still young, even if you want to confront Spirit Hall, there will still be time later. Is there a need to be so stubborn this time?”

Tang San’s brows tightened. After thinking deeply for a moment, he still shook his head,
“No, I have to participate in this competition. Uncle Ning, I understand your meaning, but I think this is also an important tempering in my life. If I can crash my way through, then when Spirit Hall wants to deal with me again in the future, it will also be severely difficult. It’s impossible for them to always hide the truth.”

Seeing the radiance in Tang San’s eyes, Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help recalling the appearance of his father in his youth. Their expressions were so similar. Even though Ning Fengzhi and Tang Hao weren’t very familiar in those days and they weren’t far apart in age, the feeling Tang Hao gave him was always like looking up at a tall mountain. Among the people of his generation, no one could compare to Tang Hao. Right now Tang Hao’s son had apparently duplicated this marvel, to the extent that he was even more outstanding than his father. ‘Clear Sky School, don’t tell me your genes really are that good?’

“Fine, since you’ve already decided, there’s no need for me to say more. Uncle will guarantee your safety as far as possible.”
Ning Fengzhi’s words were very flat, but as the master of a school, this was already equivalent to him giving Tang San a pledge.

Tang San sensed that Ning Fengzhi’s words right now weren’t out of pragmatism, or an attempt to rope him in. It was entirely the concern of an elder for a junior.

“Uncle Ning, I might not be able to enter Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, but as long as I still live, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will forever be my friend.”

Spirit City.

A plain clothed Grandmaster entered the city after passing the Spirit Master inspection. At his age, thirty something ranked strength naturally wouldn’t arouse any attention.

Without resting a bit, without even catching his breath a moment, Grandmaster came straight to the highest governing body of Spirit City. Supreme Pontiff Palace.

In front of Supreme Pontiff Palace.


“This is a restricted area. Approach one more step, and you will be killed without question.”

Facing more than a hundred palace guard knights with strength clearly above his, Grandmaster’s expression was still as apathetic as always. Raising his hand, he suddenly revealed his warrant tile.

The palace guard in the lead quickly stepped forward, when he saw the six insignia on the warrant tile, he couldn’t keep from shivering. With a putong sound, he knelt on one knee,
“My respect, elder.”

The hundred palace guards uniformly made the same motion. Contrasted by them, the originally ordinary Grandmaster seemed a lot less ordinary.

“Bring me to the Supreme Pontiff.”
Grandmaster used the simplest possible words to inform them of his purpose.

After an hour, in the official business hall of the Supreme Pontiff Palace, Grandmaster quietly sipped top quality fragrant tea, quietly waiting.

Right now he was the only person in the more than a thousand square meter official hall.

Grandmaster’s gaze was all along focused on the fragrant tea in his hand, without so much as a glance at all the gold and jade splendor around him, he just waited quietly.

The three meter high arched doors opened, and a soft voice echoed from outside,
“You wait outside. Without my order, nobody is allowed inside.”


Grandmaster’s gaze finally shifted from the tea, turning in the direction of the great doors of the official hall.

The door opened, and a woman walked in from outside.

Not tall, dressed in black gilt-lined luxurious robes, wearing a nine tipped purple gold crown, a more than two meter long scepter in her hand, inlaid with countless precious stones. Fair skin and close to perfect complexion made her stand out from the masses.

She especially revealed an intangible noble sacredness, making people even more inclined to kneel and pay their respects.

Grandmaster sat, and after entering the room, that woman also halted. The two peoples’ gazes collided in the air like that. There were no sparks. Grandmaster’s gaze held a lot of things. There was apology, memories, and even more of disappointment.

The woman’s gaze instantly had a complex change. Even though she only looked thirty or so, in fact, she was even a year older than Grandmaster, her age long since past fifty. The scepter in her hand struck the floor, issuing an echoing ding.

“You came.”
The gentle and pleasant voice very easily gave people a feeling of bathing in the spring wind.

But Grandmaster’s gaze instead became astringent, pushing on the table in front of him with both hands to stand, turning to that woman,
“Yes, I came. Are you well?”

The woman’s face displayed a slight smile,
“With ten thousand subordinates, how would I be unwell? As the ruler of Spirit Hall, even the monarchs of the two great empires would have to show me some degree of courtesy. Where do you think I would be unwell?”

Grandmaster sighed,
“Bibi Dong[1], I know the pain in your heart.”

“Bibi Dong? If you didn’t say it, I would almost have forgotten this name. Please call me Supreme Pontiff, or Your Eminence. It’s been long since I was that foolish Bibi Dong.”

Yes, this seemingly gentle and beautiful woman before him was the current highest ruler of Spirit Hall, the target of pilgrimage for all Spirit Masters, the Supreme Pontiff.

She was the youngest Supreme Pontiff in the history of Spirit Hall, taking the seat before forty.

There were initially a lot of doubters, but as time passed, under her governance, Spirit Hall’s development was even faster and more violent, and also even more unified. A lot of people already believed she was the most outstanding Supreme Pontiff Spirit Hall ever had.

“Yes, Your Eminence Supreme Pontiff.”
Grandmaster’s pupils contracted somewhat, a trace of pain trickling through his eyes. He turned, walking over and standing where he sat before, hands clasping the fragrant tea, seemingly falling into old memories.

Watching Grandmaster’s back, the indifference in the Supreme Pontiff’s eyes faded away, a somewhat unable to endure mood flashing. Raising her feet, she seemed about to step forward, but in the end held back.

“What did you come to find me for? It’s already been twenty years since we last met.”
The Supreme Pontiff’s voice still sounded so serene.

Grandmaster drew a deep breath, suppressing his raging heart. Even he hadn’t expected him to lose control like this on seeing Bibi Dong again.

As he turned around, the mood in his eyes had completely disappeared, leaving only the usual apathy.

“Your Eminence Supreme Pontiff, I came to make a request.”


“You would come to request something of me? That doesn’t seem like you. It seems time really will change a man. Speak.”

Grandmaster didn’t explain. If it was only for himself, he would never come to make a request from the other person, but, for the disciple he thought of as a son, he had no choice but to make the trip.

“Your Eminence, I want to know, how did you pass the crisis of twin spirits at that time?”

The Supreme Pontiff’s eyes contracted a moment, and she calmly said:
“You don’t need to know. What’s the significance of this to you?”

Grandmaster didn’t hide it,
“I accepted a disciple, he has followed me to cultivate for seven or eight years. By luck, he possess twin spirits like you. This child is prodigiously talented, and I hope to foster him into a power.”

“Why would I help you? Let you cultivate a power to go against me later?”
The Supreme Pontiff’s voice suddenly became chilly.

Grandmaster lowered his voice:
“Of course not. If you agree to tell me how you did it, I can guarantee you that my disciple will never oppose Spirit Hall.”

The corners of the Supreme Pontiff’s mouth displayed a smile,
“Originally, it’s also this matter that not even this Grandmaster of theory knows. Yu Xiao Gang, You’ve come too late. Several days ago I already dispatched people to rob and kill along the route the Heaven Dou Empire participating teams must travel. Their target, is that Clear Sky School disciple of yours. Therefore, there’s also no need for you to know the secret of twin spirits.”

Grandmaster trembled violently, turning back fiercely, staring at the Supreme Pontiff,

“What did you say?”

The Supreme Pontiff didn’t hide it, and indifferently said:
“Platinum bishop Salas sent word that a Clear Sky School child appeared, prodigiously talented. Already breaking through fortieth rank at such a young age, twin spirits, possessing a ten thousand year level fourth spirit ring. Even possibly possessing spirit bones. Close to Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School and Heaven Dou Empire. My Spirit Hall can’t use such a person, but can only be killed.”

Grandmaster stepped forward sharply, both hands fiercely grabbing the Supreme Pontiff’s shoulders, his eyes instantly covered with blood, his whole body trembling violently.

Seeing Grandmaster’s eyes brimming with hatred, Bibi Dong went blank a moment,

With her strength, she could naturally turn away Grandmaster, but she didn’t do it, only letting his scorching hot hands hold onto her shoulders.

Grandmaster’s breath became ragged, speaking word by word:
“Bibi Dong, hear me clearly. If anything happens to Tang San, then I will spare no cost to destroy Spirit hall. In my life I have had no children, but he is like my son.”

Part 2 (TL by Bagelson)

Feeling Grandmaster’s breath, the Supreme Pontiff’s face flushed a bit, her breath somewhat urgent saying:
“Yu Xiao Gang, do you still have the time to worry? Back then, do you remember how you left me? For your own little sister, ridiculous, truly too ridiculous. You actually refused me for your own little sister. That I became Supreme Pontiff is admittedly thanks to you, but, I hate you. In all my life, you are the person I hate the most. I want you to suffer, I will not only kill your apprentice, I’ll still kill Liu Erlong. No, I won’t kill her, I’ll torture her to make you suffer.”

The Supreme Pontiff had clearly become agitated, her eyes with the ice chill of a viper.

Just at this moment, there was suddenly a light knock from outside.

“Get lost, didn’t I say that nobody was to disturb me without my order?”
The Supreme Pontiff snarled.

The person outside apparently hadn’t expected the seemingly amiable and approachable Supreme Pontiff to be in such a temper,
“Your Eminence, the two elders have sent back news. They didn’t accomplish the mission, and are waiting for your instructions.”

“What? Didn’t accomplish the mission?”

“It seems your apprentice is rather lucky.”

Grandmaster stared blankly a moment, the red in his eyes gradually receding. He released his grip on the Supreme Pontiff’s shoulders, and as he calmed down, he said:
“That you sent people to kill Tang San is perhaps not only because of his talent. With Spirit Hall’s power, how would you fear one Spirit Master? If my guess is correct, you did it because of his father, right?”

The Supreme Pontiff’s gaze froze,
“You’re still so clever. Leave. I don’t want to see you again.”

Grandmaster nodded silently, walking towards the big doors. As he gripped the handle on the door, he suddenly halted, faintly saying:
“Twenty years, Bibi Dong. You’re still so beautiful, but I’m already old. If the one whose life was threatened today was you, I would still react the same. After all, you are my first love.”


“Could you still love? You’re not fit to speak the word. Would you still leave me if you loved me? Preferring to be together with your little sister? You bastard, get out.”

“As for why I left you back then, you shouldn’t ask me, you should go ask the dead Supreme Pontiff. You always described me as fickle and cold. I’ll follow your meaning. What I said before, if Tang San dies at the hands of Spirit Hall’s people. Then. I will spare no price to retaliate. Bibi Dong, this is that last time I call you like this. You sent people to act against Tang San, our mutual relationship is hereby over.”

Fiercely pulling open the door, Grandmaster left in large strides.

Supreme Pontiff Bibi Dong swayed, seemingly unable to lean on the scepter, she fell to the floor.

She hated Grandmaster, had hated him for twenty whole years. Being able to maintain such deep hatred for so long, meant that her love for him back then had been so profound. Grandmaster’s words before leaving had suddenly made a small crack appear in her hatred.

Recalling all the instruction of the last Supreme Pontiff as well as all kinds of matters in the past, the truth that had been obscured by hatred gradually appeared before her.

Everything before her eyes gradually became hazy, her hands already turning white from the force with which she gripped the scepter,
“Is this fate toying with humans? Xiao Gang, the feelings between us. The feelings between us……”

The Supreme Pontiff suddenly ran over to where Grandmaster was sitting before, clasping that abundantly warm fragrant tea, swallowing big mouthfuls.

Heaven Dou Empire’s competing Spirit Master teams continued onward, and for the rest of the journey, there were no more mishaps. In order to protect these Spirit Masters, crown prince Xue Qinghe requisition three thousand armored troops to supplement the guard from towns they passed. At the same time he also called for some Spirit Master experts from the capital.

Xue Qinghe didn’t interact more with Tang San. He was also very clear on what trouble Tang San was in, and at such a time, he used action to gain Tang San’s favorable impression.

On the way, the mood in the Shrek Academy team appeared somewhat oppressive. The only good news was that Xiao Wu had finally broken through to the fortieth rank, five days away from Spirit City. In order to let her possess a fourth spirit ring as soon as possible, Liu Erlong brought her directly to search for a spirit beast that suited her, to meet up with the others in Spirit City.

At last, the whole procession reached Spirit City. Because of the special provisions of Spirit City, Xue Qinghe ordered the armored troops and imperial knights regiment to standby outside the city, and led the fifteen Spirit Master teams into Spirit City.

Compared to enormous cities like Heaven Dou City and Suotuo City, Spirit City was a lot smaller. It didn’t even cover a tenth of the area Heaven Dou City did. However, it was still plenty shocking to Spirit Masters.

Despite the small area, Spirit City’s walls were still absolutely constructed to the standard of any capital city. The more than eighty meter high city walls appeared extremely majestic from the outside, and they were also more than thirty meters thick, built completely out of granite.

Even the wealthy Ning Fengzhi couldn’t help sighing in admiration on seeing the walls.

In fact, Spirit City was built entirely by Spirit Hall. Wouldn’t building a city like this be easier said than done?

Most unusual was that Spirit City wasn’t as square as other cities, but rather hexagonal. In other words, its city walls had altogether six faces. The ones in charge of patrolling the city walls were all Spirit Masters, all wearing the special clothing of Spirit Hall.

Each of the six walls had an enormous sculpture, identical to Spirit Hall’s warrant tiles, symbolizing six formidable spirits.

Entering Spirit City gave people a spacious impression. There weren’t a lot of people on the streets, and very few shops. The business of these shops were mainly in the goods needed by Spirit Masters. Even storage type spirit tools were for sale. Of course, the quality was a bit lacking.

They were met in Spirit City by a cardinal, and under his guidance, space was very quickly found for the more than two hundred people, staying in a hotel on the west side of Spirit City. Shocking Tang San was that even the hotel staff were Spirit Grandmasters with more than twentieth ranked spirit power.

After settling in, Tang San specially moved away from the hotel, carefully observing the other areas of Spirit City outside.

He discovered that the hexagonal Spirit City was actually built around a hill. On this hill were two extraordinarily striking buildings. The building halfway up the hill was the most magnificent, clearly visible even from a long distance away.

It was a building of pillars with a domed roof; the outside of the building made of golden material, glittering in the sunlight. By simply asking, Tang San found out that it was the newly constructed Supreme Pontiff Palace. The residence of the most senior ruler of Spirit Hall.

From Ning Fengzhi he had also learned that even deeper inside, Spirit Hall’s Elder Palace was also located in Supreme Pontiff Palace. Of course, it was impossible for ordinary people to see those elders.

The other building at the peak of the hill was a lot smaller than Supreme Pontiff Hall, approximately only a third of the size. It’s architecture was somewhat similar, only its walls were white like jade, far from as eye catching as Supreme Pontiff Palace.

For some reason, as Tang San looked at that palatial building, inwardly he sensed even greater depths.

Ever since entering Spirit City, every Spirit Master had a kind of special feeling, apparently a somewhat pious mood in their hearts. Ning Fengzhi told Tang San that the seemingly much smaller building was the highest existence in Spirit Hall, Douluo Palace.

Only dead Title Douluo could stay in that place. It could also be called the tomb of Title Douluo. The reason this place had such a devout atmosphere wasn’t because of Supreme Pontiff Palace, but rather because of Douluo Palace.

No matter where Supreme Pontiff Palace was established, Douluo Palace would follow, and moreover the position of Douluo Palace would always be even higher than Supreme Pontiff Palace. At times of great rites, the Supreme Pontiff would personally go to offer sacrifice before the doors of Douluo Palace, but even he didn’t have the right to enter before death. These were the rules, and nobody could break them. Otherwise he would suffer the anger of all Spirit Masters.

It was precisely because of the existence of Supreme Pontiff Palace and Douluo Palace that Spirit City came to be known as the holy land of Spirit Masters after its founding. Of course, this was also publicly accepted by the majority of Spirit Masters.

Because of the attack halfway and Tang San’s persistence in staying in the competition, Flender and Liu Erlong both stayed in places closest to him, even Ning Fengzhi specially chose a place to stay not far away. Even though it was least probable that anything would happen in Spirit City, they still had no choice but to guard against it.

According to the information from Spirit Hall, the competition would officially begin in three days. The journey was wearying, but these three days of rest were sufficient for the academies to adjust.

Star Luo Empire’s participating academies were arranged to rest on the other side of Spirit City. Imperceptibly, Spirit Hall had already split the participating teams of the two great empires into two camps.

Regarding this, Xue Qinghe only smiled coldly in reply, but didn’t raise any objections.

The Shrek Academy group all kept resting for three days, spending all their time in meditation to cultivate spirit power, to maintain their peak condition as much as possible.

Liu Erlong and Xiao Wu, finally returned the day before the start of the finals.

Part 3 (TL by Bagelson)

For some reason, Liu Erlong’s expression was somewhat monstrous. Xiao Wu successfully obtained her fourth spirit ring, but according to Liu Erlong, she was separated from Xiao Wu at the time.

And Xiao Wu herself said that she encountered an injured spirit beast, and by good fortune, obtained this spirit ring.

The finals were just about to begin, and at this moment, nobody would wonder about this matter.

As Xiao Wu returned, Tang San asked about her fourth spirit ability in order to begin combining it into the final tactics, but at this moment, Grandmaster finally returned.

“Little San, you’re alright.”
This was the first thing Grandmaster said on seeing Tang San.

“Teacher, you knew? I’m alright. This time it’s thanks to the old freak and uncle Ning’s people, otherwise I’m afraid you wouldn’t have seen me.”

Grandmaster sighed,
“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let you participate in the tournament. You’ve drawn their attention.”

Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
“Teacher, there’s no need to blame yourself? I’m still alright, it can even be considered an unconventional experience. Only by experiencing a confrontation with true powers do I understand how insignificant my own strength is. Afterwards I will redouble my efforts in cultivation.”

Grandmaster’s face finally revealed a smile,
“You’ve always been so sensible. You’re right, make great efforts in cultivation. As long as I still draw breath, I won’t let people harm you. The finals are on the verge of starting tomorrow. Call everyone over, I’ll give you some simple tactics.”

Having reached the finals, Grandmaster finally acted.

Very quickly, Tang San called all the team members over. Liu Erlong learned that Grandmaster had returned, and also hastily followed.

Grandmaster and Liu Erlong’s gazes met, and Liu Erlong read something in Grandmaster’s eyes. She didn’t speak and only quietly walked over to his side, holding his arm.

Seeing Liu Erlong’s tender appearance, the Shrek Seven Devils and others all couldn’t help having somewhat strange expressions. The tyrant dragon would perhaps only restrain herself like this in front of Grandmaster.

Grandmaster’s gaze swept across everyone, then said:
“The finals are about to begin. I think you might have already forgotten what I said about the competition format before. I’ll repeat it once. The finals have altogether thirty three teams participating. Among them, the three seeded teams are separately selected from each of the two great empires and Spirit Hall. The greatest threat to you is no doubt the team sent by Spirit Hall. They are also the greatest hurdle for you to obtain the final victory.”

“There are altogether five rounds in the finals. Somewhat shorter than the time used for the qualifiers and ranking competition, but because of the intensity of the competition, there’s a day of rest and revision between each round. Before the final and fifth round, there are even three days of rest. In the first round, the three seeded teams will sit out, and the remaining thirty teams will fight for fifteen advancement placements, the losers being directly eliminated. The ruthless knock out competition is bound to make every Spirit Master team put their lives on the line even more. You definitely cannot have the slightest carelessness. At this final hour, the hidden capabilities of all the teams will finally be unleashed, no longer holding anything back. Even the teams you’ve already fought may very possibly give you a ‘surprise’.”

“According to the tournament rules, in the second round, the first ranked teams from the two great empires will sit out. In other words, after we’ve obtained victory in the first round, there will be enough time to rest in the second round. This is also the significance behind the ranking competition. At that time, sixteen teams will fight it out for eight places in the third round. Further adding our two resting teams, there are altogether ten teams. In the third round it’s the second ranked teams that sit out. The remaining eight teams fight for the four places to enter the fourth round together with them. In the fourth round no team sits out. Consequently, only the top two teams from the ranking competition can benefit in the finals. But the earlier you can sit out, the more favorable, because you can avert being eliminated prematurely. In the fifth and final round, there are only three teams entering. The three teams will first use the method from the ranking competition, seven team members conducting circulating elimination, to decide which team has the strongest members. Afterwards the two losing teams will fight a team match, the winner again challenging the winner from before, to decide who will be the final champions. Do you all understand?”

“Yes, understood.”
Everyone had good memory, and now when it was truly time for the finals, their minds were naturally incomparably focused.

Grandmaster nodded, saying:
“It’s impossible to tell who our first opponent will be, but at least it won’t be the three seeds. That will avert us encountering them prematurely. However, it will still be the Shrek Seven Devils going out. You haven’t cooperated on the battlefield for a long time already. This first round will be a warmup for you. I won’t provide you with any specific tactics, the ring is still under little San’s control.”

“Little San.”

Tang San hurriedly stepped forward.

Grandmaster gazed at him, saying:
“We’re practically sure to pass the first and second rounds. Therefore, let the opponents learn as little as possible about where our advantages lie in the first round. Do you understand my meaning?”

Tang San nodded:
“You’re saying that even though it’s us seven going up, we must still conceal our strength as much as possible in the first round.”

Grandmaster smiled and nodded,
“However, you still can’t be careless. After all, it’s still possible for you to run into powers from Star Luo Empire in the first round.”


Grandmaster’s gaze turned to the Shrek Seven Devils as a whole,
“You’ve studied under me for two years. I’m very clear on how much effort you’ve expended over these two years. There’s no need to doubt, you’re all geniuses among geniuses. Even if you encounter opponents more powerful than you, there’s no need for your confidence to wane, because you are the youngest team among all the competitors. Your futures are boundless. I don’t have any requirements that you take the championship, my only hope is that each of you can display your own true strength. Find the best method to rouse your own potential.”

The Shrek Seven Devils agreed loudly.

As Grandmaster and Liu Erlong left, the Shrek Seven Devils instantly started to cultivate, preparing for the first round of the competition tomorrow.

Liu Erlong pulled Grandmaster straight to her room,
“Xiao Gang, how was it?”

Looking at Grandmaster, Liu Erlong’s gaze was somewhat evasive. She of course knew where Grandmaster had gone, and Grandmaster didn’t keep anything from her.

Sighing, Grandmaster said:

A faint stab of pain in his heart made his expression turn somewhat sad.

Liu Erlong inwardly loosed a breath,
“That means, she didn’t tell you the method to cultivate twin spirits?”

Grandmaster smiled ruefully,
“She sent people to dispose of Tang San, fully aware that he’s my disciple. How would she tell me the method to cultivate twin spirits? But so what? I’ve already faintly guessed some things. With the chance, as long as Bibi Dong can be brought to truly show her hand, I can be certain of my ideas.”

At this, Grandmaster took the initiative to pull Liu Erlong into an embrace,
“Erlong, this is Spirit City, it’s her domain. From now on, you can’t be far from my side no matter what, I’m afraid it would be detrimental to me.”

Liu Erlong immediately displayed her proper temperament,
“Let her come, would I still fear her? So what if she’s the Supreme Pontiff, she still hasn’t beaten me. As long as she doesn’t take you away, I won’t fear anything.”

Listening to Liu Erlong’s overbearing speech, Grandmaster couldn’t help showing a faint smile, lowering his head to lightly kiss her forehead,
“Don’t worry, she’ll never take me. We are husband and wife, even if only in name.”

Hearing this, Liu Erlong couldn’t help revealing some grief. Even though Grandmaster no longer ran from her feelings, and the two treated each other like husband and wife, Grandmaster never agreed to be too intimate. That relationship of siblings always stretched between them. Fortunately, even though it was in name only, it was still enough to console Liu Erlong’s heart.

For the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament finals, Spirit City had specially opened up a specific area. This area was in the heart of Spirit City. The enormous stage was more than a hundred meters across, made completely out of granite.

This enormous stage was still reinforced with an enormous amount of spirit tools to prevent damage. According to Spirit Hall’s information, this ring could take any attack from Spirit Masters under the Spirit Emperor level without taking damage.

Only an organization as rich and imposing as Spirit Hall could do something like this, at least the two great empires would hate to part with such enormous resources.

In front of this stage was Supreme Pontiff Palace, the distance from here to the hill where the Palace was located was less than a kilometer. Spirit Hall had already announced that the finals between the last three powers would take place just in front of Supreme Pontiff Palace.

At that time, the Supreme Pontiff would appear personally to crown the final champions.

To any Spirit Master, this was an incomparable glory.

At first light, all the competing teams were led to the competition area by special guides from Spirit Hall. Each academy had their own rest area, constructed around the ring. On the opposite side of Supreme Pontiff Palace was the VIP judges’ seating, where the people from the two great empires would observe the battles. Of course, there were still intermediaries from Spirit Hall.

Just as they arrived, without pause, Flender was called up to draw lots.

[1] (比比东) “Compare East”

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